Gift Guide #5: Your Outdoorsy Sister Who Rides Bikes in the Mountains and Always Knows What to Say When You Need Her.

Star-spangled robe because she’s out of this world (ba dum tsh!). And she’d look ridiculously gorgeous in it. 35 Euro.

Wooden sandwich boards for serving stinky cheese or turkey sandwiches to friends outside, $80 for four.

Portable bonfire log. If you want to gather friends around a crackling flame for a chat, this log just needs a single match to light! How cool is that? $28.

Four of your favorite books to add to her brilliant bookcase.

Morning mug, which understands her need for coffee. $15.

Faceted magnets. They’re not just beautiful but are also the World’s Strongest Magnets. $16 to $80.

Happy Socks from Sweden, $12. (Or a cute four-pack for $45.)

Calligraphy return address stamp, since her doctor handwriting looks like this. $68.

Plus a handwritten card from you (and a signature motorcycle drawing from your toddler). $4.50.

P.S. More gifts for sisters, and the 2012 gift guide so far…

(Morning mug via D*S)

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  2. My favorite is the address stamp. Really good gifts idea! I should send this gift guide out to people who are still wondering what to get for me..

  3. thanks for the lovely stamp link! i’ve been searching everywhere for a unique one to use on our wedding invites…this one was just it!

  4. Portable bonfire? Seriously? It’s just a $30 log with a handle stapled to it.

  5. That log is SO cool!!!

  6. Wow. I almost feel like I should send this gift guide out to people who are still wondering what to get for me, hah. That kimono is gorgeous! I’m a little heartbroken to find out that they don’t ship to the US! :(

  7. love that robe sooo much! i do think you meant pounds for a couple of those items though and not euro. :)

  8. That portable fire log is amaze balls!

  9. so frustrating! i bookmarked the insta fire on terrain a few days ago as the perfect gift for my sister, i should have known as soon as you posted about it they would sell out. great. now i understand how people feel when their fave tiny restaurant is swarmed by zaget clutching foodies who would never have shown up save for one notable review. i guess it is now back to the drawing board.

    since you have infinitely more pull than any of us normal folks, feel free to pass along to terrain more of those fire logs would be great for those of us unable to online shop in the middle of class when this post was published.

  10. This was my most favorite gift guide you’ve done this year! so comical and so many things i had never seen before, especially that coffee mug! so cool!

  11. This is perfect. I think I’m more of this sister when it comes to me and my sister. I love it! obsessed with your gift guides.

  12. this is AWESOME!! i’m coveting the turkish picnic blanket and bonfire.

  13. LOVE the gift guides as usual- You find the best things! Also, you popped up in my dream last night- You were part of the cast of the Real World when you were 9 months pregnant with Toby! Haha I had a chuckle when I woke up

  14. jm says...

    Great suggestions! I love these guides. The clutch is gorgeous and the calligraphy stamp so pretty and convenient.

  15. I second the person wondering if you can roast marshmallows over the bonfire log… urban s’mores? YES PLESE!

  16. The History of Love is one of my favorite books. All these gifts are outta this world! ;)

  17. The portable bonfire log is so cool, great idea!

  18. great ideas!

    p.s. love your gift guide titles!

  19. I’ve always wondered how to spell “ba dum tsh!” :)

  20. Aw, this is the cutest one yet! I love your gift guides! I think that bonfire log is the bees knees!

  21. That mug is so cute :)

  22. Ooo I love the face mugs & the heart spoons & the bonfire log! I love this gift guide, you always pick such awesome & unique things! Thanks for the inspiration! =)

    Ergo – Blog

  23. kristen, oh rats!! i just checked and you’re right, they don’t ship to the US. drag!! i will try to find a similar one…

  24. nomadic d, naturebox is SO delicious. we did it this fall. the coolest part is not knowing which snacks you’re going to get. they’re all so great. toby’s favorite were the delicious carrot chips. they were so sweet and good. xoxo

  25. so i love:

    the log
    the stamp is really cool for addresses, such a great gift!
    and love the mugs too.
    your post made me smile :) xx

  26. You really have fun gift guides – that bonfire log is such a great find! I wonder if you can roast marshmallows over it?

  27. First, everything you’ve said about your sister makes me know she’s one hell of a lady. And second – that kimono?! Christmas gift for myself haha?!

  28. That bonfire log is so cool! What a great find! Also love the idea of the naturebox, looking into it for my mother. The turkish towels are the best, they’re the only bath towels I use at all! At first you might think it’s odd since they’re not terrycloth but they’re actually super absorbent and just get better with time.

  29. that portable bonfire log is perfect! i’ve always wanted arrive at parties with my own bonfire…

  30. My favorite is the address stamp. Really good gift idea!

  31. i might buy that mug for mySELF! (and like 10 other people who would find it hilarious :P