Our Holiday Cards

Will you be sending out holiday cards this year? Last year, we chose a photo of all of us, but this year we went with a photo of Toby playing guitar, partly because he looked cute and partly because we didn’t have a decent family photo:)

We of course turned to Pinhole Press for their lovely, simple designs. We ended up choosing one of the new Ultrathick Pinstripe Cards, which have a cool pinstripe on the sides of each card. And I like how the back simply says “Merry!” They have tons of other great cards, too.

Plus, a bonus for all readers: Pinhole Press is offering 10% off everything with the code CUPOFJO for the rest of the year. Happy holidays!

P.S. Personalized memory game, and photo notepads.

(Photos by Alpha Smoot for Cup of Jo; styling by Kendra Smoot)

  1. Sorry to say the promo code isn’t working :(

  2. You are very creative. I love how you have used Pinhole Press for your Christmas cards. I am 21 and my family is slowly stopping the whole “family Christmas card photo,” but I think I might try to convince them to change their minds this year. I like how you used Pinhole Press rather than Shutterfly or the other generic photo companies.

  3. Love the cards Joanna! What a muffin of love Toby is!! xoxo

  4. Love Pinhole Press! I ordered ours (from them) a few days ago. Use code TURKEY for 25% off all holiday cards!

  5. So cute! I make my own cards (I work at a craft store and teach card making classes so…I kind of have to!) which sometimes means panic as I struggle to get them done. This year I chose a very simple but sweet design of folded paper trees, a rubber

    • (oh dear, I hadn’t finished!) …stamped deer, with a wood grain washi tape border.

  6. Excited for this discount – planned to get a Pinhole photo book for my parents with photos from my wedding this year- thank you!

  7. I think your cards are lovely and I just love how you photographed them! :)

  8. My family just ordered the “Merry” card from Pinhole Press a couple of weeks ago. They came in yesterday and are adorable! The benefit is that whoever you send it to, can keep the photo since “Merry” and who it’s from is on one side and the photo is on another. The perfect holiday card and keepsake all in one! Love this company!

  9. Putting together holiday cards is one of the many things I enjoy about the November/December holiday season! We typically do a photo card, but a couple years ago we did the custom illustrated holiday cards from Rifle Paper Co. (Anna Bond draws your family!). I reveal my holiday card on Christmas day on my blog … and of course our family and friends receive them in the mail!

  10. Thanks for the 10% off!! My boyfriend and I had already chosen to do our Christmas cards through them this year! And we live in Australia, so shipping will be pricy :(

  11. I’ve heard that personal Christmas cards are an American thing, it’s a really fun way of giving Christmas greetings! In England we’re big on giving Christmas cards too but not with photos of ourselves on. My son comes home from school with a christmas card from each of the children in his class including the girls and in our office everyone gives everyone a christmas card! And this happens EVERYWHERE! Sharon

  12. I just ordered my holiday cards from there! So many gorgeous styles to choose from. :) Thank you for sharing Pinhole Press with us. What a great discovery!

  13. OK – so, even though I’m a photographer myself and I should be smart and suggest myself – I’m going to suggest one of my favorite family photographers to shoot you guys – she’s amazing. I love her work: You should totally have her shoot you!!!! Love the cards. — Megan

  14. Just ordered a set of my own! They will be our first holiday cards as a married couple. Yay! Thanks Joanna for the tip. :)

  15. So cute, that picture is adorable! Let’s be honest, most family members just want to see the kids anyway. We already ordered our cards from Minted (a wedding photo since we didn’t send out anything last year after returning from our 5 week honeymoon), but I would love to try Pinhole Press out in the future!

    Strive to Thrive,

  16. Gorgeous!! I love them – happy holidays!

  17. Love these! In Spain we don’t usually send Christmas cards. Such a pity. I usually buy some pretty ones to greet my international friends. Wish we send more holiday cards…

    Yours are great Joanna! I love Pinhole press! Too bad i don’t live in the US. hehe

    :) June {}

  18. I just placed our order from Pinhole Press! Thanks so much for the discount. This is our first holiday as a family, so excited to send the cards! I think I might steal your heart sticker idea from last year for the envelopes. :)

  19. What kind of tape is that holding up the cards and string?

  20. Those are so cute!! I got mine from this year. They also have great Holiday cards! Loving this Holiday Season!!!

  21. As always, you have impeccable taste! Beautiful cards!!!

  22. I LOVE YOUR CARD! It’s simply gorgeous.

  23. I would love to do something like this… I wish we had Pinhole Press here in the Czech Republic!

  24. If only pinhole press would ship to Australia! :)

  25. In Italy hardly anyone sends cards. It’s a shame because my mantelpiece feels bare at Christmas time! But I must say that hardly anyone I know , even in the UK and US sends cards anymore. Is it a tradition that is dying out? Even if I wanted to I would find it hard as I don’t have a lot of peoples addresses anymore as we connect through social media…

  26. too cute!!! i really wish pinhole press would ship to australia, i really want to use their wedding invitations for our invites :(

  27. I love holiday cards! And I am so into postcards. We did them last year and plan to do them again!

  28. I made a card featuring my cat and me! It’s really silly, but I like it a lot!

  29. I think we’re ready to take the next big step in our relationship and send out holiday cards this year (with cute pictures of the dog, of course) – we’ll definitely have to check out Pinhole’s options!

    Also, eagerly awaiting your gift guides!

  30. cute! checking out their site now. we seem to average an every other year mail out. so we are due to mail out a card this year :)

  31. I’ve already sent mine out! Of course I ordered mine through Pinhole press too!

  32. i love the one you decided on!

  33. Such a cute card! Thanks for the tip. Pinhole has so many adorable cards! x

  34. I was actually on the ball this year and ordered ours back in October. They are ready to be sent out come Dec 1. I wish I had remembered about Pinhole Press though! Love the pic of Toby!

    Haute Child in the City

  35. Thanks for the amazing recommendation of Pinhole press! I ordered holiday cards from them last year and got SO many compliments! Already have an order on the way for this year too!!

  36. your cards look great! i ordered some pinhole press personalised memory games as christmas gifts after seeing them on your blog and i’m so glad i did – they turned out totally fabulous! thanks for recommending them.

  37. q says...

    so cute :)

  38. my old supervisor’s last name is “Valentine,” so she and her fam sent out Valentine’s Day cards every year instead of Christmas. love it.

  39. I really want to send out personalized cards, but I am weeks away from giving birth, and I just don’t know that I’m up for it at this stage in the game. I totally feel guilty about it, but our family and friends are getting boxed this year. The amount of guilt I feel for this is slightly irrational. :-)

  40. This is too cute! I love the idea of personalised cards, too :)

  41. Oh, those are adorable! I love non-traditional holiday cards:) so fun! xo

  42. We always send out personalized cards. Normally of snow pics that I took in a National Park.

    Dan @ ZenPresence

  43. I ordered from them last year and shall do again this year :)

  44. I’m so jealous! I want to send out picture Christmas cards but my boyfriend is like, “I’m not photogenic enough to be on someone’s frige”. He’s a scrooge apparently! hehe.

    Toby is too cute with the guitar! I hope they go over big because they are adorable! =)

    Ergo – Blog

  45. Can’t wait to send out Christmas cards this year! This is the first Christmas my hubs and I have been married, so we are thinking up something good…and not too traditional :)

    -Sarah {}