Have a Wonderful Weekend.

What are you up to this weekend? We’re flying off to St. Lucia today, and I can’t wait to share photos next week. Also, thanks for being so sweet about Alex’s guest post! He was touched. :) Hope you have a good one, and here are a few fun posts from around the web…

A song to kick off your weekend.

How quickly can you type? This is addictive.

Wow, this caramel cake is not kidding around.

Clever entertaining tip.

Now THIS is a tiny apartment.

Beachy nail colors.

Why James Bond needs to wear condoms. Sidenote: WHY ALL THE UNPROTECTED SEX ON HBO’S GIRLS?! It makes me crazy.

London vs. NYC.

What an amazing family vacation to the Philippines.

The sweetest sweetest book.

5 pieces of advice from a mother.

And for hungry New Yorkers: A sandwich a day.

Have a good one. xoxo

(Photo of Louis Armstrong and Ella Fitzgerald, via Snippet & Ink)

  1. -e says...

    One thing I learned from a friend: Stop comparing. We’ve been to few beaches around the world and still nothing compares to Philippine beaches. :)

  2. Thank you so much for letting us know about the Big Cheesy. My husband and I went and had a blast! love your blog, xxx

  3. Thank you so much for mentioning the Philippines on this post! It’s truly an honor. :-) I hope that you could come visit our country someday. We have tons of amazing beaches and great food too! Have you heard of Boracay or Amanpulo?

  4. Loved the small apartment and think their solutions are ingenious. But I am also slightly amused at the American idea of “really tiny”. I live in Hong Kong and my apartment is under 200 square feet – and I’m considered very lucky. It really is no big deal here.

  5. In the movie The Garcia Girls Summer, America Ferrera and her love interest use a condom when they finally have sex. It was sweet and well done and didn’t even seem clumsy.

    She had it in her colorful purse. It looked very boss of her.

    The guy looked relieved and happy and excited all at once.

  6. Re: Girls: I know!! And it’s extra weird because in the first season Hannah is very vocal about using condoms. It really sends a terrible message.

  7. O Luis is Belting it out big time, and bet Ella is hitting that deep resonating voice. Either that or there laughing it up :) having an awesome time. Nice blog Joanna. Lucky you going to St. Lucia that’s a painting paradise for sure.


  8. Have to say I never thought about the unprotected sex on Girls. Interesting…

  9. Unfortunately in my generation (mid 20s), I know more girls that have unprotected sex than not.

  10. Unfortunately in my generation (mid 20s), I know more girls that have unprotected sex than not.

  11. Unfortunately in my generation (mid 20s), I know more girls that have unprotected sex than not.

  12. Unfortunately in my generation (mid 20s), I know more girls that have unprotected sex than not.

  13. Unfortunately in my generation (mid 20s), I know more girls that have unprotected sex than not.

  14. Unfortunately in my generation (mid 20s), I know more girls that have unprotected sex than not.

  15. Unfortunately in my generation (mid 20s), I know more girls that have unprotected sex than not.

  16. Unfortunately in my generation (mid 20s), I know more girls that have unprotected sex than not.

  17. Unfortunately in my generation (mid 20s), I know more girls that have unprotected sex than not.

  18. I’ve not yet watched girls…heard it is pretty addictive.have loved unruly things holiday snaps.have a fab wee trip x

  19. St Lucia! How exciting, I can’t wait to hear details :)

  20. Wishing you an amazing and wonderful trip!!

  21. holy hell that typing competition is REALLY addictive. My best was 72 wpm

  22. That typing race is addicting! I got 83 wpm on my first try and won against my opponents. I definitely want to play again and try to improve my score!

  23. I’m heading home this weekend for a little vacation too (maybe I’ll follow Sarah’s mom’s tip # 4. I’ll definitely tip # 5). Have a good time in St. Lucia!

  24. Good luck in your trip and I hope to see nice pictures :)
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  25. Joanna-
    Thanks so much for including a link to our blog – it’s so touching to hear from your readers, especially about losing their mothers. What a lovely community you have created! Very best,

    Sarah Villafranco, Osmia Organics

  26. Planning on painting my livingroom. Enjoy St Lucia! xo

  27. bb says...

