Three holiday outfits

Inspired by Emma Watson, wear the sparkle cardigan with…
* an army jacket
* an New York T-shirt
* cotton leggings
* leopard print loafers
* a tomboy duffel bag
* an elephant luggage tag
* an entertaining book to read
* and don’t forget a plane picnic! (Here are 25 sandwich ideas…)

When hanging out with relatives, pair the sparkle cardigan with…
* a lacy tank
* skinny jeans
* a love bracelet
* a striped clutch
* suede booties
* a simple wreath
* peanut-butter brownies
* personalized beer featuring adorable family photos.

As you mingle with friends, drape the sparkle cardigan over…
* a polka-dot dress
* red suede pumps
* a gold iPhone clutch (how clever is that?)
* bright red lips
* glittery gold nails
* and some bubbly for a happy New Year.

Which outfit do you prefer? Which suits your personality best?

(Graphic design elements by Rachel for Cup of Jo)

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  1. This is great post . Thank you

  2. Marissa says...

    I loved this feature – would love if you did something similar for holidays this year :)

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  4. I loved all those outfits. Especially the traveling outfit. One of my biggest pet peeves is people traveling in their pajamas. Having flown extensively both internationally and here in America, I have seen my fair share of poorly dressed travelers. I wish more people dressed in outfits like the one you showed.


  5. I really like the family dinner outfit. Not too sure about the Emma Watson one…usually she’s pretty cute but that one just didn’t fly, either on her or laid out on the screen.

    The gif was a good idea but definitely too quick – I was glad to find out that they stayed still lower down so I could actually look at them :) If the top gif was smaller so we could see it all at once on a screen it would have helped a lot.

  6. love the family dinner look. gosh i really like Rachel’s graphics. And you curated these beautifully.

  7. I love the meet the family outfit. I always need ideas for visits to the in laws.

  8. I love these outfits! Cute idea for a post! Wish I had time to get away for the holidays!

    Love, Jamie Herzlinger

  9. love this montage!! that dress is really cute! (they had a shirt similar to it at h & m but i couldn’t decide if it was too ice skater-ish)


  10. Love!!! Thanks for the outfit inspiration, Joanna. Re: the leopard loafers – I hit the BIGGEST jackpot the other day at, of all places, Kmart. I kept eyeing leopard loafers but didn’t want to spring for a pricey pair when I’m not totally sure they’ll be an outfit staple for future seasons. And then I happened upon these for… $10!! Can you believe it? And they’re actually comfortable! I felt I had to share this find when I saw the pair you posted –

  11. I love all the outfits! You’re the best. LOL form Italy

  12. Where is that strapless bra from? I’m on the hunt for a good one!

  13. Love the outfits, too bad I don’t have the money to buy any of them right now.

    Joanna, I’d love to see a holiday gift guide up here soon!

  14. So cute. love these ideas. Is there a code to use on the Levi’s site?

  15. love love it all.

  16. I would also like to know where the bra is from!

  17. I love everything about the “big family dinner” outfit, including the wreath, brownies, and beer ;)

    side note about my experience with this format for the pictures: I couldn’t see anything when I was using firefox. I opened it in safari and could see the pictures, but I felt they switched too fast for me to get a good look at all of the pieces

  18. My favorite outfit is the “big family dinner” one. Although, I would not wear it for Thanksgiving dinner— too casual for a holiday meal, even for our very casual family. Cute outfit for every day though.

    And, I’ve got to agree with those who mentioned that you can’t see the whole image on one screen. And, I’m reading on a rather large computer… not a big deal, but hard to see the whole outfit at once.

  19. Love the outfits! The scrolling pictures makes me feel a bit woozy though, I think I would prefer to scroll.

  20. In love with all. I’d wear each one to each occasion. But the “airplane” one is looking especially nice & cozy right about now.

  21. I love all three — and the rotating graphic is super cool! xoxo

  22. Lovely post!!! I love all the outfits but the family dinner is what you’d most likely catch me in (although I might aim to be as cool as the other two).

  23. In love with the cocktail party look. Have just sent my husband a link to the iPhone clutch as well, as a subtle hint for Christmas!

