Yes, Obama. What a thrill.

What was your voting experience like? Oh my goodness, I voted under the wire. Toby went to bed, Alex got home, and I literally ran to our polling site at 8:55pm. People on the streets were yelling, “You can make it!!!” Later, as we were following the election results on TV, we could see the Empire State Building from our window and watched as the blue line rose higher and higher.

Obama’s speech was fantastic. More great photos here. And remember this shot?

How do you feel about his win?

(Top photo by Doug Mills for the New York Times)

  1. I am deeply dismayed by the election results, not only because I disagree with some of Obama’s social agendas, but moreso because everything I read and learn leads me to believe that America is headed for probable financial disaster unless our economic policies change drastically. The Europeans love Obama, but who would want to be part of the European financial debacle right now? I certainly don’t.

    That said, I am glad you got to vote and I applaud everyone’s right to vote as they choose, and to be excited or discouraged by the results, as they choose. Handshakes all round, and God bless America.

  2. I also cried myself to sleep. I feel like my own American Dream was stripped from my hands. My opportunities after professional school are dwindling and my ideas for starting my own private practice some day are looking more and more unlikely. I WANT TO TAKE CHARGE OF MY OWN FUTURE, and I feel like it just became exponentially more difficult financially. The taxes are and will be increasingly crushing.

    Our nation is divided and Obama has made it pretty clear he’s not exactly the most forth-coming when it comes to compromise. WE NEED A LEADER AND A NATION OF PEOPLE TO UNDERSTAND WE ARE SPLIT AND TO ACCEPT THE OTHER SIDE’S POINT OF VIEW AND FIND WAYS TO COMPROMISE. We needed a bipartisan leader that could unite our country and while I don’t think Romney represented that in all aspects, he certainly made it clear he wanted to try.

    As much as my heart aches for those people who need help, it is NOT our government’s role to help each and EVERY one of them. That is where charitable organizations, churches, etcetera step in to assist. As individuals we need to learn to help ourselves, to WORK HARD, and not just expect help whenever we fail the first time. “Give a man a fish, feed him for a day. TEACH a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.” Our government right now is handing out way too many fish from my basket when I hardly have enough to feed myself.

    • Speaking as a 60 year old mother and grandmother I am concerned for the future for all of the younger and future generations.The war on capitalism is working.Democrats have succeeded in vilifying any sort of success in the market place,when many are successful capitalists themselves.Hard work has almost always been rewarded.Now those who are successful will be punished for their success.Not every rich person is a trust fund baby.I have friends and a brother who are successful small business owners and are already suffering from the last 4 years.The welfare restrictions put in place during the Clinton administration have been abandoned.Everyone needs help occasionally.I have been on unemployment due to a layoff, my daughter received assistance when she had her daughter and received food stamps when she was a college student. We now both work full time jobs.I don’t begrudge anyone that help but making a living on the government is dangerous.We are quickly becoming a nanny state and I believe this is what the president wants. Do you think the money the government gives these people comes from outer space?? It comes from YOU.

      Everyone knows the healthcare system needs reform but not on the backs of the working people who are going to be taxed to death in order to pay for it.There has to be a better way.We have a president and congress who had not even read all of the law when they passed it nor are they going to participate in Obamacare. What’s wrong with that picture??

      The war on women is also working.For anyone to think that Mitt Romney does not believe in equal rights for women is mistaken.I wonder how many Obama voters care that the women who work in the white house make less money than the men. Mitt Romney did not think this country should ban abortion. To use abortion in order to get rid of a “problem” is both reckless and wrong.I have had friends who had abortions when they were young who have now carried that guilt their entire lives.Abortion should not be used as a means of birth control.Interesting that we are looking for organisms on other planets and call that “life” but an embryo is not?? If you don’t make it life it takes away the guilt of committing legal murder.Obama voted in Illinois to allow late term abortion which is a tragedy.

      I don’t care what those outside of the US think about this election.Has anyone looked at what is happening in Europe? Demonstrations in many countries when the governments are trying to rein in the debt and have votes for austerity. Could this be the US in the near future??

      My children and grandchildren(and sweet little Toby along with his mom and dad) will have to pay for the mistakes these administrations are making (both republican and democrat).This country IS NOT better off than it was 4 years ago.The habit of blaming Bush will continue because it is so convenient and it is believed.Senator Obama was in the majority democratic senate during part of President Bush’s administration–he is responsible for what happened also.

      I believe a lot of people looked at this election through blue colored glasses so it isn’t really possible to point out how bad things are because they don’t want to listen. They are kidding themselves when they think Obama is the savior for making everything better.If he performed like this in a public sector job I doubt he would still be in that job.

      Many vilify Fox news as a right wing network when in reality Fox is the only network that comes close to giving both sides of an issue.I do watch other channels but from what I see, the others are not reporting the news because they are so busy carrying Obama’s torch.

      This country is in dire need of a LEADER, not a slick, smooth talking politician who knows how to smile (eye candy), whine and blame his way out of this country’s problems.He might be cool and run with the “popular crowd” but that simply isn’t enough for me.This is not a football game where there are “winners” and “sore losers”. We will all win or lose together in this game. Heaven help us.