    Thanks so much for the regular link love, Joanna! It’s always a treat. Thank you, thank you!

  28. I still haven’t watched girls, but that’s definitely frustrating. Are people seriously having unprotected hook ups? I can only think of maybe two occasions in my early twenties (and pre-marriage) that I was that dumb during a random hook up. I had loads of friends who weren’t as on top of getting tested regularly and such as they should have been but I feel like most of my friends were also good about that. Maybe it’s part of being born in the early 80s and having AIDS terror drilled into our heads?

    I read something once, I wish I could remember where, about how the free love generation was the first to have birth control pills so people didn’t have to worry about getting pregnant anymore. And that following that, our generation (late 70s/early 80s) was the first generation taught that sex kills. It was a really interesting essay and I wish I could remember where I read it.

  29. HBO Girls makes me crazy in general. One of my friends said it was just for the viewer who looks for a story line with their porn. I want to watch the show so badly to enjoy Lena’s writing, but I just cannot get over the amount of graphic sex. I feel like it’s a cheap ploy to get viewers. Her writing could stand on it’s own without all of the imagery!

    • Definitely not a cheap ploy to get viewers, and definitely not porn with a story line. The genius of Lena’s writing is her realism, and awkward sex in your twenties is realistic. I agree that there should be more protected sex on it (though unfortunately, the lack of it is probably realistic in a lot of cases), but the “graphic sex” itself seems called for. If you are offended by sexual imagery even when there is an artistic or intellectual reason behind it, thats a shame because you’ll miss out on a lot of great art, not just speaking of the show. I’m not sure if you’ve seen the show or were just speaking for your friend, but if you haven’t given it a try, I highly recommend starting from the beginning! If you understand what Lena is doing, I think you’ll find the “graphic sex” is not gratuitous but an important aspect in the study of the age group.

  30. Love your Friday round-ups, those sandwiches look amazing!

  31. Agreed!!! I love the show GIRLS, but what IS up with the unprotected sex?? Not cool!

  32. I love this photo of Ella and Louie! I have the album they did together on vinyl and listen to it all the time. Love them!

  33. oh i love that 5 pieces of advice from a mother. how great! have fun in st lucia! i haven’t the guts to leave my little man yet (only 6 months). we have plans to next month and i’m already freaking out about it :) happy babymoon!

  34. I like the washcloth tip from the mother link. I want to do that right now it sounds so soothing =)

  35. OM says...

    It’s a sad truth, but unprotected sex is more or less the norm. I’m in my mid-twenties and as a dangerous as it is, I know that having protected sex is rarity to the majority of people I know. I’ve been in a relationship for the past 5 years, but all of my friends are single and I hear A LOT of hook up stories and not many of them involve protected sex, mostly because these are drunken escapades that happen unplanned. I’m sure asking for a condom is something that is requested, but if the guy doesn’t have one on him, it’s not likely to stop them from hooking up. Not to mention, I don’t know any girl that actually carries condoms with her. So the fact that Girls is showing a lot of unprotected sex makes me believe that I’m not the only one with somewhat slutty/drunken/irresponsible friends.

  36. Have fun in St. Lucia! It’s been a fantasy trip of mine for years. The unprotected sex on girls pisses me off! It’s so irresponsible and when my girlfriends and I were in our early 20s we were never that dumb.

  37. Have a great Babymoon!

  38. St. Lucia sounds amazing! Can’t wait to see your pictures!

  39. KJ says...

    That “5 peices of advice from a mother” is unbelievably touching. Thanks for sharing.

  40. I am spending part of my weekend preparing for the snowstorm we’re supposedly getting Sunday night and Monday (hoping for at least one snow day this year…this might be it). The rest of the time, it’ll be the usual laundry, painting my nails, and eating the rest of the cookies I baked last night!

    Hope you guys have a blast on your trip, and that Toby has a great weekend staycation too!

    Heather P.

  41. I agree and can’t believe there is so much unprotected sex on girls! I thought Hollywood avoided condom use because it is somehow “awkward” and “not sexy”? Isn’t all of the sex on this show supposed to be a little bit of BOTH? Even their usual excuse doesn’t line up!