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Want to hear something hilarious? Read on…

Tierra’s Eyebrow now has a twitter account. Made me laugh out loud.

So, we have to discuss: Which of the final four girls do you think will end up with Sean?

My two favorites are Des and Catherine, and I think he’ll choose Des in the end. Look how he’s looking at her in this photo:
What do you think? Have you been watching it? It’s such a crazy show, but I can’t help being addicted to it! (No spoilers please!:)

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  2. OMG, I am sooo addicted to this show. I think Sean is going to end up with Lindsay, even though my favorites are Dez and Catherine

  3. I think Lindsey, unless Dez’s brother plays nice!

  4. I LOVE this show!!! I have watched almost every season. I know, I’m such a sucker. I really like all the girls left, now that Tierra is gone, but I think he will choose Lindsay or Des.

  5. I think it’s Des or Ashlee.

  6. totally Lindsay or Ashlee. Although personally I think Des and Catherine are the more normal of the two I think they are both out of Sean’s league. Lindsay and Ashlee seem much safer.

  7. Des to the end!!

  8. I was bummed that Leslie went home-I thought she was witty and a good personality match for Sean. But we see so little of what actually transpires and some of it out of context with editing I’m sure. So, it’s really hard to tell if a connection is genuine or not. Thanks for the post, it was fun to read all the comments!

  9. I love Des!

  10. i’m still crushed he picked Lindsay over Leslie. I adored Leslie. She was hilarious.

  11. I have no idea… But have to say the previews for next week look juicy… Can’t wait!

  12. My 2 year old baby boy watched the show with me on Monday and laughed and pointed to Sean and Catherine and said “mommy & daddy”….um maybe he knows something I don’t…or at the very least it should be a sign that I need to spare his poor little eyes the crazyness that is this show…but so so addictive too

  13. My favorite is AshLee. Something about Des bugs me. I LOVE Catherine, but I don’t see them together in the end. I would be happy with her or Lesley being the next Bachelorette.

  14. I love so much that The Bachelor is your guilty pleasure. I cannot get ENOUGH of this stupid show! And I just had so much fun reading this comment thread! Yay! Ha! xo jolie

  15. Hahah I love this post! I am obsessed with the bachelor! I dislike Tierra!


  16. I hope he picks either Des or Catherine! Leslie kind of annoys me and AshLee is way too intense all the time.

  17. I’ve never been any good at predicting the winner until the very last episode. I think Catherine will be heading home next. Her breakdown after the rose ceremony last episode makes me think something is happening that we aren’t aware of. I’m (shamefully) sad that Tierra is gone. Her drama was amazing. Hopefully the rumors about her engagement are false and she will be making an appearance on Bachelor Pad.

  18. Everyone says Des looks like me so I’m hoping she’s the next Bachelorette just to drag it out more. Haha

  19. He and Catherine are so sweet together. Something’s always sort of bugged me about Des but I still do like her (as does Sean, obviously)!

  20. Hehe… I needed a brain break earlier this year and decided to watch the season premier. Which led to me watching every-single-episode (had to make sure Tierra went home). Anyway… when I felt guilty one day I thought to myself, well Joanna watches too! So thanks for making me feel better. On a related note… I hope Catherine wins (cutie), although I think Des is equally awesome. AshLee seems needy and Lindsay is sweet, but not my fav.

  21. Joanna, my 8 year old son asked me, “Is that what it’s really like? You entered a competition and you won Dad?”
    Yikes. What a grim view we are teaching our sons about love. I’ve never watched it again.

  22. I am so addicted. It’s seriously the most fun I have watching TV all week. I’m embarrassed to say it but it’s true. I think Catherine is adorable. As is Des. AshLee is really pretty in a Stepford wife kind of way, but she’s a little emosh and intense. Lindsay is sweet… but I still can’t get passed the drunken wedding dress incident from the first night. Red flags in my book. Though they seem to have physical chemistry for sure. I think Catherine and Des are the coolest. Like I’d probably want to be their friends. Enjoy!

  23. I don’t know… I don’t really like Des. Or AshLee for that matter, she just seems… a little uptight. I hope Catherine wins! And that last episode was the best of the season by far. Glad the girl who went home in this past episode (besides Tierra) went home! She annoyed me and I don’t even remember her name!!! (the girl who had the longest kiss date)

  24. I know who he picks! I looked it up the day the show started! I am so bad but I can’t stand it! Not entirely pleased with who he picks. I’ll just say that.

  25. I also was thinking Des, but that snippet they showed from next week’s episode — her brother looks like he goes crazy. Not sure if that bodes well for her chance at that final rose

  26. You are so right! Plus typically the winners get a lot of air time. Which, especially in the last episode Des definitely did!

  27. I LOVE the show and love getting togetehr with girlfriends each week to watch it. I think he LOVES Des but the drama at hometowns may ruin that. I love Catherine, but I think she might be a little too strong for him. He seems to love girls he feels he needs to save. I think it might come down to Des and Lindsey. But the previews keep showing him getting a letter that might just be a breakup! Who knows, they keep it nutty for ratings.

