1. Thanks for the article! It had some great tips as I am looking to get a bracelet to help with losing weight. One question though – which one has the best battery life?

  2. I’ve been on the fence about spending the money on one of these. I do like the idea though. If I ever have the extra cash for it, I think that I would.

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  8. I’ve been weighing the options between this and the fitbit for a few days now, I definitely like the idea of the bracelet more but the fitbit has some very loyal (and convincing!) followers. I’d be interested in what you end up deciding and a review if you end up buying one!

  9. I have been using a Nike FuelBand for the last year and love it!!!

  10. This is so clever – beating the numbers brings out my competitive streak!

  11. You have to try out FitBit. http://www.fitbit.com/home

    My husband and I both have the ‘one’ and it has become a competition in our house! For women, you can hook it into the center of your bra. You literally never feel it and you can’t see it unless you’re in something super low cut or tight. For men, it’s pretty small and can just drop in their pocket.

    A few of my co-workers have recently bought one as well and you can ‘friend’ each other online and compete against each other.

    Pretty fun way to get motivated to keep moving.

  12. the company i work for has a health program that rewards physical activity based on a pedometer. it has been pretty interesting! it’s CRAZY how little movement you get in a day sometimes! to boost our steps, my co-workers and i leave our little cubicles and walk 2x a day around the warehouse at our office … every little bit helps! :)

  13. love it! that is such a cool idea.

  14. This sounds brilliant! Why have I not heard of this before? I’m tempted to get one.
    This is why I love your blog, you always thing the most nifty and pretty things, thanks Jo!

  15. Cool concept similar to the Nike+ and Fitbit versions, but they’re all a bit too pricey for my budget!
    I’ll have to wait until one in the $50 range is released.

  16. I would be really concerned about the wireless signal or whatever if uses to communicate with the app. :(

  17. I bought the UP for my husband for Christmas. I was a little hesitant about buying it at first because it’s kinda pricey, but I thought the “you’ve been idle for too long” feature would come in handy for him ;-) My husband complains about not getting enough sleep, so I thought being able to see how many deep hours of sleep he got, how long it took him to fall asleep, and how many times he woke up in the middle of the night would be helpful. He’s been using the UP for about two weeks and loves it. He’s also got enough data know to start seeing trends in his activity and sleep patterns. It’s pretty cool, and a really great conversation piece, too! I am thinking about getting one for myself. It’s amazing what technology can do today.

  18. I think I would! Especially if you’re concerned about how much activity you’re getting daily. It’s inconspicuous enough for me to not be worried that it looks like I’m wearing an arm band. I am looking forward to the FitBit bracelet, though!

  19. I feel like this is SUCH a sponsored or paid for post in disguise! Boo to you. This is why I haven’t visited in weeks. It’s one thing to mark them clearly, but this just feels like sneakery.

  20. http://www.fitbit.com/flex

    This bracelet FitBit is to be released in the spring. I am on the email list to be notified first thing. Their other products seem to be well-loved!

  21. I wore a standard pedometer for three months while doing a walking challenge at work. I really enjoyed knowing how much exercise I was getting during the day so I could easily decide how much more I should do in the evening. It really motivated me to reach my target # of steps each day. The most annoying part was trying to wear the clip-on pedometer when I was wearing a dress or skirt. I’d definitely be interested in this bracelet.

  22. I love it! I just got it last week, and am slightly obsessed with hitting my goals of 10,000 steps (about 5 miles) every day. I honestly think that it has made myself, and my husband healthier!

  23. i say its a don’t….i feel like i don’t need another thing in my life to consume my attention and energy….just exercise and be done with it! who wants to be a slave to a bracelet and a phone app?

  24. Interesting idea – thing I would wear it …y not ?-http://carolinestyling.blogspot.com

  25. I would totally do this!
    I went from being an active grade 6 teacher to working a desk job, so I find little things to motivate me to move each day. like I make an excuse to walk up the six flights of stairs in my building to the very top floor, just to get a bit of exercise.

