Rita Konig’s Bedroom

Have you seen Rita Konig’s home on The Selby? She lives in…

…a lovely West Village apartment, and the prettiest part is her bedroom. It looks straight out of a Jane Austen novel!

Last night, after going down a rabbit hole google-stalking her, I discovered a great little piece she wrote for the New York Times Magazine about her approach:

“Beds are obviously the center of bedrooms, but this bed is even more so, since it takes up most of the room, which measures 6.5 feet by 8 feet! I had never seen a bedroom as small as this one…but being “all bed” actually made it rather lovely, especially once the wallpaper went up. The wallpaper, which is so feminine, opened up the room enormously; before it went up, the room was like a cell, its white walls terribly enclosing. But now it feels like sleeping and waking in an old-fashioned greenhouse. Of course, the window helps—windows are such an important element of a room. When I am looking for a place to live, I always use the windows as a guide. If you are getting sidetracked by the way the place is decorated and can’t see past the style (or lack thereof), look at the windows. If they are good, and the room is a good shape, you will always be able to make it lovely.”

Great tips! Don’t you love her room?

(Photos by Todd Selby)

  1. I love that room, too, but it makes me kind of sad because I can never have a room as pretty – I have a husband and he would never permit it, lol!

    Anyway, I am a huge fan of Rita’s. I love her book Culinary Trickery, which I picked up at an antiques shop in Arundel, UK, and first got me interested in cooking. Domestic Bliss is pretty good too.

    Thanks for sharing! x

  2. I love this wallpaper – where is it from?

  3. I loved everything about Rita’s apartment,until I saw the cigarettes,stacked neatly on the side tabl. I began to imagine how her apartment must smell. And then it wasn’t so pretty anymore.

  4. I love Rita Konig. I remember her from Domino Magazine. The greatest magazine EVER!

    Her suggestions for buying sheets are perfect. I often want to buy parts of sheet sets when they’re on super sale, but am always nervous about matching them up. But, why do they always have to match! She’s so right! Just get what you love and mix them. Great advice!

    Thank you for another inspiring post!

  5. I LOVE thos pillows..they look so inviting. I actually think with a few changes.. the room could be a little more man friendly. Take a focus of the floral accent colors and maybe pick up the greens and pick different sheet pattern set? That being said.. a lot of men just don’t “care” all that much.. and are just happy to be in the female’s

  6. I visited her website and I love it so much. So stunning.
    And I agree that nice window really a magic and it’s the main part a room have to have. :p

  7. Reminds me of England and Laura Ashley. Gorgeous.

  8. I just posted about her apartment yesterday (and also went down a Google rabbit-hole while “researching” those amazing sheets)–it is glorious and the bedroom is my favorite part! Love her. She’s writing for T Magazine again, too, which I was so happy to discover.

  9. One of those fabulous Marianna Kennedy resin lamps is at the very top of my wish list. This red one is beautiful in her room! I also love the green base with yellow shade combination (on Ben Pentreath’s website).

  10. This woman is my bed inspiration! (That sounds weird.) There were some photos of her apartment once in Domino, and she had those white sheets with little pink hearts but also a brown plaid wool blanket thrown on the foot of the bed. I love that mix of a delicate feminine pattern plus a blanket that looks like it belongs to a grandpa! I’ve always remembered it and my bed looks sort of like that now.

  11. Her bedroom is beautiful!!!! I love how much she was able to do with a small space. Thanks for sharing with us!

  12. Lovely! But I have never seen Portault on sale. I would die! Currently hanging onto the last threads of my grandmothers set.

  13. Love her room, so feminine…almost like waking up in a real life princess room…just beyond lovely!

  14. I’ve always loved Rita Konig’s writing and style. So smart and talented! Unrelated, I can’t believe she smokes!

  15. The rest of her apartment is lovely, but honestly the twin bed and childish bedding leaves me wondering – does she always sleep alone, or plan to always sleep alone? No judgement or anything, just curiosity. The room IS small, but could have easily fit a double bed.

  16. I love all the details in the decoration but if it was me I would get bored of seeing the same design easily haha…

    Therefore, I always go with super simple bedroom decorations and I truly wish I could feel comfortable with something like this because it does look beautiful!

  17. I love her room! It seems so peaceful and calming! Also, the sheets are great…so cute!

  18. I want that gown she’s wearing!

    Any ideas where we can get something similar?

    I’ve bought some lovely stretchy cotton stuff at target but after a few washes (even in the delicate cycle) they create little balls. They are cheap.

    I’d like to have a couple of those gowns to rotate.

  19. Great advice about the windows in an apartment…and I completely agree with her about spending a little more for nice sheets! Makes such a difference.

  20. I just love her style and the feminine air of that room. After looking at that whole piece-I wanted to go buy trays and put them everywhere. Her living room is also just totally dreamy.

  21. I have a weakness for luxurious sheets! There is nothing like sleeping in a bed with high quality sheets!!

  22. I wonder what she means by “good windows”? Good placement? Good light? Or just in good condition?

  23. This is such a pretty bedroom! I also love that she has to climb up on the bed to open the window…I often find myself doing that in our apartment, so I’m glad that I’m not the only one!

  24. Rita actually moved back to London…which means we will have yet another gorgeous interior to check out. You can follow her flat renovation on her blog:

  25. So romantic and lovely! I like the headboard as much as the wallpaper:)

  26. wow this is an amazing bedroom, I don’t think my fiance would appreciate the over-the-top girlyness of it thought, darn. :)

    you could do the same with more masculine friendly pieces

  27. I love her night gown!! That’s what I want. I wonder where it’s from?

  28. Does she sleep in that tiny bed? Otherwise, a gorgeous space that looks like a country house in England, not an apartment in the concrete jungle.

    • That is Double (Full) bed. My husband and I slept in a Double until I got pregnant and there just wasn’t room. We still only sleep in a Queen.

  29. It’s hilarious that you featured this! Two weekends ago a decorator, my daughter and I started working on updating her “baby” room to a room that will hopefully carry her from the age of ten well into her teenage years and both the decorator and my daughter brought these pictures to our meeting. Since then we’ve picked out beautiful wallpaper, a headboard, and we’re looking at swatches for the blinds tonight! Her father is going to re-stain her desk, dresser and bedside table. Once all of that is done hopefully we can pick up a few little things like bedside lamps and a new mirror to hang over her dresser. I think this is a beautiful room for a young girl but I do think it is a little too feminine for an adult woman. You would have to change almost everything if you were in a serious relationship with a man. I know my husband would be on girly overload.

    • I agree, my husband wouldn’t enjoy such a feminine room.

  30. This comment has been removed by the author.

    • Joanna isn’t obligated to share how she feels with you about everything. Everyone is in shock. Please do not guilt someone for not being able to express their feelings about a difficult subject. It is generally safe to assume that she finds it depressing like we all do.

    • Understood, and absolutely no guilting or unkindness intended, just confusion. Thanks for your reply.

  31. I saw this on the Selby. I love the feeling of a country house in the city. What a lovely place to escape.

  32. Lovely! This bedroom is like a little garden. And what great tips! I never thought of sheets as a collection before – love that idea.

    Thanks for the great post, Joanna. :)

  33. This is so whimsical, and you would never know she was right in the heart of the west village. It looks like a country home in Englad somewhere. Love it!
    xo Quinn

    Quinn Cooper Style