Date Night Tattoos

Tattly’s temporary tattoos would be cute to wear on a date.

Also, have you heard Obama’s brilliant parenting move? “Michelle and I have used this strategy when it comes to things like tattoos,” he told the Today show. “What we’ve said to the girls is, if you guys ever decide you’re going to get a tattoo, then Mommy and me will get the exact same tattoo, in the same place, and we’ll go on YouTube and show it off as a family tattoo.” Zing! Made me laugh.

P.S. More rad tattoos.

  1. i have always had a rule for tattoos and boys. i have to want the same thing for at least 3 years before i’ll commit for life. i feel like my taste has changed so much over the years, it helps me weed out things and make sure i don’t end up with any permanent regrets!

  2. I love it! I hope Barack and Michelle don’t have to make good on that promise :)

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  4. Well, I’ll be the one to say it. Only a certain type of person is interested in tattoos. Yes, that person can be a professor. My supervisor for my masters had an earring and a tattoo but he also followed The Dead for 4 years before getting his shit together. Someone with a tattoo could be a financial analyst . . . which doesn’t really mean anything because it isn’t hard to get that job if you can crunch the numbers. My nephew is a frat boy at ZooMass and just got a job as an analyst. If your parents had tattoos then of course they’re going to be all right with you having tattoos. My ten year old just got her ears pierced so I’m not worrying about tattoos right now. I can say that I will wring their adorable little necks if I see a tattoo anywhere on their precious bodies. If they want to do it when they’re 30 then that is their choice but I don’t think tattoos are attractive and I think they often interfere with your life down the road. Going to the beach with your fiance’s family for the first time you want them to see your giant tramp stamp? Playing tennis at a work retreat and they see something on your inner thigh as your skirt lifts up. Trying to find a wedding dress that covers your back and chest and upper arms but isn’t dowdy? Having to wear opaque tights to the office every day even in the summer because there is a no visible tattoo rule and you have one on your foot or ankle? No no no and no. Not worth “self expression.” I will be fine with my daughter getting some more outlandish piercings if she wants or dying her hair or cutting it crazy but but I am not a fan of the permanent changes.

    • Sorry, but this is yet another stupid comment. As I said before, I’m okay with people not liking tattoos, but please leave out the “you’re stupid” next time, okay?

      My boyfriend’s family knows I’m tattooed and eventhough they don’t like it they’re okay with it. I don’t mind other people seeing them, because they’re a part of me like my nose or my feet. I’m totally okay with showing them on my wedding day, because why not? Okay, the work part might be true, but that’s a choice I made and so I’m okay with that. Besides, I’m will be working in a job where tattooes are no problem, so that’s possible as well. Impressive, huh?!

      You people should stop seeing tattoos as a terrible flaw, as something to be ashamed of, as something which tells you that I’m not a good person. Because that’s just not what they are. They are a part of me, they belong to me and if anybody isn’t fine with that, okay don’t be fine with it. But please don’t judge me and my personality just because I have permanent ART on my body…

  5. If I were to make this clever threat to my kids, they would absolutely put an F-bomb or something similar on their foreheads to call my bluff.

  6. As a tattooed girl (and the girlfriend of a tattoo artist), I was irked by President Obama’s comment. If they’re of age and have thought about it enough … let them do what they want with their bodies. I feel like tattoos represent some kind of loss of control between children & parents! I don’t have children though, so I don’t know.

  7. I think the message is to wait until you’re reaaaally an adult before you make any permanent decisions. Do you think when all my friends got tattoos on their lower backs when we were in high school that it was going to be known as the tramp stamp in just a few years?

    The way I see it, everyone’s young once. Tattoos definitely aren’t the worst thing that can happen (and a lot of people pull them off wonderfully!)

  8. I’m glad someone mentioned that this might not be such brilliant parenting. Sure, young people might make poor decisions about what they put on their bodies and where they put it, but that’s the key; it’s “their decision.” The decision to get a silly tattoo doesn’t cause damage like doing drugs, driving drunk or not feeling like one is in control of one’s body. Women in our society are told constantly that they have no say in what happens to their bodies. Many women aren’t allowed to decide when to have children and how many they choose to have. Women live with the constant threat of sexual assault and harassment. And they are bombarded with images about how to dress “classy” and not “slutty.” I would hope that the Obamas and any other parents out there would think that giving their daughters a voice and the feeling of power over their own physical bodies is more important than limiting what decoration they choose to ink or pierce on their skin.

    • There are other ways to express yourself besides getting a butterfly tattooed on your shoulder blade. A lot of people consider their children to be beautiful the way they are and they don’t think tattoos are attractive so they don’t want their children covered in them. I would be horrified if one of my children got one. There would be very very serious consequences. And to the above posters who quotes the age of 18 as if that makes your children suddenly independent, oh no. If I still pay any of your bills, you stay in my house, drive a car I own then you are not entitled to make all of your decisions. I can’t control them but I can still play the mom card sometimes. Tuition can be withheld, cell phones cut off, credit cards cancelled.

    • Lizzie, what if one of your kids decides to get one when they’re 30 and independent?

    • Lizzie, you are an awfully judgmental human being. The best thing parents can do for their children is to offer them unconditional love. Clearly, this isn’t what you’re offering yours, and the consequences of that will probably be far worse than a couple of tattoos.

      Glad I had a tattooed dad who gave me love, acceptance, support, and the understanding that I was an individual person whose body he couldn’t control, even if he helped to breathe life into it.

