How Did You Meet Your Significant Other?

If you’re in a relationship, how did you meet your significant other? Here’s our story from six years ago…

One cold February night, my friends hosted a small party to watch the Academy Awards. I got there early and was relaxing on the sofa, eating my weight in guacamole and analyzing red carpet dresses. (Reese Witherspoon was a big hit that year.) There were a handful of people at the party, when all of a sudden, a handsome bespectacled guy walked in. He was completely my type, and I knew I wanted him to sit by me, so I curled up on the sofa so no one would take the spot. Finally, after mixing cocktails for what seemed like hours, he headed over to find a seat. I sat up straight again and was like, “Oh, you can sit here, if you want.” To my enormous pleasure, he did! Our first conversation was about how he had painted his apartment that weekend; and at one point, our knees brushed, which made my heart race. At the end of the party, we said goodbye and I gave him a lingering glance, which I hoped conveyed how smitten I already was.

(What happened next? He was a wuss so I had to ask him out to dinner!)

How did you meet your significant other? Anyone meet through online dating? (Tons of my friends have.) I’d love to hear…

P.S. Do you stay friends with your exes? And do you ever worry that you won’t meet your soulmate?

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  1. my husband and I sat next to each other on a plane from dusseldorf to San Francisco!

  2. I met my husband sitting next to him on a plane from dusseldorf to San Francisco!

  3. We met in our high school’s swing dance club. I was a freshman and a beginner and he was junior and knew how to dance pretty well. I had a huge crush on him but didn’t act on it for about 6 months and then I stalked for his AIM account and we began chatting online which lead to playful flirting in person. One then led to another and he asked me out and now we’re going strong; it’ll be 8 years together in May.

  4. I just started a new relationship after moving back to my hometown. I’ve been away for 8 years and never had any luck dating in high school, so my expectations were low. Very low. But I’m dating a guy I had a crush on in 5th grade! We weren’t good friends in school ever, though. We re-met when I started dating his roommate upon my return (!)…when things fizzled with guy #1, he stepped in. It’s been 2.5 months and I haven’t been this happy in ages. It’s so exciting.

  5. My husband and I met at a gas station on the way to Las Vegas to watch a college basketball tournament! I was with a group of girls, he with a group of guys. We obnoxiously waved at the cute boys in the car next to us as they passed us on the freeway. Then we ended up at the same gas station, realized we were heading to the same destination, so we went to the tournament together as a group. We’ve been inseparable every since!

  6. My husband & I met online in 2009. We dated that summer. I was smitten right away. He wasn’t ready for a relationship. He was trying to figure out life. Where to work, live, should he go back to school for a second degree. Oct. 29th, 2010 he came crawling back for more & we’ve been together ever since.

  7. I have no story, haha, yet! I have to comment though, because I’ve read that do you worry post about four-thousand times in the last year! I thought I met a great dude, and everything was fantastic, until uh, I guess he decided to date someone else. So I am trying my best to keep my chin up and remember that post!

  8. Love this story, Joanna! :) ps-we met at martial arts school, of all things! He was an instructor and I a student…(who later became an instructor–ha!). We are such lucky souls to have good guys in our lives, aren’t we? :)

  9. I met my husband online, i was living in middle east and all the dating sites were always blocked there and at some point new provider came along and they opened those sites for sometimes
    Friend of mine came and started begging me to join her and do our profiles on and … after a long convincing i did

    my husband’s profile was sent to me in a first few days and he was actually the only one that i requested to directly talk to … and send him message saying that i would love to talk
    he reply saying that its his maybe last day on this website but he would love to talk and left his email address (a few days prior to that he got a notice from the site saying that his membership is about to expire so he would have to renew and he was not planning on doing it, so instead he changed the settings to “the world” and my request came along)

    we started talking and never stopped:) he traveled a number of time to Dubai from Texas to see me and there was not a day when we did not exchanged number of e mails or did not talk on skype
    3 years later we were married:) its been almost 3 years of happy marriage:))

    another thing my profile was blocked by the provider in Dubai so i no longer even could use the website:)))
    so we had a very short window to actually meet even on the website:)

  10. I met my boyfriend online. I hadn’t dated seriously in almost a year and was ready to dip my toes back into the water. The day I signed up, I browsed the site for any potentials and ran across B’s profile. I almost closed it because I thought he might not be my type, but something about him stuck with me. In the end, I decided to message him because I fell in love with a picture of him and his dog. Our first phone call a couple days later was four hours long and our first date turned from a Jamba Juice date to a day spent at the dog park, dinner, and lots of amazing conversation. Tomorrow is exactly one year since we met and I am crazier about him than ever! :)

  11. My husband ‘to-be’ started coming to my parents farm to work for them the summer I turned thirteen. He was nineteen. He would stay every summer for a couple of weeks and work and then go back to college.
    I was in love from day one, but it wasn’t until the summer I turned twenty-one and he was twenty-seven that we finally realized we were meant for each other.
    We have now been married five years this coming June!
    It still brings a smile to my face to tell the story.

  12. I was in a relationship with an awful man and thought that leaving him meant that my life would be over {super dramatic but we were going to get married and I ended up leaving him}. He told me not to go to university and when I decided to actually leave I toured out of state schools just to get away. Anyhoo, on the car ride over to the school that would become my new home, I told my mom that no one was like the man I was with and that I would never meet anyone that was like his good side. But mom thought otherwise and was right, as usual. I pulled up to the school, went in for my tour, and there standing by the entrance was a tall man who was identical to my ex. I started laughing, I couldn’t believe it. I stared at him in awe the whole time because I couldn’t believe the resemblance. My mom even whispered, “Maybe he has a brother!” We knew nothing about our tour guide for six whole months, but I remembered him because I was in love with his last name.
    I chose that university and moved onto campus and out of state six months later. It was on my first night officially on my own that I was walking through Portland and up comes a man who introduces himself with the same last name as my tour guide. It was my tour guide’s younger brother, also a student at my university! We’ve talked everyday since {The two brothers and I even had a class together!}, and have grown very fond of one another. Though we are not yet in a relationship, he has become my best friend. Who knows what other twists and turns out story might hold.
    Just thought I’d share one of my first goes at love :)

  13. We met when I was just 14 and a freshman in high school! He had actually graduated the year I entered high school. We met at a party. (Yes I partied as a freshman in high school- shameful! haha) We were both actually dating other people at the time. But when we saw each other at the party there was an immediate connection. And a mutual friend noticed it and kind of set us up. The next day he called and asked me on a real date, we dumped our current flames and the rest is history. Now, ten years later we’re married and have the most beautiful baby girl, and are still very much in love. :)

  14. I met my guy when he responded to a craigslist ad for a roommate. About the most unromantic way possible! :)
    We lived together and were just friends with an intense need to be around one another as much as we could in common areas ;)
    He moved out and I moved away, but we kept in touch through letters and long emails. Eventually I moved back to the area he still lived and we have been best friends and in love ever since :)

  15. He took ballroom dance lessons because he wanted “to meet girls,” and I was his teacher. Three months of lessons and a few student dance parties later, it occurred to me that he only wanted to dance with ME. Three and a half years later, I still fall in love with him, all over again, every time he spins me around on the dance floor. I’m a lucky, lucky girl!!!

  16. I love reading all of these! :)

    My husband and I met playing an online RPG game based off ‘Hitchkiker’s Guide’… I a Canadian and student at the time, he an American officer who just arrived at his posting in Italy. We wound up talking (which eventually lead to Skyping) for hours on end. We finally met face to face when he flew in to Canada. After several years of a long distance relationship (and a lot of flying back and forth!), he proposed on a mountain overlooking Tuscany and the Mediterranean Sea. We were married October 6th, 2012 and well, the rest is history!

  17. We met working together at a movie theater in high school. We are both so shy that we worked together for a whole year before we even talked to each other. Eventually he started talking to me on Facebook, so I invited him to my (all girls) high school prom.

