Shopbop Sale

The last time Shopbop had a huge sale, a few of you were disappointed to miss it, so I promised I’d let you know about the next one. They’re giving a whopping 20% off today and tomorrow with the code WEAREFAMILY13.

  1. get that watch jo!! I got it in silver, it arrived a few days ago and i love it!!!! I had a bit of a splurge on shop bop sale, all well worth it though!

  2. Thanks for the head’s up! I managed to snag a Marc Jacobs wallet I’ve been eyeing for awhile.

  3. Great shoes! I’ve just come from a blogger’s event hosted by Bensimon, and it was amazing! Among the several activities, we all got to decorate our own Bensimon sneakers, how cool was that? These were my first pair and they definitely won’t be the last. Love these pink slide-ons you’ve featured here.
    Great post!

  4. Hooray! Thank you for the heads-up! I always take advantage of this sale!

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  6. Thank you Jo for posting about this sale! I managed to buy a couple of things I had been eyeing :) xx

  7. Everyone is posting about this sale. Gotta hold back and just get essentials or I would buy everything!

    Memoirs & Mochas

  8. I just saw that this morning! Unfortunately I didn’t see anything in particular that I wanted :( although those pinks are gorgeous.

  9. I love that bag that you picked out! A match for any outfit. If only a had a few hundred to spare :(

  10. MC says...

    Good thing the Bensimon ones I want are all out in my size. I am on a cash diet and was about to fall off the wagon!

  11. Some might be surprised (or appalled by this) but I’ve never shopped from Shopbop before!! I must say, that hobo bag is absolutely awesome you picked – I’d tote that around in a heartbeat. Would be a lovely high end substitute for a diaper bag, no??!! Lol!

  12. Thanks – I already knew about this…but I went and ordered the first pair of sandals you pictured…except in black and natural.

  13. I never know how to navigate Shopbop. It’s seems too expensive for me, but I’m sure there have to be affordable items. If I search by price from low-high, I just get accessories, etc. It’s great to see the percentage off, but I can’t spend more than about $100 for a single item, so it all gets overwhelming.

  14. i’ve been on the hunt for a new bathing suit so this came at the perfect time! thanks!

  15. yay! i’m so glad you shared this… my birthday IS coming up in two weeks, a girl can treat herself, right?

  16. jm says...

    Love the sandals. Such pretty colors!

  17. Those look incredibly comfy. I may need some :)

    Manda from Eat Cake