Gift Guide Part #3: Your Best Friend Who Always Knows the Best Gossip and Never Forgets Your Birthday.

The complete first season of Girls, since it’s hilarious even the twentieth time you watch it together, $26.

Homemade avocado dressing for her to enjoy all winter. Just the cost of ingredients.
Learn-to-knit kit with everything she’ll need to knit her first 100% Merino wool scarf, $62.
A long and leisurely dinner out just the two of you. (No husbands, no babies.)

P.S. More gifts for best friends, and the 2012 gift guide so far…

  1. You really have the best gift guides. I am going to have to watch Girls now b/c you have mentioned it a few times now…

  2. Thank you, Jo! Your giftguides are super :) What I like most about them: There is always something very afordable within. This is amazing.

  3. Hrmm… would that be an Una Pizza Napoletana pizza? (mmm)

  4. Hrmm… would that be an Una Pizza Napoletana pizza? (mmm)

  5. jm says...

    I love the knitting kit!

  6. lots of good ones here. thanks for the recos!

  7. I have yet to see “Girls” and now I want to see it even more! And I love the simple gold bangle. So pretty!

  8. that heart of gold bangle is great gift idea, and at a great price-point too. thanks!

  9. I was just thinking about what I’d get my bestie, who is my SOUL mate, for Christmas, especially since I only get to see her twice a year, for Christmas. And I think she would LOVE Girls! GREAT idea!

  10. Love that scarf! And the pizza is making my mouth water at 9am!!

  11. Forget the best friend! This gift guide sums up everything I want to get for myself :)

  12. The cat book is a great recommendation for my brilliant friend who works for an international organization in Geneva… but keeps things light with more cat-related FB posts than anyone else I know.

  13. I am taking my four besties for afternoon tea at Claridges in London, can not wait!!

  14. I like that Dry Bar gift card- hysterical!

    check out my fashion/lifestyle blog<3

    always a fan and loving your posts… keep it up!


  15. Love, love, love these ideas! And I don’t doubt my best friend is going to love them, too. Thanks, Joanna!

  16. Tons of great ideas! Love the knitting one, even if all the help in the world would not make me a knitter.. (I’ve tried and failed many a time!)

  17. Such a good list! You’re making my holiday shopping SO easy!! :)

  18. As always, great gift ideas! As a UofM alum, love the Zingerman’s shout out!

  19. Love these! I don’t have a BFF I exchange gifts with, but I do have a sister (and sister-in-law)…

  20. sj says...

    THANK YOU for providing a gift guide that isn’t a zillion dollars for each gift–it’s so nice to see so many options at a reasonable price tag.

    i’d love to also suggest KIVA cards–this would be great for really any gift guide, male or female, and is a wonderful way to “give back” while still allowing some interaction on the part of the gift-receiver. i’m probably not making much sense, but a quick peek at the KIVA website should make things all clear! i’ve given these as gifts before, and it’s very meaningful for the recipient. :)

  21. i want so badly to see one of the “girls” girls in person… i surely feel like one when i walk through the west village on a sunny day :)

  22. Ziiiiingermans!!!!!!

  23. Ziiiiingermans!!!!!!

  24. this is an awesome gift guide! i’m judging that based on the fact that i’d love to receive all the gifts, and i have good taste ;)

  25. Oooh! I love the “Learn to Knit Kit”… I’ll have to get that add that to my wish list :)

  26. The bangle is so simple and sweet. Thanks. :)

  27. I am definitely going to try that avocado dressing (both for myself and as a gift!)- all friend gifts this year are DIY, and I have one friend who doesn’t like homemade jam (who the heck doesn’t like homemade jam???), so that avocado dressing would be PERFECT. Thanks.

    All the other gifts are also nice ideas, like the knitting. Can’t wait for your man gift guide- I just got married this summer and want to get my husband something great that wasn’t on his list… I’m still looking around for some good ideas :)

  28. Nice touch throwing in something homemade (the avocado dressing).

    I was just at Williams Sonoma the other day and they have the cutest sealed-top containers like that for DIY pickling!

  29. The Zingerman’s gelato is genius, I’m getting it for my husband (because I’ve already gotten my best friends those bangles – i had them in my own gift guide this year!)

  30. Really nice list. :) I like how a lot of these gifts are more thoughtful (dinner, learning to knit, home made dressing) than actual products.

  31. I like this gift guide…I can’t wait to buy the 1st season of girls! I’m going to buy it for my best friend too! I love that tote too! A night out is the best gift of all!! =)

    Ergo – Blog

  32. what a wonderful list! and i can’t wait to rewatch girls.