1. This is hilarious…hahaha I thought it was real for a minute.

  2. Me and my sister always make fun of my mom for taking photos like this! We call it the “facebook photo,” and we have at least one for every vacation we go on with her!

  3. wouldn’t it be nice if selfies were this good ;)

  4. This is great! The first one threw me for a second.

  5. Hi,

    This is a lot of fun and so unexpected, my favorite is Prince William on his wedding day.

    Thanks for your great posts, have a Merry Holiday and a bit of time to enjoy it.

  6. Haha so weird! Yea those pics never look good I guess. But what are we to do while on vacation and get tired of asking others to take pics???

    Strive to Thrive,

  7. Hilarious. I think it adds such an element of humanity to them, and I’m secretly noting to ensure a few silly self-portraits on our wedding day…..

    not so secretly anymore, I suppose.


  8. With the last photo if you read Greta Zimmer Friedman’s interview, she came back years later and met up and had drinks with the man after. I agree that it wasn’t consensual but I think if she was really in trouble and feared the man then she wouldn’t have had this same attitude. It is sad that they didn’t both have the same feeling… although you can kind of tell with the photo, like where his left arm is… :(

  9. This is too funny!!

  10. LOL!

  11. haha, these are such a cute idea! ..I always make my bf do a few with me on trips and such, they are totally lame and never come out good, but who cares? :)

  12. haha I love this! Too cute of Will and Kate.

  13. As an ex-advertising art director this definitely gave me a chuckle :-) thanks

  14. hahah! I’m so guilty of this.

  15. It looks so real, oh my gosh! This is hilarious!

    Mrs. Sweet

  16. Me agradan muchos las fotos històricas y a la vez originales,esa de Curchill es estupenda .Optimo post deteresa

  17. These are so fun! The Will & Kate one is especially believable. You know they’ve done that themselves at some point in their relationship!

  18. So funny!

  19. Haha I love the solider w/ the nurse one! That would totally be his facebook profile pic! =P

    Ergo – Blog

  20. Do you know that last photo is a photo of sexual assault?

  21. It really ads an extra degree of sweetness to them, Iove it!

  22. Shame the last picture isn’t consensual.

  23. I definitely take shameless self-portraits, usually my husband is in them, but not always!

  24. made me laugh too! especially the first one!

  25. LOVE this!! Such a great idea!