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  2. Hi Jo! I love your blog! It’s my absolute fave! Why? Because you are you! You are my inspiration, I will write in my blog the same way you do, from the heart!
    I love this cartoon you showed, I adore animated shorts! I have another fave which is Slim Time. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KoH7gkizLdU

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  4. Although the concept for this short is very adorable, I was incredibly disturbed about seeing this play before “Wreck it, Ralph!”. The female protagonist of this piece has the most impossibly skinny waist, big doe eyes, etc. Looks that feed right into the stereotypical view of what a woman “should” look like rather than what the normal woman does look like.

    Now, as a fully formed adult, I was able to see past her appearance to judge the story for what it was but this piece was targeted at children as it played before a child’s movie. I don’t know about you, but I personally don’t want my future daughter to see women in cartoons depicted as perfect hourglass shapes with ZERO waist. It would be one thing if she was drawn a little bit more realistically but that is far from the case.

    Super disappointing that the same people who brought us a kick-butt young woman in Brave, decided to follow up with female love interest who looks like she could snap in half!!!

  5. It was beautiful. I loved it

  6. It was beautiful. I loved it

  7. It not only touched my heart it made my heart smile too

  8. So adorable, I actually got tearyed near the ending.

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  10. That was so sweet! Thank you for sharing Joanne! I loved it!

  11. Oh that was the sweetest! Thanks for posting

  12. You are beautiful Jo… love the pic right before you and Alex kissed. Gorgeous! What a cute and fun idea!

  13. I am a newer-ish reader to Cup of Jo and I love all the recommendations you put up. I’m {stuck} in St. Louis so sometimes I shoot the NYC ones over to my bestie in the West Village. It’s fun for my midwestern self to have some cool ideas for my hip east coast friend. I just wanted to drop in and say I love your blog! Cheers – CT

  14. I love this! My children and I have seen it twice in the theater (they played it before Wreck It Ralph!) and it keeps getting better every time I see it…
    Thanks for sharing it here again,

  15. I just saw this short a few days ago; I absolutely love it! I even got a little choked up because of how sweet and heartwarming it is. I hope it wins!

  16. Adorable! x

  17. That was so cute it made me misty eyed!

  18. I just shared this on my blog, as well! It is such a sweet and touching film. I love the way the CGI and hand drawn animation work together.

    Seeing this film made me want to get better exposed to short films. So, as part of that effort, I’m heading over to Music Box Theater in Chicago this weekend for a screening of the Oscar Shorts! Here’s the link in case anyone else would be interested.


    p.s. They’ve also got a 70mm film festival coming out for any other film buffs :)

  19. I love this!

  20. How sweet! Thank you for sharing!

  21. That was so sweet! It made my day! :)

  22. I’m so glad you posted this! This video short is such a cute little story! It definitely made me tear up. :)

  23. LOVE THIS!!!such a cute short!

  24. I watched this after seeing the link on Hither and Thither! Soooo cute.

  25. I posted it on my blod this weekend, it’s absolutely adorable, I like everything about it, the characters, the story, the music, the drawing… I can’t help myself but watch it again and again! :)

    • *my bloG of course! Sorry!

  26. loved god of love SO much.

  27. Saw it in the theater and loved every minute. It’s adorable!



  28. we saw this in theatres before wreck-it ralph! so sweet <3

  29. It’s the loveliest thing! I can’t stop smiling :)

  30. I saw it before some movie last year (can’t remember which one) and I was smitten! I was like, I’m good, don’t need to see the movie I paid for. :) it is just so sweet and adorable and made me smile from ear to ear.

  31. Aw! I just saw this video last week and absolutely fell in love with it :) I would love to have the complete collections of Disney and Pixar’s short films!

  32. I love love love this. First of all, what a sweet story, second of all, the animation is amazing. They way they play with light is so beautiful.

  33. When I saw Paperman I thought it was very similar to a live action short film I saw sometime in the past two years. Can anyone jog my memory? It starts out pretty much the same as Paperman except the guy sees the girl in her office across the street and they communicate by holding up notes. At one point her office is empty and he thinks she’s gone but she actually got promoted and is in a new office on a higher floor. She gets his attention by reflecting the sun off a mirror into his eyes. Then they walk outside and finally meet. The film ends as they walk up to each other. Does anyone know what I’m talking about? I can’t remember the live action short’s name or where I saw it. I actually first thought I saw it on Cup of Jo, but I searched the archives and found nothing.

    • I know what film your talking about and I’m frustrated because I can’t remember the name either. But, when this started, I had deja vu and thought they animated the live version.

  34. Adorable! Never heard of it before, thanks for posting!

  35. Absolutely love animated shorts… a 1940s one? How perfect. Bookmarking this for later when I have six minutes. Thanks for always opening me up to new things, I’d otherwise miss completely.


  36. This is amazingly perfect! If it doesn’t win, I call shennanigans!

  37. Love this! Ever year, the Detroit Institute of Arts shows all of the Oscar-nominated animated and live action shorts in a single viewing. My husband and I went last weekend and Paperman was one of my favorites. Glad you shared it!

  38. I love this. I read about it in the Disney fan club magazine prior to seeing it before Wreck-It Ralph. And it truly makes me so happy and so proud of Disney for keeping it simple and beautiful

  39. This is why I love the Oscars because there are so many AMAZING short animated films that I would never know about unless they nominate them! When I get home and have sound I will gladly check this out! =)

    Ergo – Blog

  40. It’s is very touching and simple. Can’t help think it was more of a Pixar then Disney thing though.

  41. I love Paperman! I saw it at the beginning of Wreck It Ralph, I believe. Absolutely beautiful on the big screen!

  42. One of my husband’s dearest friends just had a documentary made about him (he recently moved to India to live/work in an HIV/AIDS orphanage) by another good friend. They entered into Sundance this year and WON for U.S. Documentary Grand Jury Prize AND Audience Award! It’s a touching film; we got to sneak preview it a few months ago. We are dreaming of an Oscar nomination for next year ;)

    Here’s the trailer:

  43. I’ve watched this so many times already! I just love when the airplanes force him to sit back down on the train. Bah. So adorable.