  18. We met at work. We’re both teachers at the same school.

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  20. We met in college. I was a first year senior (I had two senior years due to a change in my major), and he was a transfer student. I immediately noticed that he seemed shy and reserved but had the most awesome smile. For half a semester I surreptitiously looked at him in the two classes we had.

    Then one day one of our classmates comes up to me at my art locker to say “He thinks you’re cute.” I just stared back and said “What?” I hadn’t told anyone my thoughts, especially having come out of a relationship 4 months prior. She went on the explain that when I left class feeling sick she made a comment about me to him about how I still looked good when I’m sick (she’s so crazy) and he replied “Yep.” Lol.

    Then about two weeks before winter break, out of the blue I decided to leave him anonymous notes in his art locker. It was meticulously planned out. I was so paranoid that he’d recognize my handwriting (why I don’t know since I’d never written anything to him before) that I disguised my writing AND only left notes in his locker on days we DIDN’T have class together to throw him off. Each note contained one or two sentences -excerpts from different songs referencing a smile. I told one friend that he was the type of guy I could marry.

    A week before winter break a bunch of us art students decided to go see a movie together to celebrate the fact that we survived another semester of college.

    Around that time I decided I would “out” myself by recording all the songs that I excerpted for the anon notes onto a tape cassette (yes I said tape, this was 1991, they were still around). I figured he was the kind of guy that wouldn’t make fun of me or make me feel stupid if he weren’t interested in me. He’d let me down easy. But I knew I had nothing to lose since I was going to give it to him on the last day before break and I wouldn’t see him for at least two weeks or longer if we didn’t sign up for the same classes the following semester.

    So the plan for watching the movie was that I’d go pick up a few folks, him included, to save on parking. You have to remember that this was before cell phones were common… or even affordable for most people. One by one my “friends” were calling me to back out saying they had to study for a test or they felt sick, etc. In the end I ended up picking him up b/c I had his addy but not a phone to cancel. I brought the tape with me.

    We went and saw the movie Addam’s Family, just the two of us. It was awkward, and stressful. I liked him, I had a tape waiting for him, and he didn’t seem all that interested in me. So after the movie I dropped him off and as he started walking away I rolled the passenger side window and yelled “Hey! You forgot something!” and threw the tape out the window and drove off.

    Two days later he came up to me in the hall and said “So you’re the one leaving me those nice notes. I had a nice time at the movies, we should do it again some time.” He gave me his number, I gave him mine, walked away from him with a huge grin on my face. That night he called, we talked for over 4 hours, and well… 21 years of being together, 15.5 years married, and one child later…

    His smile still melts me.

  21. For us it was in an Irish Bar in Washington, DC. The funny thing is Irish bars are really not our thing( he’s English and I just never got into the whole Irish bar thing being from the south). But yet, amoungest the dark wood paneling, matted hunter green carpet and bad live singer we found one another. I was there for a happy hour fundraiser and he stopped in with his soccer team for a pint after a game. We exchanged numbers and he called me the next morning. I like to think it was fate and that the universe willed us to be there at the same moment. 10 years later, 4 years of marriage and 1 amazing baby later I still feel lucky.

  22. I met my fiance at work 4.5 years ago. We were just friends for about a year (neither of us wanted to date someone we worked with). Then one night we went out to a bar with work friends and realized the “more than friends” spark. It was perfect timing because i left the company two days later and We’ve been together ever since :)


  23. We met while we were living in Cambodia. He was teaching and I was doing human rights work. Funny thing is that we both lived in Portland and Seattle for 7 years (at the same time) and even had a mutual acquaintance. But we didn’t meet until Cambodia.

  24. I am a radio reporter, and I the first time I met my boyfriend (soon to be fiance!) was when I interviewed him for a story I was doing on the region where he is from in Tennessee. I recorded our very first conversation! That was over two years ago, and I haven’t listened to it since. Because he’s 11 years older, I wasn’t immediately thinking of him as dating material, but I do remember noting the passion in his voice and liking what I heard.

  25. What a great story! I can’t believe you remember so many of the little details from that night (I wish I did).

    My hubby and I met through the non-profit I work for. He went to Africa with them to work on a short film about kids in Uganda (specifically a girl named Roseline), and a couple years later I was hired to edit the film and I saw him in the footage. Right around that time we randomly met at a mutual friend’s birthday party (I don’t remember much of those details, sadly)… But by the time I had finished editing the film about Roseline we had fallen madly in love. We’ve been married almost 4 years. :)

  26. Alex and I met our freshman year of high school! Supposedly we were in the same history class {I don’t remember him…} two years later we started dating.

  27. Your story is so cute. I met my partner in crime at a nerd themed fancy dress party. His version of the story is that he walked in to the room to see a girl dressed as Lara Croft playing Mortal Combat and thought “she will be mine”. In my version, I am awkwardly dancing with someone that I am clearly not keen on when my now lover and then stranger cut in and accused my partner of dancing with his girlfriend.

    It has been love ever since.

    Lauren x
    Gordon + Gold

  28. our friends set us up! we were both really reluctant, but since we had mutual friends, we agreed to go on a group scooter ride through town together one night. i sat on the back of his scooter and rode around our hometown- we barely knew eachother, but had so much fun, we kept hanging out . . . very roman holiday-esc, if you ask me.

  29. I was in my fourth year of college and he came back after a few years hiatus. It was not love at first sight. To me, all hockey players were arrogant jerks. To him, I was his crush but he also “didn’t like me” because I wouldn’t give him any time of day. Long story short, we finally dated after a year of denials, he took me to England and proposed on the cliffs of Seaford (he knew my weaknesses), and we got married. Classic.

    (His version? He had to grow a monster beard, stache, and small rat tail for me to finally go weak in the knees…).

  30. my boyfriend and i met in a college class that was an elective for both of our majors (mine was gender studies, his was political science). it was a huge lecture hall class at a state university, so there were probably around 300+ students in the class…but he found me and sat next to me every day, and every day he’d ask me what time class started. i eventually caught on that he wanted to talk to me but was just shy, so on the last day of class i gave him my number! we both had super busy summers (i live at the jersey shore and it was my first summer being 21, so i was a wild child!), but in september we met up for a date after class and have been attached at the hip ever since!

  31. My husband and I met on a dark street in Vietnam! We were both backpacking solo and staying in the same hostel. A group of people from the hostel decided to go out to dinner at a nearby food stall. We sat across from each other on tiny plastic chairs in the street, sharing plates of food, cheap beers and stories of travel and home with the group. As the night progressed, we migrated from spot to spot and the group from dinner slowly split up until it was just the two of us. We talked for hours, totally disarmed by the sense of anonymity traveling alone far from home gives you. We were both traveling on in different directions the next morning, but he asked for my email address and I gave it to him. We both wanted to keep in touch, agreeing that even though we lived hours apart (he was in NYC and I was in Baltimore) it wasn’t a bad distance considering we’d met on the other side of the world. 3 months later we saw each other for the first time stateside (I was so nervous, wondering if we’d still hit it off). The rest is history and now we’re happy newlyweds and live in Brooklyn! I love the story of how we met.

  32. We met in College when he came to my University in Ireland on a study abroad. We started dating 2 weeks before he left Ireland, but I knew I had fallen in love, so it was not goodbye for good. We ended up dating long distance for 3 years!! Looking back now it was so romantic & perfect & I wouldn’t change a thing. We are married 5 years and have our 2nd little baby on the way.
    Oh, we ended up settling in Minnesota rather than Ireland…but we go back once or twice a year to see my family :)

  33. on an escalator. I was coming up and he was going down. We said hello but kept going our separate ways. Later that night we ran into each other at a bar that my waiter at dinner had recommended my friend and I go. Good thing we listened!

  34. She was a cashier at a grocery store. He was a master’s student who only came in every couple months and only in the evenings after classes (she may have been paying attention). Flirting glances passed between them. Smiles. Blushed cheeks. Finally, after 6 month or more, she couldn’t take it anymore, and breathlessly ran after him to his car, where she asked him to coffee. Two nights later, they dined, they drank, they smiled… They knew.

