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  7. Hi Joanne – I just ordered the same natural nvey lipstick from vine.com but didn’t seem to get that nice red that you’re wearing. Do you remember the name of the color you got by any chance? I would love to know!

  8. Loved reading this! What a cute idea, to meet at the restaurant! Also, enjoyed looking through some of your favorite products on the Vine website. I’m also trying to transition to some more eco-friendly stuff, although there are still non-green products that I really like.

  9. Joanna! Loved this post, but when I looked for your mascara and eye shadow on the link for the products you love from vine, I didn’t see them:( It showed a different mascara than the one you used in the photos and no eye shadow. Can you please share those brands and colors?
    Thank Joanna!

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  10. I love Joanna’s blog and feel she’s on trend with a bunch of blogs that have gotten serious legs and are doing their best in creating original content while satisfying their sponsors. They couldn’t do this full time without their advertisers and we don’t pay subscription fees so would be wonderful for people to keep a positive perspective and be more understanding. This is a business :)

    I am very passionate about this topic. It’s actually why I started a passion project of mine, opening up a very small boutique online filled with highly curated non-toxic items for beauty & home. It’s extremely confusing in the natural goods world to decipher what’s safe and what’s not. You cannot entirely depend on EWG Skin Deep as their data has gaps. You cannot blindly shop at natural online stores and places like Whole Foods because their products are not always super clean. My mission is to help women in making better decisions for themselves and their loved ones. By promoting brands that are made up of only the best ingredients and by educating women to start looking deeper into their products. By reading and understanding the ingredients. Taking responsibility and not trusting commercial labeling.

    Here is a helpful link about ingredients: http://bit.ly/UZt4nx

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  11. Bite Beauty is another brand of natural lipsticks worth checking out. The company is Canadian, but the products are available here in the States at Sephora, and there is a great range of colors (my faves are Cin Cin, Zin, and Tannin).

  12. I loved this post and I love hearing about people’s beauty routines. I’ve even been known to peak into people’s showers during house parties to see what kind of shampoo they use :)

    It is so nerdy but I don’t buy anything before reading Paula Begoun’s review from the Beautypedia app. Sometimes it’s hard to read because she reveals that a fancy cream I want has the same ingredients as something at the drug store…but the honest advice and breakdown of ingredients is so, so helpful and has saved me tons of money. Everything she recommends is truly the best.

    Ana at grownupshoes.com

  13. hope you’re having a great weekend! just saw these other questions: My shade of Nvey Eco is 369, which was sadly discontinued! it’s the best shade, so it’s a bummer.for skin, i wear laura mercier tinted moisturizer, plus bare essentials foundation powder. and this was actually my friend’s bathroom! i was at her place after the bake sale, and her bathroom is bigger and brighter than ours, so we took these photos there:) we haven’t moved yet, i’ll definitely keep you posted on that (and hope to ask for lots of advice around the decision:) thank you!!!

    • Joanna, I’ve recently been trying to go more natural with beauty things too (my hardest thing is dry shampoo – I can’t live without it but can’t seem to find a good natural one?). I just started using Arcona powder foundation. It’s so light and goes on so easily but even has spf. highly recommend. I’m trying their skin care soon, too, so we’ll see. Happy for this new lipstick recommendation and website – thank you. :)

  14. I love purple/plum eye shadow! Dr. Hauschka has a purple (aubergine) mascara that is my absolute favorite. Especially good for those I-have-no-time-for-makeup days.

  15. oh, and yes, i do use Nars makeup for sure! that was never a secret, i write about it all the time:) i especially love their blush and bronzer.

    my beauty bag is not 100% natural, but it has been moving in that direction, especially when it comes to body lotion, facial lotion, sunscreen and anything you put all over your body. i’ve found many natural products that i really love, especially since I got pregnant with Toby.

    personally, my thought is that it’s great to use as many natural products as you can, but i’ll definitely make exceptions for certain favorite products that i really love. i actually used Nars blush when these photos were taken!

  16. thanks for these comments! jennifer, that is a great tip—mascara over grey hairs. thank you!

  17. I am so bad with regimes. Sometimes I even forget to put my moisturizer on. However I never forget to put something on my lips :)

  18. You are beautiful! :)

  19. Don’t pluck those grey hairs! You can actually get a bald spot from doing that. Color any stray hairs with your mascara for a quick fix. Or you can go get some lowlights to cover them up.

