San Francisco Apartment Tour (500-Square-Feet!)

San Francisco Apartment Tour (500-Square-Feet!)

Blogger Jordan Ferney lives in a 500-square-foot apartment in San Francisco with her husband and two sons. While you’d assume they’d feel cramped, Jordan has actually figured out clever ways to maximize the space. “Even though it’s the smallest apartment we’ve ever lived in, it’s also our favorite,” she says. Take a look…


San Francisco Apartment Tour (500-Square-Feet!)



Here’s what Jordan told me…

On creating a happy atmosphere: Rita Konig once wrote in Domino about how decorating is more than just your couch; it’s your trinkets, souvenirs, candles. You want to make the space feel homey. While spending a year living in Paris, we visited Florence, and when the hotel was checking us in, they handed our boys little naked ceramic David statues. The kids were playing with them like dolls, and you’re like, it’s kind of weird, but okay! Now they’re on our bookcase. We also display a Fez hat we got during a trip to Morocco, when an old guy walking down the street just put it on Roman’s head.

On offbeat artwork: The big framed purple boobs were illustrations on a midwife pamphlet. The brochures were $3 from the really cool store Gravel & Gold. People say, What does Paul think? Well, he loves boobs!

Five tips for living in a small space: 1. Get rid of everything you own. You won’t miss it. Ever. Returning from France after a year abroad was a huge lesson. Our stuff had been in storage, and I realized there were 10 things that I was happy to see, but everything else I didn’t miss it at all. I was like, ugh, get rid of everything. When you have a small home, your stuff is worth more to you out of your house than in your house. 2. You’d think that art, books, etc. would make a space feel cluttered, but they actually make it feel bigger. Our living room used to feel small, but when we finally hung art and stacked books on the coffee table, it instantly felt homey and spacious. 3. Consider the things that you own to be your “art.” In the kids’ room, we display the most beautiful toys, since you want the space to feel pleasing. Of course, we have a stash under their couch where we keep the Angry Bird toys! 4. Cleanse your home every season. Once a month we go through our house and get rid of stuff. You always think, where did this all come from? You know how with baby clothes, you’re just constantly changing up their clothes since they’re growing so fast? That’s the same mentality for a small house. It’s constant. 5. Paul and I used to go to bookstores on dates. It was our favorite date, you get inspired, you know that great feeling…and we realized we wanted our home to feel that same way. So we rotate in new books, and once a book feels old to me, I’ll donate it. Now that we can’t get out as often with kids, our home feels like a bookstore to us.

Shelving cart: Aiden Console from World Market. Swimmers photograph: Beach Exercises (artist unknown) from Wooden chair: Vintage Thonet chairs. Coffee table: Ikea (but we painted the silver legs brass). Gold star paperweight: From the Paris flea market. Bronze urchin from Furbish. Sofa: Crate & Barrel. White floor lamp: Ikea. Black chandelier: Vintage. Tree: Fiddle Fig Leaf tree.






On making a small kitchen functional: We needed a table for family dinners, especially since we have young kids, but our kitchen wouldn’t fit a regular table. So we figured we’d get a long, thin wooden bar, plus four stools, which we can stack next to the fridge between meals.

On flower arranging: People think flowers are so expensive, but I learned a trick from a friend: While walking her dog, she’d always have her hands full of clippings from a hedge or park. Now, if I buy supermarket flowers, I’ll go to my backyard and get some green clippings, and they make the bouquet look like some amazing florist did it. There’s a wild touch.

Wooden bar: Ikea. Counter stools: Design Within Reach. Classic clock: Ikea. Artwork of nudes: Alameda flea market.





On decorating a child’s room: I definitely like to keep things low. Our wooden floor bookshelves are great for the kids! BOOK/SHOP is the coolest up-and-coming company. They have the most beautiful bookshelves and pristine vintage books.

On maximizing closet space: The Elfa closet system from the Container Store is mandatory for us. It triples your closet space. You add an upper and lower bar, plus dresser-like drawers.

