New little darlings

My friend’s son’s nursery is filled with these baby animal photographs, and apparently her little boy says “good night” to each one every evening. How cute is that? Today photographer Sharon Montrose just launched two new little darlings—a baby camel and a baby zebra. What little faces…

And this video broke my heart…(P.S. Here’s their holiday sale.)

(Animal wallpaper by Anthropologie)

  1. Yes would love to know where the wallpaper is from. This my most favorite nursery decor I have seen. LOVE the prints and plan to order MANY!

  2. I’m wondering where the lamps are from too!

  3. Love these! So cute. Do you know where the lamps are from?

  4. I love that wallpaper! Does anyone know where it is from?

  5. This is ridiculously cute! I want them for my room, especially the ones with lambs from the website.
    xandra ★

  6. This is my favorite post ever. Baby animals and baby humans, all together in one happy video. I just died.

  7. love her work. I live in Egypt and in the small town I am in, camels walk around the streets and beaches every day. But you don’t see a baby very often. When you do, usually the Bedouin women are walking it with its mother, and I don’t like to take photos in case it upsets mother camel. So I like this one so much. You can see some of our camels at

  8. I bought pictures of animal babies on etsy for my son’s room, he is 16 months. Every night I put him to bed we say goodnight to his animal friends. It is nice to know we are not the only ones talking to the walls!

  9. I bought pictures of animal babies on etsy for my son’s room, he is 16 months. Every night I put him to bed we say goodnight to his animal friends. It is nice to know we are not the only ones talking to the walls!

  10. Oh i love anything that makes children familiar with animals and fragility and nature at a young age and then these are just the most beautiful photos….

  11. so gorgeous! i hope one day she’ll do baby llamas or alpacas…they’re sooooo cute. or baby hedgehogs! or baby otters! eeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  12. I love all of them! Awesome!

  13. Holy crap this is amazing!!! I also dislike overly cartoonish baby stuff, and this is still such a cute idea!!! TOTALLY OBSESSED! Now I just need a baby….

    Strive to Thrive,

  14. I have the baby giraffe at my desk and sent my sister the baby goat for her birthday. I can’t wait to have a baby (long from now) to hang it in his/her room some day. Sharon Montrose is genius!

  15. I don’t know what is cuter…the baby saying goodnight to the animals, or the animal pictures! I’ll go with both! Adorable!

  16. I love this! So cute for a little boy’s room. I had such a hard time figuring out a cute nursery for my little boy. I love the look of this!

  17. I’ve been eyeing these pieces for ages and now that I’m pregnant, I definitely took advantage of their holiday sale. SO excited to hang them in the nursery!

  18. Aww…I love the middle pic with that wallpaper too!

  19. I love Sharon Montrose! I watched a video once of a sort of behind the scenes in her studio. It was amazing…so much work put into such simple photographs. They are delightful!

  20. i agree with briana — these are so sweet for children but grownups (like me) love looking at them, too!! thanks for the update on sharon’s work. love her!!

  21. oh that is crazy cute!

  22. I love these prints, I want them for my room. I love the Buffalo too.

  23. These are so cute…such a great idea!

  24. I love the little bear…and the racoons on their site are ridiculous!

  25. The zebra! Squee, so cute!

  26. Love this. I can probably still get away doing it for my son.

  27. These are precious! There is no better combination than babies + baby animals! Keeping this in mind for a future baby boy room!

  28. So very cute! The photos and the fact that the lil boy says good night to each of them

  29. That little monkey is so cute, too. What a face!

  30. I’ve been a fan of her photos for a while now. Can’t wait to decorate a nursery with them (fingers crossed for soon-ish :)).

  31. Love these! I have some of her adult photo prints in my home – so stunning. Can’t wait to add a few of these when we have a little one.

  32. These are just adorable. I love that little bear!

  33. The camel is so cute. He has a mischievous look in his eye!

  34. absolutely adorable! that smiling camel’s my favorite :)

  35. Oh my goodness I am absolutely in LOVE with these prints! No kids yet for me but I’m thinking I should stock up on these anyway! Adorable!


  36. I LOVE this. When I was decorating my daughter’s room (who is now 8 months!) I wanted to do an animal theme but I couldn’t find any pictures that I LOVED and that didn’t look cartoon-ish. I ended up changing my idea and went with a theme of birds instead. These would’ve been perfect!

  37. So cute!