  3. Can I just re-iterate how much the whole world is relived! Go Obama. Here in Australia I know we are. Someone asked me why I would care the other day. I/we care because Americas politics and political decisions affect us all. We are all apart of the world and all of our decisions affect the greater whole. no matter how large or small. Thank goodness and thank you for being honest and posting about your political leanings.

  4. “Thrilled,” “SO happy,” “elated,” “relieved,” I am confused as to why posters seem to have had a near orgasmic event upon his reelection. I remember no other president receiving such unconditional adoration. Obama is, after-all, a politician. I believe it is so imperative in our country to scrutinize our politicians, hold them up to the light and watch their every move. It unnerves me that so many have put “faith” in him. He is a politician, not a messiah.

  5. I love that people in the streets were cheering you on! That’s the America I want to live in! My voting experience was quick and easy. I went mid-day with my mother (we always vote together). My husband had to race from work to vote before the polling center (my nephew’s school) closed here in Indy. He said he didn’t have a line and I hadn’t faced one either but my mother told me that the morning was crazy busy with people waiting for the center (a fire station behind my childhood home) to open. Everything was friendly and smooth.

    I love that Obama won. I feel as though I can breathe easy for the next four years. YAY! Also what a great night for Gay American rights! YES!!! The night was stressful followed by A(nother) landslide victory for Obama and him making me cry during his speech. I don’t know what it is but that man reaches me.


  6. i am sad. this man kills innocent people with drones.
    no one cares about that.
    or the fact that he supports drones. drones are evil!

    it also saddens me that everyone believes there are only two choices. chris matthews said this:
    “If you vote for one of these numbskull third or fourth party candidates like [Libertarian Party candidate] Gary Johnson or [Green Party candidate] Jill Stein, and say ‘I was surprised at what happened.’ No, you shouldn’t be because idiots like you voted for third and fourth party candidates and they don’t know how the system works.”

    his comment is so messed up. it is a giant scam. all of it is.

    & listen to noagenda. not your mainstream media.

  7. I am relieved. Very relieved. My toddler son has hemophilia,so Obamacare is integral to his future. I no longer have to worry about him (or us)going bankrupt due to lifetime limits and pre-existing condition clauses. I do agree that the economy is extremely important, but all the money in the world does not matter without your health. As a nation we need to start taking care of each other, and that comes in many forms, including providing everyone with the basic right to health care.

    Add to that the support for social issues, and I am even more relieved!

  8. I know most women support Obama for social issues, however, it baffles me that we can turn our heads on the spiraling economy. I am a pro-choice believer in equal rights, but we have got to stop the over-spending before China owns us. And last time I checked, China doesn’t give much of a damn about women’s rights or equal rights for the gay and lesbian community. Another point I would like to bring up are the tax cuts that the White House is going to let expire, namely charitable contributions. This is going to cripple charities! Allowing wealthy Americans to contribute pre-tax dollars is a huge incentive for them to fund some pretty amazing charities. We are already increasing their unfair tax burden, let’s keep them motivated to keep donating! And while we are at it, let’s keep them investing by not raising capital gains.

  9. here is the truth-
    distract them with confetti and songs,
    games and rhetoric.
    Beautiful talk and
    admirable intentions.

    Keep the band playing while the Titanic sinks.

    Give the people of Rome bread and games and leave them to their corruption to distract from the ultimate corruption of their leaders.

    If it’s not one man, it’s another. Partisan politics is broken and a convenient distraction from the reality of our situation.

  10. SO SAD!! Do you realize that there are a handful of my friends whose businesses will close due to the fact Obama is re-elected! I will now have to get a job after being a stay at home mom for 10 years! He is not small business friendly! This country is crumbling before our eyes! Maybe my husband should just quit his job so we can collect welfare and live off of the government and get ourselves an Obama phone! It seems the thing to do around here.

  11. I guess there are very few people who read your blog that care about the economy and state of our country. Of course, those from other countries don’t care if we are trillions of dollars in debt. What’s the big deal to you? Get a clue people. It won’t matter who you want to marry or whether you can choose to have an abortion or what race you are if our country is bankrupt. Obama has no business running this country if all he wants to do is get us further and further in debt.
    I actually think its great a black man is president of the US. It’s time to get rid of racial issues. But .. really .. would this man ever have gotten elected if he were a white? Probably not.

  12. Highly disappointed that he has been elected for another four years. I fear America is greatly on the wrong path. The founding fathers of this great county would be in shock. I cannot fathom the approval of gay marriage, marijuana legalization, and abortion. God bless America during these trying times.

  13. Wow, way to isolate your readers with different views. Done reading this blog.

  14. I am Canadian and I am so relieved that OBAMA wont he election. In Canada we love him. So it was a very good night. I cried tears of joy Tuesday night. Couldn;t be happier. Proud of the women that were elected into senate on congress. Let’s move FORWARD together like OBAMA said.

  15. Thanks for being brave enough to ask for political opinions, Joanna! Wow, this one really brought out the nasty in some people who commented!

    I voted for Romney, but not because (as some comments have suggested) I am out of touch with reality, watch Fox news, or because Romney hates women (that claim was just weird). I also am not upper class or Mormon.