  24. The graphic is so cool. At first I thought my eyes were playing tricks on me. My favorite is the cocktail outfit, gorgeous!

  25. I have that eddie bauer army jacket and love it! definitely needs a layer or two for winter though.
    i posted a round up of army jackets today on my blog check it out if you’d like. And a BIG thank you for the less expensive options. It bugs me when bloggers only post about high end versions of beautiful things. thanks again joanna! and congrats on the bake sale!!

  26. Love the family dinner outfit. It makes me wish it were Christmas Eve already!

  27. the flight home. i think.

  28. The airplane home outfit is adorable!

  29. I love that your airplane outfit includes a sandwhich! Is food a fashion accessory now? I can get behind that trend. Haha!

  30. Joanna- I love the idea of the changing graphic, but it might also be nice to have a separate picture of all 3 so that we can study them for as long as we want. Thanks for always trying to do new things though!

    • FYI- if you click the ‘resd more’ to go to the actual post, you can scroll down and see all three for as long as you like = )

  31. I’d concur that the Airplane Home outfit is something I can see myself wearing, even just to hang out at the bookstore or coffeeshop. :) Cooking for Mr. Latte is one of those light, fun books I like to read while eating.

  32. Is there a way to make the image stop on a single outfit? I can’t get a good look at everything all at the same time, but maybe it is just me.

  33. Any other recommendations for army jackets similar to that one? I LOVE it in the green, but the link for that specific one only has XS sizes left in a white and red color. want to add a good one to my x-mas wish list! thanks :)

  34. I’d like to know which NARS lipstick that is. Perhaps this is another downfall from all the linking and fancy GIFs, but it’s nice to be able to read the info rather than having to click to view an unhelpful link. I know, I know… it doesn’t give you the profit from the link that way, but it’s more helpful.

  35. Do I really have to choose just one? Can’t I have the Airplane Home outfit for the airplane home AND the Big Family Dinner for, you guessed it our big family dinner? I have no need for the sexy cocktail number but the other two are great.

  36. i think i’m mostly the flight home oufit, but oh, i do dig the cocktail dress. might have to order it to give it a try for a cocktail party i have in early january. begs the question tho: if i wear this in january in chicago, what do i wear on my legs? black hose? black tights? or go kate middleton with nude shimmery hose?

  37. Great post, I am always wondering how to consolidate packing for quick trips. I LOVE the family dinner outfit, especially that sweet bracelet…

  38. cute stuff- but I’ve never been so annoyed by a gif in my life. I felt like i was chasing the image trying to get a decent look at any one set.

  39. I love the big family dinner outfit. Not sure how it would look covered in spit-up though. I may be sporting a vinyl raincoat this year.

  40. Where’s the bra from?!

  41. The big family dinner is totally my favourite look!

  42. Such cute mix and match ideas! Although I feel like I rarely have time to “style” myself. It’s lucky if I look semi coordinated. ;)

  43. love pieces that you can wear with anything. that airplane outfit might be a weekend outfit for me as well…chic and cozy!

  44. Same here, Beth! I thought it was a google reader glitch, but I see it’s happening here too. The outfits are cute, but I have yet to see a complete one all together. Driving me crazy a little bit.

    • Ditto! I was trying to think of a way to comment in a kind and helpful way, but these comments pretty much sum it up. Great idea, poor execution. The graphics are just changing too fast.

  45. Just something to keep in mind: the graphics on this are so large that I can’t fit the whole image in my screen and while I’m scrolling down to look at the whole thing it changes to the next one. It is REALLY frustrating :(

    • I don’t know about other people’s families but in mine even the kids aren’t allowed to wear jeans to family events. The outfits all look a little college student, especially the black dress.

  46. For the airplane home is my favourite. Casual and chic, perfect for a fashionable tomboy! ;)

  47. Lovin’ on that gorgeous striped clutch bag. What fun it would add to any casual jeans outfit!

  48. Oh Emma Watson inspired clothing is fine by meee! And this cool flashy graphic? Very nifty.

  49. Ooh, love the (family dinner) booties. I love a bright colored cardigan and this one looks beautiful!

  50. I love them all, but the airplane outfit suits my style best. :)