  26. My boyfriend’s office has a challenge – 10k steps a day – and everyone was given a pedometer (nothing fancy like this one) and I loved it! It was just a fun way to challenge yourself or after a killer day of errands to feel justified in your exhaustion… the other fun bonus was the competition. Friendly of course, but at the end of the day it was fun to compare steps :) Anything you can use to help you get moving is a good thing in my books.

  27. b says...

    I want one, but there are so many versions: Fitbit, Nike FuelBand, UP by JawBone, Basis Health Monitor, MisFit Shine activity tracker

    I’ve heard great things about UP and Fitbit.

    I’d rather wear the version of Fitbit One, which can be hidden when worn: http://www.theverge.com/products/one/6137

  28. b says...

    I want one, but there are so many versions: Fitbit, Nike FuelBand, UP by JawBone, Basis Health Monitor, MisFit Shine activity tracker

    I’ve heard great things about UP and Fitbit.

    I’d rather wear the version of Fitbit One, which can be hidden when worn: http://www.theverge.com/products/one/6137

  29. I just got a fitbit one for Christmas. Love it! Makes me feel great when ive worked out and exceeded 10000 steps in the same day!

  30. I have been wearing the Jawbone UP for over a year now. I LOVE it! It wakes me when I’m in light sleep. Tracks my sleep – which has helped me tremendously – and tells me when I don’t move enough. I highly recommend it!

  31. I would! I’m currently using a Solus watch to track my calories/ heart-rate/ workout but I would defo wear a pedometer bracelet :)

  32. I have the FitBit which I really like. I usually keep it in my pocket so that I can check out how many steps I’ve taken. It is motivating and I like that it can stay hidden instead of a bracelet that everyone can see.

  33. I am game. Especially when it looks fun like that! And multitasks!

  34. I tried a pedometer and desperately failed at it.. but maybe it’s cos my husband wasn’t fashionable enough to get me a bracelet. He got me one of those things you clip on the waist of your pants :)

  35. SO cool – definite do! This is the first okay looking one I’ve seen!

  36. I have a FitBit and love it! And unlike the Up, it can be subtly hidden on your front bra strap, or in a shirt pocket. Though it doesn’t have an app, it does have a wonderful website, which can also be easily accessed on a phone. The info-graphics for all your movement, your sleep cycles, and your burned calories are quite beautifully designed too!

    • FitBit does have an app, for phones and ipads.

  37. I think the concept is pretty incredible. We live in the future! Although, the design could (always) be better of course. Either way, wish I had one.

  38. Up by Jawbone had a bunch of major hardware issues last year, so I’d proceed with caution there. Look up “Up by Jawbone issues”– there were a bunch of write-ups. If you’re going to do the personal tracker thing, I’d consider Fitbit and Nike+. Fitbit also has the Zip, which is cheaper than most options. I’ve had a Fitbit Ultra for the past year and love it, but then again I’m a data geek and work in tech (not for anyone discussed on this post, though :)). Even if you go for their lower-end tracker, Fitbit’s site is awesome for seeing data.

    • I was an early adopter of the UP, bought the day it came out on the market. Jawbone did amazing things when the realized the battery was a problem. They gave me my money back for my original purchase and signed me up to be a beta tester for their redesign. I have had zero problems with the new version. If I ever do, I know Jawbone will take good care of me!

  39. I think the design is quite appealing. The price is not great though :/

  40. um i think these bracelets could really catch on, they look really cool!

  41. That looks ok, not too sporty. Have you looked into the fitbit? It is a great tool and tracks a few additional things like sleeping rhythms and it has a cute flower that grows as your physical activity increases throughout the day!

  42. While I can TOTALLY appreciate the value of this information, I’ve reached a point where I feel myself really pushing back against the penetration of technology into almost every aspect of life. I want less. So, no, I don’t want one of these. But I also don’t have a smart phone – I’ll borrow my husband’s if we’re out together, but I don’t own one myself (and if he gave his up, I wouldn’t get one to compensate for the loss). Of course, all of these tools are useful … I just want less of them in my life.