    I voted for him after reading Obama’s autobiography and partially reading Romney’s book. I also voted for Romney because of my disappointment in Obama’s foreign policy and the way the administration handled the attacks on Americans in Libya. I have friends on both ends of the political spectrum, and we had many discussions before election day.

    I think most people went into the voting booths with very strong opinions on either side. I don’t think either side should be demeaned because of the way someone voted. It’s the beauty of a democracy! Now that Obama has won, I will continue to be respectful, even if I disagree.

    I think it’s super childish to attack Joanna for giving Obama a shoutout, and it’s just as immature and ignorant to label everyone who voted Republican as hateful morons. We all have different reasons for voting the way we did, and my reason is just as valid as yours. Now that the election is over, can’t we all just get along?!? Here’s hoping that Obama will move our country forward over the next four years!!

  16. I think it’s funny that many are congratulating you on your bravery…..for voting for the winner? Interesting. :)

  17. I hope it is not being a sore loser to disagree. I really can’t get excited about our borrowing more and more money from China. As far as worrying about what other countries think, please. In case no one noticed, their economies are tanking. And we want to adopt more and more policies to make us like them? While I did not particularly love Romney, I was pretty sure a man who could successfully run major companies and fix the Salt Lake City Olympics fiasco could do a better job at running the economy than a man who thought the best way to get us out of the hole was to keep digging.

  18. Another Irish comment…. but just wanted to say that we are essentially feeling relieved over here. Obama has a bit of sense and gumption and alot of charisma. We think he’s fab and are just glad he’s still in the job.

  19. I know cities tend to be liberal and vote Democrat, so I understand why it feels in NYC like EVERYONE is pumped. Not so in other parts of the country. I’m really bummed about a second term. I am not republican but libertarian. I want LESS government and I really dislike the socialist direction we’re taking as a country. The fact that Obama pressed through a health care bill that so many citizens and state governments DETESTED and protested is dreadful. He’s not good at reaching across the aisle and I am depressed that he got a second chance.

  20. Obama is like Santa Clause, that’s what. People are becoming way too dependent on the government, aka, lazy! Not gonna lie, I cried yesterday. I am still in disbelief that Obama won. I am definitely for Romney. Now, it’s up to God…I’m praying that Obama doesn’t ruin America any more than he has.

  21. What is so great about a man whose policies have actually made the effects of the recession worse, who wants the bureaucrats who can’t run the Post Office to micromanage the administration of every American’s health care, who kills Americans overseas who have never been charged or convicted of a crime, and who borrowed and spent more than $5 trillion in fewer than four years, and plans to repay none of it and promises to borrow another $5 trillion in his second term?

  22. Wowsers… Looks like you really stirred up some harsh comments here Jo!

  23. Had this conversation with the husband:

    Me: Did he win?
    Husband: It’s not over yet. Time difference.

    We’re relieved. And we’re in Malaysia.

  24. If I may say so…
    Germany and more or less the whole world is so so so relieved!


  25. I’m so glad you posted this! It’s surely amazing! I can’t believe you saw the Empire Building light up in blue…. I’m so jealous! All I could do was sit on my couch in my apartment in Brooklyn and instantly text everyone I knew and tell them Obama won. Plus, post it up on my Twitter feed.

    I talked about the election in my blog along with the pic of the day.

    Go check it out!

  26. AC says...

    GO OBAMA.I’m a Londoner working in Atlanta and it was such a priviledge to witness Obama’s re-election.

    Such a shame about Stephanie,who rudely commented above. As adults, I imagine that we all are able to express or counter opinions gracefully,rather than sounding vicious, rude and very much like a bully.

  27. I’m baffled that so many of your readers are using the word, “relieved.” Extremely high unemployment, record number of people on food stamps, high gas prices, poor prospects. Relieved? More like SCARED for another four years of this.

  28. So happy!! Because of him I’m able to have health insurance – I was so worried what would happen to me if he wasn’t re-elected! Pre-existing conditions + ridiculously expensive medications = bad time. At least I can breathe a bit easier for the next 4 years.

  29. Yay Obama

    Australians breathed a massive sigh of release over this result. My whole office stopped work to watch the result together.

  30. We all stayed at work late in New Zealand to see the results come in. All of us were so delighted that Obama got in again. His success is well deserved and we all breathed a sigh of relief. x

  31. Well, I voted for Obama, and I’m really, really trying to be hopeful about how coming years will play out for our country. But, as several others have expressed, I’m wasn’t really enthused about giving him four more years in office. I wholeheartedly agree with with those commenting about how great it would be to have more than two choices when the choice matters SO much. I want to be excited about casting my vote, not just feeling like voting is a (very brief) process of elimination.

    But I’m awfully grateful to be in a country where we get to cast a vote, and it was exciting to see so many people getting out there and standing in long lines (and running to the polls at the last minute…sounds exciting, Joanna, so glad you made it!) and wanting to have their voices heard.

  32. happy in Canada!

  33. Oh my god, it must have been so exciting to see that blue line creep up from your window!

  34. So happy and proud to be an American!

  35. I am Indonesian, and I am so happy and excited for Obama! Love this post very much

  36. I was so very happy and I knew in my heart of hearts that he would win. I never gave up that hope. And with the extraordinary number of women politicians who won in this election, it makes me even more proud to be a woman. Today was a good day.