    I bucked up and asked my boyfriend out too! Now it’s been almost two years and I couldn’t wish for anything different. :)

  35. My husband and I were set up by a mutual acquaintance. It was love at first sight!

  36. We met on Facebook through mutual friends. The first time we actually met in person was when he flew across the country to meet me for the first time!

  37. We met on the staff of the literary magazine at our college! We went outside after a meeting and talked about movies (I made it seem like I knew way more than I did!) The next day in class he brought me Amelie, and it was luv from then on out!

  38. I love the Koko flats in black! Classy but fun, and perfect for work-to-happy hour!

  39. We met at a coffee shop. We were both there reading and he came up to me to tell me a joke that was in his book… a very inappropriate joke that I’m surprised worked! He was just so cute and trying so hard, there was nothing to do but give him my number. It is nice to be able to drive by where we met and we look forward to taking our daughter there one day.

  40. I met my husband over six years ago via eHarmony. I lived in a small city and my lifestyle was not allowing me to meet new guys. We communicated quickly and I could tell he was witty and fun. But, when I saw him walking toward me for our first meeting, he looked very shy and nervous and my first thought was that this will NEVER work out. I’m very Type A and *thought* I needed a strong person to put up with me and challenge me. Our first date started with him teaching me how to drive a stick shift! I mentioned in one of my emails I had never learned. He was SO patient and a really good teacher. He was mellow and funny. I appreciated his personality, but still wasn’t sure about longevity. When he walked me to my car later after dinner and drinks, he shocked me by coming in for a kiss! All I could think of was maybe I had him pegged wrong. We’ve been together ever since. He is totally opposite from me and different than any guy I had dated before. But, I’m guessing that’s why we work so well. I adore him and he’s my favorite person in the World! Oh, and he says he was instantly smitten with me the moment we actually met.

  41. My significant other and I met in the SFO airport after the plane we had both boarded was canceled after many delays. We ended up chatting in line after a random cupid thought we might enjoy a chat :) while waiting to get reassigned to a new flight. Much to our dismay and delight we ended up not getting reassigned till the next morning so we were put up at the same hotel where we enjoyed dinner together and exchanged emails. We were also assigned rooms right next door to one another, fate?? Thank you United! ;)

  42. We met (my) sophomore year in college. He was a year older and THE guy everyone wanted to hang out with. After a year of becoming friends (and watching The Office together in my dorm room all the time) we started dating! Then came cross-continental dating with him in Kenya and me in Nashville for a YEAR (roughest year of my life). But I decided to move to Kenya, where he proposed, and now we’ve been married a year and a half! He’s such a generous, thoughtful, and fun person who is the life of the party and still a self-sacrificing husband.

  43. I was dating his fraternity brother and roommate. So glad I decided to go out with my future husband rather than continually set him up with my friends. I can’t believe we’ve been together for 21 years now.

  44. Dave and I met at a moving screening in downtown Los Angeles. I was of course running late and all my friends were already inside when I got there. I see a long hair LA type man in the lobby talking to a women with a clipboard. He looks up and sees me practically begging the bouncer to let me in, and he walks out with clipboard woman and she begrudgingly gives the nod to let me in. He flashes a smile at me that I will never forget, so charming and happy. Low and behold we end up sitting a seat away from each other during the movie. A business card was exchanged, a drunk text from me that night we still laugh about, and a date later that week turned our meet cute into a romance. Two years later he’s packing up and moving to Shanghai with me for my job. He is still my hero everyday.

  45. Dave and I met at a moving screening in downtown Los Angeles. I was of course running late and all my friends were already inside. The bouncer outside was sorry, but couldn’t let me in. I spot a long haired LA type man in the lobby talking to a woman with a clipboard. He see’s me struggling with the bouncer outside and low and behold the woman with the clipboard looks over and nods and I can get in. My knight in shinning armor. Turns out he thought I was cute and we ended up sitting two seats away from each other. A business card was exchanged, an embarrassing drunk text from me that night we still laugh about today, and a date later that week. Flash forward two years later and he’s packing up and moving to Shanghai with me! He’s still my hero everyday.

  46. I met my boyfriend while shopping for sheets in Macy’s! I was in the deserted bedding department checking out the clearance bin for pillow cases and he was wondering around aimlessly, looking lost. I couldn’t help but ask him if he needed help; I’m just friendly like that. Skeptical, he asked if I worked there and I said no but I that I loved bedding and would be happy to help him. He flashed a smile that melted me on the spot and said, “Sure. I’d appreciate that.” Soon I was giving him an education on thread-count and brand names and after a half an hour of shopping (and flirting) he had found a great set of 100% combed cotton pewter-gray sheets. To thank me he asked me out to a late lunch right there at the mall. Lunch turned into coffee and we ended up closing the Starbucks, both of us clearly smitten.

    I slept on those very sheets last night! :)

  47. Like many other commenters, I met my husband in college. The first time I met him, I was interviewing him for a job! He was interviewing to become a resident advisor. He doesn’t remember much from our interview, but started pursuing me after just two weeks into the job. After the first date we were inseparable. We discovered that our eyes are the exact same shade of green. He popped the question on our two year anniversary. We will be celebrating our fourth wedding anniversary this summer…

    I love that man with all my heart. <3

  48. A blind date… that our mothers set us up on. I was dreading it, but then as I watched from the window, a devastatingly handsome man pulled up. I will always remember the first time I saw his face:)

  49. I love this topic! I saw him on the second day of an upper division Psych class– I kept staring at him from across the room because he was so cute!
    That same day our instructor passed around a sign-up sheet for a disorders project. I was one of the first to get the sheet– I put my name by Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (my cousin has it) and watched the page float around, hoping that mysterious cutie would put his name by mine. Turns out, HE DID– and we met that very day. This was 5 years ago– our wedding is set for April 27, 2013 :)

  50. My husband was in my favorite indie rock band. I first saw them in concert when I was sixteen, and attended their shows several times later. The band broke up, but one day I saw him in a parking lot going to the same meeting as me. Somehow my extremely shy self jumped out of the car, ran up to him and introduced myself. We were friends for a while, then started dating and got married fast, I was nineteen, but we were crazy for each other.

    Nine years later, we are still crazy for each other and he is still my favorite rock star. :)

  51. years ago. We’ve been smitten since the first date. Ironically, we have realized that for many years before we met, our paths had crossed and since we were both married (and faithful to our spouses), never noticed each other. We swear our children must have played together at the park, we have dined at the same restaurants and attended the same events. Timing is everything. :-)

  52. years ago. We’ve been smitten since the first date. Ironically, we have realized that for many years before we met, our paths had crossed and since we were both married (and faithful to our spouses), never noticed each other. We swear our children must have played together at the park, we have dined at the same restaurants and attended the same events. Timing is everything. :-)

  53. In fifth grade the cutest boy moved into our school. He had very light brown hair and the darkest brown eyes I’d ever seen. My fifth grade teacher got tired of me looking at him and told me to “turn around…He’ll be there the next time you look.” (I remember that very well because I never got in trouble in school.) Anyway, we went together all though high school, my college and his Navy, and have been very happily married for almost 44 years. Not too long ago he told me I just get prettier every day… I am a very lucky woman.

  54. My Husband and I likewise met in grade school, (ours started with Pre -K so when I was 5 turning 6 although I don’t remember anything about him until first grade) we hung out with different crowds although we knew each other and reconnected in the 12th grade when I dated a friend of his. When his friend and I broke up shortly after Valentine’s day 2003 we kept hanging out and on March 29th 2003 we had our first date. 9 years later, March 29, 2012, we got married!

  55. My Husband and I likewise met in grade school, (ours started with Pre -K so when I was 5 turning 6 although I don’t remember anything about him until first grade) we hung out with different crowds although we knew each other and reconnected in the 12th grade when I dated a friend of his. When his friend and I broke up shortly after Valentine’s day 2003 we kept hanging out and on March 29th 2003 we had our first date. 9 years later, March 29, 2012, we got married!

