Picnic Bag

Three years ago, I was psyched about the idea of Summer Picnic Club, where you’d meet friends at different parks around town every other Saturday. Wouldn’t that be fun? Then Toby arrived, and in the haze of first-time parenthood—when it’s hard enough to even leave the house—it never happened.

But! I’d love to try for one for this summer. Everyone could bring snacks to spread out on a blanket (along with sneaky wine juice boxes, perhaps?). Babies could wriggle on blankets, and kids could run around. And you could carry everything in this awesome picnic bag with a waterproof lining and seven pockets.
What do you think? Would you be up for it? Any go-to picnic foods? (Alex brings shrimp:)

(Photos by Apolis, via Daily Muse)

  1. Is it possible to purchase the picnic bag?

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  5. This is probably one of the coolest most useful of bags in the history of bags! And this is coming from one serious bag lady (: I love the idea of picnic Saturdays! What fun that would be!

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  7. I included a picnic blanket on my wedding registry – I looked all over for one that was portable and water resistant (and was a pattern I could handle). I skipped the idea of a basket because I figured it’d be such a pain in the city, but this bag would be awesome to have.

    I’m really hoping a few good picnic items will get us out to explore more of Central Park this year (I’ve never been past the castle).

  8. That bag would actually make a great artists’ bag too. All the compartments would be good for toting around brushes, pencils, sketchpads, etc.

    And a picnic club is a really wonderful idea!

  9. I think picnics are great but a bit too Girly for some guys like my husband! ;-) What makes guys to enjoy picnic, any ideas?? For picnic food I recommend pasta based salads, as they are filling, easy to eat and they stay good even if not chilled. One of my favorites is Pasta Salad With Mozzarella, Tomatoes And Basil. You can check out the recipe in here

  10. TJ says...

    our son’s 1.5 years old and we still do that in the parks of zurich (switzerland) during summer…it’s fun and relaxing and when there’s a playground next to the park it’s even better.. TRY IT :-)

  11. Just ordered it online! Love it. Thanks! Now I wanna picnic so badly! And all the talk of food is making me hungry.

  12. We live in Stockholm and when the weather is nice here you can hardly find free green space. Picnics are an understatement here! My husband carries everything we need in one of these: and my favorite picnic foods include chilled french-style potato salad with capers, red onions and cornichons, any kind of cheese board with baguettes and Swedish hard bread (crackers), and then finishing off with an ice cream cone. :-)

  13. A brilliant idea, I love a picnic.

    Lots of yummy miniature foods and goodies, good company and a little sunshine.

    Can’t wait:)


  14. Lovely idea. I certainly don’t go on enough picnics. I love the little nooks and crannies in that pictured bag.

  15. Wine juice boxes? Won’t you be breast feeding this summer?

    For a picnic I generally stick to fried chicken, biscuits, coleslaw, potato chips, carrot sticks w/ Briannas ranch, strawberries, and some sort of baked good that is easy to eat. For drinks we usually do Snapple Peach Iced Tea and maybe some beer. I always bring extra chips and dessert and the carrots don’t usually get eaten until later but we usually are gone for a while when we picnic so it is good to pack snacks.

  16. This is so funny…I just had this conversation with my adult son, who said I “subjected” him to picnics all his life! So now he finds restaurants with patios as a compromise. I got a picnic basket for my 18th birthday from my friends and I will turn 60 on Mother’s Day and still use it…everything tastes better outside. Really nice bag and great ideas…

  17. Yes! I would absolutely do this. In fact, I’ve already been trying to plan an April picnic in the park with friends.

  18. I love picnics, especially if they’re after a long walk in the forest. the picnic bag looks lovely (probably too small for our family of 8, though).

  19. Love the idea! I am such a fan of picnics, I definitely need to get a good picnic bag.

  20. Oh I LOVE picnics! I was just saying how much I wanted a really nice picnic basket for Christmas this year….but a picnic bag…well now you have my mind racing!

  21. I think that is SUCH a great idea! Good way to stay connected with friends while allowing for family time and kids get to play!

