Gold Nails

Have you ever worn gold nail polish? It’s such a pretty color for the holidays (and New Year’s Eve!), and I love that even if you’re wearing pajamas, this nail polish makes you feel celebratory. I’m a big fan of West End Wonderland (and if you take a bottle home, you could do family manicures on Christmas morning:) Thoughts? Would you wear it?

P.S. Navy nails and galaxy nails.

(Photos by Alpha Smoot for A Cup of Jo. Styling by Kendra Smoot. Gold necklace from Madewell)

  1. OMG! Im in love with these gold nail designs, I bet that would look gorgeous on my nails. thanks for sharing this with us

  2. I love wearing gold on my nails all year long. It’s such a good way to wear a neutral but still spice up your everyday style :) :)

  3. bM says...

    I get compliments every time I wear the glitz blitz Sally Hansen strips! Love them.

  4. Addicted to OPI’s Glizerland around the holidays!

  5. Hi there: I truly hate to say it, but I agree with Chuchi. As a long time reader as well the completely sponsored post left me with a bad taste after reading. I too can appreciate the need to make money with CoJ as a business venture and I will continue to read along, but feel that post truly put a ding in your well-deserved and appreciated authenticity.

  6. wearing gold nailpolish is my thing..may fav color for it!

  7. Absolutely I would, and I do! I’ve been loving OPI’s Goldeneye from the SKyfall collection lately.

  8. wearing gold nailpolish right now:) My best friend talked me into it and said it would make me happy every time I looked at it. She’s right. As usual! xx

  9. baaaah i’m wearing gold sparkles (boots no.7) RIGHT NOW! (for two weeks in a row actually…). i bought the nail polish to match gold star tights but they go with everything, i’ve realised!

    xandra ★

  10. I love gold nail polish! It’s perfect for adding sparkle without being too over the top

  11. The nail polish is beautiful, but that “Playing for Keeps” non-post is seriously distasteful. Have you seen the movie? Do you recommend it? Why does it deserve a place on your blog?

  12. The nails are beautiful, but I REALLY love the fox card! Where did that come from?

  13. As a long time reader of this blog, I was very disappointed by yesterday’s sponsored post. I understand that as a blogger you have a job like any other and advertising is what puts food on the table (I work in advertising myself), but admitting that you didn’t even write the post makes me wonder who controls the editorial line of this blog. I would like to think it’s you and not the advertisers.
    As I said, I don’t mind reading sponsored posts, as long there is some heart and authenticity in them.

  14. I don’t like wearing glittery nail polish, though I make an exception for lavender or pale pink nails tipped with Sephora’s amazing chunky gold glitter. (Honestly, I just paint the gold on my nails when I’m browsing at Sephora!) It’s a fun look : )

  15. I have “Keep Me On My Mistletoe” Sephora by OPI. Love it! This post made me want gold nails today. I spilled the polish on my pants! Gold polish…pretty on nails…not so pretty on pants!
    Be careful out there folks!

  16. I use a gold metallic all year long, and add the glitter for the holidays. I get loads of compliments!

  17. i love gold polish! i’ve been asking for nars’ desperado for xmas for the last two years, and i still haven’t gotten it, otherwise it would be my go-to…it’s the perfect gold, the one that matches what i think of when i envision gold nail polish. (though technically they’re calling it a bronze? anyway…)

  18. I love gold nail polish and I have this exact butter color, but I find it always starts to chip within 24 hours. Anyone else have this issue? Ways round it or should I just try another brand?

  19. I’m so glad you chose the Butter color! I have bought a couple of gold nail polishes in hopes that they would look like this and was so disappointed when they didn’t! I was hesitant to buy the Butter color for the same reason but now I know! Thanks, Joanna!