  56. A friend set us up. She had tried to figure out if he was single but couldn’t, so she just went for it and it turned out that he had broken up with his girlfriend the day she mentioned me to him – he said he was flattered but not ready. Three months later when he asked her about me, we were shocked that he even remembered. He took me to an amazing dinner and both of us left thinking “that was the best first date ever.” We’re getting married in August – 2 and a half years after our first date.

  57. i met my husband online! i was about to throw in the towel for a while with the online thing (due to a slew of really bad dates!) but i had already been talking to this one guy and he wanted to meet so i figured i’d go on a date with him and then take a break. well… we hit it off right away. we were talking marriage 3 months later and exactly a year later we tied the knot. we have been married 5 years next month, have 2 kids and not a day goes by that i thank my lucky stars that i didn’t bail on that date! i just adore him so and he is so good to me. thank’s!!

  58. My story is truly a fairytale! I met my love on the street in NYC (soho to be exact, on my way to yoga). He was on holiday from Paris, but is originally from Italy. He returned to NYC 6 weeks later and we fell in love! I moved to Paris a few months later to begin our life together. We are now married and happily settled in Paris. It’s all about the timing in life!

  59. Love this! So cute and romantic. We met in Moldova (it’s a country in Eastern Europe) when we were both assigned there as missionaries for our church. We were friends, but then went our separate ways. After a year and a half, we ran into each other at a football game at the university we both attended and hit it off right away. Less than 8 months later we got married! (We’re crazy, I know, but I just like to think we’re crazy in love. ;))

  60. we met drunk at a casino and i called him hot. he called me gorgeous. then he didn’t say anything. i said “aren’t you going to ask for my number?” 2 weeks later we got each others names tattooed on our butts. 2 months later lived together. 3 months after that he proposed. and 9 months later we’re expecting a baby! it’s due around our 2 year anniversary.

  61. My (American) husband and I (Australian) met on flickr – he sent me a message to tell me that he liked my photography. We were email friends for about 16 months when we decided to take the plunge and talk on Skype, at which point massive, massive crushes ensued and we made a crazy plan to fly to Prague to meet. Three months after that, we got engaged in San Francisco (lots of frequent flyer points in the year that we lived on opposite sides of the world!) and six months after that, he moved to Sydney and we got married. We celebrate our one year wedding anniversary this weekend :) It is weird and scary to think that we never would have found each other had I not decided to take up photography on a whim a few years ago … !

  62. My husband was a friend of my 1st post-college roommate. He had been crushing on her for YEARS, and I was getting over a bad breakup. I came home from work one day to find him standing in my kitchen. Tall, dark, and handsome… yes please!

    It took a few more weeks, and my roommate confessing that she just didn’t see him “in THAT way” for us to be complaining about stuff together, him telling me cool Army stories (he’d just returned from 15 months in Iraq), us cuddling late at night, me making the first move… and then 1 year of long-distance dating later we were engaged! It’s been 5 years (1 more deployment) and I’d threated to say we’re happier than ever!

  63. I met my husband while we were both ski instructors in Vail, me from Texas him from England!!

  64. My boyfriend and I are part of a big group of friends that met right at the beginning of university when you’re meeting so many people it’s just a blur! But we tried to work out the other day when the first time we talked was, (which was a hilarious and fun way to spend a date :) and we’re pretty sure it was in an AWFUL nightclub during fresher’s week that we bonded over a mutually rubbish fancy-dress costumes. The theme was super heros, we were both dressed as cats, go figure. I was with someone else at the time, and we were friends long before it blossomed into something else… now we’ve been living together for 2 years and I’m glad to say we have not ventured to that club since!
    Loved your cute story Joanna, I wish I had such a clear memory of the first time my boyfriend and I locked eyes!

  65. My husband and I were set up by our mutual friends shortly after he moved back to our hometown. Everyone assured us it would be an instant connection – we were PERFECT for each other. We met at a friend’s birthday party. He seemed quiet, reserved, not terribly interested in me, and I suspected he had a crush on the birthday girl. I started dating his much louder and more forward friend. That relationship lasted about a month. During that time, I got to know my future husband, and I realized I made a huge mistake. We stayed friends, and about six months later, he asked me out to dinner. We moved in together a few months after that, and we eloped last June in Yosemite National Park.

  66. My husband and I met through eHarmony. I was dead-set against it because of the stigma that only desperate people resort to it. But I had a friend talk me into trying it. I had the worst dates with creeps, and I was going to let my subscription expire because I thought it was such a mistake. But it auto-renewed against my will, which I discovered when I got an email from a guy named Justin, who ended up being my husband! We did everything wrong – he was 40 minutes early to pick me up, I was running 20 min late and didn’t even have time to shower … He showed up with a bouquet and his guitar. That night, we both knew we were going to get married. Within three months we were engaged, and three months after that we were married. Justin and I weren’t each other’s types at all. But it turned out we were just what the other needed in every way. I was his very first recommended match, so he has a glowing view of eharmony. I’ve been set up with enough creepy guys that I have mixed feelings. We definitely agree it was a God thing! :)

  67. Our story is like a movie. :) We saw each other at Starbucks one afternoon and each noticed the other one, but we didn’t talk and maybe didn’t even make eye contact. The very next night, I went to a Christmas party and there, across the room was the Starbucks guy. At one point in the night, he was talking with two friends of mine, so I walked up and right away he said, “Starbucks.” I smiled and we talked the rest of the night. He says that our first date happened in a random kitchen at a random Christmas party. I love that.

  68. The first time I met my husband I was five and he was ten… we walked down the aisle of my sister and his brother’s wedding together. I was the flower girl and he was the ring bearer. We really never noticed each other though until i graduated high school and happened to sign up at the same gym as him. The next time we walked down the aisle together was 3 1/2 years ago for our own wedding. The best part was having the pictures of our five & ten year old selves on the front of our wedding programs.

  69. I was fresh out of grad school and home for the summer searching for jobs.
    That day, I happened to be at the farmers’ market, one of my favorite places.
    I happened to run into a very cute guy navigating his way through the market for the first time.
    we made plans to have coffee…and have been together for 2 years!

    p.s. i’m a nutritionist :)

  70. TC says...

    My boyfriend was visiting friends in Seattle and he ended up buying a book that used to be mine at a used bookstore. After getting back home to SF, he decided to Google my name out of curiosity (it was written in the front) and he found my Myspace. After working up the courage to message me, we began writing back and forth until I decided to fly to SF to meet him. Six months later I moved in. That was nearly six years ago.

    • that’s so beautiful/crazy/serendipitous/fun

  71. My husband and I don’t actually remember the first time we met, but we assume it was sometime early on during 7th grade since we went to the same junior high. Later we became friends in high school, but were never romantically interested in each other. We lost touch during college, but both moved back to our hometown after graduation and re-connected after being invited to hang out with the same mutual friend. We flirted a bit that night, hung out a few more times with friends before he finally worked up the courage to ask me out. I was totally ready to call him that night to ask him out, but he beat me to it. :)

  72. I met my husband the last day of my last class in college, senior year when we both had to reschedule the final. He had a crush on me and asked if I wanted to study together, and I said yes—but then I stood him up! Thankfully he didn’t give up on me, and we started dating five months later.

  73. My flatmate was invited on a recce river rafting trip by two guys who had started a white water rafting company. She had invited a work colleague to go along with her, but the friend couldn’t make it, so she asked me to come along. A self confessed culture vulture went river rafting with the ultimate outdoor man…this was 23 years ago and three children later…

  74. I met my husband at a wedding – we each were there with OTHER dates. Scandalous! :)

  75. My husband and I met when we were both working on the Clinton/Gore campaign. We were staying at a crappy hotel without a restaurant and it was 2 am and I was at the vending machine with my wallet and it needed perfect change. I hadn’t eaten since 7am and all I had were dollar bills and he came down the hall from a meeting and I asked if he had change and he did and we started to chat and we ended up eating KitKats and Doritos and drinking Coke in the hall and chatting all night. It has last a while at this point.