  22. If I had a bag as cute as yours I’d jump into Picnic Club! Our favorite picnic foods are finger foods too. We like to linger on a blanket while eating grapes, berries, cheese and hard salami, hummus and veggies, crusty bakery bread and sparkling water.

  23. dried fruit, sopressata, boursin, and a nice baguette! mmm…

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  25. Picnic Club! This is just the sort of thing that makes my heart sing.

  26. Picnicking with kiddos is always fun! And what a bag — beautiful! Can’t go wrong with Nutella or ham and cucumber sandwiches :)

  27. Love this bag! Beats my old trusty Trader Joes bag! Would be great for the Hollywood Bowl or Hollywood Forever cemetery.

  28. Summer in Texas means unbearable heat. My fiancee and I are planning to move somewhere over the next couple years where we can actually hang out outside during the summer. I’ve spent many summers in Boston with my family and we’re considering there. I love picnics and covet you all who have lovely weather during the summer for them!

  29. We love picnics! My girls love all finger foods…cucumber slices, strawberries. We like to pretend to be French so baguettes and cheese are a must. As well as a bottle of vinho verde for mom and dad;) Love that bag!

  30. I don’t have kids yet – as I’m only 22 and still at University – but whenever I go to the park and I see babies and toddles out and about in the sun having the time of their life, well, it just makes my little heart melt! So adorable!

    You should definitely go for it =) picnics are a great way to spend your day relaxing and you do feel like you’ve done something with your day!

    Teffy X

  31. What a bummer- it says the bag is not longer available.

    • Just ordered one (gulp) direct from the Apolis website! Can’t wait to use it!

    • oh! Thank you!

  32. What a wonderful idea! Especially with little toddlers :). That bag is a beauty!!!


  33. I LOVE that bag!!!…picnic or not! ^_^

  34. I always make little cucumber/cream cheese finger sandwiches, they’re fast and easy but fresh and delicious! & for wine my roommate found this reusable plastic wine bottle perfect for picnics.

  35. This makes me want summer to start right now!! We’ve taken to getting Subway for lunch and then taking it to a park. It’s nice and low-key, and we can walk around afterwards.

  36. what a fun idea! i’ve been seeing that picnic bag everywhere for a while now and i’m desperate for one :) i think when we get back from vacation i’ll have to finally order it!

  37. I’m pretty traditional with my picnics but lately I’ve been experimenting. Last week we did a little picnic and had some al pastor tacos. So delicious and kept really well wrapped up and waiting for us to get to them.

    Memoirs & Mochas

  38. i always have dreams of big picnics but most weekends we end up traveling. but last fall when we were getting those last long summer days, we started doing a variation. one of us runs home to grab the blanket and the toddler, the other runs over to pick up take out salads and lemonade and we make a picnic of it right then and there. not overly fancy but still fresh, light treats and can’t beat a weeknight surprise for the little one. now that the weather has turned warm, we just started it up again!

  39. omg i love the shrimp cocktail idea! it’s genius!

  40. A baguette (or 2) sliced at home and anything that can be put on a piece of bread. We bring a few spoons for scooping and spreading toppings but no plates or extra silverware. Hummus, bruschetta, mozzarella balls in oil, sharp cheddar sliced at home, good cured and smoked meats. All it really takes is a quick run to Trader Joe’s on the way home from work. Wine in solo cups tops it off. The kids run in circles and all the adults share one blanket. Maybe again tonight, hmmm. Thanks for the motivation!

  41. This bag looks fantastic and I love the idea of a picnic club, super fun!

  42. I’m planning a picnic with my girlfriends!!! lovely bag!! it would be great for us!

  43. What an awesome bag! Love it.

  44. My favorite day…. the day my husband proposed to me! Wine is hand, fruit and yummy cheeses. Oh and the most gorgeous ring ever! One thing was missing this incredible bag! Love it!!! Thanks for sharing.

  45. I was just looking through your older posts for good picnic blanket ideas…’tis the season. I like deviled eggs on picnics, and my mom used to make Russian salad, chicken cutlets, and Spanish tortilla. The best!