  37. For the people who say they voted for Romney because they want the economy fixed and to feed their families, and not for social issues, you need to understand… Romneys economic policies make the richest richer and the poorest poorer. If you are upper middle class and higher you need to look at the way other people live. You have more than your share, and voting to lower your own taxes is selfish and elitist. The social issues ARE important. I am Canadian and believe me… With Romney as president your country’s reputation around the world would continue to go down the toilet. And for those who said “if Obama hasn’t fixed things in 4 years what makes us think he will in another 4″… lets remember he had 8 years of disaster upon disaster to clean up. The damage done to your country was immense, and 4 years is too short to fix it. That is the reality. The best thing possible happened. Romney would have undone what has been started and put you right back on the same track that everyone wanted out of 4 years ago.

  38. For the people who say they voted for Romney because they want the economy fixed and to feed their families, and not for social issues, you need to understand… Romneys economic policies make the richest richer and the poorest poorer. If you are upper middle class and higher you need to look at the way other people live. You have more than your share, and voting to lower your own taxes is selfish and elitist. The social issues ARE important. I am Canadian and believe me… With Romney as president your country’s reputation around the world would continue to go down the toilet. And for those who said “if Obama hasn’t fixed things in 4 years what makes us think he will in another 4″… lets remember he had 8 years of disaster upon disaster to clean up. The damage done to your country was immense, and 4 years is too short to fix it. That is the reality. The best thing possible happened. Romney would have undone what has been started and put you right back on the same track that everyone wanted out of 4 years ago.

  39. OBAMA 2012!!! SO HAPPY!!! 4 states allowed marriage equality which is AWESOME! My brother and sister-in-law live in Maine and totally support gay marriage and Obama.

    People complain about the founding fathers being disappointed. I don’t think so! I think they would be proud and I know my ancestors would be proud. WHY DO PEOPLE WANT TO THINK BACKWARDS? It’s all about moving forward! We can’t stay ‘old fashioned’ forever, it’s so ridiculous. All my non-American friends are pro-Obama too! Oh, happy day! xx

  40. YES, a great result!

    – A reader from far off New Zealand

  41. I’m disappointed. I want to like Obama. He’s inspiring, he’s energetic, he’s fresh…but he didn’t get it done in the last four years. Inspiration and motivational speeches can only go so far. I was hoping to see Mitt get some things accomplished and see our Nation recover. On a side note, his family really is precious :) Here’s hoping……

  42. So proud of my country and my state! US and Washington State (even though Initiative 1240 passed) you are awesome and I love you both! Also, proud of people who stood in ridiculously long lines for hours and dealt with questionable voting machines and poll workers. If your state gives out “I Voted” stickers, I hope you got two!!

  43. Increased youth vote, first openly gay senator, multiple states recognizing the equality of love, ending a financial drain on justice systems penalizing people for marijuana usage…

    All good things. Sensible things.

    However, there is still a tough road ahead.

  44. Please keep your audience in mind before posting again on politics. Nearly half the electorate did not share your viewpoint, so your victory lap post was tiresome. I read your blog for entertainment and for the annual shopping lists, but this post was an affront to my beliefs and showed no tact towards your wide audience.

  45. i love that he won!! for all of the closed minded individuals especially Stephanie, who chose to insult you on your OWN BLOG, i feel bad for you! being a woman, you should want someone who has your best interests at heart, and as a woman who is a minority, Barack Obama was hands down the best candidate for me to vote for!! Whoever expects for ALL of America’s issues to be solved in 4 years by one person is living in a fantasy land and pure denial! I am overjoyed and relieved and ECSTATIC that Barack Obama has gotten reelected for a second term!! *pours celebratory glass of wine* #4MOREYEARS

    C’s Evolution of Style

  46. absolutely thrilled. Roommates and I were super nervous in the beginning.

  47. I read your blog for the headings you have listed at the top of your site. Please consider your audience and keep your politics to yourself.

  48. I sincerely feel that no matter who you were rooting for, however happy/devastated you feel at the outcome, our president deserves our support. His job is harder than we can ever imagine and he needs all the support he can get.

  49. Admirable you posted your political views! And for the most part I really enjoyed reading this thread, almost everyone was quite civil. I think it’s great we live in a country where we have the freedom of speech and get to share our opinions. This was much nicer to read than my facebook feed this morning and last night that mostly included “my team” vs “your team” bashings. Although I did not vote for the winning candidate I am hopeful for the future of our country and will support him as our President.

  50. I’m guessing most of you voted for the guy who has visited 57 states with just one left to go. Good for you!

    In other words, my disappointment prevails, but I will continue to respect Mr.Obama because of the position he holds.

  51. Joanna, big high five to you for posting this. It takes courage to voice your personal opinion to a large audience, and you did it well.

    I’m for one also happy that Obama won. I do not agree with him on a lot of things, like wasting tons of money on the war on drugs, or drones, or attacks on privacy. But I do agree that we need to invest into our country to make it great.

    And of course, as a woman – double happy to be able to control the size of my family. People forget it’s an economic issue for most families!

    And lastly – yey for gay marriage!!!!

  52. Completely thrilled by the big Obama win!!!! I cannot understand how any self-respecting woman could vote any other way.