  28. Love watching Bachelor with girlfriends and wine while my husband sits on the couch pretending not to watch! It’s so bad that it’s good. I’m cheering for AshLee, but I would also be happy to see Sean with Des or Catherine. Not so much Lindsay. Can’t wait for hometown dates!!

  29. It’s definitely Lindsay. I like the other girls a lot, but I really think Lindsay is the girl he’ll pick. Honestly though, I don’t know if any of them are “the one.” But I mean, what do I know?

  30. Whenever I like a girl on this show I hope she gets voted off so she can go on and find a guy that she can choose and look back on her days on the bachelor and say “I can’t believe I did that.” So I was happy when Lindsay (? Leslie? Too many L names) got voted off last week. It annoyed me when Catharine said “What does he even want?” because you should just be able to be yourself and if the other person doesn’t like you then you don’t belong together. So annoying, but I watch every week. :)

  31. Oh my gosh – I LOVE this post! I about died yesterday when I found out she was engaged – ha, guess she really loved Sean… Anyways, I love Catherine, but I do not love Sean for her – so, best fit for him I would go with Des.
    Much love,

  32. I’m so happy to hear that you’re addicted to The Bachelor as well! :) It’s so trashy and terrible but I can’t help it either!! SO glad Tierra is gone. I like Catherine the best!

  33. Hahahah, I can’t believe that you are a Bachelor fan! I love it! I literally just started watching and am deeply embarrassed by it, but just can’t stop. I just sent my hubby your post as a sign that it is okay for nyc-based 30-something professional women/moms to watch the show. You are the arbiter of cool, after all (in our apartment).

    P.S. I am secretly hoping you move to Brooklyn! We made the jump from Tribeca last fall and love it!

  34. It’s one of the few shows I can rope my husband into watching with me (that and The Bachelorette), so we’ve been watching for 3 or 4 seasons now! My husband picks Des, but I pick Catherine. We’ll see!

  35. I hope Des.
    But judging from next week’s “sneak peek” – it looks like her bro is a little…crazy. And she’s close to her Family.

    Manda @ Eat Cake

  36. I think AshLee or Catherine will win. They both seem to share more than a physical connection with Sean, which is the vast majority of what they show with Lindsey…kissing and flirting. Those things are important, but don’t create longevity. Des looks to have a dramatic hometown and for that reason, I think she won’t be his final pick. I’d love to see her as the next bachelorette.

  37. Oh man, I hate-love this show SO HARD. We have finale parties at our place each season!

    I’m a spoiler reader, so I won’t contribute any thoughts on the final four except to say that I think Desiree is the prettiest and most interesting of the group.


    Also of interest: a psychological rundown of verging-on-unethical tactics used on this show [no spoilers]–

    (found via Reality Steve)

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  39. “No one’s going to take my sparkle away!”

    We are so addicted, my husband and I. I am somewhat ashamed, but not really.

  40. “No one’s going to take my sparkle away!”

    We are so addicted, my husband and I. I am somewhat ashamed, but not really.

  41. I think he’ll choose AshLee, but Des is my favorite!

  42. I know right! This show is dramatic I love it. My favorite is Des, I’m with you on that :) We’ll see!

  43. Although my favorite is Des,I think he will be picking Catherine. She’s so fun and careless! And I’ve seen the way he looks at her, and how(i think)the producers are trying to cut some scenes with these too,so it isn’t obvious.

  44. I totally think he’ll end up choosing Catherine. The underdog will come out on top!

    Although, he’s missing out on me! I’m a good catch! ;)

  45. I think that he’ll chose Cathy even though I don’t really fully understand why. He really seems to love her fun personality. Des might be a little too gossipy for him.

  46. i think it will be catherine…the way he looks at her is different than the other girls. and they seem to just click on all levels. maybe they are throwing us off with her seeming to lose confidence last week? i hate that i thinka bout all of this, but i have been addicted forever!

  47. I agree with you – Dez and Catherine! (And I’m so glad that this show is your guilty pleasure. It’s mine too and it just makes me love your blog even more.) Except, I also echo some of the other commenters… if the previews are any indication, Dez’s brother might cause some trouble in their relationship. But that didn’t stop Ashley and JP! So, you never know.

  48. I think AshLee is too mature and serious for Sean. I think Catherine is too immature. I really like Des but not sure what’s going to happen with her after hometowns. Yikes! I think in the end it might be Lindsay.

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    • Did you miss the “please no spoilers” request? Come on now…

    • Yikes! Oh my god, sorry about that! I’ve deleted my comment.

