Have a great weekend.

What are your plans for the weekend? I’m going on a girl’s night out tomorrow (whoot whoot!). They’re pretty rare for me, so I’m really looking forward to it. We’re also psyched about the new math museum opening in Manhattan; it looks incredible. Hope you have a wonderful weekend, and here are a few fun links from around the web…

A song for your weekend.

What a gorgeous wedding dress.

A gingerbread house? Nope, a gingerbread brownstone.

Smoking cocktail.

Would you wear a union suit?

Just a baby on the table. No biggie.

This tote made me laugh.

First snow in Berlin.

What a rad idea for a gift.

My friend wrote a book!

Who wants to stay in an igloo?

15 incredible photos of Hollywood heroines.

A guy’s dream shop.

And the full Cup of Jo gift guide, if you need any final ideas.

Update: I just heard the news about the Connecticut school. Our hearts go out to the families and children affected. What heartbreak. xoxo

(Photos of skateboarding in NYC in the 1960s, via A Conversation on Cool, via Shoko)

  1. Great!!!!!!!!Down my street there is a 7 year old girl. My friend and I have always been longboarding down there. Now she is always outside. (the end of the street is very smooth and paved) She has a scooter.!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Great!!!!!!!!Down my street there is a 7 year old girl. My friend and I have always been longboarding down there. Now she is always outside. (the end of the street is very smooth and paved) She has a scooter.

  3. how awesome you know Ben Lorr – I’ve already read it! I really enjoyed it. I practice Bikram in Atlanta GA.

  4. I was wondering if you could do a post about homemade gifts. I’ve been looking on Pinterest a lot lately but am not the craftiest person :) I’m a little tight on money this year, and I think a homade gift is very sentimental and loving. Thanks!

  5. Lovely B&W photos! This weekeknd we had Santacon in Trafalgar Square and it was fun!

  6. Love your blog…this post was amazing, thanks for sharing!

    Love, Jamie Herzlinger

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  8. LV says...

    These are such great images!

  9. the picture of keira knightley is amazing.

  10. Joanna, thank you for adding the small update on the CT shooting horror. It is so very heartbreaking. I’ve had to stop watching the news for a little while to have some distance from the sadness. I can’t imagine what it must feel like as a parent, but even without any children of my own, I am speechless and at a loss for words to describe the tragedy. In spite of this dark and sad world we live in sometimes, your blog brings a bit of joy and light to mine, and a reminder to cultivate a good, love-filled life. Thank you!

  11. oh the Math Museum sounds incredible! first the swings, now this.

    for the first time all year i’m taking vacation and we’re planning to hit up every single spot in Chicago’s Museum campus. at the top of my list is the Peanuts exhibit and Holiday of Lights at the Museum of Science and Industry.

    winter is the perfect time for museum (& gallery) hopping! enjoy!

  12. Love these links, the post about first snow in Berlin made me all nostalgic. Have a great night out with the girls!

    Click here to enter my Shabby Apple 50$ gift card giveaway!

  13. I was just looking at union suits online! You always seem to be on the same page as my search history, haha! They’d be super comfy, don’t you think? (and not to mention warm!)

  14. Rufus is absolutely one of my favorites. and this song is so perfect right now, thank you.

    – caroline @thecopperavocado

  15. Joanna, what a coincidence! I just heard of Rufus Wainwright through PBS Artist Den early last week. I love his song 14th Street. :] Hope you keep warm and have a wonderful weekedn

  16. Just a note regarding the smoking cocktail – be careful drinking dry ice. A girl in the UK had to have her stomach removed after dry ice perforated her stomach. I don’t think it’s very wise for the article to state that dry ice is “quite safe” to drink!

  17. I can’t even imagine, nor do I want to, the heartbreak and sadness those parents and families are feeling right now. I actually started to cry when I was driving listening to Obama’s speech. It is just the saddest story, and right at the holidays. So sad. Extra hugs for everyone tonight!

  18. Thank you for the Berlin photos! This is the first Christmas season my husband and I are not there, and it’s such a magical Christmas city.

  19. Ha! Yes! I would wear a union suit! In fact, here are pictures of me (and my boys and husband) wearing them two years ago for our Christmas card!

    P.s.- It’s actually really fun and comfortable to sleep in! :)

  20. the documentary link isn’t working temporarily, so i’ll put it up next week instead. xoxo

  21. Joanna, I LOVE that wedding dress. It’s simple and beautiful all at the same time, and I love how casual and happy the couple looks.

    I have a feeling something might happen soon that’s going to require I start white dress-hunting… :) I’m going to bookmark that page.

    • I LOVE it too! Does anyone know the designer?

  22. I love all these pictures!
    This weekend marks the beginning of the Christmas-party-thon for me. :l Maybe it will be fun this year… I hope you have a nice weekend!

  23. i absolutely own a union suit — probably everyone should! also, i have had my eye on an igloo vacation for some time now. i will make it happen!

  24. Man, that Rufus has one hell of a voice. And… that wedding dress! That tote!
    p.s. the documentary link didn’t come through, but maybe it’s my slow computer? (I’ll check back later.)
    p.p.s. your friend’s book -> what a great story idea!
    Thanks for always sharing these links on Fridays. I sit with my tea or coffee and go through each and every one, every week.

    Have a lovely weekend!

    • Same problem here! The doc link won’t work :( Would love to know which one it is though!

  25. hi joanna! hope you’re feeling much better!
    your friend’s book could be the perfect christmas present for my dad…. he’s gotten *really* into yoga the last few years. do you know if you friend ultimately have a bad experience with yoga? since my dad loves yoga i don’t want to get him a book that really focuses on the negative aspects of the yoga world…. though i think he’d be interested in almost anything yoga related, good and bad.

    • I read this book after hearing the author on NPR, and it’s super inspiring! Definitely not too negative. I absolutely loved it, and I bet your dad will also.

  26. We’re having friends over this weekend to celebrate that christmas is coming. Have a beautiful weekend!

  27. The pictures of the first snow in Berlin are so dreamy. We have no snow in Sarnia, Ontario yet and I need some white fluff for it to really feel like Christmas. Also, I took a look at the baby on the table and I think I am going to spend some time snooping around that blog, it looks interesting. Happy Weekend!

  28. Love these images such tiny skateboards! I’m used to seeing the huge longboards here in SoCal. Have fun on your girls night, they are so necessary!

    Strive to Thrive,