7 Valentine’s Day Gifts

Wildflower candle to make your home smell like spring, $30.
X-O temporary tattoo, $5.30, or sparkly heart temporary tattoo, $5, to wear all day.
Sexy silk lingerie, $130.
Love-etched bottle to use for water every night (or lemonade in the summer). $24.
Morse code necklace or bracelet, saying “amore” or “love,” $80.

P.S. A kissing tip from Joan Rivers, and the #1 trick to make a date night sexier.

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  3. Silk flower is very pretty look.Excellent gift ideas.Thanks to listing this ideas

  4. Oh my goodness, those tattoos! I am in giddy love with them. They are so very adorable. I now plan on chasing my other half around the house with a marker until he lets me kiss him with an X. What a lovely list of ideas.

    Lauren x
    Gordon + Gold

  5. I am impressed with the effort you have so obviously put into this content. I am also impressed valentines gift baskets with your point of view on this topic, especially since you have made your points so clear.

  6. Those temporary tattoos! LOVE!!

  7. Oh my gosh heart shaped cheese is quite possibly the best thing I have ever seen.

    If my boyfriend doesn’t buy it for me, I’m going to be highly disappointed.




  8. It’s really too bad my husband doesn’t read your blog!

  9. I love the heart cheese from Murray’s! What a sweet—and delicious!—idea. Thanks for this list Joanna!

  10. If it weren’t for this list, I would never have found out a cheese chocolate exists! My partner is french, we live in France and he loves both. Never knew this existed! Hope they ship to Europe but doubt it!

  11. love the x o tats…maybe even enough to make them permanent….

  12. Awesome blog! Have you ever seen the TickleMe Plant that closes its leaves and lowers its branches when tickled or when you blow it a KISS! Now you can grow your own TickleMe Plant at home!!
    TickleMe Plant

  13. Lovely gifts, it’ll be good if we could see some DIY’s too! :D

  14. LOVE the post! Super sweet!

  15. Hmmmm I’m busily marketing Spoonful 8 as a valentine gift. Papery soulful flowers ;) I know it’s not usual but then – isn’t it fun doing the UNusual? I reckon it’d be interesting to hear people’s unusual valentines… there are some grand romantics out there – sigh… is it naughty that I figured that yummo popcorn would make a grand romantic gesture? hehehe Am I a lazy pregnant woman? Probably…


  16. Sigh, these are delightful gifts. Hope to share some handmade love with my littles this heart day but am definitely thinking of something lovely for my main man.xxoo

  17. A story from a friend:

    ” It occurred to me that while I think I have much wisdom to impart about love, I can learn from a twenty-something. A Valentine’s Day present is not a half-dozen blushing roses; not a heart-shaped ganache to cap a carefully planned, meticulously prepared dinner; not a compilation of favorite love tunes; not a lavender-scented massage; not a hi-how-are-you phone call or email or txt. It is all that, blended, distilled, and gift-wrapped in words, to be unwrapped and relished anew on any February-fourteenth of the year. Words that instantly recall the unshakable your-annoying-quirks-are-why-I-love-you bond.”

    the rest of the story is here:

    I love February :-) and your blog :-)

  18. I absolutely LOVE the temporary tattoos! I may have to get these for Valentine’s Day!

  19. oh yes please.. I love the morse code necklaces/ bracelets.. what a great idea!

  20. I just love the temporary tattoo idea! My husband and I randomly bought a tattoo pen and gave each other fake tattoos one night! It was such a blast!


  21. I want matching tattoos for real, I love that idea! Just a simple X and O! Might be happening

  22. love the candle and the lingerie! Supercute (and pink;)


  23. i like the heart tattoo idea! looks so fun.

  24. Hmmm… What about Valentine’s gifts for guys? Or should I just stay tuned?! :)

  25. Those silk flowers are a great idea! I should get some for my desk at work to brighten up the place a little bit :)


  26. Wow! I love the candle and cheese. Lovely original ideas ;-)

  27. loving the candle and xo tattoo. these are so fun!!

  28. The morse code necklaces are cute and secretive! I always shake my head at those chain jeweler commercials that show the guys getting girls generic heart-shaped sparkly fill-in-the-blanks.

    Lulu Frost makes code jewelry too, and she also does numbers and letters, so it would be cute to pick out stacking rings with numbers that marked a special date or something along those lines.

    Morse: http://lulufrost.com/item/love-morse-bracelet
    Numbers: http://lulufrost.com/shop/code

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  30. Lovely gifts, however all I want for Valentine’s Day this year is being able to sleep in past 6am (my 15-month old is an early to bed, early to rise kind of guy and still nurses in the morning).

  31. Speaking of gifts…
    I just stumbled upon a list of gifts my Husband is planning on :)

    I love the candle- what a good idea!

    – Manda over at Eat Cake

  32. What fantastic ideas. I just love starting my morning with your blog. And super excited about your pregnancy, as I am preggers with my first, so your helpful posts are always reassuring. Thanks for the great read!

  33. All so beautiful and creative… we never really do gifts for Valentine’s day but these have me tempted! And suggestions for creative gifts for a special guy? :)