Very Happy Nine-Month News…

joanna-goddard-alex-williams-toby-cup-of-jo-nyc-belly-shotAfter holding my tongue for months, I’m really excited to announce that Alex and I are expecting our second child! We are completely over the moon. I’m three months along, so the baby should arrive around July 3rd. Toby has requested that we have a “glurl” and name her “Thomas,” after this friendly guy.

Pregnancy and new motherhood felt both wonderful and disorienting the first time around, so I’m curious how different it will feel the second time. Funnily enough, this pregnancy already feels much more real. With Toby, my pregnancy felt surreal and was hard to wrap my head around, but now we know more about what to expect. My friend Sari and I were talking about the experience of expecting a second child, and she said, “Because I knew what it felt like to love Jude, I was able to tap into this deep, true kind of love for Teddy from the very instant I knew I was pregnant with her.” I loved that.

How mindblowing to think we’re going to experience a newborn again along with all those sweet steps: growing a belly, finding out the gender, giving birth, choosing a name, cuddling a newborn, breastfeeding, doing tummy time, acting a little crazy, waking up early, swapping drool-y kisses, trying to figure out a good work-life balance, standing up, taking first steps, saying first words….

I can’t wait. :)

(Photo kindly taken by our friend Shannen Norman. Thank you again, Shannen!)

  1. I love such kind of news!!!! :D Congratulations — so happy for you all!!

  2. LC says...

    Congratulations! Wishing you and your growing family nothing but the best! Cheers!

  3. How lovely! Congrats!!!

  4. tadaaaa! congrats.
    much love.

  5. Congratulations! Very exciting times. Foot note: 2 is EXHAUSTING, I hope you get a good sleeper unlike me!!

  6. Congrats!! I wish you and your family much happiness!

  7. oh this is wonderful news! Congratulations to toby, alex and you!
    and it so cool that the baby is due july 3rd! I was born on the 4th…cancerians are the best ;)

  8. Congratulations! Such great news for what seems to be an amazing family. I’ve been following your blog for a year now and it is a joy each morning to start my day off with your blog and others from around the country. I wish you luck during this special time! Happy New year!

  9. Wonderful news, Joanna! You must be so excited. I have a six-month-old and already am wondering what it will be like to have a second – impatient me! x

  10. Congrats!
    I’m so happy for you guys!!!
    My baby boy is 15 months old & I’m 7 monts pregnant with his little brother… Best thing ever!

  11. Congratulations!! I’m a big big fan of your blog (that I read from France because I’m french). So I’m really happy for you.


  12. Hooray! Felicitations!!!! What a beautiful family you are. Already! Hoping for a glurl for you too!

  13. A HUGE congratulations!! What great news.

  14. Oh wow, how exciting!
    Congratulations, Joanna!

  15. Oh yeahhhh, I love this post ! Congrats !!!

  16. Oh, Joanna! Congratulations!! This is fabulous!

    So happy for all of you! I’ve been following your blog for some time now and it seems weird but we kind of create a connection with the people we are used to read about day to day. So I’m truly happy for you and this amazing journey you just started!

    I’m waiting to see the new adventures of a second-go-around!

  17. Congratulations Joanna – we just found out Sunday we are expecting our second too! (Ha ha, nobody else knows apart from the whole darn internet now!)

  18. Congratulations!!! :)

  19. <3 the best news in the world! Congrats! There are no words to describe all the love and hapiness in your picture. The look in Toby’s eyes kinda says everything :-)

  20. Congratulations Joanna – so excited for you. You look great!

  21. Congrats!!! Me too. I am due with my first July 14th. Looking forward to your tips. Already been using your registry information for research. All the best.

  22. Ahhhhhh, I’ve been following the blog since forever so i kinda feel like I know you a bit :p so I am really happy and excited for you guys, congratulations all the way from Portugal!

  23. Congratulations! These are really good news to start into a new year!

  24. that is fabulous news! congratulations, joanna, alex and toby!