  20. I’ve been loyal to the TARTE brand of cosmetics since first trying their cheek stain last year. I love their products and recommend their mascara to all of my girlfriends who shop cruelty free or eco-friendly products.
    I always wear perfume. Date night I might go with something bolder. Last night we went to the Philadelphia Orchestra and I wore Tom Ford Black Orchid.

  21. Don’t pluck your grays! My stylist told me that grays tend to grow out of the same folicle(makes sense), so when you pluck your grays you pluck hair out of the same folicle over and over, over time damaging the folicle so that hair won’t grow out of it anymore. Then you end up with a nice little bald spot (since grays tend to grow in in clusters).

    I use Weleda’s baby face lotion because it’s about half the price of the rose lotion. Dr Hauschka mascara is amazing!

  22. I totally agree with your tips. For me it´s of crucial importance to feel wonderful before a date! I think it makes us so much more confident and special! I do have my beauty rituals as well. I always try to start with a very relaxing and calm bath (if I have time)and then I apply a scented lotion, preferably my parfum body lotion. Kissable lips and expressive eyes are the most important thing for me on a date, so I really cherish my eye-liner and my lipstick, never a gloss!
    All of these little things make me more comfortable and confident,as I said.
    It’s very simple but very efficient!



  23. I really like the post and you handle sponsored posts really well :)
    But are you not using a foundation? Or did you just skip that information?

    And about the grey hairs: I’m 19 and have my first ones, so do not worry :D

  24. You’re so funny :)
    I pluck out my gray hair too…people yell at me when they find out I do that…they say when you pluck it they multiply…wonder if that’s true…

  25. Lovely post! Thanks for all the fun tips. Random question, what brush do you use? Currently I have an inexpensive, boring drug store brush, but I have really long hair and I’d love a better made, natural brush. Suggestions?

  26. wait, did you move? Noticed a different bathroom! lol

  27. joanna, how beautiful that lipstick color is! is it the red-orange? thanks for sharing. your blog is such a delight. thank you for adding some sparkle to my day! xo

  28. j. says...

    Thanks for such a great post! Just had to comment on the purple eye shadow – I bought a light purple eye shadow once by a higher end cosmetic co bc I too heard it was universally flattering… However the one time I wore it everyone I ran into told me how tired I looked! I later read that wearing purple eye shadow can make you look worn out… Weird. Maybe it was the wrong shade? Needless to say I never wore it again :-)

  29. Love these tips, thanks Jo! I’m recently back on the dating scene and am freaking out. It’s a jungle out here! Hopefully a nice red lip will at least make me feel good, even if the date is terrible… :0)

  30. The only product I would suggest (not natural however) is the Urban Decay All Nighter. It’s a setting spray but this stuff will not let your makeup melt, fade, smear, etc. Plus it feels weightless. So for a date night, night out with the girls or just a long travel day, this stuff is awesome :)

  31. Love Vine.com!!!! They have great products tha my family already uses, so it saves us extra trips to the market/pet store/Target. Hurrah!

    I think it’s great that you try to use more natural products. Every little bit helps.

  32. Sephora makes a line of lipstick called rouge shine lipstick. The red looks really bright in the tube but is fabulous on…looks more like a gloss than a matte lipstick. I also like Maybelline Very Cherry-its bright but wearable! Not sure of the toxic levels, but it’s hard enough to find a red that works for me so I’ll stick with these two :)


  33. The picture of you with the red lipstick on and applying it, seriously makes your green(?) eyes POP and your skin looks amazing against it! It’s crazy what lipstick can do.

  34. Meeting at the restaurant??? That is brilliant. What a fun way to shake things up a bit! I love it!



  35. Really refreshing to read a post about natural beauty products :)

  36. I had a question about this post. You recently recommended a bobbi brown lip color, which i ordered because i always got the impression that you were more “natural” and wouldn’t recommend a highly toxic product on your website. now i’m confused. is the bobbi brown lipstick in the “highly toxic” category? i can’t find it on the skin deep website, but the bobbi brown lip gloss rating is through the roof.

  37. Wow, you look so much like Liv Tyler in these photos, especially the last one. Gorgeous, as usual!

    As for a routine, I’m with you–a little lipstick and mascara go a long way. Since guys always seem to prefer that “natural” look, you might as well do it with natural products!

