Have a Lovely Weekend.

What are you up to this weekend? Alex and I are going out to dinner, and I’m looking forward to chatting without interruptions and ruining my appetite with the bread basket. Hope you have a good, relaxing weekend, and, if you’re in a blog-reading mood, here are a few fun links from around the web…

Who wants to eat lunch here?

Massage soap looks awesome.

Heavenly peanut butter cookies.

A dating experiment.

100 secrets to French parenting.

How this couple met.

Are Spanx good or evil?

Sweetest cards for a new mama.

My favorite wedges in new colors! (I love the green.)

All airports should have playspaces!

Etch A Sketch’s lovely and sad tribute.

My love affair with the middle part continues.

These posters made me laugh.

This art exhibit looks moving and beautiful.

Did your parents have a signature candy?

(Photo by The Locals)

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  7. Great list! xx

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  10. Nice ! Love it, have a best weekend for you too :)

  11. I love Jeffrey Campbell shoes, but I haven’t seen these wedges before. They’re beautiful! And that New York article on dating was such a good one — although I do wonder how many moms saw it and sent it to their kids saying, “See? Mother knows best!” Although, in truth, they probably do most of the time. Mine does.

  12. jm says...

    best roundup ever.

  13. I finally got the Regina wedges in the mail today! They are fabulous!

  14. The art exhibit images are very powerful and creative. Great links Joanna! Thank you and have great weekend!

  15. I’ve been contemplating buying Bébé Day by Day, but I wonder if it will be just the same info as in Raising Bébé (which I totally loved). Please let me know if you know : )
    Have a fabulous weekend. xo

  16. omg, that dating article is hilarious. perhaps because one of my friends dated the first victim. ha!

  17. Speaking of peanut butter cookies… Have you ever tried the peanut butter cookies from City Bakery? Hands down my fav. So peanut buttery that it will get stuck to the roof of your mouth after a bite :)

  18. Oh I just love those new mama IOU cards!! What a great idea! xx

  19. I actually live in France and I am mother too; but I have absolutely no idea what this “French parenting” is about… I hope that you don’t really believe that all these French people have some secret and always working methods telling how to raise a happy child ;-)
    By the way, I like your blog a lot! Sorry for my English; I am more used to French…

  20. Oh, to have a family house in Provence… sigh.
    p.s. those valentine’s cards are such a sweet and thoughtful idea!
    p.p.s. May the Etch a Sketch live on forever and ever.

  21. Love reading your blog posts, thank you for sharing, posting and introducing new things to us! Wishing you baskets full of rolls..Happy Weekend!

  22. I love the cards for a new mama. Your blog is just so full of awesome things, and so relatable, too! I absolutely love it. Keep up the excellent work! :)

  23. I love the Spanx article – thanks for posting that. Without putting too much of my opinion out there, I’m of the “I would never wear those…ever” camp. I’d rather work to modify my body with healthy eating and movement if weight loss is a goal, rather than focusing on a short-term fix, which I know isn’t really a fix at all. It always felt to me like Spanx were really about me telling myself I wish I was thinner, which isn’t fun or healthy (in my mind) at all.

  24. I didn’t realize other people’s parents had a signature candy, too! My mom is jujy fruits, and my dad is jordan almonds. Cute blog post.

  25. I just read The Dating Experiment Article..Wow…I’m shocked at the results! Very cool!

    Enjoy dinner and have a great weekend!!

    Ergo – Blog

  26. Funny how mom always knows best!

  27. The dating experiment was really interesting! The first guy who she found on OKcupid and wanted her to come to HIS neighborhood on a freezing winter night… what a loser. He also said he wasn’t “immediately put off” by her when he first saw her. How gracious. There might be a reason he’s 32 and single.

  28. Sounds fun! We’re headed to a new food place, Baconery. It’s a bakery where the main ingredient is bacon! We’ll see how it goes..

  29. Oh, my, a weekend… Finally!

    We’re heading to the country to help the in-laws prepare to tap maple trees. I predict snowshoes, soaked pants, incredible views, and too much hot chocolate.

    Basically: bliss!

  30. Spanx = Good. Reminds me of the interview you did with the costume designer from Girls who said to make Hannah look awkward she has her wear Spanx for the fittings then has her not wear them for the filming.

  31. OMG, Pamela Druckerman wrote another book! Awesome! I loved “Bringing Up Bebe” and also love Michel Cohen’s “The New Basics.” How exciting!

    Hope you are feeling fabulous! Happy 2nd trimester!