Beds: Jenny Lind toddler beds (from Craigslist). Polka dot duvet: Homemade with Heather Ross Moon Fabric. Lemon pillow: Jonathan Adler. Wooden bedside table: Vintage from the Alameda Flea. Dragonfly & seahorse on the wall: from Petit Pan in Paris. Horses photo is from Wooden bookshelves on the floor: BOOK/SHOP. White pendant lamp: Orbit Chandelier. “It’s Beautiful Here” hooks: Heath Nash. Magnetic paint: Tutorial here. Triangle black-and-white bin/hamper: Furbish.



On making a room look polished: Our apartment was pretty much done, but I needed a final layer. So I asked my friend Jamie from Furbish, a great store in North Carolina, to be an extra set of eyes. You know how you’d read Domino Magazine, but there was no real place to buy that kind of stuff? Her store sells that stuff.

Colorful pillow: Furbish. Antlers: Furbish. Bedside tables: from Craigslist. White reading lamps: Ikea.




On the neighborhood: We live on the same block as famous food stops Tartine Bakery, Bi Rite Ice Cream and Pizzeria Delfina. We’ll invite friends over, make a big pot of soup and hang out on the stoop for the best people watching. Dolores Park is down the street, and they have new crazy tall slides and structures by designers. Sometimes your kids are playing and you’re like, Wait, are they going to die? But it’s awesome. The kids love it.

Hallway credits: Pendant lamp: Similar one here. Elephant scarf: Anthropologie.

Thank you so much, Jordan! Your home is so inspiring.

P.S. My friend’s gorgeous Manhattan apartment, and a nursery in a closet.

(Photographs by Heather Zweig for Oh Happy Day)

  1. It was a fantastic and beautiful chandeliers wing.. this can be very useful information for whoever used chandeliers for lighting fixtures.

  2. Beautiful! What a beautiful apartment.

    Is that a real fiddle leaf fig? It looks too good to be true! If not – Joanna would you please sure where you found such a fabulous faux? I’ve just killed my first…

    Thank you!!

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  4. LOVE IT!! Amazing use of space and I wish I could just throw all my stuff out….but it’s soooo scary. If you don’t mind, where did you find the hall coat rack that you have your scarves on? LURVE it

  5. GORGEOUS! Oh my gosh, I’m in love with this place. Usually when I see tiny apartments that are well decorated I think, “But where is all your stuff?! Your clothes, your dishes, your pots and pans?!” But there it all is! This home is liveable and beautiful and well decorated and simplistic but warm. I absolutely love it.

  6. love this post! I hope one day I can channel this kind of beautiful design into my home!

  7. Love, love, love the Magnet Wall. Popping over to Jordan’s site, it doesn’t look that hard to do. I’ve always been reluctant to create a blackboard wall in fear that the kids will start to think every wall is available for coloring. But magnets, that’s brilliant.

    Another thing that has inspired me is to put up more art work in my home to make it look cozier, instead of just small. I created a whole blog on living in a small space with a growing family, While I implement this in my kid’s room, not so much outside of it.

    Thanks for the inspiration. I’m brewing with ideas now!

  8. Oh, thank heaven for this post! My husband and I just put in an offer on an amazing little 800 sq. foot cottage. We have a 4 year old daughter and these tips will really be of service in maximizing our small space! Thank you!

  9. Oh, thank heaven for this post! My husband and I just put in an offer on an amazing little 800 sq. foot cottage. We have a 4 year old daughter and these tips will really be of service in maximizing our small space! Thank you!

  10. Oh, thank heaven for this post! My husband and I just put in an offer on an amazing little 800 sq. foot cottage. We have a 4 year old daughter and these tips will really be of service in maximizing our small space! Thank you!

  11. Oh, thank heaven for this post! My husband and I just put in an offer on an amazing little 800 sq. foot cottage. We have a 4 year old daughter and these tips will really be of service in maximizing our small space! Thank you!

  12. Nice apartment, wonder how much it rents for. Awesome, love it.


  13. Gorgeous place. Love the kids’ room and her taste in rugs! : ) Beautiful place.

  14. We live in a small apartment too! Big for London standards, small for elsewhere. I clear my house out 4 times a year and usually have got 4 or 5 bags to give away each time – can’t imagine how much more you’d have with kids!

    We really do just accumulate ‘STUFF.’ x

  15. Absolutely in love with this. What a great concept: some things are worth more out of your house than in it. I’ve never been one to hold on to too much, but this is a good reminder that you can always shed more. Off to clear some clutter….

