1. Sadie says...

    I personally hate the look of white nail polish on myself but if in the right situation, some people can totally pull it off!
    PS: I never went through the painting-your-nails-with-whiteout phase that so many of my classmates did. I just wore black, nude pink, or bright purple nail polish done really badly :)

  2. I love white nail polish, but anytime I wear white nail polish… or any light colored nail polish at that (top coat and all), it gets stained by my makeup and the dye on my clothes :/

  3. I must say that I love white polish. I have short stubby fingers and chicklet sized nails, so a lot of sheers can go seriously wrong, especially matte shades –always felt they look like stained, shredded nails.. EEP!– but opaque gloss is good. I have also found that white polish really plays up any jewelry you decide to wear, especially rings.

    Pure white is gorgeous, in summer it plays up a tan and in winter it provides a much needed break from other more heavier colours. It’s also great for nail art. I have a white shatter polish which I love, and it creates a fabulous base for pretty much any design, be it typography, colour blocking, or sponge ombre to name a few.

  4. I love love love it!!! It looks clean and crisp.

  5. I love love love it!!! It looks clean and crisp.

  6. I did this when I was in 5th grade after seeing it on the December issue of YM Magazine with Christina Aguilera wearing it and being decked out in white. I loved it during that phase. Now, I think of it nostalgically but I don’t think I would do it again.

  7. wow .. weird i just painted my nails this colour (essie’s blanc). at first i felt like it looked like tip x (or white out i guess if you’re not from Ireland hah) … anyway i didn’t touch it for months then put some on tonight and it actually looks pretty chic and clean. so amazing

  8. Love for Spring!! Looks very clean and crisp! I’m usually alternating between red, white, and black on my nails. I think we’ve definitely graduated from using white out on our nails, haven’t we ladies?

  9. Absolutely love white nail polish. I’ve really love lavendar cloud-from Sally Hansen with essies super duper top coat. The key is to have a bit of shine where it doesn’t look like white out…which I dabbled in at about 7…I must have always loved white nailpolish and that was the only thing I had!

  10. It does kind of look like whiteout – ha! I think it works with a tan but otherwise steer clear. x

  11. It’s funny how stuff comes back around. I used to wear white nail polish about 12 years ago. Yes, it looked like white out. Love that look.

  12. Love it! Wear it all the time. It’s been a bit of a thing in Sydney for awhile.

  13. I always follow your trend, and always is a sucess… The last post was navy blue, and now total white… I love it and I will termst it….

  14. I like it! Especially after I’ve been wearing black for a good majority if the winter!

  15. I did it a few times and just did it again recently (it’s on my blog) and I received a lot of compliments in person. Reading the comments make me wonder if people go out of their way to comment on something just to seem nice or be in your good graces since reading the honesty here and learning what ppl reading think of white nail polish. Secretly, I still love it despite everyone (almost everyone) seems to hate it. Ha.

  16. I really like it, actually.One time at Sephora I was looking for a pale pink polish to buy for an at-home French manicure, but the one I picked out that looked pink in that light was actually much more white (and opaque) than I realized. Ended up painting all of the nail in this color that was a pinker version of white– because anyone would look at it and say it was white, just not stark white! It looked great and I got compliments. Long live white!

  17. It’s the only color I wore for over 10 yrs. My friends will find this post hilarious. And yes, it did start with liquid paper and a tiny bit of OCD.

  18. I like how it looks on others, sometimes, but tried it myself and hated it (was definitely a white-out look). Very pale gray, purple or pink work for me though!

  19. I LOVE white polish. There’s definitely a right time/outfit for it, but it’s a definite yes for me. It’s such a clean cut look and so bright! I say DO.

  20. I don’t like it. Looks somehow unhealthy.

  21. meh I am not in love with it.

  22. DO! I LOVE IT!

  23. People who have long nail beds and beautiful fingers – do it all the time.

    People with short stubbies or biters – rather not. Just think about it and you’ll understand why.

  24. Matt white leans a little towards the white-out end of the spectrum for me, but add some shine or a slight pearly shimmer and you’ve got me. It’s so fresh and bright.

