1. Mckenzie { Ella Lou }
    This print would look great in any space, absolutely love this color! Thanks for the find.

  2. Cute print! Also you should check out thecanvastree.com. They have affordable art that’s all printed on sturdy, gallery-worthy canvas!

  3. I’m still waiting for a print that I purchased on 20×200. The company said they are ‘working on it.’

  4. Thank you for finding a replacement – I can’t believe they are gone!

  5. Is this the blind leading the blind??? It is a heart – get a piece of paper and cut out your own heart ….or better still have your child cut it out.

    • L says...

      Ha, thank you for saying what I was thinking!

  6. Wait! I don’t think 20×200 is totally gone– I heard just “resting”?? I hope that’s the case anyways.
    Thanks for the Banquet recommendation! Have to check them out…
    ~ Gaia


  7. i LOVE that heart print. glad to know about the website too. thanks! X, A

  8. this is seriously adorable. i’ll have to check out banquet soon. also, just found your blog and i’m loving it so far!


  9. I love Banquet! The animal prints are wonderful nursery prints as well.

  10. I was bummed to see that 20×200 wasn’t open anymore too! Banquet’s note pads are adorable, and would be great for writing lovely little notes to my grandparents, who still love some good snail mail now and then!

  11. That is so sweet! Love it!

  12. I’ve owned the marine animals print for years. I thought it wasn’t mass produced – disappointing.

    • hi fiendbyname-
      just wanted to clarify that our prints are not ‘mass-produced.’ they are screen printed here in vancouver, and i personally have signed and dated every print that has gone out into the world (check the back!). we love what 20×200 does, but our studio is quite a bit different.
      best to you and your sea animals print!

  13. i love banquet! that print is fantastic!

  14. What a fun splash of color! Even in a neutral-toned room, this would be a fun piece.

  15. Q says...

    20×200 insists on twitter that they haven’t closed and will be back soon… so, let’s not count them out yet!

  16. So sweet and simple! This would look great in my bathroom.