1. denim is the new black. here, in Indonesia everywhere you go you’ll find women and men wear denim. it’s really amazing seeing denim everywhere


  2. Love the denim outfit. It is amazing to see the denim get into our hearts and blood. Just until a few decades ago, denim ( and pants overall) was a taboo for women. See how things changed over time – now we can wear denim head to toe….

  3. I wear my denim button up all summer. It’s perfect for over a swimsuit and out to lunch. knot it, tuck it, belt it. love it!

  4. I love the look of a comfy chambray shirt. I have yet to find one that looks the way I want when I try it on though. Sigh…hopefully soon.

  5. I have an old denim button-down that was my grandmother’s. its so baggy and soft and perfect to layer over V-necks.

    My boyfriend loves denim miniskirts, and i recently bought one to make him happy. I think theyre less versatile and too easy to look trashy in. I have to figure out how to wear it now…

  6. I’m wearing my denim shirt today. I’m in love with it. And my son (2,5 years) has one of his own and i love to see him wearing it, it goes great with everything, specialy colourfull jeans

  7. i’ve been wearing the heck out of my madewell chambray shirt lately…it goes with everything!

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  9. jm says...

    These are all so so cute! Especially the pinafore dress.

  10. The first dress look absolutely perfect!

  11. I agree very much about the whole denim thing. :)
    Just want to say that the mini wedges are just so cute! I’m not really a high-heels type of person, so that height of the heel is perfect.

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  13. I love that pinafore! I’m not so sure it would suit me or look good on my figure, but it’s seriously cute. I wouldn’t mind finding a pair of light weight denim overalls. I think that would be more my style. I just bought a new chambray shirt yesterday from the Gap. I needed a replacement for an old favourite that I wore to death, and I had been searching for the perfect one for ages. I am over the moon that I finally found it! And it was 30% off:)

  14. I love that first look so much! The denim complements her hair so well.

    • totally. red hair + denim is adorable. my sister recently dyed her hair red and she looks so cute in anything blue.

  15. I adore the pinafore dress (especially with those stripes). Perfect outfit!

  16. I’d love to have a pair of those sandals!

  17. I love chambray shirts for the fall and spring but I find them way too warm in the summer. Maybe in the evening in the country but I can’t walk around in the city in July in long sleeve denim. I don’t really even wear jeans in the summer. I do agree they’re adorable though.

  18. I love denim too! It looks great with lipstick :)

  19. Chambray is my go to on the weekends and with a pencil skirt during the work week! Summer staple for me…for SURE! :)


  20. Such a fan of denim! It literally looks good with everything!!!!

    xoxo PARIS BEE kids blog

  21. Any idea what shade/brand of lipstick the model is wearing?

    • not sure, although i recently got a NARS chubby stick thing and it’s similar…i’ll look up the color!

    • cute! i love the collar.

  22. i saw that pinafore yesterday. my mom would love it!
    i’d sport the shirt, the shift (super cute with my red chucks!) or the clutch. good picks, joanna:) xx

  23. What’s not to love in a chambray top. My favorite thing though is its versatility. It can be worn alone or layered and in every season.

  24. what the girl on a 1 photo?

  25. I’m a big fan of chambray tops with a nice chunky necklace!

  26. My that’s a short dress! Don’t think most people could pull that off but it’s really cute on the model.

    • i thought the same! although i bet the model is like 20 feet tall.

  27. I’m kind of diggin’ the mini wedges! I also have been rocking the chambray shirt trend, though I think I ended up with one that’s a bit too big (thanks to having boobs, fitted button-down shirts are about impossible to find). Oh crap…it’s DENIM…I’m totally throwing it in the dryer next time!

    Man, I’m having a ditzy kind of day!

  28. Just bought a chambray shirt and I have to stop myself from wearing it once a week.

  29. I have had that shirt for well over a year now and it is hands down my favorite item to wear. It is so versatile! I even wear it to the office tucked in to white denim with a belt. I also love how the white paint on the little metal buttons has chipped off and it looks well loved and broken in.

    • good to know! i’m sure it looks so cute with white denim.

  30. it’s my go to uniform.
    I kinda wish me and Clare Vivier were BFF’s.

  31. It’s been my favorite lately! Definitely a closet essential! As much as I love my leggings and feel more comfortable wearing it, if I want to look more stylish in casual wear, denims are way to go!

    Tips: If you want a variety of selection, those of you have no problems thrifting, I suggest you go visit your local thrift stores! A lot of amazing finds in a cheaper price!


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  33. My family nicknamed me “Blue Jean Queen” way back in junior high. I just love how well denim wears! I want that pinafore dress, you can easily dress it up or down.

  34. Lately, this has been my favorite fashion go-to. Want to make any outfit better? Throw on a denim jacket!

    I approve :)

    • Denim jackets are the new kale:)

    • @joeycake i just laughed out loud.

    • :)