  20. I’ve been to chicken to do full gold, currently sporting turquoise with a nice little gold horizontal stripe.

  21. Right now, I’m rocking navy nails with a gold accent nail. :) I’m gonna do a full gold Mani closer to Christmas.

  22. These are great pictures! I have a gold nail polish, but it’s more matte than glittery, do you think this will have a good effect? Maybe I should treat myself to a new nail polish? x

  23. I love teh stationary! I would love to know where I can buy it :)

  24. These are lovely! It’s a pity that I smashed my ring finger in a door a few months ago and still haven’t grown back the nail I lost…maybe in time for New Year’s?

  25. I’m a HUGE fan of West End Wonderland – one of my favorite glitters! I also love using it as an accent nail with some oxblood or dark green – it looks so festive and chic. :)


  26. Where are the Fox cards from?

  27. I love gold nail polish! I wear it year-round. It’s a great way to add a little sparkle to your look.

  28. I love gold and silver nails for the holidays! My favorite this season is ‘Stun’ by Floss Gloss. Wonderful coverage. So festive!

  29. I love wearing gold and silver/chrome nail polish. They go with everything, give you a festive look and the reflection hides the chips (or at least I have convinced myself that this is true) :)

  30. I own a rainbow of nailpolish colors…but gold and yellow are two colors that I really don’t like on my nails…makes them look diseased!!!

  31. Loving the gold polish and that beautiful green dress. I’ve been looking for something in a pretty emerald color. Any idea where Kendra found it?

  32. I love gold just not on nails, unless it’s a deeper shade. Either that or you need to have an olive to dark complexion to make it work… I bet that would look gorgeous. Not so much on fair skin.

  33. I am pretty much on board with glitter nails year-round :) LOVE me some Deborah Lippmann too!!

  34. anything sparkly on the nails this time of year is always a good idea — it’s darker longer, and at night when light catches the sparkle it’s like carrying around your own little set of twinkle lights!

  35. I normally like new ideas and colours for my nails, yet this particular gold polish looks somewhat weird, and the hands look washed out. Not a very good look, to be honest. sorry! it might depend on a skin tone, and it could perhaps look amazing on a more tanned or darker skin?

  36. I absolutely love it!!!! So pretty for the holidays.


  37. Oh, I’m notorious for my love of glitter nail polish. Gold polish is my go-to glitter when I want to be “classy”. As other commenters have said, I recommend Sally Hansen’s stickers! They are super easy to put on, and they look fantastic!

  38. love the gold!

  39. So pretty! I’m wearing a green dress to a wedding on Saturday and was nervous that red polish was too Holiday cutesy, but gold is just the right mix of fancy & festive without being over the top, I think I’ll try it!

  40. I’m not a fan of them on pale skin, unless maybe it was a sparkly red? But I do really love this new trend of doing sparkly tips (a-la French manicure?). It’s just a little touch of glamour.

  41. Not sure, I think it doesn’t look too good on pale skin (as someone has already mentioned). I think I’ll stick to burgundy this holiday season! :)

  42. Joanna, where is the stationary in the last picture from? It’s adorable!

  43. just the other day i brought home a bottle of shimmering gold nail polish, a bit more subtle then glitter, and I’ve been busy painting every lady’s nails who walks into my apartment and sees the bottle!

  44. thanks for your notes! they’re kendra’s hands because i bite my nails like a five-year-old! i’ll ask kendra where her beautiful ring is from. i do know that you can find similar simple rings at Catbird. xoxo ps. and holly, your mani/pedi sounds beautiful!

    • Where is the lovely green dress from?

  45. i am wearing silver mani and red pedi :)
    feel so Xmas (though the weather in HK is so rainy and humid these days…)

  46. of course i’d wear it! the holidays are the only time of year when sparkles are totally appropriate, no matter what your age, even with a suit on at work.

  47. I’ve been wearing Essie Beyond Cozy. It’s the perfect silvery gold glitter polish, but I wouldn’t mind picking up some gold glitter as well!

  48. wow!! yes I had but never in gold!

