1. Eep, this collection is so pretty. This is how I dress in a perfect world :)

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  3. so beautiful-the site crashed!

  4. She’s so popular (in part thanks to you) that her server crashed!

  5. I have bought many things from Emerson! I am a big fan. That said, Emerson, please up your quality!! Your hook and eyes shouldn’t fall apart after one wearing! Your buttons should be more secure.

    Pet peeve.

  6. Wow, these are all gorgeous! So light, airy & just plain pretty!!


  7. Oh, those slingback flats! Perfection!!!

  8. wow. gorgeous. I want everything! Now if only I could lose some baby weight to pull off those white jeans ; )

  9. Aghh love all of these pieces!! Thanks for posting!

    Jess | brownpaperbelle.com

  10. so chic! i have to admit though, all the light colors of spring are making me anxious (I have a sweating problem! haha)

  11. So gorgeous. Wanted to look at more but it seems they were so popular, their site crashed. Have to wait until Wednesday to see what I’m missing! :(

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  13. I love the first peach button down. Very classy and very sexy. ANd paired nicely with the white jeans

  14. Thank you for sharing Emerson Fry’s collection. My favorite piece has to be the peach blouse!


  15. UGH… they don’t sell the sunglasses! Any suggestions for a similar stlye?

    • haha I went looking for the same item!

  16. Holy god, these are incredible pieces (that black shirt dress…swoon!)

  17. Well, I’ll have to get around to seeing it when I can…it seems the website is running slow. Probably a major testament to how great the clothes are!

    While I don’t for see much of this fitting in my tiny teacher budget, it’s a great place to start for inspiration for now!

    ~Heather P.

  18. Love the black dress but too expensive for me! :(

  19. I love the clothes, but wonder how the look on people who aren’t a size 2. Do they translate on a person with boobs? I am afraid to order stuff in case it doesn’t work – can it be returned?

    • I agree! I’m a 4/6, but I have a womanly shape….not the fashionable little boy shape.

    • I have found her sizes to be very forgiving. I normally get a 4 or 6 in Emerson clothing. I’m 5’8 and around 140. You can return items and they are quickly processed. Their customer service is better than any I’ve experienced.

  20. Absolutely gorgeous! Emerson Fry is amazing!

  21. Oh my, yes! Simple and beautiful at the same time. My favorite kind of clothing.

  22. I love this!

  23. I love how thin and comfortable the tops look especially the top in the last picture! And I agree with Janika, lovely shoes!

  24. As always, Emerson is spot on with her pieces and her styling.

  25. Am I the only one that misses old school Emerson Made? I like the new collections, but something is missing… you know? Maybe I just miss the photos of the farm and Emerson modeling the clothes herself on their porch.

    • TH says...

      I agree! These are beautiful, too, but the old farmhouse was pretty awesome.