Weekly Challenge #3: Eat Something New

Remember the weekly challenges we started last fall? When the hurricane hit New York, we took a hiatus, but I’d love to start them back up. Would you be up for it? I hope so! The last challenge back in October was to eat something new, so…

…I tried smoothies, which bizarrely enough I had never had. Everyone’s always raving about how delicous they are, so I ordered this personal blender with a travel lid. Martha Stewart has a list of smoothie recipes, and my pick was a blend of strawberries, banana, almonds, oats, yogurt and maple syrup. Yum! A bunch of my friends also swear by veggie-based green juices for breakfast to make you feel strong and energized in the morning, so maybe I’ll try those next.

What about you? Have you tried anything new recently? Also, the next challenge is coming right up…

(Top photo graphic design by Rachel for Cup of Jo. Smoothie photo by Jonathan Lovekin for Martha Stewart)

  1. elaine says...

    I am trying zylitol as a substitute for sugar, and chia seeds mixed with overnight oats, so far so good.want to try smoothie mixes next.

  2. I have been wanting to give liver another try, since where I live it’s some what common and many people love it. I’ve been talking about it for about 6 months, but I still haven’t got up the courage to go for it! Maybe one day….

  3. I’m so happy you brought the challenge series back! I’ve been waiting, not so patiently. I tried a peanut butter and bacon sandwich for the eating challenge. It was something some people rave about but I’ve never tried. I loved it, but haven’t had one since.

  4. My fiance and I love making gourmet hamburgers. We mix up toppings like avocados, eggs, lots of different cheese varieties, homemade pickles & onions, hot peppers, sweet potato sticks…the list goes on. But, last week, I decided to try out turkey burgers. To our surprise, they were quite tasty!

  5. My toddler son loves smoothies and asks for them all the time. He’ll look at me and say “Some smoothie?” They’re great, I just make them with fruit and milk most of the time. No added sugar – very healthy.

  6. I love smoothies but don’t make them enough at home…your post was a great reminder to make them more often.
    I am about to do a 5 day detox and afterwards try to quit sugar…I am a serious sugar addict and am curious how I will do with that?! Has anyone ever tried quitting sugar?

  7. this is exactly what has been on my mind all day! just ordered my smoothie ingredients for the week. Thank you! :)

  8. I’ve been having smoothies almost every morning for a few months now, and I’m sold! My biggest piece of advice is to just shove more spinach in the smoothie than seems normal. It wizzes down to nothing, and tastes great paired with banana (and blueberries!). I notice a huge difference in how I feel during my morning work schedule as well as with my hunger spikes and digestion. Such a great way to eat your greens.

  9. Those smoothies do sound delicious! Just be cautious since they don’t tell you the amount of servings. The strawberry/banana recipe alone, has ~680 calories in it…

  10. On my commute, I pass an Asian outdoor market, and I’ve spied durian. I’m a bit nervous to try it because of the smell but I’m going togo for it!

  11. Joanna how is the blender working out? I’m curious as the Amazon reviews seem a lil mixed.

  12. I love the split cup of the before and after. Clever!

  13. One of my friends and I drove around central/southern Spain last summer and we made a point to research and sample each local ‘specialty.’ most were pretty terrible, except for the roasted pig in Segovia.

  14. Try the Green Monster (google it!) – such a great smoothie and it definitely gives you a boost of much-needed energy!

  15. Mine isn’t just one new thing but a whole lot of new ingredients since going Gluten Free this month! Not a new concept but definitely a new way of life for me!!

  16. I signed up for a produce bin to be delivered to my house once a week and so this week we’re trying chard. Last week was brocolette (a broccoli & Chinese Kale cross that tastes more like asparagus). So far so good! I think this is a great challenge everyone should do. Even things I didn’t like as a kid (brussel sprouts and cooked carrots) I really like know. Cheers – CT

  17. Those look very delicious. I’ve been tempted to joining in the juicing craze, but have not until this point. Maybe I’ll take the jump.

  18. Great recipes! I need a few more ideas, since I’ve gotten a little burnt out on my regular… I like to juice beets, kale, spinach, carrots, etc and pour the juice in ice cube trays. I’ll pop 2 frozen cubes in a blender with frozen berries, a banana, and coconut water. It’s a lot easier than finding time to juice everyday!

  19. Kale! I’m obsessed, especially after reading it’s crazy health benefit resume. I love it in cooked foods, since it holds its form while getting soft, without becoming slimy like spinach and other leafy greens.

  20. Frozen fruit from Trader Joe’s make great smoothie ingredients. It’s perfect on a summer day or any regular morning. Soooo refreshing!

    I do mango, pineapple, greek yogurt, honey, and milk as my go to.