    I really love them! enjoy your Christmas preparations!

  49. Apparently I’m right on trend because I got this exact polish done over the weekend. I love it! Brings some sparkle to an otherwise drab day.

  50. I think you need to have a darker/olivier skin tone to do the gold nails. They look sort of washed out on the model.

  51. I love the Gold! AND that little ring! Beautiful!

  52. Love it! I would totally do gold nails. Maybe even year round! : )

  53. I really like the look of gold nail polish! We actually talk about using it as an accent nail in today’s post!
    With Luck

  54. I love these nails! I just got a Sally Hansen gold glitter polish that is great for the holidays! And for $8 you can’t beat it!
    Kate at

  55. Gold is so festive and fun for the holidays! Btw, I love that wineglass! Where is it from?

  56. I’m all about the sparkly nails. Loving the green and gold holiday combo here!

  57. I think gold nails on pale skin is hideous! doesn’t look right! maybe if she as tanner?? love her color of her shirt though!

    • I’m with you. Her hands look dead. As a pale girl, myself, I’ve tried the gold look – it’s no good. Gold glitter over a brown as an accent nail looks good though.

  58. I’m not a fan of gold on my hands- it just doesn’t look right for some reason. But, I’ve worn it on my toes and love it. Super subtle and neutral looking, until it catches the light and sparkles! :) so fun!

  59. I used to wear a more matte gold from Essie–I wish I could remember the name, but I don’t think they make it any mor!

    • “more,” that is!

  60. Pretty! For a subtler work-appropriate look, I’ve used Essie’s As Gold as it Gets, which is a clear top coat with small flecks of gold glitter. It looks great layered over a sandy or soft pink shade.

  61. I have had gold nails! In fact I just took the remains of the polish off my fingers yesterday. I loved it. Mine was sparkly but one I am thinking I’d love burnished looking gold polish. Great photos.


  62. Love this color! It would be amazing if you could do a post on some holiday party outfits. I can’t for the life of me figure out what to wear to my company’s holiday party!

  63. Mine are gold today! I used Essie’s Good As Gold. LOVE!

    • This! I was going to mention the Sally Henson strips, because they look so beautiful and are so easy to use!

  64. It’s my favorite! I have two different gold nail polishes – for when I’m feeling glittery or just a little sparkled.

  65. I’m attempting gold nails for my husband’s company holiday party this weekend. And false eyelashes. Eep. Good luck to me. ;)

  66. I love golden nail polish!! Especially around Christmas! :)
    xo Andrea
    Wonderful and Marvelous

  67. I want gold nails! NOW!!!!

  68. i bought gold sparkles polish when i lived in toledo, oh and there was a for love (forever21 accessories store!! it. was. amazing!) i bought gold and silver, each for $1, just to try them out, and i LOVE THEM! maybe now i’ll upgrade for a nicer, festive polish ;)

  69. I love gold polish! So perfect for this time of year.

  70. I’ve tried it and it looks horrible against my skintone (pale with reddish undertones).

    Btw, that last sponsored post that you didn’t write? Seriously? Never do that again. I can see why it was closed to comments.

    • The one about the movie? What was wrong with it?

    • I thought the post was well done and I’m looking forward to the movie!

  71. I always have an accent nail, but during the holiday season I make sure that accent nail is gold – more festive feeling :)

  72. Are those your hands? Where is that ring from? I love it…

  73. Aww it looks so beautiful with that green dress and I love how festive and sassy it is:) Kisses

  74. I have my toes painted a sparkly gold and every time I look down I can’t help but smile

  75. I love gold nails for the festive season :) I picked up a gold glitter polish from essence that in three coats gave a beautiful opaque glitter. So pretty! (Use peel-off base coat to avoid any frustrating glitter removal!)

  76. I have never worn gold nail polish! It looks so perfect with that beautiful green dress! I think that will be my next color to try out this holiday season! =)