    Lauren x
    Gordon + Gold

  25. This nail polish looks very pretty cool…even my fa shades are white and light pink


  26. It’s a don’t for me. Looks like middle school white out “manicures.” Now a light colored pastel I could get behind!

  27. I like it. I love the simplicity of it. Even though it really pops.

  28. I love white nail polish. Maybe not so flat white though. China glaze has a beautiful white in their Spring Collection called Dandy Lyin Around. Its a fabulous color, very sheik, very wearable. Love it.

  29. Do! It looks great on your skin tone.


  30. I painted my nails white last week after spotting white nails on some fashion bloggers and to be honest, I LOVE them! I used to think that they’re tacky (and that’s years ago) hence I’m surprised by how cool they look! Even one of my customers commented on them even though chips were forming at the edges!

  31. I like the way it looks, but I can’t pull it off. My skin colour looks weird and it accentuates any cuticle “flaws”…

    Miri xx

  32. Yolanda’s polish looks shiny, not matte – which one does she use?

  33. Horrible. Looks like something a school kid would try out with White-Out / Tippex! Yuck!

  34. I love it! My aunt would always paint both our nails white in the summer, so it brings back fond memories. Plus, it makes you look so much tanner than you are!

  35. I actually really dislike pure white and pure black nail polish! Something about polish that’s purely white or purely black is very unappealing to me, BUT I love almost-white and so-dark-it’s-almost-black polishes! Haha kind of silly.

  36. It’s not my favourite polish but I’d try it – I’ll try anything once!

  37. Cute – but not for my skin tone :) Also, I totally used white out as “nail polish” in elementary school.

  38. the lightest I can go is Essie Marshmallow and Orly au champagne. Both are my regular shades.

    not sure about white-white. but can see with some 60’s style outfit

  39. welp, Ive always liked it! black and white nail polish always remind me of girls using sharpies and white out to do their nails in middle school. Also, it looks like teeth, for your hands!


  40. I love it and have tried it many times, but it is SO hard to do yourself. Mine always ends up streaky, chipped or all over my hands. I usually save this color for the manicurists!

  41. LOVE!! My roomie and I are both rocking white mani’s this week!

  42. I love white nailpolish! I will definitely be rocking it this spring!

  43. Never could get into the white nail polish thing…

  44. It too reminds me of White Out… Back in 5th grade when we were allowed to use pens for schoolwork…which also meant we were allowed to use White Out…which then decorated everything from doodle flowers on text book covers to your finger nails… Please tell me that I wasn’t the only one?!

  45. i love it! but then again I’ll wear pretty much any color on my nails. one way i can be temporarily spontaneous :)

  46. I think white nail polish looks great on certain skin tones. I’m of Indian descent, and I personally think white would look too harsh on my skin. I prefer a lovely rose color. But for those who love it, rock it!

  47. Yuck, I say don’t. But, I’m still obsessed with my essie’s bobbing for baubles that I picked up after your Navy Nails post – so thanks for that!!!

  48. I feel like nails are a place to go crazy. I would do the white but I also would do just about any colour out there. Why not?

  49. I first attempted this for a summer time white party, it took a little getting used to and it really did feel like I just got bored with white out on my fingers, as someone else said, once they chip it’s all over. But the toenails are a different story! With a little color (tan) they looked fab with a summer wardrobe! I kept redoing them for nearly two months :)

  50. Love white but not on nails!

  51. I tried it at my last manicure and hated it so much I repainted my nails later that night!

  52. I love white polish and have had it (in shellac). However it stains easily. Even dark denim jeans will mess up the polish.

  53. I love it too. Definitely a do. I used to wear it a lot when I was in art school because any other colored polish would mark up my drawings. White allowed me to wear something without ruining my work!


    • that must be frustrating! being an artist and not being able to paint your nails lol I never thought about it rubbing off

  54. i love white nail polish! in fact, i might even paint mine white tonight…

  55. I really can’t decide if I like it or not, I think maybe because it looks too much like Tip-Ex! (The U.K equivalent of White Out). I think if it was super neat with a smooth finish and no chips then maybe, but otherwise it just reminds me of Tip-Ex.


