Toby’s New Sweater

My grandmother Milly lives in England, so we aren’t able to see her nearly as often as we’d like. But she just sent Toby a dinosaur sweater that she knit herself. How sweet is that? It makes me nostalgic every time Toby wears it.

Here’s a photo of Milly from our trip to Cornwall last year. (By the way, how little has she changed in four years…or forty-six years?!!) Amazing to think that she’s Toby’s great-grandmother!

And, just for fun, a recent photo of Milly and another of her great-grandchildren doing the Sunday crossword. (The 2006 calendar apparently has not been changed:)

P.S. Breastfeeding across the ocean.

  1. that last picture with the crosswords puzzle is just precious.

  2. Lovein’ the little sweater AND the hat!

  3. So precious!! (the sweater and Milly and Toby)

  4. this is so sentimental and sweet. xx

  5. Oooh…wow…is so sweet!! …Adorable!

  6. I LOVE the red cuffs!
    I have very happy memories of the clothes my granny knitted for me when I was little. (Funny, in England we say ‘knitted’ as the past tense.)

  7. Oh my goodness it must be late here … I just read the title of this blog as being “Toby’s Newsletter”. Beat you’ll get a giggle out of that! LOL Cute jersey BTW :)

  8. So sweet. That’s amazing. My grandma passed away about 6 months before we got married so she never got to meet my kiddos. She would have loved knitting them things (she actually did knit them a blanket before she passed away though!).


  9. my granny also live in england, so we dont see her as often as we would like, either… but she, too, knits the most amazing jumpers! When I was a little girl she made me one with bo peep on the front, and her lost sheep on the back. When I had Felix last year, she knit him some adorable cardigans. This summer, she and my grandad got to meet him–seeing great grandparents with their great grandchildren is so special!

  10. I would love to have the pattern for that sweater! It’s too cute!

  11. Hi Joanna, love your blog and visited the mermaid inn this weekend as per your guide to New York! We loved it! Thanks so much for the great local tip, Niamh (from Dublin,Ireland) x

  12. That sweater is darling! And as for your grandmother, she is so precious and definitley hasn’t changed a bit : )

  13. that is so sweet! she did such a great job of the dinosaur! my grandma’s a great-grandmother to my mini-schnauzer puppy, Peach, and this winter she and my mum had knitting competitions to see who could knit Peach the most jumpers. she even got a rainbow jumper!

  14. this is so lovely. reading it, i followed a link to an older post of toby smiling at you at the end of naptime as a little baby (so sweet). which leads me to ask… any chance you could write a motherhood mondays post about naptime? i have a 3 month old who sleeps pretty decently at night so far (knock on wood) but he won’t stay asleep for long during the day if I put him down- only when in the stroller or on my lap!

    loved your post about sleep training by the way!


  15. Aww…love this post about Toby and Gramma Milly. It makes me miss my gramma so much too. I will be telling my son everything about her. Thanks so much for this nostalgia.

  16. oh my heart !

  17. Awww how sweet, and how cute is Toby in his sweater. Grandmas as the best!

  18. I WANT TO BUY THIS SWEATER. What a lucky lad. Currently sending my mom to the workshop to whip one up for my son. (:

  19. I love those what appear to be shields on the hood over the stove. That’s an adorable sweater she knit for Toby.

  20. That’s so sweet, but of course it’s not a sweater my American friends, it’s a jumper ;-) x

  21. oh i wish i could knit! maybe when the kids are older and i get a chance to learn! x

  22. Joanna, your blog is a delight. As a granny myself I love seeing posts like this celebrating family. The dinosaur sweater is brilliant and your grandmother is a legend. My children’s granny was knitting up until the time she died three years ago,at 91. At the time of her death she was knitting a jumper for my first grandson. Sadly due to her ill health, she was struggling with it, and after she passed away I couldn’t take if off the needles and re-knit it -it was simply too precious. Eighteen months on, we were presented with another wonderful grandson, born 11 weeks early, and I knew I was meant to re-knit that half-done sweater for our him, to maintain a connection with the great-granny he never knew, but who would have adored him. He was wrapped in her warmth in his incubator and is now a thriving 18 month old. Thank you for sharing your stories. I am so glad my daughter (mother of the premie) connected me with your blog.