    If I go for a long walk, I don’t want to turn any part of that experience into a number (of steps walked, of calories burned, of miles covered). I don’t want a machine to tell me if I slept well. I want to feel it myself.

  43. I had a FitBit for a while that pretty much did the same thing except for the bracelet part. It would have been great except it wasnt water proof and I kept killing them. It was a great motivator since I was tracking my activity and eating in an attempt to lose weight. Not to brag (although maybe a little bit :) ) but I lost 50lbs last year by simply eating less and moving more.

  44. It looks like I am the only one, but a huge NO. Do we really need to quantify every single move that we make? We are human beings. We are not pie charts.

  45. I have the Nike+ one and I love it! It’s like a mini competition with myself all day! xxx

  46. oh and the fitbit one. i have never had it track anything if i am not wearing it fyi. very reliable

  47. I’ve never seen one this fashionable!! how cool!

  48. oh totally i have switched to the fitbit which does the same things, activity, food, water, sleep and setting goals etc.
    it also syncs with my phone. i love it especially being in the city and seeing how much i do every day.

  49. I think it sounds cool, and I would get one, but I don’t have an iPhone!

    • (I swear I don’t work for Fitbit!) but the Fitbit works with an android phone, fyi. :) I do research on physical activity and disease and I want absolutely everyone to get more steps per day, and use whatever motivation necessary to get there!

  50. Nike+ Fuel Band!!!!!

  51. obviously i was very excited to be in this conversation…hah

  52. My hubby and I were just talking about getting one! I think it would be great motivation and best of all, it’s cute

  53. my husband and i were just discussing getting a few of these. I think it’s a great idea for some extra motivation. Best of all, it’s kind of cute!

  54. my husband and i were just discussing getting a few of these. I think it’s a great idea for some extra motivation. Best of all, it’s kind of cute!

  55. I had to use something like this in a gym class once to track my activity! It was really interesting to see the amount of steps I was taking on different days of the week (ex; work v.s home). I would love something like this!

  56. I would absolutely love one, I was looking into getting a pedometer for my husband for christmas. But I just can’t swing $125 on something like that, unfortunately. Neat idea though!

    • Morgan – the Fitbit zip sells for $50. A good way to try it out and see if you like it.

  57. i have one and i love it. its amazing to track your mileage in a place like nyc. in my experience the technology is also far more advanced than the tracking apps i have seen/used.

    take the plunge!

  58. My dad got me a fitbit zip which is a funny present to get, but it is sort of fun to watch the steps add up even just walking the dog. There’s a happy face when you’ve been active, and a frown with a tongue out when you haven’t (odd but effective) and a calorie counter which is mysterious to me. Somehow, even when it’s been sitting on the bedside table, it says I’ve burned 600 calories. There’s a tie in to an app also which is easy. It came as a pair so I’m going to try to get my husband to try it out too, you can compete with them somehow!
    Just noticed someone above also uses one, but maybe a more advanced one – I don’t think this can track sleeping.

  59. This is awesome! I want one!

  60. I’ve had a FitBit ($99) for about a year now. Easy to wear, extremely accurate. The “bio data” are amazing. I value the sleep info as much as the miles traveled or calories burned.

    You know how there’s that business adage, “What gets measured, gets done”? Yeah.

  61. I’ve had a FitBit ($99) for about a year now. Easy to wear, extremely accurate. The “bio data” are amazing. I value the sleep info as much as the miles traveled or calories burned.

    You know how there’s that business adage, “What gets measured, gets done”? Yeah.

  62. I can’t tell you how many pedometers I’ve lost over the years, BUT I have never lost a bracelet!! This is right up my alley…I’ll going to check it out!!

    Ergo – Blog

  63. I have the Fit Bit tracker but it’s a clip on, not a bracelet. Regardless, it’s fantastic. Motivates me to get off my butt whenever possible plus since my mom and husband both have them, we’ve turned it into a competition to see who can take the most steps per day.

