Terrain Giveaway

Today’s giveaway is from Terrain, the beautiful home and garden shop based in Pennsylvania. The store is all about simple pleasures, from cooking to gardening to entertaining. Today, Terrain is offering one lucky reader a whopping $250 gift certificate. What would you pick? (I love these silk peonies!)

You could choose something for yourself, or send a gift to your mom. Mother’s Day is this Sunday, and Terrain has the prettiest gifts, including fresh blooming flowers

For a chance to win, please visit Terrain and leave a comment below telling us your favorite things from the store. A winner will be chosen at random tomorrow. Good luck!

Bonus for all readers: Enter CUPOFJO for free shipping through May 14th.

  1. I love this store! All their linens are so pretty.

  2. I love their square handle watering jug!!!

  3. i just fell HARD for all of those vintage insect brooches! looove.

  4. I love their gardening items and also their beautiful linens.

  5. Their kitchen stuff is my favorite! I love the Jadeite Cake Stand. :)

  6. I’ve been exclusively using the sea salt & lavender shea butter moisturizing soap since I moved to the city. They have a way of transporting me during my morning ritual. I also love, love, love the quality of their products across-the-board– I did all of my Christmas shopping this past year through Terrain for my loved ones.

  7. ooooooh what lovely terrariums they have! i would certainly want to buy at least a couple of those..

  8. without a doubt the Nicaraguan bamboo bird feeder!

  9. I love the tree trunk mirror. Would be amazing to win a gift certificate to Terrain.

  10. I love the dip dye tote! but those peonies are pretty incredible too.

  11. Saltwater & Sea Soap & the Ocean Beach Tote…and I have driven by Terrain once on my way to an appointment in the area and haven’t, sadly, been back to that area…really need to go back down to visit!

  12. Oh my goodness – where to begin! The matea weekender, the Vintage Rail Bracelet in Silver, the Haricot Vert Earrings + Necklace, and the Green Amethyst Drop Earrings. I could just spend hours looking through the website… let alone the actual store!!!

  13. I love their gardening tools — they are works of art and I wouldn’t mind weeding half so much!

  14. Silk flowers

  15. Beautiful stuff! Love it all.

  16. Ha! How can you ever pick one favorite thing from Terrain! I had to close my eyes and point: Zinc shaker chair!

  17. I would splurge on a spring garden wreath now that the weather is getting nice enough to maintain it.

  18. I would love the Hydrangea & Sage Wreath for a pretty spring pop on my front door!

  19. I love the artists journals but I think the vintage dragon brooch are my favorite.

  20. I would love the Hydrangea & Sage Wreath for a pretty spring pop on my front door!

  21. The Bluebell Earrings are very sweet!

  22. I love all the silk flowers!! Great giveaway!

  23. I’d love to shower my mom with so many gifts this Sunday ~ she’s incredib;e. First on my list from Terrain are the Summer Cocktails Gift Set and Striped Woven Armchair for her to enjoy on her new cedar deck : )

  24. obsessed with the stitched plates and lakeside mugs.

  25. I love the tree trunk flower pot!

  26. I’m fascinated by the vintage bug brooches, though I doubt my mother would appreciate them as a mother’s day gift!

  27. oh yes please! So many things look nice… fresh flowers, the Carved Button tote, Lemon Basil candle, Bird Bingo and a Sunprint kit..!

  28. I would definitely stock up on cookbooks. Terrain always has all my favorites. And some more honey!

  29. I would love to have a set of the Metal Stacking Stools in green!

  30. I am crazy for their outdoor patio lights, colored bistro chairs and the bamboo swoop bowls!

  31. Definitely the zinc pail planter and some awesome plants to go in it! I’ve actually been looking for a bucket/pail planter type, so this would be perfect. :) THANKS!

  32. I love the homespun linen throw!

  33. Such pretty jewelry! I like the bluebell necklace!

  34. The Weck canning jars are the best! Sold as a great candle (the mandarin was awesome) or empty for jam, pesto, preserved lemons or salad in a jar

  35. Everything! But if I had to choose then the booster jars.

  36. Having finally figured out how to wear scarves, I would pick the Leiden Scarf, Blush.

  37. Having finally figured out how to wear scarves, I would pick the Leiden Scarf, Blush.

  38. Love Terrain!
    I’d pick the arrow sign, some new weck jars for making strawberry jam with the kids this summer, and a new cutting board!