    • I am so disappointed and offended by the view that women who are not pro-choice are not self-respecting. For me, the issue of abortion is about basic responsibility (in addition, obviously, to my beliefs about when life begins). If you have sex, you could get pregnant. It’s simple cause and effect. If you don’t like the effect, don’t participate in the cause. If you do become pregnant and can’t afford it, adoption is an often disregarded option. There are many loving, generous families who offer to pay all medical and living expenses. Yes, pregnancy will affect your day to day life for 9 months…but that is the result of the choice you made earlier. Of course, I support abortion in the cases of rape, incest, and life of the mother — and that was Romney’s stance. But the idea that I might have to fund the lapses in judgment for other people literally makes me feel ill. This growing idea of entitlement and not accepting the consequences for one’s actions really, really worries me. And I, for one, think that actually makes me self-respecting. Am I the only woman who feels this way?

  53. A victory for women! Proud of us.

  54. I am so thrilled! Voting Democrat in a red state can feel pointless but I knew it had to be done. My Great-Grandma didn’t fight for my rights so that I could ignore them. being the mother of two girls I am thrilled to say I have a President who legitimately cares for the rights of women, and men straight or gay, rich or poor. It was a thrilling night. I was very nervous. Thank you Joanna for displaying your political joy even if it does alienate a portion of your readers you gain so much for from your authenticity.

  55. I am so excited that he has been reelected! I personally think that each president should be limited to one six year term, but until I’m the president (ha! ha!), I guess I’ll have to work with the system!

    Social issues weighed more heavily for me at this point – I just couldn’t support a candidate whose party is so staunchly backward about women’s rights and gay rights.

  56. just like you i voted in philly at 7:56, right under the wire. best of all my 10 year old daughter got to push the buttons. she has voted with me since she was 2.


  57. I’m not big into politics but honestly, Romney and his extremism & lack of concern for the common American scared me. Last night was a nail biter. I definitely slept more soundly once it was announced that Obama was re elected. He hasn’t done everything perfectly but at least I know what to expect.

  58. I’d be a lot more excited if a. we were out of at least one of the terrible wars we are STILL in and b. he wasn’t trying to make people pay for other people’s contraception and abortion. Fertility, as we see from the many posts about your beautiful son, is one of the gifts to women! Being fertile is good and healthy. Trying to rid ourselves of fertility is not health care, so why is it mandatory to cover this? I don’t know.

    Let’s get out of war, get out of debt, and let people pay for their own contraception if they don’t want to be in their naturally healthy fertile state.

  59. Let’s “break the sound barrier” of our bi-partisan tyranny!

    It’s easy to forget the failure of our government system after so much political rhetoric of unity and change.

    Until there is campaign finance reform (and strict regulations for big business/banks) we are restricted to a bi-partisan government in which an extremely conservative and racist Republican party forces concessions on an increasingly moderate Democratic party. Important issues such as unemployment, poverty, failing schools, foreclosures, climate change, gun violence, systematic criminalization of targeted demographics, etc. are largely ignored by bi-partisan presidential debates and mainstream media. We must seek out alternative media sources like “Democracy Now!” so we can engender a multiplicity of voices and work towards a multiple party system.

  60. The happiness of a win becomes a gloat when you are rude about the Loser or the voters who chose him.

  61. YES! I’m American but live in London, and when I woke up at 6:30 (GMT) today I went straight for my mobile and checked the news, then watched the victory speech live. By the end I was yelling ‘Go America!’ and singing the star-spangled banner. Seriously. What an amazing person he is, and what a great country.

  62. What good is an economy if almost half of your country can’t afford health care or college?
    What good is an economy if it only makes the rich richer and the poor more poor ?
    What good is an economy if people in your country are being discriminated against for loving the same gender?
    What good is an economy if you have to sell the house where your kids grew up because you can’t pay you medical bills anymore ?
    What good is an economy if victims of rape are forced to keep and carry their attacker’s baby?

    What good is a country where the money matters more than the people ?

    How can you say money is more important than people?

  63. So disappointed. On so many levels.

  64. Absolutely 100% over the moon!

  65. There’s a lot of Canadians out here who are ecstatic that we have Obama as the neighbouring landlord :) Phew!

  66. RON PAUL REVOLUTION! I am also disappointed with the results, but can’t say I felt great about either candidate going into it. I know not to worry about the future, as tackling the present is clearly enough, but I still feel worried.

  67. Love that shot- that’s why we love him!
    I’m so happy Obama won- was on pins and needles for a bit!

  68. I’m from New Zealand and I felt like I couldn’t have visited the US if Obama hadn’t won, phew he did!

  69. While everyone is certainly entitled to their opinion, I have a hard time understanding how previous posters that voted for Romney can come on this site and tell those that voted for Obama that we’re all ignorant, don’t understand the issues and “don’t know what we’ve gotten ourselves into”

    What the Republicans actually don’t understand and realize is that their party represents a disproportionately small section of the electorate and in order to continue to exist needs to change its position on abortion, basic civil liberties, economic theory and tax policy, immigration policy, religious tolerance, weird conspiracies and race relations. They’ve lost the last two elections and will continue to do so if they don’t come to terms with this. “Democrats” start with 243 Electoral votes-only 30 years ago Reagan got 49 states! Why is that? Because the contemporary Republican party makes no sense, is completely fractured, and doesn’t speak to a large enough portion of the national electorate to serve as a viable alternative.

