Thursday giveaway

Today’s giveaway is from Of a Kind, a Brooklyn-based site run by two amazing women. Each week, they choose an emerging designer with whom they collaborate on a limited edition piece. They sell these gorgeous pieces (think: silk shirts, leather bags, gold necklaces) exclusively on their site until they sell out. Today they’re giving away this handmade Brown Sugar Ring, which would make your finger sparkle. Don’t you love it?

For a chance to win, please visit Of a Kind (consider signing up for their newsletter here so you’ll never miss an edition release) and leave a comment below. A winner will be chosen at random tomorrow. Good luck! Update: Cortney B. is our lucky winner. Thanks for playing.

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  2. y says...

    what a pretty ring. the things you feature on this blog are so rad, joanna!

  3. pick me, pick me. what a stunning ring

  4. what a festive ring!

  5. pick me, pick me. what a stunning ring

  6. Pretty please with a cherry on top!

  7. Pretty please with a cherry on top!

  8. Beautiful ring! jo you always have the best giveaways!

  9. beautiful!!!

  10. Gorgeous! What a neat site – great concept!

  11. So beautiful!

  12. beautiful, almost like it has its own fairy lights twinkling inside it!

  13. That is the most beautiful ring I have ever seen. Truly… Precious!

  14. I honestly think this is the perfect november ring! :-)

  15. Oh, I honestly believe this is the perfect november ring! :-) Fingers crossed!

  16. what a beauty! im new to following this blog but really loving it :)

  17. it reminds me a lot of the Jewelery I would get from my grandma from the 1920/30’s

  18. really nice ring, simple, cozy and beautiful. Fall in miniature.

  19. This ring is beautiful! It looks vintage…

  20. Beautiful sparkler!!!

  21. The ring is absolutely gorgeous. Love it!

  22. Love the website and the knit wear!

  23. So many stunning items!!

  24. I love this ring!!

  25. I love this ring so much it hurts <3

  26. what a gorgeous ring. would be perfect with the upcoming chill and snow!

  27. I hope I am not too late to enter! Beautiful!

  28. The ring is beautiful, I love it.

  29. Love the ring. Great give away, thank you.



  32. love that ring! so sparkly haha!

  33. Please include me if it’s not too late. Thank you!

  34. N says...

    I love this!

  35. So delicate and sparkling and pretty; they got the name exactly right!

  36. a says...

    saw this on of a kind first and loved it immediately. it’s jewelry perfection.

  37. Ooooo, pretty!

  38. Love it! Pure gorgeous!

  39. What a gorgeous ring! Love, love, love it!

  40. What an amazing ring! I’ll probably buy it even if I don’t win it!

  41. Thanks for introducing us to such a cool brand! I loved their website and I’d love to have this ring!

  42. Wow… saw this on my phone and can’t stop thinking about it.

  43. this is an epic ring

  44. pretty!

  45. Hope I’m not too late to enter! Love this ring, it’s very, very pretty! Thanks Joanna & Of a Kind! :-)

  46. Brown sugar! Perfect name, I”d love to wear that beaut on my hand!

  47. Beautiful!

  48. That is the perfect name for that piece. I bet the light catches it just right!

  49. bummer! some of the things i like the best are already sold out!! must sign up for the newsletter so i won’t miss future favorites.

    and of course, beautiful, beautiful ring.

  50. This ring is gorgeous! I might have to buy it…

  51. Love that shop! And love this ring :)

  52. This ring is gorgeous! I might have to buy it…

  53. e. says...

    love Of a Kind and have signed up!

  54. That ring is STUNNING!!

  55. Love Of a Kind!

  56. Ohhhh. That’s all I can say just… oh. How lovely.

  57. Ohhhh. That’s all I can say just… oh. How lovely.

  58. absolutely beautiful.

  59. pretty!!

  60. what a gorgeous right hand ring!

  61. That is gorgeous. Perfect stacking ring

  62. That is gorgeous. Perfect stacking ring

  63. Just lovely! Hope I win!

  64. This ring makes me swoon! I love that it says exactly how many have been made…still makes it feel one of a kind!!

  65. What a great site!

  66. dt says...

    I love their brown sugar studs, sadly sold out.

  67. Beyond gorgeous. Need this ring!!

  68. Of a Kind is so great. Also, such a cute ring. Think I need it. :)

  69. that ring is delicious!!!

  70. Holy cow! This is beyond gorgeous and would make a lovely edition to my ring collection. love it

  71. I love how delicate it is!!

  72. lovely!!!

  73. lovely!!!

  74. So beautiful! Reminds me a lot of some of the jewelry I wear regularly.

  75. Beautiful!

  76. Lauren Wolf and Of a Kind are seriously two of my favorite things :)

  77. My gosh….. I would love this!

  78. the perfect amount of sparkle…love it!

  79. That ring is so beautiful!

  80. Wow! This ring is gorgeous! Simple but charming. Cant wait to see it in my hand.

  81. Wow! This ring is gorgeous! Simple but charming. Cant wait to see it in my hand.

  82. Thanks Jo for introducing us to this site, I love how everything looks very unique! Love the ring, as well as the rose gold memento mori cuff!

  83. Amazing ring.

  84. I need some sparkle in my life right now :-)

  85. Thank Jo for introducing us to this site! they have alot of great stuff! I see alot of stuff that I like that’s already sold out! But other than that, the ring and the rose gold memento mori cuff look fantastic as well :)

  86. I love it! sending ths page to my boyfriend, would be perfect for my birthday this monday!

  87. that ring is beautiful! gasp!

  88. gasp. oh to win something…

  89. rings, necklaces and bracelets! love it!

  90. That ring is beyond phenomenal. (The earrings offered earlier in the year must have been stunning as well!)

  91. That is a beautiful ring and I WANT IT SO BAD!!!!

  92. Wow, that is one stunning ring! keeping my fingers crossed (wishful thinking LOL)!

  93. Such a beauty. Amen!

  94. love it! and what an awesome website. thanks for the heads up.

  95. Love it! What a cool site!

  96. such sparkly fun!

  97. Very cute stuff on this site! I love so many of the bracelets, and the ring you’re giving away is SO pretty.

  98. That ring is beautiful.

  99. Oh my gosh…perfection!

  100. Sweet! <3

  101. Love it. :)

  102. Sweet! <3

  103. I love this ring, so pretty!

  104. I would give it to my sweet mom. And maybe she’d let me borrow it once in a while :-) She’d be flabbergasted by its beautiful THPARKLE!!!

  105. Umm… YES?! So gorgeous. These ladies got it goin’ on

  106. These pieces are all just so lovely! I could see myself sporting so many of them in such versatile ways :-) Thank you!

  107. WANT.

  108. WANT!

  109. Oh gosh, I hope I’m not too late!

  110. I love this is…one of a kind!

  111. oh my, i am too late to enter? because this ring is stunning

  112. So beautiful!

  113. I love this ring!

  114. love it – so pretty and warm. leslie g.

  115. That ring is amazing!

  116. So lovely! Hope I can win it!

  117. would love to win!

  118. que maravilhosa!

  119. Oh love!! its gorgeous, and perfect for some holiday showing off!

  120. I am obsessed! I have a hard time finding a ring I feel I could wear everyday, but I sure could with this one!

  121. I love brown sugar. I love this ring.

  122. Oh please oh please! This ring is truly magnificent and sooo beautiful. I would love to wear this! xoxo