Tuesday giveaway!

Today’s giveaway from ONA is amazing! These days, people carry their cameras everywhere—to playgrounds, on vacations, to candlelit restaurants. “I loathed carrying a camera bag that was clunky and distracting,” says Tracy, the founder. “To avoid looking like a tourist, I even tried stuffing my camera into a regular bag…and my camera ended up with the nicks and scratches to prove it.” So, she created camera bags that are both gorgeous and functional.

Today, one lucky reader will get to choose between the Chelsea bag ($369) and the Palma bag ($319). For a chance to win, please visit ONA’s online shop, and leave a comment below telling us your favorite. Good luck! Update: Mary S. is our winner and has been emailed. Thanks for playing.

  1. I love the Chelsea bag!.
    ¡Feliz Navidad!. Un saludo desde Sevilla (España).
    María José Martín.

  2. I love the Chelsea bag!
    ¡Feliz Navidad!. Un saludo desde Sevilla (España).
    María José Martín.

  3. The Camps Bay is a beauty along side The Chelsea. One for great travels and easy on the back and the other stylish and a match to any outfit.

  4. I do like the Palma but the Chelsea is more practical with the cross body strap! <3

  5. the Palma bag is exactly what I have been looking for to hold the dslr I spent the last 3 months saving up for! It is absolutely gorgeous!

  6. Would love a stylish camera bag like this.

  7. Wow, those are really beautiful camera bags! The Palma is fantastic.


  8. Palma please :)

  9. The Palma is so amazing!

  10. oh my! i love these camera bags and although i feel funny this tim of year saying i NEED anything – i would really LOVE to have one of these! the brooklyn is outstanding. and i like the palma too. great giveaway joanna!

  11. n. says...

    The Palma bag is the perfect stylish camera bag for a New Yorker

  12. The Palma, the Palma! It’s a classic!

  13. L says...

    These bags are beautiful. The brooklyn would be perfect for my photographer sister.

  14. Wish I knew about these before Christmas was so close! I like the Chelsea for sure!

  15. I love the Palma, so cute :)

  16. How lovely! The Palma is my favorite. Would make a great gift for my mom. Thanks for sharing!

  17. Love the Chelsea bag, so chic!

  18. I love The Brooklyn !!

  19. I love The Brooklyn !!

  20. AWESME…yes please

  21. i hope i get the chance to decide between the two! :)
    happy holidays!

  22. Chelsea Please!and thank you :)

  23. I love the chelsea bag! I’ve been desperately searching for the perfect christmas gift for my aspiring photographer of a little sister. She would adore the clean lines, and buttery leather happiness. I hope I win, and can make the girl’s holiday!

  24. M. says...


  25. M. says...


  26. This is super cute! :)

  27. The Chelsea bag. What a great idea. Looks like anything but a camera bag!

  28. wow, so many comments!! My favorite one is The Palma bag. It’s gorgeous.

  29. The Chelsea is so beautiful! Fingers crossed! :)

  30. Oh sweet baby Jesus, the Chelsea in Cognac is just divine!
    I currently use an old sock to protect my Nikon. Tragic, I know.

  31. Oh sweet baby Jesus, the Chelsea in Cognac is just divine!
    I currently use an old sock to protect my Nikon. Tragic, I know.

  32. These are beautiful! Count me in, please!

  33. the chelsea bag!

  34. Beautiful. I love the look of the Brooklyn bag.

  35. Oooooo…The Chelsea Bag is beautiful! I’ve been wanting a new nice adult bag.

  36. i love the chelsea in brown or black! =)

  37. they are both so beautiful! I think i’m slightly partial to the palma

  38. Wow! I love the bowery in field tan.

  39. Love the Palma!

  40. Wonderful bag!!!

  41. Being one of those constantly-slinging-a-camera folks, I am swooning over the Chelsea — so dainty & darling, who knew a camera bag could be so stylish.

  42. I like the structure of the chelsea bag.

  43. My favorite is The Brixton! Oh, and the Chelsea!

  44. These are fantastic! I’d love The Chelsea bag most of all! Wishing…

  45. I love the Chelsea bag! Perfect for my trip to Paris in the spring!!!

  46. Oh man, I just got a camera for my birthday and I would LOVE to carry it around in the Palma bag! *swoon*