    Moderate on both sides-both left and right is the new rule and I wish the Republicans would focus on how to bring more people into the fold, temper their positions, concentrate on economic issues and get rid of some of these really odd social positions that alienate all of their base except for the universally creepy far right wing. The era of Karl Rove, Mitch McConnell and the Tea Party and Obstructionists no longer make sense at all within the context of “Republicans”.

    If they can figure that out in the next four years maybe they will nominate a suitable candidate that just might get my vote in 2016.


    I was working the polls until midnight last night and then went to Madison’s watch party and celebraaaaaated and watched his fabulous victory speech. AND I got thisclose to him ( I ALMOST GOT TO TOUCH HIM!!!!) when he came to Madison on Monday. WHOOOOO.
    I just CAN NOT believe he swept the swing states. like FLORIDA????? CRAZYYYYYY>!!!!!.
    and WHOOOO legalized marijuana in CO. hehe.

  71. Thrilled that Obama won. Almost even more thrilled that the first disabled woman, first Asian woman, and first openly gay woman were elected to the Senate. It was a great day for women (and we are the ones who reelected Obama). Forward!

  72. So disappointed. I think more Americans need to understand how policy gets made and how government spending works. Since LBJ declared the war on poverty, we’ve spent four times the amount of money needed to pull every American out of poverty–FOUR TIMES. Another example: The US Department of Education has a $35-billion budget, and yet our school system continues to falter, as our kids slip farther down the charts in comparisons with students in other developed nations. I think Obama feels “cooler” than Romney, so he won. I heard two college students talking in line at the polls yesterday: One of them said that he would “never vote for an old rich white guy.” Sad.

    • why is that sad? if an old rich white guy doesn’t represent you, why would you vote for them?

  73. Yay Obama and Yay Joanna! Am thrilled about the election results–this is good news for women as well as the elderly, the sick and the poor. So glad you posted this and don’t let the negative comments bother you! You are a class act!!!

  74. YES WE DID! :D

  75. It doesn’t matter who you vote for, an election that ended up as close as this one (2% difference in the popular vote, the electoral college is a completely different story) is never a good thing. America is hugely divided, and that makes the President’s job well-nigh impossible. I hope the Republicans can put aside their differences and join with the rest of America (the rest of the world?) to support Obama, but I also hope the Democrats and Obama himself will be mindful of how close this election was, and how much compromise needs to be made on both sides.
    God bless America!

  76. Relief is the only way to describe it, haha! I was so anxious all night, until finally the results came in and I could breathe again! I’m a freshman in college, and the rest of the night was crazy, with people yelling and hollering about Obama’s win. Best feeling ever. :)

  77. Yes we are very relieved here.
    Didn’t really realize how much tension I was holding in until the announcement last night when my shoulders relaxed so completely. So happy the country voted for a tolerant, intelligent, free and compassionate America.

  78. Whichever way folks voted, I think the important thing is to remember that we have the chance to vote in a PEACEFUL election! How amazing!

    I was saddened to see the first post about “sore losers.” I thought that was in very poor taste, and I wish that people would have more class when it comes to elections. There was a 50/50 chance, and one won, and one didn’t. It is one thing to have “sore losers” but it is another thing to have “haughty winners.”

  79. ahahha.. Joanna you did this on purpose didn’t you?
    Nothing is tastier than the sore losers’ rants!

  80. I can’t believe that we are headed into 20 trillion dollars of debt and pray that China doesn’t call their note.

    I can honestly say that my husband and I are better off today than we were four years ago, but I give no credit to Obama. I have worked six days a week and have “Lived like no one else so that one day, we can live like no one else.”

    I wish that the country I love most would just stop spending money that we don’t have.

    A Government big enough to give you everything you want is strong enough to take everything you have. – Thomas Jefferson

  81. Horrible decision. I guess people really can and DO make the same mistake twice.

  82. I’m British and I am so relieved that Obama won!

  83. thank you for sharing, joanna! it was a nail-biter, and i almost cried more than once.

    stephanie, the market’s reaction today is of a short-term variety that simply doesn’t change the fundamentals. these fluctuations are caused by traders placing wagers and taking profits. it is also a reaction to europe’s horribly economic situation.

    maybe read something sometime?

  84. I’m SOOOOOO HAPPY! His speech gave me the chills and made me cry on several occasions.
    Thanks for posting this Joanna!

  85. You go Jo! This is YOUR blog so you can voice whatever you believe in! Don’t take any of the hostile, rude and simply malicious comments I’ve read to heart.

  86. Unless we seriously cut spending, we are going over the financial cliff. I do not want this burden passed on to my children. Do the takers and parasites really outnumber those of us who work hard and contribute? I fear for our country.