  76. On facebook! He searched for single women in our city and I was on page three. Short hair, glasses, done. Then he read my website (obviously my privacy settings weren’t up to date), including all my creative writing, and then sent me a note: “I like your website.” That was five years ago and we’ve been married for a year.

  77. my very soon to be husband and I met in an airport! We both knew right away that this was it (and I had just stepped off an 8 1/2 hour flight). He later told me that when he woke up that morning he had this intense feeling of butterflies, like this day was going to be something special!

  78. My husband and I met when were 16 working at our first jobs in the summer. The very first time I saw him, he was trying to jam a pillow into a pillow case (we worked at a home design store)and I can only describe it as clicking. We didn’t even start dating until we were 22 but he’s always been the one.

  79. we met in college, working at the same terrible retail store. a few months later, i was hanging out at a friend’s apartment and in walked steve! it was weird, like two worlds colliding, but a few weeks after that, he asked me out. i actually said no the first two times he asked…thankfully he was brave enough to ask me out a third time!

  80. Beginning of sophomore year of college i kept hearing my roommates talk about this guy Thomas they all knew. One day walking home from class with my roommate this cute guy on a bike rode up to us and my roommate said: “sarah, THIS is thomas.” i thought he was so cute…but he was dating the girl that lived in the apartment below us. i pined for him for the rest of college and then for 2 years after college while he lived in Seattle and I lived in New York. 4 years ago he messaged me on facebook and said he would be in the city in a few weeks, would i like to get dinner? One dinner and the rest is history. It took us a while to get together, but it was totally worth the wait.

  81. My boyfriend and I met on I was looking to get out of my awful apartment situation and he was looking for a roommate to share his (and his best friend’s) house. We talked on the phone first and I remember thinking how sexy his voice was. We met on a Saturday morning and I thought he was gorgeous…and that this could be trouble (especially after touring this house and loving all of the nooks and built in shelving). I wanted to live in that house and date that man! We starting talking via email and phone calls for a week and then he asked me out. We went on a first date and then I moved in the next week. I made fast friends with his other roommate, but fell in love with boyfriend. We are still dating and living together 6 years later!

  82. 4 years ago, I worked at an art gallery in Kansas City. I sat at a desk facing outward with floor to ceiling windows, I always felt so on display and awkward. My now husband was the Chef at a really popular restaurant around the corner and had to walk by the gallery every morning. After a couple of weeks I knew when to expect him to walk by and give me a glance or a nod and even figured out his days off. I started to actually look forward to it and found myself trying to look cute with him in mind. I started to imagine accidental run-ins and pictured myself very suave and cool about the whole thing. One busy morning my boss asked me to make a coffee run and as I was coming back, running in with 6 coffees in 5 degree weather, I heard a voice yelling at me from afar, “Killer Boots!”. It was him. I gave him an awkward smile and kept running. I thought he was lame. That afternoon he walked through the door and introduced himself like a gentleman. He told me how lame he felt and how the words just slipped out and we laughed. He also said he had been wanting to introduce himself and couldn’t work up the courage because he thought I was beautiful. I could tell how nervous he was but his honesty blew me away. On top of all that he brought me a beautiful salad with a perfectly cooked egg which sealed the deal. While eating my lunch I called my Mom and told her excitedly what happened. She still remembers that call and says she knew he was special. The next day he stopped in to see how I liked the salad and invite me to a party he was throwing for a friend. He handed me a printed out google map and told me I definitely DID NOT need to bring anyone :) We moved in 3 months later and now we’re married with 2 beautiful babies.

  83. My boyfriend and I met on a big blue tugboat docked in the Boston Harbor on 4th of July weekend. I went on a sailing tour of the harbor with my girlfriends but my eye kept catching the tugboat filled with handsome men across the dock (it was a sight!). We invited ourselves over to the tugboat after and that’s when we met. Oh, and of course there were fireworks :)

  84. My British husband’s band was touring the US. They went out one night after a gig, and I was out with my friend too. We were in two different bars right next to each other, and at closing time (2am) we bumped in to each other on the sidewalk. We’ve been happily married for 6 1/2 years.

  85. My fiance and I were hired at the same time for different positions for a college athletics department. We went from co-workers to friends, friends to roommates (all while dating other people). I moved for another job, he moved for another job, we broke up with our exes, he came to see me cross country for New Year’s Eve….and I made the move on him at midnight! We are still long distance but got engaged this Christmas and I am moving East so we can be together. I love him so much and can’t believe it was 5 years ago when I first saw him. I was so intimidated by his deep voice and handsome face. :)

  86. Such a gorgeous story, I love reading these! On my first day of leaving home and starting at university, I moved into a very run-down sixties-build Halls of Residence just off Oxford street in London. The girl in the room next to mine was lovely and we really clicked. That evening all us ‘freshers’ were sat in the corridor sharing a bottle of wine when she turned to me and said, ‘I know this guy who is PERFECT for you…’ They were friends from school.

    Well, she was right! I have been with that guy now for ten years, married for five of those and have two little ones too!

  87. I met my fiancee during one of the last parties of “sophomore summer” (at our college only sophomores take classes during the summer). A mutual friend, who was on the track team with him, introduced us. He had come straight to the party from a long day of running and playing tennis and he hadn’t showered and was wearing a gross tank top! But, he was totally my “type” (tall, skinny, dark curly hair) and I was smitten. I invited him back to my off-campus house within about 10 minutes, but he couldn’t stay long because he had to race a bunch of high schoolers early the next morning (he was working at a running camp).

    We didn’t see each other again before the summer academic term ended and he went on vacation with his parents. During the weeks we were apart, he would go to coffee shops with wifi just to send emails to me and finally I got up the nerve to ask him to my sorority formal. I was a bit worried I wouldn’t remember what he looked like, since it had been dark when we met. Well, I almost didn’t recognize him because he had cut off all of his dark curly hair. Nevertheless, we had a great time at the dance and have been together ever since. We’re getting married in September :-)

  88. Sweet story :) My guy and I met while I was vacationing on the east coast with a friend. We met at a record store, wearing the same green chucks. He was a courier in Boston at the time, and offered to be our tour guide. Almost 10 years later, we’re engaged!

  89. and proud of it. I was 2 weeks from relocating from VA to CA and so changed my profile to say I lived in CA. My husband responded and we emailed for a bit, I tried to drag it out as I wasn’t technically in CA yet. We ended up chatting almost the whole way as I drove cross-country. We met for breakfast the morning after I arrived and 6 years later we are married with 3 fluffy pups. I would never have met him if it weren’t for the Internet and we are perfect for each other. Not to say the 10 previous online sourced dates/boyfriends worked, so I guess the probability might be slightly more in your favor for online because of a bigger pool but you still have your duds.

  90. What a great story Joanna.

    My husband and I met in Taiwan (we’re both from the US). We had gone there to teach English and we were assigned to the same team (of 6 people). He was the 23-yr-old team leader and I was the 19-yr-old kid who joined the team. At first I couldn’t stand him and he didn’t like me much either (we both have pretty big personalities) but we quickly realized we had a lot in common. We were there for a year, and I didn’t really start liking him until the last few months, but then I was smitten. He definitely liked me somewhat, but he was older and we weren’t supposed to date our teammates while working there, and it was all very confusing.

    When we both returned to the US I didn’t know if anything would work out. I lived in Minnesota and he lived in Virginia. We did phone calls and emails for almost a year before he came up to MN to visit me. When we saw each other again it was awkward at first, but within a day or two we were MADLY in love. No more confusion there. :) As it was, since we were both young and had lots of school ahead of us, we did long-distance for three years (including engagement). It was hard but good, and totally worth it. We got married in June 2009!