  39. I love the summer cocktails gift set and Matea weekender. So pretty!!!

  40. I love the Terrain bath and beauty products -especially seaweed toner and the lavender milk.

  41. The Woven Palm Hat and Hildebrandt Readers are my favorite. The website is unpretentious, modest really. Beautifully done!

  42. The travel map and the summer cocktail set! Love Terrain.

  43. I am crazy about their jewelry. Love the stacked cement necklace :)

  44. I love Terrain! Not sure what I would pick but anything they have is lovely.

  45. I love stationary and jewelry and would have a hard time choosing between woodcut card set and the vintage rail bracelet.

  46. I love their silk road braclets!

  47. Love the range! I’d picks some lamps or festival lights

  48. hands down I would go for either the rafia cowboy hat or the somerset hat for afternoons in the garden. Weeding on hands and knees seems so much more bearable when you feel glamorous in a beautiful hat :)

  49. My mom would love the hexagon birdhouse. She can’t have too many birdhouses… :)

  50. Silk peony bouquet please!

  51. oh my gosh i would love to give my mom some new candles and terrain has some great ones.

  52. I love the white aluminum tool set. Useful in the garden and beautiful to hang on the wall!

    Tiffany Tate

  53. I loved everything, the insect brooches are adorable! And the sunrise clutch! The color block pot, I think my mom and I could spend hours selecting things to buy!

  54. Love the Victory Ribbon Decal, Raffia Fedora and Jadeite Cake Stand!

  55. Love the Victory Ribbon Decal, Raffia Fedora and Jadeite Cake Stand!

  56. I love the sunrise tote and matea weekender! And it would be nice to treat my mom to some pretty things! Thanks! :-)

  57. Terrain is one of my favorite online places to shop when I am looking for unique and beautiful things. ‘Hanging Bird Mirror’ is exactly what I would expect to find at Terrain. Lovely!

  58. I love the Sefte Kimsa Throw and all the linens. The terrariums are gorgeous! The silver filigree sphere lamp is beautiful. And the Found Fabric Easy Chair! …aaand etc. lol

  59. I absolutely love the flower market! From dogwood branches to hydrangeas (my favorite!), Terrain is selling the most beautiful arrangements.

  60. I love Terrain – my favorites are the different types of planters, glasses terrariums, plants and specialty items for the garden. I would so love to win this to share w/my mom

  61. I love the terrariums and pretty striped tablecloths!

  62. FIRST I would get a set of the color pop wine glasses and THEN I would have to get one of the copper pendants. Sprucing up the kitchen is in order! HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY WEEKEND for all the mother’s and mother’s to be!

  63. I love the Apolis market bags, but the vintage rail bracelet in silver more:)

  64. Love! A copper pot for sure!

  65. The leather clutches are great, as is the honeycomb outdoor pillow. And everything else they’ve got…

  66. mp says...

    truly one of my favorite stores – whats not to love?! i love the garden tote and those silk flowers you showed are stunning!

  67. The jadeiate cake stand may be the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen! The honeycomb pot is just lovely. And I think the tree trunk mirror would look beautiful in my kitchen!

  68. Oh my goodness! This site is magic, especially for someone (me!) faced with decorating a new apt with patio! I’d certainly start with several strings of the festival lights, and then go from there!

  69. The White Robe Hydrangea, Center Stripe Juice Glasses, and United States Chalkboard Map.

  70. The orchids! The peonies! The cake stand! What’s NOT to love???

  71. I’m in love with the copper prism box!

  72. I absolutely love the reefs that they have! I actually work for the company but havent made a purchase yet!

  73. Di says...

    I too love the silk peonies!

  74. Everything in this store is lovely! I’ve been eyeing the hanging bird mirror for awhile now.

  75. Honestly, pretty much everything!

  76. Honnestly, pretty much everything!

  77. I would get either a terrarium from terrian or their shopping totes!

  78. I would get either a terrarium from terrian or their shopping totes!

  79. Everything in this store is lovely, I’ve been eyeing that hanging bird mirror foe awhile now!

  80. Festival lights! Fun!! (yes please :)

  81. Everything in this store is lovely! I’ve. Een eyeing the hanging bird mirror for awhile now.

  82. Festival lights!! Fun! (yes please :)

  83. oh man, i love love LOVEEE the well-traveled scarf! will remind me of all my lovely travel memories with my loved ones, and it looks so comfy too! :)