  87. I feel relieved.

  88. i’m disappointed that you would choose to use your blog to voice your political opinion when you have chosen to not discuss other current events such as hurricane sandy on this platform. to be honest, i read your blog because i enjoy your posts on motherhood, fashion, etc. if i wanted to hear about excitment for obama i would read cnn… or any other mainstream media with a liberal agenda.
    you want to know how i feel about last night? worried for our country and what will come of it within the next 4 years. obama has done literally nothing to help our economy and unemployment… and lord help us all if obamacare goes through. i am really worried that people chose to vote based on gay marriage and abortion and not foreign policy and our economy.
    i’m really disappointed in this blog and i will no longer be reading it.

  89. I’m sickened and disappointed with the results of the election. I know Obama means well, but the way he’s going about trying to help America and the working class is doing just the opposite. If we can learn anything from history, it’s that big government is inefficient and expensive. We’re in for four more years of trouble – trouble that yes, Obama inherited from previous presidents, but let’s remember that Obama was in the Senate during that time, putting all of those laws into action. What’s done is done though, and we must unite. Joanna, you have every right to post your feelings! :)

  90. Elated! Relieved! Sooooo Happy! Lovely post, thank you!

  91. Election days have to be some of my all time favorite moments throughout the year. Voting is a right that too few countries grant their citizens and I am immensely proud to do it each time. Yesterday my husband and I went early with our young daughter and dog in tow. There was a short line but everyone was in amazing spirits. I LOVE the image of you running to the polls! This is the America I want my daughter to grow up. Thank you for this Joanna!

  92. Election days have to be some of my all time favorite moments throughout the year. Voting is a right that too few countries grant their citizens and I am immensely proud to do it each time. Yesterday my husband and I went early with our young daughter and dog in tow. There was a short line but everyone was in amazing spirits. I LOVE the image of you running to the polls! This is the America I want my daughter to grow up. Thank you for this Joanna!

  93. So happy from Toronto – glad he mentioned climate change in his speech and hopefully, after the support he received from the response to Sandy, will feel he received a mandate to act on pricing carbon emissions. Thanks to all you who voted, you’re loving neighbour to the north (yes, we spell that with a “u” here). xxoo. And thanks Joanna for posting this – was wondering if you were going to spill your political guts a bit.

  94. I’m so happy from Toronto, Canada – climate change was part of his speech. Hope this gives him more of a mandate to do something on carbon pricing – the rest of the world is waiting for America to move on this. Thanks to all you american’s who stood up to be counted! You’re grateful, northern neighbour (yes, we use a “u” in neighbor here!)

  95. YESSSS!!! I, for one, am going to try to be a little more involved in my community following this election. Obama can’t do it alone. Thanks Joanna for providing an example of how important it is for everyone to vote. xoxo

    • This is an excellent idea. GEtting involved! Activism instead o slacktivism. I’m going to take this pledge with you.

  96. Haha, I just love that story of you running to go vote, seems like it’s a scene from a film! Glad that Obama won as well, even though I’m Czech :) x

  97. This comment section is MUCH more fun to read than my facebook feed! I have too many conservative friends who think the world is doomed. ;)
    But I’m super happy!! four more years!!!!

  98. Joanna, just want to add to the chorus thanking you for expressing your political opinions. I teach freshman comp in Texas, and am active on FB, but have been shy about expressing my political views to either group. With my students, I think it makes sense; with my so-called “friends” on FB? Why am I worried?

  99. Wow- lots of chatter on this post! Interesting and eye opening. All opinions should be welcome- most of all Joanna’s since it is her blog- and my opinion is the EXACT oppostie of hers in every way but still- I welcome it! I do have to make a comment about what someone wrote- that a Rommney presidency would be one of “supporting the wealthy and privileged at the expense of all.” I am not wealthy but my husband and I are at the 250 K range and I have to say- to me an Obama presidency is one of “supporting the 47% (at Mr. Rommney spoke) at the expense of quite a few” This works both ways doesn’t it?

  100. So happy and relieved! His speech was inspiring and I’m just so happy! :)

  101. I was excited about Obama 4 years ago – but then saddened as each year he showed himself bad for America’s bank account. Now even if we tax all of the rich people’s money, there’s not enough to cover our growing deficit. That’s why I voted against him.

  102. jo, despite the return commentary from both sides — some graceful, some contentious, i just want to say thank you so much for sharing this. thank you for respecting the integrity of your blog — you will look back on this and be happy that you recorded your real feelings in real time. it’s your commitment to honesty & preservation — among other things — that cause so many of us to return to your corner of the internet again & again.

  103. RELIEVED. I am so baffled by people who are disappointed that Obama has not been able to undo the mess that Bush has created in 8 years in 4 years. Can’t we all agree that the last 4 years, it has been getting better? Mitt? He was poised to undo everything Obama has done to date. And what will happen then? Back to the Bush days. The trickle down theory does not work. Tax cuts for the rich does not help the economy, the middle class or the unemployed.

  104. RELIEVED. I am so baffled by people who are disappointed that Obama has not been able to undo the mess that Bush has created in 8 years in 4 years. Can’t we all agree that the last 4 years, it has been getting better? Mitt? He was poised to undo everything Obama has done to date. And what will happen then? Back to the Bush days. The trickle down theory does not work. Tax cuts for the rich does not help the economy, the middle class or the unemployed.

  105. I’m feeling pretty sick about this today. Unemployment is high, gas is almost double what it was the day Obama took office, we’re on a fiscal cliff. Our country is pretty divided. I’m praying his next four years will be different but I’m not holding out much hope.