  64. My boyfriend wears one of these and loves it! It also means that his morning alarm is quieter, which I appreciate since he gets up before me. Anything that helps people get better sleep, or learn to develop habits that beget better sleep is good to me – I would wear one, if it weren’t for the fact that the end metal bits are sharp. My boyfriend has grazed me several times on the sofa with his arm and I was scratched – ouch!

  65. Oh, did our world become co hectic that we can not track down anymore how much movement we had this day? I think that in this cyber world what we really need is yoga and meditation and not yet another lovely cyber thing :)


    • I agree, but I pick and choose my battles…and this is a cyber thing worth using!

  66. I instantly feel in love with that BUT then I checked reviews and changed my mind. Its always worth to have a look at reviews and competition (nike has similar, and cheaper too!). Although, I love the idea I wouldnt buy it! :):)

  67. my husband bought this one, and there was something wrong with it and got a refund. im not sure if they fixed that moving forward. the idea is awesome and he loved it for a while. it has a neat sleep feature too. im just not sure its 100% worth it. the fit bit i hear is nice too.

  68. fascinating! …but worried it would only make me feel guilty. haha

  69. If only it would give you an alarm bell when you went over your calorie count for the day!

  70. Joanna – you hit on one of my favorite topics! I wear a Fitbit and love it. My husband and I both have them and we compare numbers at the end of the day. It really makes you think twice about taking the stairs, parking further away, etc. I blogged about the fitbit, if you are interested (link below). I am a big fan of these for improving your health! http://www.maniger.blogspot.com/2012/07/one-more-step-get-little-bit-fit.html

  71. I’m very intrigued. I might have to get one for myself and my husband, and I’m thinking my oldest son would really love it.

  72. Nope…I would not wear one…unless a doctor forced me to. I like gadgets just to see how they work but not for wearing. I know of many people though who wear such things, our gym recommends them.

  73. I had to wear one of those pedometers for freshman health course in college and I did like knowing how many steps I took and how much more I needed to stay active but I hated how ugly and bulky it was. This bracelet seems like a good alternative.

  74. The UP is good, but the Nike Fuel Band is much better, also tracks your calories as well as tells the time and converts your movement into FUEL points that you can compare and track with people socially. Its a much more well rounded device.

  75. That is cool looking bracelet and very cool it can update to your phone. I wore a pedometer once for a health study and I really felt motivated to walk 10000 steps or more per day. Of course that was when I was in the city, at school, and not at my current desk job.

  76. Don’t. If a person needs one of these, that means they’re not moving enough and a bracelet probably won’t change that much.

    That said, anyone who lives in NYC probably doesn’t need one.

  77. I’ve been wanting one that sends info to my ipad. My husband loves them. I’d definitely try it out.

  78. I wouldn’t mind trying it!

  79. I got one for Christmas as well, and my husband and I are on the same “team” via the app. I walk everywhere so it’s been fun to see how many steps I actually take in a day (over 6,000!) and being able to see how the other is doing is great for friendly competition.

  80. Very cool, but I wonder how accurate it is. Maybe try a fitbit. I saw another blogger mention it a few days ago.

  81. i have an activity monitor i wear on my bra and i love it! definitely makes me move more. i love the idea of alerting me of when i’ve been sitting too long though — mine doesn’t do that!

    and i have friends who wear the nike bracelet. they love it too. the whole idea is pretty great.

  82. I use an app as a food diary to monitor my weight and daily food intake, tracking my progress with all the charts etc. really has been fun. I’m sure a pedometer bracelet would be fun too.

  83. My whole family uses the fitbit and we love it! It really has made everyone more active.

  84. CC says...

    I also have a fitbit, and chose it because I can wear it on my bra and no one else knows I’m wearing it. It’s definitely motivational!

  85. CC says...

    I also have a fitbit, and chose it because I can wear it on my bra and no one else knows I’m wearing it. It’s definitely motivational!

  86. I’m totally intrigued. I remember reading about this before it was released and thought it was such a cool idea. Plus it’s nice that it doesn’t actually *look* like a pedometer. I have a clipon guy I use for running, but I like the idea of getting feedback on your sleep cycles too. Wonder how accurate that is. Still, definitely very curious about this thing.