  16. Do you have a source for the great wall lamps in the kids room with those extender arms? very inspired by this house and will quit complaining about the size of my house (1000 sq feet)

  17. Ok, totally inspired to clean out all of our crap now! I have been wanting to see her new place so bad, its of course, as awesome as all of her places isn’t it! Love the boob pictures, exactly the kind of thing I would do.

  18. this is so great! Love the little stories behind the wall art and trinkets. It feels naturally homey, modern yet vintage, and personal, perfect mix!

    great tips, too – (love how the angry birds toys are hidden, heehee) and i love that HUGE cartoon-like plant in the living room!

  19. Jordan, stunning apartment. You’ve got a way with making spaces special. I love those family shots on the porch. Love from Paris!

  20. Where did the alligator with wheels in the boys room come from? I saw one years ago and have been hunting for it ever since!

  21. Love this!

    Do you happen to know the name/artist of the piece that’s next to the boob art in the corner? :) Looks like a beautiful beach shot.

  22. Funny you should ask! I just wrote a post about our new dining room table. We’ve lived with an oval dining table that only sat 8 with both leaves in, but now that we are a family of 6, we needed something larger to accommodate us and our guests. However, I think these round tables are a great option for smaller gatherings, and I love all of the ones you featured. I need to go back and look closely at the chairs that were paired with them, as that’s the next purchase I need to make :)

  23. This placed is absolutely gorgeous! LOVE the coffee table piled high with books, and looove the big indoor plant. Just love it all.

  24. It doesn’t look cramp at all! Looks like Jordan has utilised every inch VERY WELL!

  25. I love the idea of cleansing your home monthly and the rotation of books. The book cart is a great idea.

  26. Okay, no more waiting on number two just because we live in 925 sq ft! So inspiring!

  27. I love jordan!
    I have always said smaller is better- no really less clutter, less crap to clean, less crap to buy, (in texas less to air condition) is a win- win.
    I have a 1200 sqft home and I often times find it too big. I dont have kids yet, but even so…..

    I love small :) I kinda wish I lived in 500 sqft now.

  28. Love how they make the most out of each and every space – sets an example for anyone else living in a similar space who views the size as a challenge!

  29. The photos are fantastic, Jordan! There was something to smile at in every one. Great interview, too. The park comment me laugh. I don’t think I know anyone that works harder than you do. Fantastic job. I’m glad you’re my sister.

  30. Beautiful job as always, Jordan. This reminds me that with some purging of accumulated junk, my 800 sq ft house in Denver can be HUGE haha ;)

  31. This is so inspirational! I love how she used such creativity and warmth in creating the home, and especially her boys room. We live in a larger space, but now I am all about PURGING to enjoy the room even more. Thank you for such a great post!

  32. i love love the checkered floors in the kitchen. my fave.

  33. Jordan your apartment is well thought out without looking like it! I love it!! I live about an hour from SF and your pics make me want to live there even more so!

  34. Think someone else asked earlier but I don’t see a response – love the rug in the living room (black and white) – would love to know where you got it?

    • We got it in Morocco (we got three vintage rugs there for $300 and hauled them back.)

  35. Living in New York City, in a 500 square foot apartment as well, I can fully appreciate this posting. I love how they utilized/designed their space.

  36. Cute apartment. My favorite is Jordan’s comment when people ask her what her hubby thinks of the boob prints in their living room. “Well, Paul loves boobs.” Well said. Hilarious.

  37. just fabulous! we love living “small”. living in small spaces forces you to be organized and neat! and with the great neighborhood, stoop and outdoor space… i’m sure it feels even bigger! thanks for sharing! xo

  38. This is wonderful! I live in a 600sq foot loft that I never want to move out of and I’m trying desperately to figure out how to squeeze a family in there. This gave me some serious inspiration!

  39. Gorgeous. I used to live in 400 square foot, with a massive loft for storage and loved it. The great floor plan was the key. I miss it now that I’m in a place big enough to swing two cats in (I don’t even have one). This post makes me want to move again…to Jordan’s apartment!