  56. I love it – it is everything wearing nail polish is not – fresh and contemporary and very un-girly.

  57. sj says...

    jennifer lawrence wore white polish on oscars night! she pulled it off.

  58. I definitely like a more sheer white

    to pull this off I’d say you need absolutely perfect nails

  59. hmm I always find this one tough! I’d say ‘yes’ for summer as long as the manicure is neat and clothing neutral. Certainly not an everyday color but well suited for a weekend at the beach!

  60. Every time I paint my nails white I love it so so much! It’s so fresh and vibrant in photos and with any outfit! I currently have light gray nails but I’m definitely thinking white next time :) If I don’t default to lavender or yellow for spring, of course. Love me some white nails!

  61. I remember trying this look in high school (and it sounds like a few other readers did too), but the formulas I had available to me in the mid-90s were not great. They always turned out either chalky or so uneven!

    I’m guessing that, with all the advancements in nail polish over the years (and my ability to splurge on nail polish that costs more than $2), I could give this another go!

    ~Heather P.

  62. It reminds me of my ‘rebellious 13 year old days’ when I befriended the rocker chick in school and we would use white out and markers on our nails lol (I was so cool right?) So there’s the sentimental reasons I like it but I would probably only wear it for a day or two, never to work!

  63. I wore white polish a lot in high school, but I used newspaper ink over them so the white wasn’t overwhelming. The nails were a white base with script on top. I found myself teaching other girls how to do it at parties and before dances, it was a hit.

    I am a ‘do’ on this one!


  64. I love it! It’s a perfect welcome to Spring, and our weather in SF is very Spring-like lately anyway. Thanks for the inspiration. I’m buying this!

  65. I think it would be cute with a few black or multicolored polka dots.

  66. It’s definitely a “do” for me. To everyone who thinks their nails remind them of White Out when they paint them white – they’re not doing it right or they haven’t found the “right” brand yet. It’s so fresh, a little mod, and so fun. The key is multiple coats that are super thin so they’re smooth, not streaky :)

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  68. I love it! Although so far, I haven’t met a nail polish color I wasn’t willing to try. The more shades, the better.

  69. Love it, as long as its clean and not chipping.

  70. I can’t pull off white, not with this fair skin. Major kudos to those who can!

  71. Chipping would be a nightmare. But I do like the look.

  72. Had to comment on this story since I’m wearing white polish right now, haha. I love it (obvi)

  73. I LOVE WHITE NAIL POLISH! And have for years. It is my favorite go-to pedicure polish. I love the way it looks against my dark skin – I wonder if a lot of the women who have commented have pale white skin and maybe that is why they aren’t fans.

  74. I think it’s like wearing white in general–these girls in the pictures all have the right coloring for it. Like any color choice, you should choose what’s right for you, and not what’s trendy. And, of course, there’s setting. I don’t think white nail polish looks particularly professional–more of a weekend or vacation look.

  75. i tried doing it on my fingers and toes and my fiance sheepishly told me it looked ‘really bad’. for him to say something…it must have really been THAT bad! so now, as much as i think it looks awesome for summer…i steer away…

  76. :) girls ..it doesn’t for me.. too..but I have an idea” add a little glitter on the white nails ” and think again.. talking to myself. :)
    gonna try and see..

  77. I wear white nail polish a lot and have been doing so since 1995! When I taught middle school and high school my kids loved it – they often commented that it looked like a grown-up version of painting their nails with white out. When I tried other colors, they always wanted me to change it back so it has become my signature, sort of. People definitely notice when I am not wearing white.

    I keep my nails super-short and I think that looks freshest and cleanest. When I had longer nails it looked strange.

  78. I really want to try a white polish this spring! It’s so bright and fresh and it probably would look great with a tan.

  79. I like it. I tried it a few years ago and my coworker (big sports fan guys said, it looks like you are a catcher on a baseball team who puts white tape on their fingers so the pitcher can see your calls”) I laughed, but I like it.

  80. love it and love to wear it. the best for me is essie “blanc” and a good polish-correction-pen ;-)
    i think i’ve seen it a lot on scandinavian blogs lately.
    and the tipp ex/white out/liquid paper association sounds pretty weird to me. i NEVER tried to paint my nails with that stuff in school and i don’t know anybody who did. but maybe that is because it was not allowed to use it in my schooltime in germany.

