Have a Magical (Long) Weekend.

What are you up to this weekend? After a day of potty training, Alex and I are hoping to sneak out for lasagna in the neighborhood. And will you be watching Girls on Sunday? Have a wonderful weekend, and here are a few fun links from around the web…

A song for your weekend.

A recipe for just two chocolate chip cookies? Perfect.

IKEA bookshelves get an awesome makeover.

Well said, Tina Fey.

Six toddler games for lazy parents.

Wow, a neon gown!

Damaged hardwood floors? Just paint stripes.

Winter sun cocktail.

This packing list makes me want to take a trip.

Queen Elizabeth with 12 presidents.

Remember the controversial Vogue mom who put her daughter on a diet? Her book is out.

…And here’s a Q&A with her.

Good parenting question.

Cute cups for picnics.

What a beautiful photo.

(Photo of the northern lights in Alaska by NASA)

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  3. Thank you for this! This is pinned so often without credit and mention of Jeddaka, who created it, I’m pleased to see someone else point out the person who created it, and explain that it isn’t the Northern Lights! It’s beautiful, though, that’s for sure.

  4. I’m dying to hear about your potty training weekend! my sister is a huge advocate for the weekend emersion plan. I am currently on the slow plan with my toddlers “school” of taking her in every hour and not forcing, giving stickers etc. Seems like my way is going to take forever.

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  8. wow…loove the Tina Fey thing… Girls…..and watching London turn into a winter wonderland!!

  9. really lovely post and what a stunning photo. thank you for giving me a lot of things to take a look at for the next couple of days as well!
    xx rae

  10. jm says...

    I agree with Maria above. I think it is great to let your child be independent when the risks are small, but you have to hover and protect a more serious injury is likely. That is a mother’s role. (Love your blog, Joanna.)

  11. jm says...

    That is an amazing photograph!

  12. Nice photo!

  13. Hope you are having a gorgeous weekend!!!
    That neon gown, the picnic cup, those cookies and that gorgeous Ikea bookshelf….. WOW!
    Thank you for all the inspiration… day after day!

  14. Thanks for the links!
    For me the parenting question is easily answered (but maybe because I’m not a parent yet!). Child who put themselves in risky situations have to be protected. I think that procteting them by stopping them with words or physically is the good thing to do when they are in risk to really hurt themselves (like in the pic maybe). Learning life by a small bruise or a little fright is okay, but then, it’s adults who teach you what the limits are, instead of taking the risk to really get hurt, get burnt or what else…

  15. Been nipping in here for years…alas, my first comment. Thanks for somehow always making me feel pretty when I visit! After 5+ years of country living, it’s nice to nip in and find inspiration. Today it was dark red lippy + the chestnut bun. Thank you Joanne xx

  16. Thanks for the great links! Love the Tina Fey one :)

  17. I have made the two chocolate chippers before. As I pulled them out of the oven my husband laughed and said, “Seriously? You turned the oven on to bake 2 chocolate chip cookies?” Add that to the list of questions women would never, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ask.

  18. Love the chocolate chip recipe for 2! BUT if I am going to make that much effort in the kitchen I’m making the whole batch! I always freeze most of the dough or keep in fridge so that each time I make them they are warm and gooey. good luck with potty training!

  19. I’ll be at the inauguration (DC is going to be a messsss), but will start my weekend off at the nat’l day of service summit. Feeling very “USA! USA!” Gettin’ stuff done, as Tina Fey might say :) What great links!

  20. Oh wow. The photograph of the Northern Lights just reminded me why seeing them is at the top of my bucket list.

  21. I love Friday links but I really dislike promoting the woman’s book who put her daughter on a diet. I know, controversy. But it’s a child we’re talking about and that makes it feel extra squicky.

    • I second this sentiment completely. Ms. Lynn-Weiss lost my respect after the Vogue article and I really hope that her daughter is OK in the future.

    • I agree here too. Love the Friday links, and adore this blog, but hated this article and not a fan of promoting this book.

    • I haven’t seen the Vogue piece but I have read about the book a little.
      The thing is if you have an obese child surely you have to change what they eat. Call it a diet or call it something different (and don’t write a book about it until your daughter is an adult and can decide herself if she wants to share) but you would have to do something.

  22. Good luck with the potty training! The toddler games had me dying a little of laughing too much. :) Have a great weekend!

  23. looks like the NASA link is incorrect- do you happen to have the right one? thanks!

  24. Great links! That neon gown is gorgeous! Good luck with potty training!

  25. Good luck with that potty training. Neither of my boys potty trained until after 3, but I’m hoping my little girl will be ready sooner. :)

  26. Love the Friday round-ups! Hopefully someday I have enough patience to create built-ins like those, they’re gorgeous.

  27. My fave WV lasagna is at Marinella on Carmine and Bedford. Have a great weekend!

  28. Love your blog, and excited you’re into our Winter Sun Cocktail! :)
    -Sarah @ two tarts

  29. Thank you! I will be trying these 6 toddler games with my baby this rainy weekend! Genius!

  30. Also? I just love that sweater! Can’t go wrong with polka dots these days!

  31. I loved the good parenting question link. I let my boys have a lot of independence trying things like this; however, they are each different and require different amounts of “hovering!” My first is wildly independent and physically capable, and has never had a bad accident. My second is a little more wary and a lot less coordinated, so I would hover with one and not the other in this situation!

    I always enjoy your Friday links. Keep ’em coming!

  32. LOVE that tina fey piece! your blog is such a highlight . . . love your Friday roundups! Any news on the Eberjey winner?

  33. that restaurant looks so cute!! have you ever been to enoteca maria in staten island? it’s our absolute favorite italian restaurant, and it’s just a block or 2 from the ferry station! you should check it out :)