Gift Guide Part #2: Your Chatty Toddler Who Cooks You Pretend Sausages and Eggs Every Morning.

Along a Long Road, $11.55. Toby and I are both in love with this beautiful book.

Taxi leg warmers, $12 each.

Toy plane, $20, along with a luggage cart! (This airplane box set is rad, too.)

Adorable clothes, made in Brooklyn, $32 and up. (Here’s their holiday sale.)

Mini Book of Names & Faces, a bedtime story about his peeps. $29.99.

Spaghetti twirling fork for funny dinners, $9.54.

His first assignment, $1.

Leaning Tower of Pisa blocks, $40.49. (Or the entire Coliseum)

Musical sounds puzzle, $11. (There’s an animal sounds puzzle, too.)

Kazoobie Wazoo Kazoo! Extra loud! $7.98. (This trumpet kazoo is cool, too.)

P.S. More gifts for kids, and the 2012 gift guide so far…

(Pisa blocks via Abbey)

  1. Joanna, Do you have a promo code for Pinhole Press for the holiday season?
    I am going to order a few gifts but plan on adding their items to my photo packages
    ( (AND ordering more gifts when my baby comes in April!)
    Thank you- Maggie ;)

  2. S says...

    What a beautiful giveaway! I love how delicate the double strand is – I hope I have a chance to win it. Sabryna

  3. Thanks for these suggestions, I just ordered Along a Long Road for my little girl (and a little bit for myself too).

  4. LOOOOOOOVE Winter Water Factory! Discovered them at Brooklyn Flea when visiting friends. I found a tee for my daughter for 5 bucks! Wut!?

  5. As a (ahem, young) grandma of a two year old little boy – I love these choices! :)

  6. Is it wrong that I want that twirling spaghetti fork for myself??

    • Nope, I was thinking the same thing!

    • Ha! Me too!

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  8. I LOVE the book idea. How wonderful for a little dude to have now and as a keepsake in the future. I will definitely be looking into picking one up for Nugget. Thanks for the great ideas….keep ’em coming.


  9. how fun is that spaghetti twirling fork? i wouldn’t mind trying that myself!

  10. I’m an elementary art teacher & the first project of the school year I do with kindergarteners is read “Along a Long Road” & then we make our own very long roads, using different types of lines. Kids love that book! Especially when the man pokes his head out of the tunnel :]

  11. My fave is the photobook and seeing the pic & text of grampa reminded me of how much my little monster loves my dad and only Grandpa who he endearingly calls “Sho-pa” {If I had to guess how it was spelled}. I personally want those taxi leg warmers for myself, how fun are they!!

  12. D2 says...

    Joanna, I LOVE all these gifts! PERFECT for our little Georgie (just a little younger than your Toby). We already have the picture book from Pinhole Press (per your earlier recommendation). He LOVES it along w/ anyone that comes to visit our home. Georgie has just under 30 1st cousins so this has been a god send! XO

  13. Ha, the spaghetti twirling fork rocks, I can see that I would have loved it as a kid. :D

  14. That pin reminds me so much of my childhood…such fun times! xoxo

  15. I recently read “Along a Long Road” to the kids. I loved the graphic design. Beautiful work.

  16. Interestingly enough, Kazoobie Kazoos are made in my town (Beaufort, SC). Cool to see you post them on your gift guide!

  17. some pretty fun stuff going on, very interested in the loud kazoo

  18. What a cute collection! My two are into Lego Ninjago these days, not so attractive, lol!

  19. My 2 year old loves “Along a Long Road”!!! I would also add that any book by Mo Willems seems to be a hit in our house (toddler and adult friendly).

  20. Love the adopt an animal idea! The minibook of names and faces is also precious.

  21. LOVE!!!

  22. LOVE the mini book of names and faces! My daughter would flip through that thing a hundred times a day I’m sure. Thanks for the tip :)

  23. Great ideas, and at many different price points. Well done. Just a heads up on anyone considering a Melissa and Doug ‘sounds’ puzzle — they are possessed. They make sounds all the time, for no reason! It’s totally freaky to be brushing your teeth for bed, long after kiddo has gone to sleep, only to hear “MOOOOOOO” or “WOOF WOOF” from the depths of the toy box.

  24. I love the wooden airplane and luggage cart! I can see so many little todds loving that! Tower of pisa would be a challenge, but fun too! You could build it and have an italian dinner night to celebrate!

  25. That pillow fort architect pin is the cutest!! I haven’t seen a kazoo in years…very awesome guide!

    Ergo – Blog