Twins Separated at Birth?

Twinsters is a Kickstarter project by a pair of twenty-five-year-old women who just discovered they might be identical twins.

Here’s their story: In February, Samantha, an American actor living in Los Angeles, received a Facebook message from Anaïs, a French fashion design student living in London. Anaïs’ friends had seen a YouTube video featuring Samantha. They were immediately blown away by the identical appearance of Samantha and Anaïs. After a few Google stalking sessions, Anaïs and her friends discovered that both girls were born on November 19, 1987 and adopted shortly afterward. Anaïs knew immediately that it was possible for Samantha to be her biological twin sister and reached out to her through Facebook.

Now they’re raising funds on Kickstarter to meet each other, film a documentary about their experience, and test their DNA to see if they are twins. Fascinating, right?!

P.S. People who only look like twins.

(Top photo of Lucy and me when we were babies. Twinster via Kottke)

  1. Julie says...

    So, have you watched their documentary yet??? I just did last weekend and it was the best. Lots of happy tears.

  2. how cool! Sounds like a totally crazy, awesome story.

  3. Wow, this is so crazy!! I just cried. It’s just unbelievable. I really hope they can meet each other and I look forward to watching the documentary.

  4. Wow – I’m pregnant with twins now and it’s crazy to think of the two of them ever being split up. I hope things work out for them!

  5. This is really amazing. So many things transpired to keep them apart & yet… Reminds me of that Edie Brickell song The Wheel, “Somewhere there’s somebody who looks just like you do, acts just like you do, feels the same way… Somewhere there’s a person in a far away place, with a different name and a face that looks like you.”

  6. Amazing..
    It made me cry when i go through this..

  7. This is so amazing! It’s so heart-warming and amazing

  8. I don’t think they really need that DNA test, just a plane ticket ~ it’s plain as day!!! WOW! Amazing! Real life Parent Trap!

  9. AH I can’t believe you blogged about this – I went to school with Sam! She’s a super sweet girl and we’re all hoping things work out.

  10. I googled my biological father a few years ago and found him! Saw my first real picture of him ever. It’s amazing to make those connections and find people who look like you.

  11. This literally made me go, “Wow!!!” out loud. Such a cool story. I hope thy are!!

  12. Wow, it made me cry.. all those years.. amazing.

  13. that is so wild!! I’m so curious about how this will unfold!
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  14. WOW!!!! SO amazing… I had goosebumps immediately. I cannot even imagine!

  15. This is amazing! I want to follow them to see what happens! Too cool.

  16. As someone who is also adopted, this has always been in the back of my mind when someone tells me they’ve met someone who looks just like me. And now that I have a child of my own- who is the spitting image of me when I was little- it makes me even more curious to know if I have blood brothers/sisters I don’t know about.
    So glad, and amazed at how they found each other. What a blessing!

  17. The kickstarter article brought tears to my eyes. How amazing to find a sister…each’s only sister…your TWIN, out there in this huge world. Amazing.

    And yes, when I saw California and London, I also thought Parent Trap!

  18. This…this is AMAZING!

  19. Wow… this was so touching! I can’t imagine how exhilarating it must feel to discover this after so long.

  20. I have twin 2 year olds so this was incredible to see that they found each other! My twins are boy/girl so I wonder if there are tons of separated twins out there that would never even discover their twin since they don’t look alike.

  21. Wow! That is nuts!! Thanks for sharing :)

  22. omg, so unbelievable. I’m completely crying over here. this is just so incredible. thank you for sharing.

  23. This is very touching! It brought tears in my eyes as I am a TWIN , I can’t imagine myself being separated from my twin sister since we were born :(
    Hope they will meet each other as soon as possible!

  24. As an identical twin myself , knowing the connection I have with my sister. Twins being separated at birth makes me sad and angry. I hope they get the answers that they are hoping for.

  25. This is amazing! Thought they aren’t twins, it reminds me of the awesome story of Dominique Moceanu’s sister.

  26. AWESOME! can’t wait to follow !!! Thank you for sharing!

  27. anaïs’s first letter (facebook message) to samantha is adorable and so conversational. i love it!

  28. so fascinating!

  29. So glad they found each other in the end!!!

  30. And I’m crying. As a mom of twins the idea of separating them is devastating to me.

  31. Oh my gosh! This gave me the chills! How exciting and oh, the anticipation! So very Parent Trap ;) xoxo

  32. Incredible story, thank you for sharing it! I hope this turns out to be true for them!


  33. Oh my god this is insane!!! I didn’t think things like this actually happened… but why would they have split them up in the first place?! x

  34. So Wild!! We just found out that we’re expecting twins!!

  35. Oh wow this is incredible! What an amazing story! xxxx

  36. This reminds me of the story of how Liv Tyler found out Steven Tyler was her father. She was at an Aerosmith concert and ran into Steven Tyler’s other daughter and was blown away about how much they looked a like. Low & Behold…They were sisters but had no idea.

    I hope they raise enough money to test the DNA results! That’d be crazy if they were!!! =)

    Ergo – Blog

  37. Holy lord this is crazy. Hope they get to find out all the information they need!

    Memoirs & Mochas

  38. I have actually watched this video two weeks ago from Youtube too! it’s kinda sad that they were separated at birth but it’s a really happy reunion now that they found each other through technology and social media!

  39. Wow. Goosebumps.

  40. Wow.. I have goose bumps!