Do You Wax?

We’ve talked about a bunch of intimate stuff on Cup of Jo, so I figured I’d make a confession…

I’ve never waxed. Ever. Not one single time.

Is that weird? Normal? Honestly, it has never really occurred to me to get waxed. And the guys that I’ve dated—and, uh, gotten to know better—haven’t seem to mind at all. We never even talked about it.

But! All my friends these days seem to get waxed, so am I the odd man out? Some people really go for it: One of my friends gets waxed even when she isn’t dating anyone. She says she just does it for herself. (!) Another friend got waxed at 39 weeks pregnant so she’d look better GIVING BIRTH. Now that is commitment.

Do you wax? Does it hurt? Is it expensive? Do you get it in certain shapes? I feel like a five-year-old to have to ask!

Here’s a little poll, in case you’d rather answer anonymously:

P.S. More girl talk: Do you wear thongs, or pee in front of your significant other? Also, vibrators.

(Cute underwear by Calvin Klein)

  1. Reading up on your blog, I can mention that I have tried waxing at home and it has worked for me. It helps me keep clean and neat.