  40. The four of us (me, hubs, 2yr boy & 6mo girl) live in a 1450sf house and find that a challenge for us and of our stuff. We’re in Canada and spend 5-6 months essentially living indoors. I applaude the discipline, patience, and understanding of each other it must take to share such close quarters.

  41. this is the most amazing use of space with 2 kids i’ve ever seen. i am going to quit complaining about not having enough room in my house and cherish every square foot of it!

  42. Just so beautiful. Jordan has such impeccable taste and I love the warmth & simplicity. And I love how editing things out, let’s the really special things shine. Just lovely.
    ps Love Jordan’s response to “what does Paul think of the Boob illustrations?” ha! :)

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  44. ML says...

    Love!! ♥

  45. Love this! I also love the very first tip.I think about starting afresh most months. This has been inspiring.

  46. for me 500sq feet sounds super spacious…. we are a family of 5 and our ap is 275sq feet (the biggest we have ever had. we moved into it after our 3rd son had been born). Well, you, Americans, tend to make things big, right?;-)
    ps. the ap you’ve shown is lovely!

  47. Lovely home, and good ideas to copy! Thanks

  48. What a pretty space! I lived in a 300 sq ft apt in NY but just with my husband and cat… and our apt did not look nearly so nice. I have to learn to selectively purge! Now we have a 700 sq ft house but I can certainly use some of her tips.

    I am wondering where she got the animal masks (pig and bear). I’ve always loved those types of masks but they’re hard to find! :)

  49. I love this! I will definitely be using some of these tips for our own small space!


  50. When we moved from Brooklyn to North Carolina, I was so excited to get more space — it’s been nearly two years and it still feels like our 1200 sqft home is huge! I love how Jordan has maximized her small space so lovingly! Living with less is the way to go :)

  51. Very impressive, Jordan- and lovely!

    I’ve shared 400-square foot apartments (and smaller) with one other person, and what amazes me is that you haven’t had to build shelving/storage in everywhere. In my tiniest apartment I had all my kitchen supplies hanging on the walls, and I currently have a huge set of wall shelves for all my art supplies, linens, paperwork, photos, etc. You all must be amazing at organizing (and purging, of course!).

  52. They did a brilliant job designing the space to make it feel homey. The copious amounts of natural light help a lot too. I’ve been thinking a lot about the “tiny house” movement and what it’s like to live in a small space. It might be bit different in NY, I’d wager, but generally a small home allows you – makes you – spend more time outside. The little apartment is great inspiration and shows that you can have a lovely home with less. It may even be more satisfying than a large house since you have to carefully think about what elements are most important. I’d love to see more tiny living spaces featured.

  53. “Sometimes your kids are playing and you’re like, Wait, are they going to die? But it’s awesome.” Oh so funny…

    This little apartment is so cozy, comfy and homey looking, what a great job decorating and making it look better then it is! I believe this is a post that I will always remember. Especially for when I get my own apartment!

    I am now going to pin this whole post to my Pinterest board :)

  54. I want to live there, the location alone is awesome! Great to see people living with less, with style and loving it!

  55. those four happy faces might live in the most beautiful 500 square feet to ever exist. the outdoor space is a perfect cherry on top

  56. Such an inspiration! Makes me want to do some spring cleaning and get rid of stuff right this moment.

  57. Any idea where her boots are from? Very cute!

  58. beautiful apartment :)
    the kind of place i’d like to live

  59. pare…sorry- fast fingers… ;-)


  60. gorgeous! I remember when they were in paris, and then apartment shopping in SF. they give me so much hope to even pair down more. I have three kids, a big dog, a big husband (haha), a cat – and we live in a tiny beach bungalow (1100 square feet) by the sea. I keep thinking we could go down to 800 square feet- and you know what…I think we could! love the pics – love it all. what an inspiration.


  61. Is there any way you would let me know where you got that beautiful rug in the living room- It is exactly what I have been looking for :)


  62. Beautifully decorated, and fantastic use of the space!! This inspires me to make better use of my own space@

  63. I’m ready to do a major purge! Great inspiration. Thanks for sharing!

  64. This flat is so beautiful! So much better to make a small space perfect than have a large space with a rubbish atmosphere.

  65. You did an amazing job with the space. I live in the city as well and it takes quite the creative eye to turn some of these places into nice, comfy homes.