  25. Im so happy for you both! Im sure its awesome experience and I will be gladly following you with all ups and downs:) thank you for amazing blog! woohoo!

  26. Oh that’s lovely news, congratulations! I saw the bump photo you posted on pinterest and had to come straight here to check!

  27. YAY! What wonderful news – congratulations! I am so happy for you guys! You look great, Joanna!

  28. YAY! What wonderful news – congratulations! I am so happy for you guys! You look great, Joanna!

  29. YAY! Congratulations! So happy for you guys! What wonderful news!!

  30. Congratulations Joanna!!!!

  31. Congratulations!!!!!
    It’s exciting, and I’m exactly in the same situation. My daughter is 3 years old and I’m pregnant with my second baby. It should be born around 3rd July as well)))
    It’s true that this time pregnancy is different. It was hard in the beggining, I didn’t feel well and slept all the time. But now it is getting better. And there is less mystery about it, as you know already how it works.

  32. So excited for you. Congratulations! I’m currently pregnant with my 4th (yep, crazy I know!) and every pregnancy has been precious and wonderful. Enjoy! x

  33. I was hoping you would share this good news with us! Congratulations! You are looking gorgeous as usual. I hope you have a glurl too – just because I have a little girl, and I hope I have a boy next. Seems like a balanced thing to have both somehow. Our little family is trying for number two and I look forward to growing along with you! Thanks for your blog, Joanna! I love the mix of everything plus motherhood. Such a pleasure to get a window into your happy life and see an outside example that being a beautiful, real and, well, hip mother is possible!

  34. Lucky girl you are!

  35. Congratulations Joanna! Wonderful news.. Sending Love and Light from my nook of the world

  36. Congratulations! That is so exciting. I hope you get your little girl. It’s so exciting even for us followers, because it’s like a present that we all can’t wait to open and see what it is…G.i..r..l?? – or B…o…y.??? Can’t wait to find out. Cheers, beautiful family.

  37. Congrats to you and your family! I am sure Toby will be a good brother to “Thomas”! :)

  38. Congratulations! It feels great because I’ve been following your blog for a couple of years now! and the best part is that currently, I’m expecting my first baby and I’m just about 3 months too! I’m due around 2nd week of July! :)

  39. Such beautiful news. Congratulations!! I hear it is always much smoother the second time around, since you know what to expect.

  40. I’m so happy for you! And, I EXTRA can’t wait to watch your pregnancy since I’m due with my 2nd on July 12. Between you, Duchess Kate and KIMYE, we’re gonna have ourselves a bumpin’ summer.

    P.S. Love your little bump. I have a tiny one too, but I didn’t at this point with my first. I think it’s true you show sooner with a second. Do you think?

  41. So very very exciting, congratulations!

  42. This is very very exciting news, congratulations!

  43. Ah, congratulations! Can’t wait for more pictures and stories of this next chapter in life!

  44. Oh congratulations, Joanna! A baby is such a wonderful blessing, so happy for you and your growing family! Best wishes for a blissful pregnancy and safe delivery of your little one! :) xoxo

  45. Ohhhhh,soooo happy for your sweet Lil family. Yay for you guys!

  46. Congratulations!! cute couple

  47. Yipeeeeeee! What a joy! Congratulations Joanna!

  48. Congrats! I am due in 5 weeks and have enjoyed your tips and advice on motherhood these last 8 months, so thank you for sharing!

  49. Many congratulations to you and your family, Joanna!

  50. hooray for another darling new yorker! i didn’t know about your blog back when you were having Toby, so i am excited to read along this time around :)

    best wishes, joanna + family!

  51. I can’t imagine that you will read 600 comments, but this news made me so happy that I had to leave one, anyway!

    When I was pregnant with my first, I naïvely focused more on pregnancy and birth than I did on actually having a baby. With my second pregnancy, I thought A LOT about having another baby and child in my life, and I spent much less time thinking about the birth!

    I am so happy for you! Congratulations!!!