  91. E-harmony, my husband says it’s the worst “how we met” story, to say you met online. But, I’d had a terrible break up, the kind where you start to re-evaluate everything, so I had a very detailed idea of what I wanted out of the man who would be husband, and in my desire to be proactive in finding him, I figured online dating was one more avenue I might as well try. My husband was the FIRST match I got through the site, and although he was not my first date through it, I think that was a sign. When I met him, it was like talking to a good friend, and time flew by (we were getting coffee for hours!).

  92. I met my husband online on OK Cupid. I messaged him first because he reminded me of my neighbor as a kid I had a crush on who was in High School while I was in Elementary School, and he had mentioned Fine Young Cannibals in his profile too, which was randomly awesome. Our first date involved stinky gourmet grilled cheese sandwiches and a very awkward first kiss, but we agreed to a second date, and then a third… and 15 months after that first date, he popped the question to a very surprised me.

  93. I met my sweetie at an Australia Day party held by my brother – and Australia Day is tomorrow. I’ve been smooching him for 4 years!

    • I just had my first Anzac biscuit today! So delicious :) Congrats to you!

  94. My husband and I went to high school together. We were on the swimming and cross country team, and we even did lights and sound for a theater class together. The funny thing is, we never spoke a word to one another. My excuse was that I thought he was too cool and too good-looking for me. He was older and I was intimidated, so I just admired him from afar.

    Fast forwarding 10 years later.

    I’m celebrating my birthday at a bar and I see him getting a drink. I look at my best friend and tell her, “I’m going let him know how I felt about him in high school.” She advised against it, but I marched up to him (powered by vodka mind you) and told him how I felt.

    The rest was history! :)

  95. We met on! He was the first guy I met from there so I have to say I had a great online dating experience. We’ve been married just over a year now! It’s crazy to think we lived in the same town and went to some of the same concerts and events and just never met. :)

    • So true, same for us. We had relatives living on the same street, I knew his brother, we’d been invited to the same parties…I like to think we were meant to meet somehow so if it hadn’t have been online maybe we’d have finally met through one of our other connections.

  96. We met through Twitter! :) He and his friends created a ‘Twitter Secret Santa’ game and despite not knowing him (just randomly following each other), I somehow got matched with him. Instead of a gift for his SecretSanta, he asked for a donation to DonorsChoose– I was so impressed I broke the anonymity and told him I had to buy him a drink… the rest is history!

  97. I met my husband in April of 2004 on I was 21 and he was 22 and it was still very uncommon to online date in those days, but we both wanted a relationship and were fed up with bar scene. He was the very first person I talked to and we took the conversation to email and text right away. We met at a bar a few weeks later and fell for each other fast! We felt judged by everyone in those days when we told them where we met, so we lied and said the bar all the time. :) Now days I feel no shame at all! We got engaged in late 2006 and just celebrated our five year wedding anniversary last weekend! Since then my sister found her husband on and my sister-in-law met her life partner there too!

  98. E and I met through AIM when we were in the summer going into high school – our first date was lunch at Taco Bell (ashamed face). We dated for 2 years, split up and went our separate ways and off to college, me – Chico, him – SDSU.

    Best news ever — we started dating again after all the time and distance and have been together for almost 5 years! I am a firm believer that we are soul mates.

  99. My husband and I met online (by chance as opposed to online dating) when I was 15 and he was 16! He lived in Ireland and I lived in Texas, so he came to visit a year later and we were long distance for 5 years before he finally was able to move here. We got married about a year and a half ago :)

  100. I met my husband on a kibbutz (Ma’abarot) in Israel in 1977. I was there as a volunteer, after au-pairing in other countries for a few years, and he was one of a few Dutch boys doing a college internship in one of the kibbutz industries. Our relationship was on/off for a few years, with me in the Netherlands for a year when it was on, and going back to Ma’abarot when it was off, but we finally got married in 1980..

  101. We met online, wrote to each other for about two weeks, then met and went to the seaside. We swam and talked until late night. I am a pretty shy person and that was only the third date I had ever had in my life, but with him I felt unusually safe and comfortable. That night we discovered that we had lived in opposite apartment buildings for 5 years before meeting – the near proximity helped us to spend a lot of time together despite our busy schedules. I still cannot believe I have met such a wonderful man, who is a great friend, shares the same values and even cooks! :)

  102. We met at a pub poker game! We are both big Texas Hold’em fans – I was the outgoing newbie, he was the motorcycle-riding IT nerd. Six months later we were engaged. :)

  103. We met on my first day of work at our first post-college job. We connected over having gone to the same (very large) university and later discovered we knew many people in common. (We even found a graduation picture of him with me in the background! Pretty crazy from a graduating class of 9,000!) The friendship eventually blossomed into a relationship over a few months (after we broke up with the people we were dating at the time). This year we are celebrating 9 years together, 5 years of marriage and the 1st birthday of our baby girl!

  104. I met my man on He was the first guy I noticed on the site and messaged him right away. No response, no response, then all of sudden 3 days before my (month) subscription expired he responded saying he must have missed the notifcation email. We had the best 1st date (EVER!) and he called two days after asking me out again. Fast-foward 3 additional dates, and he FINALLY kissed me. Yep, he’s a keeper. Such a great, mid-west, military man. That was almost 2 years ago and now we’re looking for engagement rings together!

  105. My husband was my high school teacher. He quite and moved out of state. Several years later, he was back in Massachusetts, we ran into each other, got to talking, and well, the rest is history!

  106. We owe our relationship to Facebook. My husband and I grew up in the same town, went to different schools, but had many of the same friends. Still, we never interacted. We even went to the same college where, again, we had the same friends, went to the same bars, parties, performances, but never interacted.

    In 2006 he friended me on Facebook and I thought, “Oh, I know him. Such a nice guy.”

    Long story short, we dated long distance for two years before I moved from more than halfway across the country to see if the relationship would last. It did. We’ve been married two and a half years and are expecting our first baby. I love that we come from the same place but have different stories to tell each other.

  107. That’s so cute. I met my husband at church while we were in college. We were both very involved there. :)

  108. College! But we didn’t date until well after, needed to wait until the time was just right.

  109. I LOVE hearing how people meet! It’s always one of the first things I ask when I meet a couple.
    My husband and I met when we were 19 and we went to bible school in Australia. The beautiful thing is that we quickly discovered that our homes (back in Canada) were only a 20 minute drive away! We live in a small world :)

  110. I hired him! Not as scandalous as it sounds…. I was 19 and head lifeguard at the local pool and he came in for an interview. He had just moved into town and received a call saying we were hiring. The funny thing is, we both still cannot figure out who in the heck called him! We both felt right away like we’d known each other forever…Our eight year anniversary is next month!

  111. My husband and I met in the first grade! He had a big crush on me and I didn’t feel the same way…at all. We grew up together, and at the end of our senior year of high school, he confessed his feelings for me, and I didn’t not feel the same way. We went on our separate paths and careers. We didn’t speak for 8 years,and then in Sept.2011, he looked me up and we ended up talking for hours. He had matured into such a lovely man who HAD HIS LIFE TOGETHER (amen)! We finally met for dinner, and then 13 months later, we tied the knot :)

  112. I met my husband bowling in a league. Wouldn’t have expected that to be where!

  113. We met a soul music club. I was meeting another guy there for our second date, but he was late. So Josh approached me and started talking to me. I could barely hear anything he said, it was so loud. But I just nodded and smiled. We danced, and then I told him I was meeting someone else there, but still gave him my number. The other guy didn’t work out, so the rest is history!

  114. We met on a sailing trip in Greece!

  115. Yay! I love reading these! For those of you who don’t have one yet, you will. You absolutely, positively, will-run-into-him-tomorrow will. The problem is that you never believe it until you do. But you WILL.

    I met my husband through, having spent nearly my entire 20’s in medical school and residency. It was a complete lark, as I had been on some staggeringly bad dates through the same site.