  21. I start almost every morning with a green smoothie and love it! When I’m in a rush most mornings I usually toss a half of a banana, a cup of unsweetened almond milk, a couple handfuls of spinach, cinnamon, and then some stevia to sweeten in my magic bullet. Such a great way to get in a serving of veggies while keeping sugar low!

  22. ooo i just started the green juices! and you will love them, i’m pretty sure of it.

  23. You people are trying beets and olives and milk? I guess I expected comments about more exotic foods like durian, tamarind, and cherimoya. So far the best we have is jicama (mostly water) and besan, ha ha

    • That’s what I was thinking! beets, olives, milk and smoothies? Eat something new huh. ;) I want to learn to make tabouleh.

    • New is relative. New for me can be absolutely common for you, and vice versa (as eating tabouleh is pretty commonplace for me, for example). New does not have to mean “exotic” or “hard to come by”, new simply means “new to me”.

  24. I tried a Caribbean thing with chicken and potatoes today, it was beautiful but I can’t for the life of me think what it was called… I love trying new foods, my only requirement is that a food isn’t slimy. Otherwise I’m generally happy :) xx

  25. I tried an spinach-banana smoothie in my recently visit to Tokyo, and is absolutly delicious!….i ever loved the challenge to try new things!

  26. I got that same blender a couple of months ago. Much easier to clean than bigger ones! My current favorite smoothie combination is frozen berries and mangoes blended with unsweetened coconut milk or vanilla almond milk.

  27. haha, phil, it’s true! i never drink smoothies, either at home or restaurants. i actually don’t really like juice. but this one was really great.

  28. I tried acai berry puree – in my smoothies. It was good. In the future, I’d probably want acai berries or acai berry powder, though.

  29. Jicama root. Since moving to SoCal, I’ve been nervous about trying more local vegetation (except the asparagus, spinach, and broccoli), but upon being pushed to venture out, I’m in love with the sweet desert fruits and vegetables. Cactus is wonderful, too!

  30. I kind of have the opposite issue. I’m so determined to try something new every time I eat or to order from a new restaurant any time I order lunch. Sometimes it works out, sometimes it doesn’t. That personal size blender looks pretty rad. I have a magic bullet (and my darling husband just bought me some travel lids off amazon, just to be nice!) and I love it, except that it requires soooo much liquid to work properly.

  31. I tried olives at happy hour last week and was surprised to find out that I liked them. Maybe it depends on the quality of the olive? Or else my taste for olives has changed recently.

  32. I’ve gotten way into juicing! I get so many more veggies in than I’d ever be able to eat!

    • But you’re missing out on all the fiber! Hopefully, you mix the pulp back in.

    • But you’re missing out on all the fiber! Hopefully, you mix the pulp back in.

  33. Don’t remember how I came across this but I’m on a 21-day sugar detox Been eating way too many sweets and thought I would give this a try. It will be a week tomorrow and I feel great! Haven’t cheated with sugar but I’ve had a few items on the no-list, overall I’m way more aware of my sugar intake and making better food and drink choices overall! Highly recommend!

  34. really – trying smoothies are something new – I don’t believe you!!!

  35. This week we started eating oatmeal in a different way- soaked overnight in milk/yogurt, and eaten cold. all the same toppings and mix-ins, just no cooking! Chewy and filling.

    Also just bought a package of chickpea flour and looking forward to making flatbreads and yummy battered veggies.

  36. Smoothies are so fantastic for the kids when we are on the go – filling, tasty and I can sneak spinach in and they have no idea. I don’t have a standard recipe, just a little of this and a little of that, and a dash of honey, always.

  37. Maybe not new, but I just found out that I actually like to drink milk. For as long as I can remember, I have always hated it, but whenever I don’t like the taste of something, I retry it regularly (say, every two or three years). This has already worked with olives, marzipan and hot chocolate, and now I drink milk.´:-)
    Apart from that, I recently tried out salads from cooked spelt (as a substitution for rice), and it tastes great and is really filling.

    • I still cannot drink milk. In cereal I love it, but I’m not sure there’s any hope for me just picking up a big glass and enjoying it. Makes for awkward moments when I’m eating dinner with little cousins/nieces/nephews and their parents make the whole family have milk, while I’m sitting there drinking something else haha

  38. I recently tried greek yogurt…I know I’m late on that bandwagon and I’m in love w/ the banana cream traditional Oikos yogurt w/ cut up strawberries! =)

    Ergo – Blog

  39. Oh yes! My favorite breakfast is a frozen banana, peanut butter and yogurt smoothie with a little vanilla protein powder for substance. Keeps me full all morning long and tastes as good as a milkshake! :)


    • I have the same! But also with strawberries and plain protein powder.

  40. I recently fell in love with raw beets and I have been craving them constantly! I definitely never expected to love them this much :)

    • i also love raw beets or any type of beet in general.. doctors thoughts? my body was a bit low on iron and boosting it back up with these babies!