  106. As a blue girl in one of the reddest states in the country (Idaho), I am totally thrilled with the outcome! I’m even more thrilled, though, at what happened at the state level with marriage equality and other important social issues. Very proud of my state for a resounding rejection to some crazy educational “reform” propositions on the ballot, too. Democracy at its best!

  107. So disappointed. On so many levels.

  108. Stayed up and watched all night from the Czech Republic…so happy!!!!

  109. I didn’t vote for Obama and I’m not happy about the outcome of the elections. I think he had a tough job but I also think he dropped the ball in many areas not involving the economy. I guess we will find out this next 4 years. BTW I don’t think Romney would have been a perfect president either but the better of the two. I’m not looking to start an argument.

  110. I am a huge Obama supporter and happy to be living a liberal area. I have to say though, the out lash from family and friends around the country that were disappointed with the election is really upsetting me today. I have sworn off Facebook and phone calls for the rest of the week. I will read my blogs and stay away until this blows over. It’s good to hear upbeat attitudes on here!

  111. I am not american, but must say I was really happy this morning when I woke up and saw the news here in Brazil!! Well done US!! :)

  112. LB says...

    I am relieved that all the money in the world (or at least the Caymans and Switzerland and in the largest corporations in America) cannot buy anyone’s way into the White House. At least for another few years.

    For anyone who thinks we are worse off today than we were four years ago, you must have been living on a different planet then. Maybe your situation is worse off, and that’s unfortunate, but as a whole, our country is stronger. We still have every right we did before – guns, religious beliefs, free speech – and now, a few more people even have the right to get married.

    The Romney of 2003 could have won. A moderate businessman who implemented healthcare reform in MA and had some open-minded views on social issues. But he catered to the extreme right, and it brought him down. Maybe the GOP party will approach their platform differently in 2016. Or, maybe they’ll still be stuck in 1955.

  113. To be honest, I wasn’t too happy with the results. I think Obama is a good man who wants the best for the country. We just happen to have different ideas about how to get there. I’m happy to live in a country where I have the right to vote. Hopefully no matter who people voted for we can respect the people who are in office and work towards positive change over the next four years.

  114. Although I am not a fan of the tax hike that’ll go into effect in January I am so relieved that Romney did NOT win.
    But goodness it must have been awesome to have been in NYC last night!

  115. Relieved and proud and excited! Obama is here for four more years and I’m excited to see what happens next. But beyond that, there were so many positive things that came out of this election. Women came out in droves and defeated candidates who had antiquated ideas about rape and choice and the importance of healthcare. Wisconsin elected Tammy Baldwin to the US Senate, making her the first female US senator in the state’s history AND making her the first openly gay member of the Senate. Four states voted on the subject of gay marriage, and all four of those states supported gay and lesbian couples and their right to the same rights as straight couples. Republicans attempts to restrict voting didn’t work! (Perhaps they should take those brilliant brains of theirs and focus on figuring out how to update their party and make it relevant for the next generation of voters.)

  116. I’m so glad he’s getting the chance to do what he set out to do. I hope the house/senate work with him this time. This time around I got involved with the campaign locally, working at the headquarters, calling voters in battleground states. It was honestly so cool to be with like minded people supporting your candidate. I totally suggest everyone try it once. Four more years isn’t a long time but I know we can make some positive strides if we work together :) love the post.

  117. You have achieved FAVORITE BLOGGER status for posting this today. :) It means a lot, as does your support of marriage equality.

  118. I feel sick to my stomach. Literally.

  119. I am really impressed with you that you are brave enough to make a political post. Good for you for sticking to what you believe in and not being afraid to promote it and discuss it. I could never do that, I can’t ever talk about politics, I don’t want to make anyone angry.

  120. I cried tears of joy and actually woke up my 3 and a half year old to tell her (dangerous, I know). she groggily asked if it was the nice man who helps people and I said yes–I believe in indoctrinating early :). she smiled and promptly rolled over with her doll and blanket and fell back asleep.

  121. Not thrilled at all. I dislike both candidates, and voted my own voice.
    Neither one of them could’ve thrilled me or make me happy.

  122. I feel worried…..worried for my children’s future when all the overspending comes to a head. They will be the ones paying for it. Not us. I don’t understand how everyone can be so excited when we have left our children with such a burden….their quality of life will be diminished. BTW, I am not a Republican, nor was I a supporter of Bush. I want real change and a President, of any affiliation, who believes in a balanced budget.

  123. I love this blog even more for bringing up politics. I like that you are well rounded Joanna!

  124. My four year old son came running up the stairs this morning and asked who won the election. When I told him, “Obama” and did a little dance, he replied, “Yessssss!!!” Then he looked very seriously at me and said, “Mommy, it’s like when you win Hi-Ho Cheerio. You say good game and don’t make other people feel bad for not winning” Perfect reminder.

  125. i’m thrilled. and relieved.
    bravo for writing this post, joanna!
    hugs, lena

  126. Jo – I’ve loved reading through all these comments. Thank you for creating a space where women on both sides feel safe expressing their honest opinion. As polarized as politics are today, it is rare to find a place where everyone’s views can be heard and respected.