  50. I guess I think it will be Des, they seem to have the best connection. I think Lindsay is absolutely adorable! She’s been on good behavior since the first episode with the wedding dress/tipsiness – I wonder if she’ll be the next Bachelorette. AshLee is so beautiful I think – but older than most of the winners of the show. She’s four years older than Sean and I feel like Bachelors on the show usually end up going for women who are slightly younger. Not sure how I feel about Catherine, their connection doesn’t seem that strong to me.

  51. I love Catherine. They just have that super fun connection and she seems so down to earth. I also love Des but I could see her being the next bachelorette. Hmm…I don’t know. I will say that I was embarrassed Tierra is from Denver. We Denver girls are nothing like that. Psycho lady. :)

  52. I think it’ll be Lindsay.

    I don’t understand his relationship with Catherine – they made it seem like it went from 0 to 60 in one episode and we never saw it develop.

    I think he has some “reservations” about Des even though she was completely right about Tierra, and with her brother in the previews, it’ll probably put him over the edge. He wants a second family, which means getting along with everyone.

    AshLee is nice, but she’s a bit of a psychological mess, and Sean wants happy-go-lucky.

  53. I gotta say, I’m pretty sure he’ll pick Lindsey. He seems to love her goofball sense of humor. I’d put my money on her.

  54. It is so bad but SO good and I cannot stop watching! Des is my favorite but I bet he chooses Catherine….and they break up within a few months :). Hopefully Des will be the next Bachelorette.

  55. I think Catherine will win. The way Sean looked at her when she got out of the limo on the first night showed immediate chemistry, and lo and behold she’s still in the running!

    But I think Des will be the next bachelorette.

  56. My favs are Des & AshLee. This show is definitely my guilty pleasure! So much drama!

  57. They are all either emotionally damaged or annoying. He seems too together for them. Also have you seen in the tabloids that Tierra is engaged already to an ex! … Guess she got over that dead ex fast as well.

  58. My favorites are Lindsay and Catherine, he laughs the most when he’s around them, and I think that’s a good sign.

  59. Des is my favorite! I think she is awesome. And yes, I am a shameless addict of this show.

  60. I really like Des and AshLee, Catherine seems cool too and I can’t remember much about Lindsay. I’m a little bit behind but now that the drama queen Tierra is gone I’d be okay with any of them as the final rose recipient!

  61. that made me laugh this morning. my husband watches the bachelor with me (not by choice). i asked him the other day why he looks so upset and he said “i can’t control my eyebrows”. hehe

  62. Seeing as Joanna reads almost all, if not all, comments, why would you guys even bother posting any spoilers?? It seems arrogant and rude to those who have avoided reading any thus far.

    Joanna, I agree that it is NUTS but so addictive. It’s a guilty pleasure for sure! :)

    • Ok, I see spoilers have been removed. At least future comment-ers have been spared.

  63. Oh, it’s my guilty pleasure on Monday nights, ha! I love Des and Catherine too. And so glad Tierra is gone – she was cray cray : )

    Happy Valentine’s Day!

  64. I vote Catherine ! :)

  65. I think he’ll pick Lindsay… and Lesley will be the next bachelorette!

  66. I’m kind of hoping for Ashlee, but I think it could be Des too.

  67. I don’t think Catherine has enough of a spark with Sean to stay,and I think AshLee will be the next Bachelorette actually. She’s way too pretty and nice for Sean.

    Des seems really cool (as in I want to be her friend :)) and you’re right, he’s been making googly eyes at her since day one. I’m just concerned about the brother thing.

    I think Lindsay is perfect for him. They seem to have the same sense of humor and they’re at the same brain level. So she’s my guess :)

  68. I don’t think he’ll pick Des after seeing the previews for hometown dates. Maybe Lindsey? I honestly don’t think any of these girls is the one, unfortunately. I hope I’m wrong! After all, I don’t know the guy!

  69. This is my first season ever watching. I was sucked in by a contest my friend developed (Its like a confidence poll where we rank when we think the women will get voted off and our score is the disparity between the numbers. lowest score wins.) – I was appalled by the first episode, than mostly fascinated by the second, and couldn’t look away by the third. Now I’m hooked! for shame!!
    p.s. I want Des for the gold!

    • This is also my first season watching and I’m SO ADDICTED! I think Catherine and him should end up together though!

  70. i think either des or lindsay…catherine seemed to be rooting against herself when leslie left (so odd!)

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  72. Des all the way…

    might I also add, I think this season is quiet blah, there I said it! I mean miss drama was fun for a few shows, but now she’s gone….


    • ohhhhemmmmgeeee. Of course she is. That makes me so excited for her smug face on the women tell all. She’s cray.

  73. have you seen the previews for the home visits? i have liked des all along, but no way he picks the girl whose crazy brother tries to beat him up. i would not have guessed it, but i think it’s going to be lindsay the wedding dress girl in the end.

    • i saw that! I totally agree the brother will be the deal breaker. Poor Des…

  74. I think Des will be in 2nd place and she’ll be the next bachelorette.

    • I agree.

    • I never thought of that! But now I can totally see it!