  52. I can’t imagine that you will read 600 comments, but this news made me so happy that I had to leave one, anyway!

    When I was pregnant with my first, I naïvely focused more on pregnancy and birth than I did on actually having a baby. With my second pregnancy, I thought A LOT about having another baby and child in my life, and I spent much less time thinking about the birth!

    I am so happy for you! Congratulations!!!

  53. Congratulations!! SO exciting!!

  54. Congratulations Jo!!! Such great news! Hugs to you!

  55. Yay! I just told my coworkers TODAY that my second baby is due 7/7!!! Looks like we will be on the same track, I already feel like this pregnancy is so much different! I need to get a good family pic like that ! Cheers and congrats!

  56. KY says...

    I’m expecting my first on June 28th, and I am soooo curious how American mom think. I’m going to read all your pregnancy posts from now on!
    I’m a Japanese mom in Osaka City.

  57. congratulations, joanna! i’m thrilled for y’all and hope you are feeling great. xoxo

  58. I’m a long time follower, first time commenter. This news was just too exciting to not comment! Congratulations! I look forward to hearing more about your beautiful family in this new chapter. I’ve never met you but after following your blog for so long I feel like we’re friends anyway. And that’s a happy feeling to have :)

  59. Congrats! Such exciting news :-)

  60. Hooray! My little Julie was born on 3 July 2011, and was due on the 1st of July, so maybe they will share a birthday :)

  61. Congratulations Jo! you look radiant. =D

  62. yay! Congratulations! :)

  63. congrats!! so exciting :)


  64. Congratulations!!! It’s been wonderful to follow your journey as you have experienced all these wonderful milestones in your life and I’m so excited and grateful to you, Alex and Toby that we can experience such joy with you again!!! Cheers!

  65. Congratulations!!! It’s been wonderful to follow your journey as you have experienced all these wonderful milestones in your life and I’m so excited and grateful to you, Alex and Toby that we can experience such joy with you again!!! Cheers!

  66. I’m sure I’m not the first to say… but I’ve totally been waiting for this news from you guys! HOORAY!!! So excited for you and you look beautiful, ecstatic, and totally at peace!

    I think for me, pregnancy the second time around was not the roller coaster of excitement, but a kind of peaceful waiting game. Oh, and I thought there was no way I could love my second child as much as my first, but oh, man. Do I ever.


  67. Awesome! What a gift!!!

  68. congrats!!!!!!!!! enjoy every bit of it!!! :)

  69. Fantastic news congrlations!!

  70. Congratulations!!! Such wonderful news! I remember reading along your journey as a first time mom and happy for these links to go back as I am embarking on the journey as a first time mom now!

  71. So happy for you! I am excited to watch you on this journey to #2. My husband and I are thinking about having a second after the “summer o’ weddings” that is the summer of 2013 and the 4 weddings we are apart of. I’ll see how you handle it before we make our final decision!

  72. Yay and congratulations
    Babies are cool and make the world go around

  73. Hi Jo,
    We met (my Mom and I) on our way to Cafe Cluny in Dec. and it was so nice to chat in person. It was a great place and I did have the chocolate cake as you recommended. Yum!
    I just wanted to say: How exciting for you and your family! Toby is going to be a wonderful big brother. I was taken with his friendliness that night. I think with kind parents he must take after you both.
    congrats. Can’t wait to hear more!

  74. Congratulations! We’re starting to think seriously about #2 and it has been wonderful to know that you were thinking/planning/trying for #2. Thank you for sharing so generously with us readers!

  75. Congratulations to you and your lovely family!!

  76. Yeahhhh!! Way to go, Joanna and Alex! Congrats to you = )

  77. Oh myyy!!! Congratulations to the three of you!!!! This is really exciting!!

  78. So so exciting! All the best the second time around!!!

  79. So so exciting! All the best the second time around!!!

  80. Congratulations! Love reading your blog!

  81. Congratulations!

  82. B says...

    Congrats! So happy for your family!