    This literally made me laugh out loud, “Sometimes your kids are playing and you’re like, Wait, are they going to die? But it’s awesome.”

    Thanks for sharing!

    Spotted Appeal

  66. Wow, this is so adorable and inspiring!! We live in a 500sq ft place too in DC!!

  67. I just love this! Wow. How cute and innovative. The white cabinets in the kitchen really open up a small space and make it seem really fresh and inviting.

  68. “Of course, we have a stash under their couch where we keep the Angry Bird toys!” Ha-ha! As a mom/designer I do stuff like that too.

    We own a 2500 sq foot, craftsmen bungalow built in 1908 with a large backyard, and so cleaning it is a full time job. I think it’s wonderful that her stuff doesn’t own her. And the result is probably more time with her kiddos.

    Looks like a happy little home…. xx

  69. How lovely.
    Always inspiring to see such awesomely decorated small spaces.

    Thanks for sharing!!

    –Manda from Eat Cake

  70. Great tips, I am thinking about finding a smaller place next year so this is all very helpful. I can’t believe that apartment is only 500 square feet, they’ve made it look way bigger!

  71. This is awesome!!! I also live in small space in SF so this was definitely inspiring. Love love love this!

  72. I love this apartment and seeing people who can be the total opposite of materialistic! I think this is one of my favorite posts, Jo!!

  73. This is absolutely beautiful, warm and personal. I love everything about it. Now I want to move back to San Francisco!

  74. Would love to know where the black/white (cream?) pillows on living room couch came from – love them! Also, the orange rug in the master bedroom – antique? All so pretty.

    • The black/cream pillows on the sofa are from Furbish!

    • The orange vintage rug is from Morocco. We got it for a steal because it was dirty and old. It cleaned up real nice.

    • Hi Jordan – what about the black and white rug in the living room???? In LOVE with it!

    • Hi Amy,

      It is vintage from Morocco! We got it for a steal and hauled it back to the US.

  75. The apartment looks amazing! I love that you can use your stoop as a dining/entertaining space when it’s nice out, and that you’re close to so many things to do. And thanks for the boob art backstory. I was wondering about those. The apartment looks incredible and I admire how you’ve made that tiny space work so well.

  76. I love all of the art in every room, and the touches of yellow throughout.

    Also I am happy/sad about the references to Domino, I miss that magazine SO BADLY!!!!

  77. It is definitely hard living in a small space! I feel for them. We have enough space for our clothing and food…but anything extra is just cluttering our place. When I go to other people’s houses I am never jealous of their nice decorations and furnishings, but I have extreme storage envy. If I see a big closet with lots of shelves I feel that wistful, “maybe someday” feeling! Maybe someday my husband won’t use our kitchen table as a workbench :) Maybe someday my washer and dryer won’t be next to my stove in the kitchen. Even in my dark and dingy basement apartment, though, I feel extremely blessed with what I do have. Hey! Some would kill to have a washing machine in their apartment!

  78. i love small spaces, and she did such a beautiful job on hers. BTW — one of the best things about a small space — so much easier to keep your eye on more than one child! i clung to ours when my second came along, wouldn’t have wanted it any other way. (just fyi in case you do decide to stay put longer :)) xo

  79. I love Oh Happy Day and seeing how Jordan takes advantage of the space! Perfect for my even smaller apartment, haha.

  80. love it, been anticipating the tour after followinf jordan’s blog. super curious about the retracting mirror in the bathroom…where to find?

    • The mirror is from IKEA and it’s like 5 bucks!

  81. I just want to know what their rent is????? The apartment I had in college was 1250 square feet for myself and a roommate to share and it was in better shape and in a big city with sky high rent. I think they’ve done very well with what they have although I can’t imagine eating at that table. I get that they don’t think they need much to survive and be happy but is there a reason they HAVE to restrict themselves to such a small space?

    • Our rent is great! It leaves room in our budget to travel, go out to eat, and save to buy a house!

    • Zumper just published a study saying the average rent for a 1-bedroom in their neighborhood is $2600, so I’d imagine they’re paying at least $3,000.

    • Luckily it is MUCH cheaper!