    • Lizzie, it’s true that a lot of parents consider their children beautiful as they are, however parents are not the arbiters of beauty. Everyone can choose what they think is beautiful and what they would like to do with their bodies. Sure, you can control funds and manipulate but just because you think it’s ugly doesn’t mean that it is.

  9. I’m a fairly-heavily tattooed gal, and I can’t imagine being bothered by my future children wanting to get inked (at an appropriate age, of course. . .)- but Obama’s idea made me laugh. Pretty clever parenting!

  10. that quote from obama made me laugh out loud! love them. my parents just told us never to get anything tattooed on our bodies that we wouldn’t want to hang on our walls ;)

  11. hahaha i love that comment by obama – that would definitely prevent me from getting one if i was his daughter!

  12. Thanks Joanna! xoxo

  13. I saw that quote from the president this morning on The Skimm and laughed out loud!! That’s hilarious and I’m tucking it away for when I have kids :)

  14. Hating tattoos is just another way for people to judge and discriminate. If YOU hate them, don’t get them, but when your kid is 18- it’s their decision. If they hate it in 10 years, that’s the consequence they live with. If your kid is informed, and responsible about it, then it won’t be something they regret. I hate gauges (ear plugs) but I wouldn’t threaten my kid if they get them as an adult! That’s ridiculous!

  15. That’s a good idea. Anything to stop them from damaging their bodies! I would definitely be willing to help my child get a tattoo removed. I HATE tattoos. Ick ick ick. I dumped several guys in college when I found out they had them. My parents stopped paying my sister’s college tuition when she got one. They are a no-go in my family and my kids know that.

    • Wow, this story makes me sad. They’re figuring out now that children’s brains aren’t fully developed until age 25 (!), which is part of why they do things sometimes not fully realizing the consequences. But your parents’ response to her getting a simple tattoo? Seems like pretty much the opposite message you’d want to send to your kids — do one thing I disapprove of and I’m gonna put your future in jeopardy.

    • @Lynn, It isn’t like my sister didn’t know that they didn’t approve and thought it would be no biggie. She knew it would be a big deal. Tattoos are not “simple”. They are permanent marks on your body. They are unattractive statements about who you were when you were 19 that you will have until you die unless you get painful laser removal that leaves you with a scar to remind you of your youthful stupidity. It is the right message to send. Break our rules and there are serious consequences. She took out loans. She survived. I think they helped her pay them off too. The message was just, you want to look trashy then you can have a lifestyle to match.

    • I’m tattoed.

      So, according to you, I damaged my body with permanent marks, I’m unattractive, stupid and have a trashy lifestyle?

      Wow, I’ve never been insulted that often in one statement! I’m impressed!

      I’m totally okay with the fact, that not everybody likes tattoos. But not liking and discrimination like that are two totally different things.
      Sorry, but if your love and care for your child depends on something rather unimportant such as tattoes.. That’s just narrow-minded and stupid.

    • @Lizzie I think you’d be surprised at the classy, successful people you interact with everyday who have tattoos. My brother, for example, is a very straight-laced financial analyst, owns a beautiful home, has a stunning wife and a friendly dog, is one of the most honest, loyal, trustworthy people I know… and also has a GIANT tattoo that covers the entire left side of his abdomen. It had absolutely zero impact on the quality of his life. Imagine that.

    • @ Lizzie Polish: My fiancé (who has a master’s degree and is currently finishing his PhD) has tattoos, and is planning on more, including sleeves. Is he stupid? Absoultely not. Is he unattractive? No, he’s actually quite handsome. And as for the whole “trashy lifestyle” part, well, between all his teaching, researching, and being an awesome partner, he simply doesn’t have the time.
      You might want to check yourself before you make misinformed generalizations that don’t apply to most tattooed people out there.
      If you don’t like tattoos, that’s fine, but there’s more to people than their body ink, and if you didn’t discriminate and paint every tattooed person with the same “youthful stupidity” brush, you’d learn that for yourself.

    • @Lizzie Polish: All of these hateful things you’re spewing are simply your opinions, which you are of course entitled to, but nothing more than opinions. I think it’s unfortunate that you are blinded by prejudice. I also think you likely did those “several guys” a service by dumping them as I would hate to date someone who would drop me for such superficial reasons. 40 million Americans have tattoos. That’s a lot of people to hate and judge.

  16. that’s exactly what my dad said to me growing up! he retired when i was seven years old, and always said that if got a tattoo or dyed my hair pink he would do the same. since he didn’t have to go to work i totally believed him! kept me out of trouble!

  17. ah i saw that interview yesterday and cracked up! perfect. i’m going to do the same with my kids.

  18. ha! i love obama’s rule for tattoos. my husband & i both have several tattoos (he has full sleeves), so i don’t know that the strategy would work on our future kids!

  19. love it! fun strategy. noted!

  20. that’s so cute what Obama said! Makes the kids think twice about what they want on their bodies

  21. haha that’s exactly what my parents said!

  22. not such a bad idea tho.
    I got one when I was 18 but then a few years later after my mom had cancer i got a pink tattoo on my wrist. She wouldn’t do one there but got a bigger pink ribbon on her ankle.

  23. jm says...

    That is so hilarious!

  24. This is probably so pervy, but I love the tattoo date night idea for long-term significant others who maybe live together, and want a “sexy” night at home. Add a little bubble, candelight, 90s R&B, strategically places tattoos… just me?

  25. Haha totally using that later on my kiddos!