  83. A big congratulations Joanna! My face lit up when I read this today! So happy for you!

  84. Congrats! I’m sure she/he will be as adorable as Toby. And my birthday is July 3rd :)

  85. What an incredible journey you are starting on. Trust me, one baby cannot prepare you for two. There is twice the love but also twice the craziness! Hold on tight!

  86. Congratulations!! Your beautiful family is growing!

  87. I had a feeling! Don’t ask me why, I just did. I used to be a home birth midwife, and that radar is apparently long range :)


  88. Congratulations!! I have been reading your blog for years and watched your family grow along the way. you have a beautiful family and im looking forward to sharing this pregnancy with you as a reader!

  89. That’s great news! Congratulations on your pregnancy and I hope you feel well throughout all of it. I’m so excited to see pictures of Toby and his new sibling when s/he comes in July!

  90. Congratulations! Wishing you all the best in the coming months!

  91. A huge congrats to you! July 3rd is my birthday, so I think that is a pretty cool day to be born!

  92. Congratulations!!! This is wonderful news! And I love your outfit!

  93. Yay!! Congratulations, I have reading up on your prior pregnancy posts because I am due with my first on July 13 :) I’m excited to read your new pregnancy posts!

  94. Congratulations!!! I yelped a loud “awww” when I saw the title to the post, so happy for your family!

  95. happy happy news! congrats!

  96. Congratulations to you and your family!

  97. Yippee!!

  98. The best news I’ve heard all day ~ congrats Joanna, Alex & Toby! Hope you’ve been feeling well! Look forward to following along…

  99. Congratulations to you and your family!

  100. PS- Cute outfit and lipstick!

  101. Oh wow!!! Congrats to all three of you!!!! :)

  102. Congrats!! Excited to see the growing bump!

  103. Awwww! Congratulations. In a subsequent Motherhood Monday post, could you address your thinking around having a second? I have one and I’m always interested in hearing how/why folks decide to add another or another or another ;).

  104. Congrats ! I love your blog !

  105. Congratulations ! My 20 months old son is called Thomas and the name was also chosen by his big sister for the same reason :)

  106. Congratulations! I’m due with my 2nd around May 30, and my first was a boy born in March 2010, so I was pregnant at the same time as you were with Toby. It’s been fun to read about your experiences with Toby since I’ve been in the same situation…so I’m excited to share another pregnancy timeline with you! All the best for a healthy pregnancy!

  107. What excellent news!! Congratulations to you & yours, Joanna! Much love :)

  108. Congratulations Joanna!!! How exciting and I hope your pregnancy goes beautifully!!!

  109. Congratulations to you and your family!! :D

  110. Congratulations! How wonderful!

  111. Congratulations on expanding your already beautiful family. Can’t wait to read along with your pregnancy x

  112. Fabulous outfit, by the way! Cool mama alert!

  113. YAY!! I KNEW this was coming. Plenty of baby posts, just like the first time around :] Toby will be such a sweet, attentive brother and baby #2 will arrive just in time for Holiday 2012 cards. Congratulations, you three.

  114. Oh Joanna! That’s such amazing news! You’re totally adorable as is your little family. Can’t wait to read about this new adventure of yours. Congrats!

  115. So happy for you! You look beautiful!

  116. Congratulations! What great news for your sweet family. :)

  117. Congrats!!! I just found out that I am pregnant with my first TODAY! I am excited and nervous and it feels totally surreal. I feel like I can’t really get excited yet…at least not for a few weeks. :) We have been trying for a year so this is very happy news for us!

    And now I can read all of your pregnancy posts while I myself am pregnant…so amazing! :) Congrats!!!

  118. Congratulations Joanna! How exciting! We are due June 4th!

  119. YAY! So happy for your lovely, little family!

  120. Congratulations!

  121. ohmygosh! SO happy for you and your family! I’ve been following this blog for so long, it feels as if I know you! Almost like I just found out a friend is expecting :)