  87. I got a Nike Fuelband for Hanukkah & love it. Not bulky at all.

  88. My boyfriend sends me websites for things like this all the time. I think we might do it sometime this year!

  89. I wear the Nike Fuelband and adore it.

  90. definitely, definitely want.

  91. I would, except I don’t have the money for an I phone. I have a step counter instead!

  92. My friend works for Jawbone and has been wearing his for months! I think it’s an awesome idea and definitely worth getting if you’re interested in knowing your movement/sleep patterns.

  93. I think I would like being able to track my daily activity level, but my sleeping? Not so much. I suspect it would be telling me how poorly I slept all the time and that would just make me feel more tired!!

  94. I JUST got one for Christmas and I am in love. I would probably never wear the Nike band since its bulky and only tracks steps. This band is daintier and more of a lifestyle band! The best part about it is that you can join your friends and help each other out along the way!

  95. My husband got the Nike version for Christmas. He’s pretty into it so far. It actually inspired ME to set up a standing desk in my office.

  96. Woah, that’s expensive. I have a great little pedometer that I carry in my purse when out and about, and clip to my workout clothes when I’m exercising. And it only cost about $20.

    As it’s a novelty, I’m tempted to say – if you need to track whether you’re moving around enough, you probably aren’t. : )

  97. Personally, I think it would be a really nice thing to have! I already log my miles manually on my phone, and sometimes that can be a nuisance. A little bracelet that does the work for me would be more ideal.

  98. I got a fitbit for Christmas too and I love it because I can clip it on to my bra. I’m picky about my accessories and I don’t like the idea of having to wear the same blue bracelet everyday. With my fitbit nobody can see it!

  99. I think that it’s kind of a brilliant idea, and I would love one. But then again, I’ve started training for a half marathon.
    xo, Maria

  100. So cool! I like that it tracks walking and sleep… somehow those two things fit naturally together in terms of overall health to me. I’m intrigued!

  101. I use the Fitbit Ultra, which is basically invisible. I love that it draws my attention to my activity level, particularly on super busy work days with me hunched in front of a computer — if I haven’t moved much by lunch I’ll intentionally walk around to be sure I’ll meet the goal at the end of the day.

    Plus it sends really charming notifications automatically — “Nailed it!” — when I reach my step goal. Recently I got a cute cartoon image telling me I’d apparently walked the distance across the Bering Strait. Really fun.

    Finally, I “compete” online with my Mother-In-Law whose Jazzercise and walking routine is almost impossible to beat with a desk job.

    • i LOVE the enthusiasm of the FitBit. i also find it hilarious that it’s so affectionate. it’s always telling my boyfriend “love ya!”. ha.

  102. Eu says...

    Cute idea… Mi Pedometer is a round big thing to wear on my waist and only counts steps… ;-)

  103. my sister has worn her pedometer for 4 years! I wore one for a while and was shocked by how sedentary my life is. I suggest getting one w/ Alex or w/ a friend and having a friendly competition over who gets the most steps in a month.

  104. My boyfriend ordered me this a couple years ago- but they stopped shipping because of technical issues users were having. I’m happy to hear the kinks are worked out- hopefully- maybe I will tell him to reorder :)

  105. in case you’re looking to check out some other options on the market – my boyfriend and i both own FitBits which are a great alternative to the pedometer and NIKE fit bracelets as they can be concealed and have a lot of capabilities in terms of tracking, setting, and reporting on fitness and health goals.


    happy walking :) it’s a fun personal challenge to start looking at how much daily movement we engage with. now when i see a set of stairs, i’m all “STAIRS! yes!” rather than “ugh, where is the elevator”. also, i highly recommended doing it together; it’s been nice to have a partner and motivate each other.


  106. My boyfriend bought my the NikePlus Fuelband. Its all black and unless you click the button, you would never know it was a digital pedometer! It always says the time, calculates calories, and my tracks “fuel” goal for the day. I love that I can sync it right to my phone / ipad and see my results at any time. Im totally addicted. You should get one!