  82. Beautiful! I loved every bit of her apartment! Please do more of these apartment posts!

  83. Firstly, I love what they did, its beautiful!
    Secondly, Any credit info on the white skinny side table from living room photo 2? I love it and need it immediately for my small space :)

    • So.. I think its a product :)

    • The white side table is from Room and Board

  84. Is that a pretzel toy on one of the bys beds?! If so I’d love to know here to get one! This is such a sensational post on how I use space well and live beautifully. Bravo.

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  86. what great timing! we’re in a huge house (thanks to the military) right now but when we move it’ll most likely be to a small apartment in the city and i’ve been racking my brain for ways to downsize without feeling cramped in the small space. this is perfect!

  87. I’ve been looking for a perfect shade of white paint for our home, and I really love this one. Jordan, what paint color did you use on the walls and for the trim?

    • We just asked the guys at the paint store for “the most popular white paint.” I don’t even remember the name, but we like it!

  88. How lovely! I always dream of a tiny house filled only with things I love and adore. I love her sensibility and I love the globes in the kids’ rooms. Amazing. Thanks for sharing.

  89. Lovely to read this! Just after ive had a chat with my fella about down sizing to a smaller apartment! x

  90. a glorious place for a glorious family. some of my very favorite people. bravo, jordan! xo

  91. Your tips are so right, for small or big spaces. Thank you! from a fellow SF blogger :)

  92. I wish I could be 5% as creative as this! When can I move in? ;)

  93. amazing!!!! love it all

  94. Love this space! It makes me want to give everything away and move into a small apartment! I would really love to know about the rug in the living room. Any idea where it is from?

  95. Amazing. We live in 1,300 square feet, there are three of us (well, five if you count our dogs), and I know it will feel so crowded if we have another baby. I don’t know how they do it!!!

  96. I want to move right in. Perfection!

  97. Everything about this has made my day!!!!!! You two are the perfect storm. blogged about here:
    Thank you, thank you!

  98. Oh how amazing is this place!! I really want to know where they got that white console table in the living room? thanks..

    • I am sooo curious about that as well. Fingers crossed for the answer!

    • It is from Room and Board!

  99. Oh this is beyond gorgeous, simple, and lovely. I want a home like this. Clean and wonderful.

  100. It’s pretty, but I think it’s sad she has to live in such a tiny apartment with 2 kids. Rents in SF are cray.

    • Some people prefer smaller places. They say it makes for tighter families! and they look very happy to me. (I’m in 380 sqf with cat and a husband and it’s perfect for us).

  101. Jordan’s home is (not surprisingly) stunning! What a beauty!

  102. I think my favorite part is the little mini hanger in the entryway for the kids! It’s something I wouldn’t think of but is great to keep one big one from cluttering and to teach them to hang up their own stuff. So cute.

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  104. So great. I love her! She’s full of inspiration.

  105. We are a family of three and have always lived in tiny apartments (we are also currently living abroad and needed to furnish our place from scratch!). I just love to hear about how other families are doing it. :) You really don’t need a big place or lots of stuff to make it feel like home – I totally agree with getting rid of most of your things. You’d be surprised how little you actually need.

  106. Wow, what a fantastic use of space. It’s hard to believe that this is 500 square-feet. In nyc, they would probably list as 800 based off these photos!


  107. Love it! Thank you for sharing how you make it work. Your adventures in unconventional family living help me to keep my mind open to other possibilities.

  108. Beautiful apartment, but I’d love to see non-styled photos of it during every day life, in other words, with the mess. I can only imagine that with 2 kids, it can’t always look so pristine. I’d love a behind the scene shot of home tours sometimes. It makes things more real, and makes me feel better about my own mess at home!

    xo green gable

    • I agree! I would love to see everyday life there. I totally love this home tour, and I can’t stop looking at it. So beautifully done! I did look at Jordan’s blog, and I am wondering where she does all her crafts and projects and where she houses her supplies. Keeping arts and crafts reined in is big challenge in our home with two little girls. :) Thank you for sharing!

  109. What a great post! I’m so inspired! Their backyard might be my favorite part. As long as there is still room for a scooter, what else do you need? :)

  110. Jordan is always awe inspiring. I feel like she retains this mystery about her (even after peering into her apt) that I love.

