Have a Great Weekend.

What are your plans for the weekend? My mom is visiting, and we’re having an early birthday picnic for Toby tomorrow, complete with a doughnut cake and spiked OJ for the grown-ups. His birthday presents include a wooden plane and this awesome book. Hope you have a good one, and here are a few fun links from around the web…

A song to kick off your weekend.

What pregnancy brain feels like.

Peanut butter and pickle sandwich. Would you eat it?

Funny interview with Morgan from The Mindy Project.

Linen Sneakers.

A moving Mother’s Day story.

Blackberry pie bars.

Pie with a message. Made me laugh.

Do you wear maxi skirts?

10 ways to use a muffin pan.

High fives gone wrong (and a trick for getting them right).

These sunglasses are on my wishlist.

Kids rocking out in cars.

And why Angelina’s Op-Ed matters.

Have a good one! xo

  1. I am mostly concerned with all those kids wearing their seatbelts wrong! Ahh scary. Cute dancing though.

  2. ps. the pickles must MUST be dill. sweet pickles are gross.

  3. the two best things i learned from my freshman college roommate were:

    1. brushing your teeth in the shower (it’s a no brainer, really)
    2. peanut butter and pickle sandiches, DELISH!

    they are a simple riff on the salty sweet flavor combination (much like a chocolate covered pretzel) but in this case, the peanut butter is the sweet!
    they also don’t require refrigeration which makes them super handy for packing around. just make sure you put at least thin layer of peanut butter on both sides of the bread to keep the pickle juice from leaking through.

  4. I want to try that sandwich, it looks so salty sweet delish! Have you had PB & mustard?


  5. i just bought myself that maxi skirt for mama day! warning: it runs big & long (tho still very lovely & stretchy/comfy).

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  9. Peanut butter and pickle is actually unexpectedly good- my teacher in high school made us all give it a try o the last day of class. Try it on toast. It’s way better. And let us know if you try it!
    Thanks for your content :]

  10. i love the magnetic fields! and i wouldn’t normally try a pickle and pb sandwich but my bf who is a super picky eater LOVES them and convinced me to try it. hate to say but i liked it! (but they def weren’t sweet pickles— blech!)

  11. eo says...

    hi, you just made me cry with your birth story.. very well written. when you thought you had to go to the bathroom… so funny, the same happened to me with my first. i had my third baby a week ago and omg is just so special every time… i wish you the best with this baby.

  12. PROM yo. Prom is on my agenda for this weekend. HA! remember being 17? And also watching the Lord of the Rings: Return of the King FINALLY, for the first time.

  13. Hi I know you probably hear this all the time, but I love your blog, and I’m a 17 year old from Pakistan and you’re my inspiration. I even did a post on YOU :P On my kinda lonely blog :P Here, you can check it out. I hope one day I become an awesome blogger like you :D Much love to Toby :*

  14. I have to try a peanut butter and pickle sandwich! Sounds delish!

  15. Love, love, love maxi skirts! Maybe not as bananas about them as Rachel Zoe, but do love and pair with almost any thing…and season. xo

  16. Just bought a muffin pan yesterday and now I’ve 11 ways of using it! Yay!

  17. I love your weekly roundup. But oh my the angelina story…made me gasp. What a decision and what bravery. Amazing. She is special isn’t she.

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  19. Thank you for sharing the Angelina Jolie post. I don’t particularly care for her as an actress/celebrity, but as a lady who has breast cancer in her genes, like I do, I really respect and admire her decision to share her story and undergo preventative treatment. It was very brave and without a doubt touched many people.

  20. Love those Lookmatic glasses and that pie made me laugh. Definitely not PG!

    xoxo PARIS BEE kids blog

  21. Never seen this on a blog before. Love the idea especially listening to the song while going through all the links! :)

  22. I live in maxi skirts working from home. They are so comfy and help me not look like a total bum when I leave the house.

    Plus you can belt them for an easy summer dress.

    Love your blog!

  23. Hi Jo, love your weekend around the web, as always! I hope you have a fantastic time with your mom and Toby!
    We’ve just found out that our son is short-sighted and is going to need glasses. I love lots on Lookmatic and was wondering if you know if they ship to Europe. Also, if you or anyone who reads this and is into glasses could recommend a cool-looking pair for an 11-year-old, about to start middle school, with fair skin and blue eyes, I’d be grateful, I’m terrible at choosing glasses (even for me!)Thanks in advance!

  24. I have tried PB & pickle sandwiches, and have to admit there is something great about that salty/creamy/sweet combination. My boyfriend introduced me to PB & Lays chip sandwiches too which we still have once a year as a treat.

  25. Ha ha…I love that pie with a message! It made me laugh out loud when I saw it this week on Swiss Miss.

  26. Oh my, these links are greatness! Pretty sure I’ll be revisiting these all, again. Thanks for sharing. Happy Weekend!

  27. Where did you find this amazing photo?

  28. My mom ALWAYS made us PB & pickle sandwiches when we were kids. My husband just cannot believe how tortured we were, but I would eat it today if it was in front of me. Tasty!

  29. i love pb & pickle sammies! always have them with my gpa :)

  30. Thanks for always writing such interesting, inspiring and funny posts, Joanna. I was having a terribly anxious day and reading this really cheered me up. Your blog is often my go-to after a stressful day, and I couldn’t be more grateful. :)

  31. Happy birthday party, toby!

    Yes to maxi skirts! My go-to year-round!

  32. Kids rocking out in cars!!! Thank you for brightening my day… and my 3-year-old loved this! Have a great weekend, Joanna!

  33. Love the links! Have a fantastic party and visit with yo mama. I’ll be celebrating a friend’s law school graduation!

  34. OH my gosh! I grew up on Peanut butter and pickle sandwiches! Except we did not use maple syrup, we used mayo, and by God it is GOOD!

  35. I have too many embarrassing high five moments to count. I think I’m too traumatised to try any tips! Have a lovely birthday party! xox

  36. Look at the elbow – works every time! Have a great weekend!!!