  107. I got my husband a FitBit One as an early Christmas present. He loves it- he is a metrics-geek. Plus- he’s managed to actually lose a few pounds over the holidays, just by walking more- getting up and taking the stairs to talk to people at work. In fact, if he hasn’t reached his stairs goal by the end of the day he will run up and down the stairs at home. The badges and trophies you can earn also get him moving. If you love video games and like to be competitive with yourself, this is a great tool.

  108. Where I work, I can’t wear anything on my arms, so I have a fitbit one which attaches to my waistband (or my bra if I’m wearing a dress). I love it! Tracking my steps and stairs climbed has really motivated me to getting moving more often and the sleep tracker has been really illuminating about my sleep patterns.

    • Now I’m so curious…what kind of job do you? Do you mean you can’t wear jewelry or watches, or nothing at all?

    • I don’t know about Kristin, but I work doing sign design and manufacturing. I don’t wear any jewelery on my arms, because when I’m running big time heavy machinery I don’t want to risk anything getting caught! That rule also goes for long sleeves (unless they’re pushed back), scarves, floppy bows…I love my job, but looking nice is a challenge!

  109. I would love this! But I don’t have an iphone so i’ll have to see if there’s a droid version. it’s a great idea though!

  110. I would love to try one! So fun!

  111. I think they are really intriguing, however, with that said, I know that there are days when I do not get up and move around enough, (Welcome to the world of blogging!) and I’m afraid it would make me feel worse about sitting still for long periods of time than I already do. I suppose that makes me question the need for them…don’t we already know when we aren’t moving enough? Do we really need some fancy device to tell us to get off our asses?

  112. I have the Fitbit and I love it. The basic one is around $40. I’ve heard negative reviews about the UP/jawbone.

  113. this totally put my grandmother pedometer to shame! it’s actually kind of chic :)

  114. I’m very interested to see how people like it, I’ve been considering getting this one but I haven’t seen any reviews of it. Nor do I know anybody who has it. Thanks for asking about it!

  115. I like it, but what about an Android app?

  116. I like the idea, and since it doesn’t look like you’re wearing a pedometer, I might be inclined to try it. Honestly, the sleep part might be more interesting than the movement part!

  117. Adore the idea, but wouldn’t shell out $130 for it :) My favorite part would be the reminder when I’ve been sitting still too long!

  118. Yeah I’d love one. A great way to remind me to get moving.

    x’s & o’s

  119. I think they are really intriguing, however, with that said, I know that there are days when I do not get up and move around enough, (Welcome to the world of blogging!) and I’m afraid it would make me feel worse about sitting still for long periods of time than I already do. I suppose that makes me question the need for them…don’t we already know when we aren’t moving enough? Do we really need some fancy device to tell us to get off our asses?

  120. Do! I would be willing to try this out and I think it’d motivate me to park further away when running my errands (and taking the stairs more :) Love that bright blue color. -Sarah

  121. jm says...

    I love the idea. I think it would totally motivate me to get moving and try to reach the recommended 10,000 (!!!) steps a day.

  122. i have the Up by Jawbone as well! i loved it for tracking how many steps i took each day but i don’t think the sleep tracking worked that well – i’ve had a few nights where i know i was up for longer than was tracked, based on checking the time, etc.

    it’s definitely interesting to use and helps you to understand what habits (i fall asleep quicker when i take a quick, warm shower before bed, for example) lead to better sleep, but i don’t know that it is something i will use long term. in fact i may return it!

  123. Very cool idea! I would totally try this out. I’ve been looking for a pedometer that I can wear while walking around campus, but I didn’t want some big dorky looking one – this one definitely fits the bill!

    • I just got one yesterday! It is slightly dorky- my husband called it “nerdy”. I kinda think you have to be a little bit nerdy anyway to want something like this, right? But so far so good… I’ve ridden my horse with it on (didn’t get in my way- very durable), taken a couple of showers (very water resistant), and found the sleep tracking to be accurate. I love the reminders to get up and move. I need the subtle prodding.