  111. So inspirational!

  112. What a happy space! I love that shot of the doorway (and gold detailing) between the kitchen and the bedroom (pinning it!) and the boys’ room with the window adornments. Really lovely.

  113. The apartment is cute, but I really love her BOOTS! Where did she get them???

    • The boots are from Anthropologie last December!

  114. I am ready to go home and declutter. I already have plans to go to a bookstore tonight because my coffee table definitely needs some books. Thanks for sharing your beautiful home.

  115. My husband and I are planning to move to SF, so this is very inspiring!

    -Samantha From Blissfully Bossy

  116. bravo to Jordan! and i’m gonna stop complaining about my 750 sq ft place :)

  117. it looks so much bigger than 500 square feet, she has such an eye.

  118. And would love to know where her awesome boots are from … THANKS!

  119. I just spent ten minutes pinning this whole post onto my pinterest account! so so gloriously organized!!!

  120. What a great use of space! It looks so cozy and homey and not at all small. Love it! and pizza delifina too :)

  121. Crazy beautiful!!! Love the yard, too. Thanks for sharing with us Jordan and Joanna!

  122. Michele, I totally agree. Our babysitter started getting books for Toby from the library, and since then, we haven’t bought a single book for him. The library books are newer and more exciting:)

  123. Amanda, it was actually from France. Jordan might have more info about how to track it down! Good luck! xo

  124. And I thought her tips were so smart, and the closet system is awesome. If you look closely, you’ll see that the whole family shares the closet in the boy’s room. That’s how maximized that space is.

  125. Beautiful! And refreshing. Could you (pretty please!) find out where she got the rainbow ball/pom pom garland in the boys’ room? It’s EXACTLY what I’ve been looking for. Thank you!

    • It is a French brand called “la case de cousin Paul”. They are fairy lights that you can mix and match yourself.

  126. I love her quote on books making the space feel larger. Want a fast easy way to rotate books all the time? Library. We also live in a small house and the way I keep our rooms feeling fresh every week is (A)new flowers and (B)new books from the library.

    xoxo michele

  127. The art! The books! The texture! I love it all, what a lovely and inviting home.


  128. I know, Mo, she’s done such a brilliant job making it look spacious!

  129. What a beautiful home! Thanks for the inspiration!

  130. I just looked at a one bedroom that was 525 sq. ft, and can’t wrap my mind around the fact that this is smaller. If they say so, I guess…

    • We just measured it again the other day. It is exactly 540 sq ft if you count countertops! It looks big but the living room and our bedroom are very small (just enough to fit a sofa and bed, respectively.) The other rooms: kids bedroom, kitchen, bathroom are average to small for city apartments. If it wasn’t such a great layout we definitely wouldn’t have been able to make it work.

    • The place we looked at was in SF – and I wish the layout was like this! But in all honesty, I wouldn’t have thought to do what you did, so it would have never been the same. I should borrow you when we move so you can help us adjust to the downsizing! ;)

    • I know, I had a 450 sq foot place in Seattle that felt a lot smaller. The layout of a place can make a huge difference. This is a great space, love all the colors and layering! Very inspiring!

  131. This is so cool! We have looked into downsizing from our townhome to something smaller and more affordable, and it’s always great to see how others do it. I also feel like they hit the nail on the head about the constant purging of stuff – I think every few months I do the same thing, because who wants to keep packing, moving, and unpacking stuff they don’t REALLY love? Not me!

    Heather P.

    • On the Apartment Therapy website there is a contest called “Small Cool”. You might want to check it out. Lots of stories about downsizing. And lots and lots of pics.

  132. I think it’s amazing how they took advantage of the tiniest space and still have a place full of art, of books, of memories, lovely!

  133. Oh my I’ve been dying to see Jordan’s place in full! I love it. I think my fav is the little coat hanger on the wall for the kids. Such a great way to live. One of my fav places I ever lived was i na 300sf apt when I lived downtown. There’s just something so special about those kinds of places to live. Thanks so much for sharing!!!! I’m def pinning.

  134. It’s truly gorgeous – and so well thought out.

  135. So beautiful and i could use thsee tips for sure!! That place doesn’t seem small or 500sq ft. but then again, for me 500 isn’t that small.