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  2. ooh the cheese and chocolate ones are totally me! congrats on the baby news by the way, so exciting! baby looks like it’s going to be born on our wedding day!

  3. i’m in between Hand me the hot sauce and Get me my coffee

  4. Definitely the cheese and coffee aprons! They are my favorites. :)

  5. The cheese one definitely – I love these!

  6. Oh man. I’m torn between tacos and cheese… I would say story of my life but if that were really a situation I would just put more cheese on the taco. Mmm.

  7. jm says...

    “Let’s put some cheese on this” is my mantra.

  8. A friend once cracked me up by expressing her love for cheese, such that she “puts soft cheese on hard cheese”. It’s now in my repertoire for life! Let’s put soft cheese on hard cheese.

  9. Those are cute. I am the one calling for hot sauce! :)


  10. It’s time to eat tacos!? Oh man I need that one. Right now.

  11. The chocolate one is definitely me.

  12. These are positively adorable!! =)

  13. These are too cute! Definitely adding to my wish list now that I’m learning how to cook!

  14. Oh man, definitely the cheese one. I’m from Wisconsin so I can’t help it. I always double the cheese amounts in recipes.

  15. I’m with you! Put some Cheese on that! :)

  16. These are awesome. The Time for Tacos one cracks me up for some reason.

  17. Hilarious! I just bought the cheese one for my sister! She always doubles the cheese on any recipe. Thanks Jo!

  18. I won one of her Taco Kitty totes on a blog giveaway and I can’t wait for it to arrive in the mail! Cats+tacos=WIN

  19. Hahaha! The cheese one describes my cooking philosophy to a T!

  20. cheese… that’s pretty much how I cook!

  21. I need the “Lets put some Cheese on that” apron! Fits me perfectly!

  22. It is certainly time to eat tacos… : )

  23. Love! Love! Love! The cheese one is fantastic – might have to get it for myself, my sisters, and my friends!!

  24. “if you like it then you should put some cheese in it” – a version of Beyoncé song :-D

    The cheese apron for me!

  25. i am KNOWN for my love of tacos. that one, absolutely.

  26. I just purchased the cheesy one for my best friend who LOVES to cook and adds cheese to E V E R E T H I N G!!!

    Thank you so much for your recommendation Joanna! you have the best taste.

  27. tacos!

  28. Oh the cheese one, for sure since I have a PhD (literally) in cheese science (food science specializing in dairy chemistry). And I live in Wisconsin!

  29. She should make one that says, “let’s drink some wine with that”

    • oh, yes! I would definitely buy that one!

  30. I’m the chocolate, my husband is the cheese. How very perfect.

  31. these are so great!

  32. cheese is the fifth food group in our house. love it!

  33. For me, the chocolate one! My husband would alternate between the hot sauce and the taco one.

    These are really cute!

  34. HA! Love the “let’s put some cheese on this” one.

  35. Hand me the hot sauce…

  36. I love the cheese AND chocolate ones! Too cute!

  37. besides these aprons i love everything else in her shop! fun and quirky. love!

  38. Well as right now I am waiting for my husband to get home so we can eat taco’s the last one is almost mocking me but I would love it!

  39. I would get the coffee one! Although cheese is pretty good too.

  40. The cheese one is definitely me, and I’d love the taco time one for boyfriend.

  41. I would definitely have to get the hot sauce one for my husband! The taco one would be for me… :)