  38. I love your photos! My routine involves lots of loud music and dancing whilst trying not to injury myself with eyeliner or such… dancing and eye makeup doesn’t always go well

  39. I like your low-key look; it’s what I subscribe to myself. I was joking to a friend recently that when I’m dressing up to go out, I just put on… more mascara. And my skin is sensitive and most lipsticks make them itch, so I just go with Burt’s Bees balm with color, which I think you recommended some time back.

    As for plucking greys… I hear you! (But I’m a little older– 36). Someday you might have to do a post about going grey naturally vs. natural or conventional ways to cover greys!!

    By the way, the Vine website looks great, but I realized I’m super-lucky that I can buy all that stuff at our local Wegman’s :)

  40. I love your blog and your lipstick. Weleda is so popular in Germany. I use it all the time.

  41. Love your post. Cute images and your lipstick takes the cake. I use Catwalk Sea Salt Spray to pump up the volume. Well my hair is flat as pancake otherwise. :) Hope you date was fun.

  42. Good work! Thanks for post.

  43. love the simplicity of your routine and how gorgeous and fresh-faced you look! i dry my hair til its just barely damp, then twist it into a bun while i do my makeup. when i let it down, it’s got big waves and i’m out the door!

  44. i use Weleda Wild Rose facial lotion too i’m so faraway and i love to see the same product in your habits!!!

  45. Joanna, my hair stylist gave me a great tip for grays: don’t pluck them or they’ll grow back sticking straight up (at least mine do). Take a little pair of scissors and cut them near the follicle instead.

    • awesome tip!

  46. I love your blog and don’t mind the sponsored posts, after all it is what keeps the blog alive. My only suggestion is to focus on the content of the sponsored products (their amazing lipstick) as opposed to the so-called-dangers of the others. (nobody ever harmed a baby for kissing him with ‘toxic’ lipstick)

  47. You’re so lucky you don’t need foundation/concealer! How is that Avalon Organics conditioner? I’ve been eyeing the corresponding shampoo for a while!

  48. crickets from Joanna……

    • wow!! what a bunch of debbie downer commenters lately… what gives!?? I SO appreciate the way Cup of Jo reads as conversation — confused as to why so many are hung up on the nit-picky details! LOVE your perspective, keep rockin’ out the posts, Joanna!

  49. skindeep.com is a great sight that you can use for researching toxicity :)
    lovelyskin.com didn’t work for me.

  50. Gosh, I love your blog!
    Jenni xo

  51. I love red lipstick, but I prefer not to use it if I’m going out for dinner. It always ends in the glass!! So I put the focus on my eyes and use nude lipstick!
    Weleda is a great brand! Here in Germany is super famous!

  52. D2 says...

    You’ve inspired me to try (real) lipstick. For some reason I’m scared of them!!! I always stick to lip glosses. Pretty lipstick color and I love your Marc Jacobs sweater. FAB!

  53. Awesome post Joanna – I have been trying to switch out my cosmetics and skin care products to natural and non-toxic. There are still some old favorites that have been hard to give up. I use the Skin Deep database the check products out.

    I have fallen in love with Afterglow’s mineral make-up. It’s great even for make-up klutzs.

    The one thing that has been really hard to find is a good natural mascara – have you found one?


    • I really like 100% Pure (http://www.100percentpure.com/Mascara-s/183.htm). I tried their mascara and a lip/cheek stick in cranberry after finding them at a little boutique where I used to live. I sadly have run out of the mascara and the broke the cheek and lip stain cap, so it dried out. I haven’t replaced either, but I would definitely use them again, which says a lot because I have a huge cosmetics fetish. Seriously, keep me away from Sephora!

    • After I had a baby, (or when I was pregnant, really) I became obsessed with finding lower-toxicity products, and I used EWG a lot. I really like Jane Iredale’s products. You may want to check out their mascara. I found it to work well and stay on for a long time.

  54. I dry my hair and put it up in a loose bun->wash face and apply my fave Clinique moisturizer and Smith’s Rosebud Salve for the lips->Revlon foundation or BB Cream->I like to keep the look of my eyes simple and not too heavy, but I always apply white eyeliner on the insides so I look more awake->curl my lashes.I only like to use clear mascara for daily wear because I have thick long eyelashes and dark mascara is too much for me for daily use->there are times I like to line my lips, but usually I like to wear NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream or Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm->Maybelline Dream Bouncy Blush for the cheeks and a some type of bronzer. TADA! My every day look! Everything else is extra and depends on my mood for that day. =)

  55. I love purple eye shadow! A dark plum suits my brown eyes the best. It has always been one of my favorite looks – it’s not as intense as it sounds – I use a cheap-o Revlon cream eye shadow palette (clearly not the most natural :/) but it has been my go-to since I can remember and gets lots of compliments.

