Spring Outfit

After this cold weather, aren’t you daydreaming about those breezy days of spring? This feminine-yet-tomboyish outfit would be perfect to wear on bike rides, to brunches and on picnics…

Red cotton dress that you could wear everyday.
Mini crossbody bag to carry lipstick and a paperback.
Wedge sandals for extra long legs.
Espadrilles for outdoor adventures.
French locket with snapshots of your loved ones.

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  3. Damn you Madewell and your lack of international shipping. How hard can it be to just stick on a label and mail stuff?!

  4. Love the idea of the dress, but that material makes me feel bulky. Maybe best for someone that is very thin.

  5. I love love LOVE that dress! It’s so cute and flirty, but looks super comfy and flattering at the same time. My friend and I always love when spring/summer come; we have a shopping tradition called “Summer of the Dresses”. It’s silly, but it gets us excited for warm weather and new clothes. This dress fits right in!

  6. It’s so warm and sunny and Michigan today (well, 43F) that I keep thinking it’s almost Spring … and then I remember that we still have another month and a half (at least) of winter here!
    I love these choices – I’ve been having a thing for lockets recently. I’m thinking about putting newborn photos of my 2 year old and my upcoming new guy (who’ll be born in May) in one.
    Speaking of which … will you be doing a maternity style post? I hope so!

  7. love how much you look at Nordstrom shoes! I’m from the Seattle and miss Nordstrom shoes soo much its great to see I’m not the only one

  8. Obsessed with this outfit! Just purchased the dress :) Now im even more excited for spring!!!

  9. Spring cannot come fast enough! (And I live in CA, so I can only imagine how much East Coasters are longing for it).

  10. Haha – I think you have forgotten about your bump! I don’t think you will squeeze it into that dress or go on many bike rides… maybe it will be a late summer dress for you!

  11. I’m all about the slightly tomboy looks in spring. It’s the season for going outside and getting a little dirty, and after a few months (or more) of being all bundled up, it feels good to break out into something more comfortable and freeing!

  12. I just added this dress to my madewell cart yesterday! love it.

  13. It’s fun to daydream but at $461 for the outfit (with espadrilles) I won’t be wearing it to ride my bike or picnic….darn:)

  14. Love the red cotton dress
    casual, comfy and chic…
    Love the Tory Burch purse.

  15. Super great outfit. I so want to go to the beach.

  16. I have a couple pair of Jeffrey Campbell shoes and they’re SO comfortable.

  17. I love the amazing a beautiful colors of spring clothing!

  18. I recently purchased that locket, and it’s now one of my favourite necklaces. It’s adorable.

  19. I had that exact Spring/Summer bug today. This is perfect.

  20. The Jeffrey Campbell wedge sandals are lovely. I’m about to wear out my Topshop ones, and these will make a great replacement!

  21. i have been dreaming of spring all day, in fact my latest blog post was just about that!
    i love the vintage picture youve used too :)

  22. jm says...

    Love that top picture! The woman sitting on the dock almost looks like Jackie Kennedy. Also, that dress and locket are to die for.

  23. The dress is so comfy & cute too!

  24. Ahhh can’t wait for spring! A simple dress would make me so happy right now!

  25. We’re having another bitterly-cold cold spell here in the Netherlands…spring and espadrilles seem VERY far away!

  26. We are definitely sick of winter around here, and at the dinner table, the conversation keeps turning to all the places we’ll go camping and our annual decampment to Cape Cod. *sigh* hurry hurry hurry

  27. Too funny, I was literally skimming Jcrew and pinning spring images. *sigh*

  28. This is the perfect spring outfit! You could seriously wear that dress everywhere.

  29. Oh boy. I haven’t even begun to think about Spring wear! I’m loving the outfit simplicity & the bright colors.

    Manda from Eat Cake

  30. my goodness. I’m officially obsessed with those lockets. Great post! My post today is also a bit spring inspired… Maybe all these spring posts will make the season come faster :)

    champagne & passports

  31. Love everything here. Sigh… Now we just have to wait for spring.

  32. I actually love the short-white-shorts-and-plaid-top look in the top photo. It reminds me of Audrey Hepburn as Sabrina when she went sailing with Linus (Humphrey Bogart). All you need is those versatile dangly silver hoop earrings to close the deal.

  33. I just scored an amazing pair of sandals on clearance at Target for $6…and now spring MUST come. Luckily I live in Arizona so it will creep in anyyyy day now…