  46. That is such a cool idea! I would love meeting up with friends once a week for an afternoon outdoors, and that bag looks like it could hold plenty of food and other fun stuff!

  47. Pasta salad and fresh fruit. Macaroons make a simple dessert!

  48. Our favourite weekend thing to do!!!! We love to pack some good cheeses, fresh ham, baguette and a bottle of wine and set up in the walled garden around the corner from our house and soak in the very few sunrays that London is getting!!! So relaxing!

  49. I looove picnics! I live in D.C., along with five adult siblings, a cousin, a bevvy of kids and our grandmother. We’re city-dwellers, so nobody’s home is really big enough to host the entire clan comfortably, so we picnic together all the time — at least one Sunday a month. Last time, we went paddle boating under the cherry blossoms. It was magical! We like to pack a lot of salads, and last time I made ridiculously good macaroons…

  50. I love this! I was just talking with a friend the other day about picnicking! My husband and I were gifted a picnic bag as a wedding gift, but we haven’t been able to use it yet. Summer is soon!

    Take care,

  51. I agree with Elle…Parisian picnics under the Eiffel Tower are the best!!!

    I just love sitting in the ground, chit chatting and eating haha…

    But you are right, with all these life duties, we often forget about the simple little things. Once it get sunny, I will definitely try it and think of this post!

    Brunette Letters Blog

  52. My favourite picnic food: home-baked focaccia bread, topped with sea salt, fresh herbs and plenty of olive oil before baking. Cherry tomatoes and basil is gorgeous, and rosemary is also a winner. It’s very portable and much more special than a sandwich. And I don’t think it needs many accompaniments! Perhaps some vegetables and dip, or some parma ham, and some fresh fruits for after. I’m so hoping for a good summer over here in England that will be warm enough for plenty of picnics!!

  53. We instituted a weekly Sunday picnic tradition in January. We live in Singapore and one of the best things about life here, in my opinion, is the weather. It is perpetual summer! Every day is perfect for a swim or a barbecue. Another thing I appreciate here is how green the city is. For its size and density, Singapore has a generous number of well-planned and well-maintained parks and nature preserves.

    So, my resolution this year was to instate a new family tradition: Sunday evening picnics. Picnics are my favorite warm-weather pastime. Who doesn’t like eating it the open air with loved ones?

  54. marni, that sounds delicious! lauren, i was thinking a parachute might help…you can order them from Amazon for less than $20:)

  55. love all of the pockets! so many uses but a picnic sounds dreamy… :) my grandma packed the best picnics, egg salad sandwiches with sweet pickles and always a jar of pink lemonade. i’m imagining it now!

  56. We love to picnic, but you’re right… it’s hard to do it (gracefully) with kids. Mine usually run around refusing to eat, while the adults try to stuff our faces as quickly as possible before the kids run too far off! But these pictures are making me dream of calmer times… :)

  57. My favorite favorite way to spend an afternoon when I was in Paris was having a wine and cheese picnic in a park. And while in my mind it’s just *so* European, there’s really no reason I can’t replicate it right here in New York. I think it’s a great idea.

  58. Excellent idea!! Picnicking with kids is the best. Parents can actually relax and eat, the kids can play and have fun, and it’s beautiful.

    Love the bag!

  59. Good farmer’s market bag. It is hard enough to see friends once you have kids, so I hope you have a chance to get out this summer!

  60. SO great. and yes we are also in western Canada too and our snow is barely gone, so sad! But when it’s nice out, this is an amazing idea!!

  61. This is an amazing idea! I love the bonding this will bring…and that BAG!! Such a great idea! I’ll definitely be rounding up some girlfriends this summer…or maybe even sooner! =)

  62. Yes yes yes! Although we’re still a long away from picnic weather in western canada. I’ll have to start practising in my living room. Love the picnic bag! So much easier to haul around than a cumbersome basket.

  63. I love the idea! After my first-ever visit to NYC, i think its a great place for picnicking, so i am already jealous :) plus, cheese tastes even better on the blanket in a park!