    We met at a coffee shop and spent the next five hours together, drinking empty mugs like crazy people and finally getting turned out of the coffee shop and wandering the streets, talking. Our third date, I was so sick, I sounded like a frog. A frog with tuberculosis. I thought for certain that I would never hear from him again. Two months later he told me he was madly in love with me. (My heart races just thinking about it!) I had private anxiety attacks because I was going to be moving away for a job in less than a year. When I finally confessed the realities of my job, he said, “You *know* I’m going wherever you are going.” I’m pretty sure I had crazy girl’s tears of utter relief. We couldn’t let each other go. :) And now we’re amazingly crazy-for-each-other married and have a baby boy due in June.

    • I love this, thanks for the encouragement and sharing your story!

    • Aw, what a sweet amazing story you have. I’m so happy you found the right guy for you. Thanks for the positive encouraging words to all of us singles out here. Congrats on your pregnancy! xo :)

  116. My husband and I met sophomore year in art class. I actually saw a drawing of him before I saw him. The professor was showing us how to draw facial features and I remember thinking of how dreamy the man in the drawing looked. Later on, and after numerous creepy boys sat by me, he made his way easel by easel until he got a seat by me on the other side of the room. We talked all through art class that semester despite the professor teasing us about talking too much and drawing too poorly-Claiming that our children would have little to no artistic talent. He walked me to my car after every class on Mondays and Wednesdays. On the last day of the semester, we were both fairly devastated knowing that nothing would come of our relationship if one of us didn’t work up the courage to ask for a number or a date. That day, after walking me to my car he finally choked up some words that slightly resemble a request for a date. Two days later we went out for sushi, two years later we got engaged, and a year after that we got married. We are still terrible with art, but I think we can live with that.

  117. Online dating. I was playing with the website, I didn’t think anything could come out of it. We were living in different countries but I was near the border of his country. We wrote many long emails, then phone conversations, then we met in person after 3 months of feeling we already knew each other so well and feeling we were meant to be together. We wanted to see if we had the same feelings in real life and we did! We were now in a relationship after the initial trip!

    We would work just to be able to pay for our relationship =) Phone bills, airplane tickets, hotels. We would meet once a month and do ton of things that weekend. We felt we knew each other so well, because instead of going to a movie on friday we would only talk over the phone, silly things and important things. An email and phone call per day I would say.

    We were engaged 9 months after we met in person and married 5 months after that. We have two beautiful daughters now.

  118. LK says...

    We met online which he hates! He always says we are entirely too perfect for each other to give match any credit. I have to remind him that we most likely would not have met otherwise. We did frequent some of the same bars so it is possible but unlikely. However, in a weird coincidence, we were in the same small northern Arizona town (we live in Phoenix) the same weekend and he and his friends went to a bar that my best friend and I love. But that same night we decided to go to the bar right next door because our favorite one was so packed. It always makes me think that maybe just maybe we would have met anyway, match just happened to be the way. It’s so weird to think that he was next door that night and then 2 weeks later we met!

    • My husband and I met on and the congruencies in our lives that would have caused us to meet “anyways” somewhere down the line are sooo wild, too! We have so many of the same friends and connections in our lives. I think “6 degrees of separation” would have made us meet anyways.

    • My boyfriend hates that we met online. We’ve been dating for almost three years and he just recently started telling people the truth. I hate that there’s a stigma that meeting online is worse than meeting drunk at a bar.

  119. My husband of 3.5 years is my close friend’s older brother! I met him for the first time when I was 11 and he was 14. I knew him for years as Nora’s brother. We would see him mornings after sleepovers and at their pool in the summer. I always kinda had a crush on him but I was just a kid to him. We started dating the summer after my freshman year of college. I was home for break and he was home after graduating college before starting med school. We have been together for 10 years this June! :) Oh yea, and we are expecting our first baby late this summer!!

  120. My boyfriend (of three years) and I met on Just after Valentine’s Day in 2010, I decided to give online dating a try (after seeing lots of hype on the Smitten blog) but five days in I was ready to delete my account and call it quits. I was receiving weird messages from strangers asking me if I liked to take baths or showers, BUT in the midst of all that, I got my first normal, non-creepy messsage and I replied. About a week later I did delete my account, but it was because I had found someone. He, too, had created his account only recently before we met and says it was $30 well spent :)

    • I, too, deleted my account after one date with a guy who texted me after drinks, “Can I shower with you?” Who are these weirdo men?!

  121. My boyfriend and I were best friends our first two years of college before we got together. I liked him the whole time (and he knew it) but I had to wait and watch him date this other girl first.

    After that relationship ended, he and I started hanging out more. One night we were studying at his dorm for a chemistry midterm. We were listening to Miles Davis’s Kind of Blue on vinyl and eating Ben & Jerry’s. Then he started teaching me how to throw cards really fast across a room by flinging the card from between two fingers. Well, we covered each other in about three decks’ worth of cards and you could barely see the floor. Then we kind of started making out (my first kiss! I got my first kiss kind of late at the age of 20) and the rest is history. Four years later I am in grad school and we are living together on the east coast.

  122. That’s a cute story. I met my partner in high school math class. I knew his friend, but thought he was totally obnoxious (he was and still is!). I sat by the obnoxious friend anyways for a few classes, but soon moved to a more peaceful seat. Within a few classes my partner and his friend had to be separated so I got stuck sitting next to my partner, who was not so obnoxious. We alternated flirting, dating, hooking up, and avoiding one another like the plague for 4 years and have been together for the last 5!

  123. my partner kristie was working the register at a hip downtown shop in my massachusetts college town when i was christmas shopping seven years ago. we’re getting married in may!

  124. My boyfriend of three years and I met through a mutual friend and were both interested in each other and never knew the other was! A few months after we met for the first time, we spent all day together at a friend’s beach party… That night I invited him to accompany me to a different party (he didn’t go the same college, the keg at the beach party was kicked, and he had nothing to do). Next thing we knew, we were making out on a dingy couch. The next weekend, he came to my college town to visit me instead of our mutual friend. We look back on the night we kissed fondly, calling it “make out night” and have been together since.

  125. cute story :) I met mine in a pub, a friend introduced us and the 3 of us stayed up drinking till 7 am. he found me online the next day & we have our 4 years anniversary this weekend!

  126. He was absolutely gorgeous friend of my older sisters. It took us 3 years of knowing each other to be friends and three years of being friends to start dating. But I always had a crush on him and he me. Even when i wigged out and broke up with him for a whopping 3 weeks.

  127. These are so fun to read… I just broke off a long-term relationship where we were engaged and everything, 8 years. But I had to do what made/makes me happy and end it. That said, these stories give me hope, they’re all so different and interesting. Thanks for brightening my day everyone.

  128. My husband and I have a cool story. I was living in Denver and visiting Seattle. I went to the fish market where he works (it’s the famous one where they throw the fish and a total tourist spot!). When I got there I was totally blown away by how HOT all the guys were. They called me behind the counter and I got to catch a fish and totally made a connection with my now husband. Later, I was walking through the market and my husband was on his last break of the day. I went over an talked to him and my friend I was with encourage me to take my picture with him. I went back home to Denver and sent him the picture with my phone number. He called and the rest is history. I moved up to Seattle 6 months later, and we have that picture framed in our living room. The best part is, the day we met, I told my Mom I had met the guy I was going to marry after just that one conversation with him, and he had told the rest of the fish guys that he had met the girl he should be with!

  129. He was my yoga teacher for one term in 2006. I moved house so had to stop going to his classes, but every now and then I would email with the odd question – often about yoga, but not always. Five years later, he invited himself to my house for a cup of tea…and now we’ve bought our own home together…we live in Oxford, UK, and are heading to NYC for the weekend (him to teach yoga to a client, and me to mooch about…) Life is good!

  130. My boyfriend of three years and I met through a mutual friend and were both interested in each other and never knew the other was! A few months after we met for the first time, we spent all day together at a friend’s beach party… That night I invited him to accompany me to a different party (he didn’t go the same college, the keg at the beach party was kicked, and he had nothing to do). Next thing we knew, we were making out on a dingy couch. The next weekend, he came to my college town to visit me instead of our mutual friend. We look back on the night we kissed fondly, calling it “make out night” and have been together since.