  81. i love it! i did white nails once last year and, yes, a couple people told me i looked like i had white out on my nails but the number of people in favor of them definitely outweighed the nay-sayers! perfect for spring!

  82. I remember this trend from the late ’90s. I was still in school and girls would paint their nails with white out in class. Eek! I feel like nail colors can be the easiest of trends to try — it’s a small and temporary test of the trend waters that still makes an impact.

    Emily | Sparkle Meets Pop

  83. I like the IDEA of white nail polish but every time I try it, I am dissapointed because it NEVER looks as good as I imagine it to look in my mind. I prefer three coats of Essie’s Ballet Slippers when I am in the mood for light nail polish.

  84. I actually love it! Like most commenters here, it does remind me of using white-out back in the day, but I don’t see why that’s such a bad association. I bought my first real grown-up bottle of white polish a few years back and I still really love the way it looks. Sometimes I get a little crazy and mix in a print on a nail or two as well, like here:


    I think it’s fun, and there’s no reason to take our nails too seriously!


  85. I LOVE white polish! I think it needs to be soft and not too stark though. So happy with this trend.

  86. Not into it at all. I think it makes my fingers look weird and would rather a much more translucent version.

  87. I bought some and have tried it twice. Each time it reminded me of bored 8th grade math class and white out. It just looks crappy.

  88. I did this in seventh grade…

  89. in general, i love white. it’s a blank slate. crisp. clean. pure. as a nail polish? i want to like it, but it’s a little too bright for me. i wonder if it would look a little more muted and less “white out-y” with a layer of glitter or something?

  90. I love the opacity of the white, which I’ve struggled to find in the pale pinks that I’ve tried in the past. I would adore these if there was just the tiniest addition of a greyed-out pink added to the hue. But the stark white is just a tad too severe for me. feels like it’s missing something.


  91. KJ says...

    I wear white nail polish often – I love it.

  92. I think it depends on the situation you are wearing them in…I like french manicures with a more of white tint than the natural look ones but stark white for me won’t work.

    Ergo – Blog

  93. Can I guess that ‘White out’ is the American version of Tipp-Ex? ;)

    I think it looks great on other people – rubbish on me. I always end up chipping it off in distaste.

  94. I would though it reminds me of painting my nails with Liquid Paper at school:)

    • S says...

      Me too! It was horrible trying to scratch it off. I prefer dark (short) nails although this is a bit ‘mod’ like 1960s white lipstick I suppose. Which also looks weird.

  95. nope – doesn’t work – sorry!!

  96. Not me….I don’t have exceptionally beautiful nails so best not to draw attention to them : )

  97. I think it looks just as nice as any other light/pastel nail polish. Maybe a little shocking because you don’t see it around as often. I say DO! :)

  98. I like it! I wore white nail polish a few years ago, but forgot about it. Maybe I will give it a try again. I think it is perfect for spring.

  99. I kind of like it. I think you’d just need to keep it fresh and as soon as it started to chip, get it gone!

  100. Don’t for me. I second Lana… reminds me of when the girls (and boys) in grade school used to paint their nails with White Out.

  101. I love it. I tend to alternate between red, black, white and some form of metallic, and I always get the most compliments on white. It is a rigorous color to wear, however – it shows every chip and nail irregularity. The best way to make it look good for longer than a few days is to get a gel or shellac manicure in white.

  102. it looks exactly like white out! we used to paint our nails like that in grade school, makes me nostalgic.

  103. White nail polish looks good in some circumstances. However, to date, not on me. Lol


  104. Awful! It reminds me of when I used to try and paint my fingernails with White Out in gradeschool. Go for a very pale pink and call it a day.

    • Exactly! I have really awful memories of my classmates attempting to paint white-out on their nails. It was stinky and it looked bumpy and gross.

    • Ha, I was going to say the same thing!

    • Ha – should have read the comments first – we called it Liquid Paper in the UK:) We were doing it around the world!

    • LOL! You ladies made me laugh. Ugh, just thinking of the smell makes me happy they invented erasable ink. ;)