  23. So sweet : ) Something to save for Toby’s little boy : )

  24. How precious is your grandmother! She reminds me my grandma too.. I miss her so much!

  25. As of three seconds ago, I’ve decided that someday when I have kids, they will all get matching dinosaur sweaters like this one. Because Toby in a dinosaur sweater makes my heart absolutely melt!

    Take care!

  26. Toby and his cousin look so much alike!

  27. I thought my father was the only one who kept calendars for the wrong years just because he likes the pictures so much. Every time I visit him, I have to remind myself that it’s not 2003 anymore :)

  28. What an awesome sweater! I know how to knit but have never had any luck making a sweater! I make really nice baby afghans, though!

  29. Thats such a typical british sunday picture to me!

  30. This lovely post makes me miss my Grannies! What a great sweater – I bet Toby will love it forever (Granny sweaters are one thing I never ever get rid of)

  31. Toby’s cute sweater made me remember my grand-mother sending me hand sewn dresses when I was a little girl..Such precious memories :)

  32. Love the classic colors scheme and dino image. Someday Toby will love seeing all the photos of him wearing his great grandmother’s creation. In my mid-thirties now,I love having treasured keepsakes like this, choosing to leave them as they are or repurpose them into something else, giving new life in another form.

  33. I saw Toby (and Alex) on the subway this weekend. He’s SO adorable. I love this little sweater. What a sweet gift!

  34. yep, a little jealous of toby’s sweater. :)

  35. I’d wear an adult sized version of that jumper!

  36. Oh my goodness. I am a knitter so knitted gifts just make me die. It is such a gorgeous sweater and it’s wonderful to hear how much you cherish it. Wow! So much love! Heart exploding!

  37. She is the cutest! How special that she knit Toby a sweater.

  38. Oh it’s super sweet!
    I loved the sweaters my English grandma would knit for us with our names on them!

  39. This is sooo adorable! Reminds me of my own gram– Awesome to see great-grams with the great-grands. And I love Toby’s laidback attitude–always gives me a wild high for the day. He’s such a kewl kid! ;)Thanks for sharing

  40. That sweater is super adorable.

  41. K says...

    These Brits kill me. My dad is also from England, and my Granny did the crossword everyday. I swear its what kept her sharp until she died quickly at 92. I also have several clothing items she made my mother, and some hand-smocked dresses my great-grandmother made for me as a baby. A generation of DIYers!

  42. Aww what a lovely post! Things from grandmothers & great granmothers especially if they are made by them always will warm children’s hearts! I have a quilt from my great-grandmother I still use!! =) Toby looks adorable in the sweater!!!


  43. Cornwall – home!! so funny seeing pictures of you and toby there, you seem to belong to another world.

  44. so cute! that’s something that will LAST. even when toby grows out of it, that will be one thing he can give to his children as a hierloom :)

    i can knit, but i bet a dinosaur would be difficult! scarves are about my knitting limit :P

  45. What precious photos. I love handmade gifts and that sweater is so sweet. I have a sweater my grandma knitted me when I was little that is an elephant and the sleeve it the trunk! I can’t wait to pass it on to future children and grandchildren.

  46. She MADE that?!?!?! Holy Awesome!!!

  47. Heck, I would wear that sweater! Adorable. She’s so cute.

  48. Just gorgeous, my granny made me a couple of jumpers when I was little and I still have them to be able to pass them on to my own future children.
    I love the last picture of your Gran and her great grandchild getting on with their own Sunday business

  49. Check out that little hipster of a dude! I love it.

  50. Oh! Your grandmother is adorable! as is that sweater. how special :) xo

  51. Oh, my goodness! That is too cool…
    Toby will be the best-dressed kid on the playground with his bespoke sweater ;)

  52. Adorable! And the name Milly reminds me of the Woody Allen movie “To Rome With Love” – have you seen it? xo

  53. That’s the perfect little boy’s jumper!

  54. Joanna that is so sweet and such a family heirloom. Toby is so lucky to have it :-)

  55. Sooo sweet! She is absolutely lovely.