Wednesday giveaway!

Today’s giveaway is from Jenny N. Design, a beautiful bag shop based in Pittsburgh. She mades her bags by hand with supple leather or cotton canvas, and they’re the kinds of beautiful shapes that you’d wear every day for years. Jenny is letting one winner pick out her favorite bag. Which would you choose? (I’d go for this one.)

For a chance to win, please visit Jenny N. Design, and leave a comment below telling us your favorite bag. A winner will be chosen at random tomorrow. Good luck! Update: Nikita S. is our winner. Thanks for playing.

Bonus for all readers: Get 15% off through Monday with the code CUPOFJO.

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  2. . says...

    Oohhhh LOVE the Archive in Morning Mist and Mushroom Taupe!!!
    Perfect for carry on travel for a quick weekend away or a day bag to hold all of my “important stuff”

  3. All of her bags are beautiful! The Archive in cranberry is my favorite.

  4. the archive bag is stunning!!


  5. definately apprentice in cranberry! I can share with my husband!

  6. Love the Mini Ruche!

  7. The briefcase in Java Brown!

  8. Love the Packet in Java Brown

  9. MJ says...

    Love the Briefcase in Chestnut Brown

  10. I adore the Apprentice in Cranberry! So versatile!

  11. i would do the apprentice bag in winter green or the traveler in brown tweed/corduroy.

  12. THIS. is gorgeous.

  13. Apprentice and Archive are both absolutely beautiful, and my gaaad Cranberry is the sexiest colour of leather I’ve ever known.

  14. Archive in Chestnut Brown

  15. Archive in Chestnut Brown is beautiful! Loved it

  16. I’d get the Archive bag in chestnut brown!

  17. :) says...

    Falling for the Packet in Arabian Spice!

  18. Oh man, instant love for the second bag picture in your post.

  19. Love the Archive, would use it as a chic diaper bag!

  20. Did someone already win this? I love the Archive!!!

  21. Archive in expresso, beautiful bags. I also love the Packet in epresso, black or ruby red.

  22. The Archive bag is so beautiful!

  23. Archive in Chestnut for sure.

  24. Oooh, the Archive in Chestnut brown couldn’t be more perfect!! Thanks!

  25. Love Packet in coral pink

  26. sweet archive bag!

  27. I love the archive in chestnut brown as well!

    Thanks for doing the giveaway, Joanna!

  28. The Archive in Chestnut Brown is so gorgeous! Thank you for the generous giveaway.

    – Mehreen, mqudosi@yahoo(dot)com

  29. I love the arabian in all colours

  30. i love the briefcase in arabian spice!

  31. I’d pick the Archive in Chestnut Brown – classic shape and color! Would be great for schlepping all my stuff around NYC! Lovely designs.

  32. I love the Archive bag- so beautiful and useful!

  33. I just love the Archive in Chestnut Brown!


    Seriously, Jenny is one talented gal. Since I’m inbetween uni courses and making that dolla’ with photography, her bags could withstand lugging around notebooks and camera gear. I’d go for the Archive in Chestnut Brown.

    I’m crossing my fingers on this one; I’d love to be chosen!

    Mehreen Qudosi

  35. i adore the archive bag. there is room for books and knitting inside…the necessities of course.

  36. Great bags! All of them! But the Mini Ruche, in Ruby Red is the ONE!

  37. in my last comment I was so excited I forgot to say my favorite bag! It’s the Archive in Chestnut Brown!
    My absolute dream bag!

  38. OH ME ME ME! is it too late!? since your last giveaway I have been DREAMING about these beautiful bags… xxxx

  39. Love the archive in Tree Bark Brown

  40. Love the archive in chestnut brown!

  41. Archive Bag!

  42. The Briefcase in Java Brown is gorgeous; would make a perfect carry-on!

  43. Oh my gosh, totally drooling over the Archive in Winter Green!!

  44. Archive bag in cranberry or brown. Beautiful!

  45. Have been pining over Archive in Chestnut Brown for months… :)

  46. The Archive in Blush Rose Pink is so cute!!!!

  47. This is so ironic, I am looking for a beautiful bag exactly like these to embark on professional endeavours! My very favourite is the Archive in Chestnut Brown. Mmmmm.

  48. Love the Archive in chestnut brown!

  49. Love the Archive in chestnut brown!

  50. Archive in Honey Brown. Beautiful.

  51. I am obsessed with the mini ruche in black leather. That bag is absolutely GORG!

  52. Love the size and classic style of the archive in chestnut.

  53. Love the size and classic style of the archive in chestnut.

  54. Definitely the archive. Possibly olive.

  55. Archive!! Plum!!

  56. Apprentice in Army Green

  57. the Archive in dark plum or java brown…both are fantastic!

  58. Archive! In Chestnut is so great.

  59. Call me boring, but I love the archive in dark plum!

  60. The Packet would be perfect for biking to work and still looking professional (which I haven’t achieved).

  61. it’s so difficult to choose, they are all gorgeous:) I love the briefcase in chestnut brown though! beautiful!

  62. My favorite has to be the archive in chestnut brown sooo pretty!

  63. That Archive in Chestnut Brown. Oh my!