  131. I met my husband of 9 years working at a Jewish summer camp! I was the arts-and-crafts teacher, he was a prep cook. I had just graduated college with a degree in photography and he was studying photography in San Francisco. I asked him if he wanted to go up to “the ridge” and take some long-exposure night photos since it was a full moon, and the rest is history! Now we own our own photography business in Austin, TX.

  132. We were set up … 15 months later we were married! I too, had to ask him out the second time. He and a buddy were planning a “relationship free” summer! So much for that!

  133. I love that photo! Fell in love at first sight. New boy in high school passed me in the hall and I leaned back against the wall and followed him with my eyes. We didn’t start dating until two years later after he had graduated and I was about to start my senior year. 2 weeks before he left for college, he called me because a friend had told him that I was smitten. We had a romantic long distance relationship, full of letters, artful creations, and ardent reunions at holidays while he was in New Orleans, I was in Boston, he was in Mexico, I was in England, he was in New York and I was in California. Then after nine years of fluttering about we married. Almost 24 years, three kids and four more countries later, we just spend a lovely weekend like newlyweds in Positano. Lucky. So lucky.

  134. I met him at college and knew him for a while (I dated his best friend for a few months), we used to walk to the post office on our break so he could take £5 out and spend it all on junk food to eat (he’s one of those guys who needs to eat to concentrate or he goes mental), we were walking back to college afterwards and he stopped and asked me out (not particularly romantic). I said yeah okay.

    That was six years ago yesterday :)

    The next day I met his family and his little brother, who has Aspergers, told me that Olie must like me a lot because he’d lost all his other girlfriends. Best first family meeting ever.

  135. We met online! I was on an online dating site only about a week when my future hubby and I started emailing back and forth. We had one phone conversation and a very tentative first meet. He was the only date I ever had from my online adventure. Now, almost 5 years of marriage and two kids later, I find our online encounter romantic. After all, what bigger pond is there than the World Wide Web? And yet we managed to find each other!

  136. I met my husband through friends, while I was outrageously flirting with another guy. He got bummed because he could tell my thoughts were elsewhere. We were just friends for years. When we finally did start dating, it was a total Doh! How did we miss this?!
    We were married within a year of our first date.
    Love him.

  137. Hubby and I met the summer of 2009. I had been unemployed for about 6 months and was enjoying having time to socialize and make new friends.

    One of my girlfriends was trying to set up her best guy friend and invited me and some other girls to go out on the lake to meet her friend Chris, who was on a friend’s boat.

    It was the first time I’d ever been out on a lake (grew up on the coast), and the guy (Scott) who owned the boat was really sweet and patient. I started going on Chris’ boat for sailboat races and inviting him and his friends to our stuff, and three months later Scott asked me out to a hockey game.

    And 2 years later on Valentine’s day Scott asked me to marry him, and we got married this past June. I remember when I was getting ready to go out to the lake that day and thinking “I’m going to meet my husband today.”

  138. I met my husband at a New England beach nearly 12 summers ago. I was there with a friend and he was there with a group of friends. En route to the beach, one of his friends (who was the best man at our wedding) jokingly said: Let’s meet some girls today. New England ocean waters can be extremely cold and the water was cold but I remember the weather was brutally hot. I was swimming and was one of the only people out there. I could tell he was checking me out all day. But he hadn’t approached me. As my friend and I were leaving, we had to walk by where he and his friends were sitting. I said, Hi. And he did a double take (he says he can’t believe I spoke to him). I said Hello again (semi annoyed-like dude, get your game on!) and he came up to me as my friend and I were packing up my car. We went out on a date a few nights later and the rest is history. We’ve been married almost 9 years. It’s funny to hear his friends talk about their conversation that day. Two of his friends thought I was much younger than I was (I was 25 at the time but may have weighed 95 lbs soaking wet and I’m really short). But my husband, who is a physical therapist, swears that he told them he knew I was older by how I carried myself. They spent much of the day debating on if I was too young for him. I’m so glad I said hi!

  139. Blind date! We were each copied in on an email from our mutual friend Ally … ‘Lou meet Nick, Nick meet Lou. My job here is done.’ Fast forward 13 years of marital bliss, and that woman is the most highly regarded person in our lives.

    I love your meeting story! And a bunch of the ones I’ve just read in the comments. So much fun :)


  140. At a golf-themed pub crawl in San Francisco’s North Beach, of course :)

  141. I met my husband at a trade show in Memphis and we were both instantly smitten. The slightly awkward thing is that I was living in Detroit, he was living in Chicago and we were both half-heartedly dating other people. Ack! Needless to say, we were friends for a while before all the stars aligned.

  142. I met my husband quite literally while walking down the street at the South Street Seaport in NYC on Memorial Day weekend of 2006. He was dressed in his Navy uniform and we ended up hanging out all night until he had to report back to his ship for watch early the next morning. We started “officially” dating about a month later, moved in together about 4 months after that and have been married since 2010!

  143. I met my guy online! After going on 20+ first dates (which was so fun at first… until it wasn’t and became more of a chore as I repeated the same stories over and over again), I was about to give up on the whole online dating debacle altogether when a friend convinced me to go on a date with a guy I didn’t give a second thought to after a couple messages. I didn’t think much of him on our first date – while it was a fine date, I just didn’t think he was my usual type. But instead of declining the second date outright, I chickened out and made some lame excuse to get out of it. Little did I know he was going to pursue me for weeks for a second date! He impressed me so much during that time, I had to give him another chance. Fast forward to today, we just moved in together last month and he’s become my very best friend in the whole wide world! I’m smitten!

  144. Oh I love all of these romantic stories!

    We met through our best friends, but the funny thing was we’d been at countless parties at the same time but never crossed paths(we have photos of me on the balconey of the party and him in the living room yet we never spoke!). Then, on my 30th, my best friend had a phone call from her husband to see if I’d mind him bringing a few of his friends. I didn’t know what the phone call was about – all I saw was her sneaky smile and heard her say “Oh no no, she won’t mind at all…” They turned up a few hours later and the sight of him walking up the stairs gave me butterflies. We kissed that first night (well it was my birthday!)and I’ve been smitten since.

    It hasn’t been quite happy ever after though – we broke up last May and he LEFT HE COUNTRY (ahh!) but after 7 months apart he got back on a plane and turned up one weekend to figure things out. I know it’s not as romantic that we’ve been through what we’ve been through, but I like to think the time apart has made us realise how lucky we are to have each other.
    Bea x

  145. My husband and I met my freshman year in college, his older brother was dating one of my roommates. They broke up three weeks later, we’ve been together for 9 years.

  146. Like many people we met in a college class. The only difference was I was the student and he was the grad student teaching an intro course. I had a crush on him all semester and he asked me to coffee after grades were turned in and I had slyly emailed him about my grade hoping to strike an online conversation. Coffee was horrible and awkward and I thought that was the end of that. After winter break, I happened to run into him off campus and we decided to grab some coffee. This time it was great and he asked me to dinner…and that was ten years ago this month.

  147. I met him at a festival at the other side of Europe from where we live. I liked him the first moment I layed me eyes on him. I loved him just a couple days/weeks later. And still do. To pieces.

  148. We were set up by friends, in a mischevious ploy that included: Him scoping me (and a variety of other ladies) out on Facebook. Our friends coming on our first date with us (because in reality they wanted to come to the party more then they wanted us to meet). AND the sweatiest introductory handshake in history (my hand not his) – turns out he’s a hugger.

    We met outside of a TIFF event, on a street corner. I was late. He was calm, cool, and made me laugh all night. I’m never calm, or cool, and if you can make me laugh – well it’s all over. As we left the party to go to the next place he put his hand on the small of my back, I will never forget that moment. The rest of the night consisted of dancing, the most spectacular view of the city and telling each other our best jokes. AND when he finally convinced me to go home…haha…he didn’t even kiss me! He made me wait!

    We celebrated our one year anniversary at TIFF this past September.

    It was worth the wait and the journey still continues…