Thursday Giveaway!

Today’s giveaway is from ShoeMint, a free, members-only website with an amazing selection of shoes, each for just $79.95. It’s a collaboration between Rachel Bilson, Steve Madden and stylist Nicole Chavez, and they add new styles every month. Everything is made with real leather and suede, and they also have cute boots and bags. Bonus: They offer free shipping and returns.

Today FIVE lucky winners will get to choose a pair of ShoeMint shoes. Which would you choose? (I’d go for the Hillary flat.)

To enter, please visit ShoeMint and leave a comment below telling us your favorite pair of shoes. Five winners will be chosen at random tomorrow. Good luck! The winners have been emailed. Thanks for playing.

For all readers: Click here to get 20% off your first pair.

  1. I love the Karen sling back!

  2. This yellow flats are adorable, I’d pick those!

  3. Koko is super cute. and practical!

  4. I love the Audrey flats!

  5. I love the Heather in brown,abigail, holly in olive, audrey in yellow and hepburn. email:

  6. has the winner been announced and i’m just not seeing it? :)

  7. c’mon Jo, have some pity! you said TOMORROW and it’s at least 3 days after tomorrow… i’m sure all of us are insanely often visiting your blog to see if ‘tommorrow’ came;)

  8. meghan

    -Ashley O. from Austin

  9. BV says...

    Yes! The Hillary flat is so cute, especially in Herringbone.

  10. The Stevie boot to wear with a floral dress to a summer concert .

  11. I love the Holly.

  12. I like the Koko :)

  13. ooh the Koko in black. Edgy and classy.

  14. I would definitely go for the Francoise in red! More showy than I usually go for, but they look like Chloe boots I’ve been in love with for such a long time!

  15. Oh no! Too many choices! I’m stuck on the Holly, Francoise and Garbo…

  16. Ooooh! I like the Joni heels!!

  17. Love the Gelareh–simple and classic

  18. I love the Cacee boots. I’ve been looking for tall boots for a while now. ;D

  19. Ooh, those flats look great!

  20. The Audrey are fabulous. Pretty much all of them are!

  21. The Eileen heel!

  22. e says...

    the Gina heels in dusted rose! fingers crossed :)

  23. e says...

    the Gina heels in dusted rose! fingers crossed :)

  24. the stephenie is so cool but i’m loving the audrey! such pretty shoes!

  25. The Hillary flat in wine is very chic!

  26. Francoise and Eileen are my favorites!

  27. Hillary flat!

  28. Hillary flat!

  29. The Francoise boots and Koko flats look amazing! But the flats win out this time.

  30. I love the Koko flats, the cap toe is perfect!

  31. the heather boot

  32. I love the Mary and the Adrienne!

  33. I love the Esther boot in taupe!

  34. cool! The Audrey’s…

  35. I love the stella shoes

    jessicarwarfield at gmail dot com

  36. maybe the Koko or the Audrey…but they’re all really cute !!!

  37. I would choose the Francoise or Kelly!

  38. love the Koko! perfection.

  39. :} says...

    The Isabella is perfect for me. I love it!

  40. I LOVE the Mary flat!!!

  41. I love the Holly boot!!

  42. Oh, the audrey is cool!

    Jamie B.

  43. I love Mary and Eileen, both would be even better!

  44. I love the Audrey flats!! So great!

  45. Oh my, the Francoise boot in black! So fab! xo, Summer

  46. The Francoise Boots in black! Oh my, they’re fab. xoxo, Summer Allen

  47. I like the yellow woven flat

  48. I love Mary in Mustard!

  49. How can a girl choose? I love them all!!!

  50. How can a girl choose? I love them all!!!