    I am definitely more high maintenance than you are. I wish I could look like that with such a little routine :) you have fantastic skin!

  56. Which shade of the Nvey Eco lipstick did you use? Red-Orange??

  57. I love Mama Bee Oil, (I love how it absorbs into wet skin) but I’ve never thought to put it on my face, I figured it would make it super shiny. Do you use it instead of face lotion?

  58. I’m curious about NARS lipsticks, too. I actually tried NARS on your recommendation, and have been using the Velvet Matte Lip Pencil in Cruella for my date night look. I only kiss my boyfriend though–no newborn baby kisses for me.

    Love your sweater, too!

    • I’m guessing that Joanna tries to offer many different make-up options at different price-points for her readers. Just because she says it looks awesome (or goes to the store to try it), doesn’t necessarily means she uses it for her own every day style. Plus, not everyone is as concerned about all-natural products, and that’s totally ok, too. I like the varied options and suggestions. I’m sure you look fantastic in your Nars, Shan! :-)

    • Thanks for the thoughtful response. I definitely appreciate the variety of products and creative ideas this blog has to offer! It’s one of the reasons I am such a big fan :)

      I noticed some more negative comments after I posted mine, but I didn’t mean to be critical, and I DEFINITELY did not mean to imply I thought Jo was being hypocritical by suggesting other products! I was just curious about the toxins she said she found out about in other lipsticks. Other readers suggested ways to check on your makeup’s ingredients, so I will check that out. And since I obviously trust Jo’s opinion I’ll keep Nvey Eco in mind if I do decide to look for a more natural product :)

    • KT says...

      Same with me. I commented above about Nars level of toxicity out of curiosity, not to criticize Joanna. It’s really hard to live a toxin free lifestyle–impossible, I believe. But we can all try.

    • It seems like the response to your comment, Shan, was almost meant for the comment above yours (Sophie’s). I definitely don’t think your comment could be seen as critical!

  59. I don’t know how to think about those sponsored posts. Make your other postings (see here all of your NARS postings http://joannagoddard.blogspot.de/search?q=nars) quite weird. I know you have to earn money and all of that, but then just say that you like the site.

  60. Ha- I love purple eyeshadow but a friend of mine made fun of me and said it was an old lady color. I still love it and wear it anyway. It is really fantastic when you need eyeliner- just use a soft thin brush and you’ve got all the drama without the blackness of black.

  61. thanks for the note about my sweater! i got it during the big Shopbop sale a few weeks ago. it’s marc by marc jacobs. i looked on shopbop, and it seems to be sold out, but they have other pretty things if you’re in the market for a sweater!

  62. I just looked on lovelyskin.com and didn’t see anywhere where you could look up the toxicity level of your skin/makeup products. Am I looking in the wrong place?

  63. C says...

    Dude, I just have to say, I’ve been seeing gray since I was at least 21! (I’m 26 now and I pluck them out occasionally) Haha.

    • Same here! I’m 25 now and they keep on coming, but I’ve mostly given up

  64. natalie–naturally dried hair is a great idea. and haha, i know what you mean about being inspired by jcrew! madewell’s styling is super inspiring too, i think; have you seen it? their models are always riding bikes around amsterdam and whatnot.

    • I’m a total JCrew and Madewell style nerd. I’m glad you guys, too. Makes me feel like less of a dork.

  65. I’m 22 and I would love to wear red lipstick but I don’t know it’s still a bit too feminine for me and I’m not confortable with it… (it’s ridiculous, I know). But next time I should try your tip to wipe most of it! Thanks as always!

  66. Cute post!

    I like to keep things simple—I let my hair air dry so it has its natural wave to it, maybe putting a little hairspray or salt spray in it for texture. Then I curl my eyelashes, skip the mascara for a natural look, and put on a good dose of blush for a healthy glow.

    With more of a simple makeup routine, I usually go with fun, bold clothes and definitely wear some pumps. Basically, my date look is 100% inspired by the J.Crew catalog—casual and chic with a dose of playfulness :)

  67. I love the idea of meeting at a restaurant….is it the anticipation that makes it so great? For us with not being in a big city and being a one car family, that’s not an option for us, but I love the idea.

  68. Ughhhh dislike these boring, condescending sponsored posts. Didn’t you just talk about trying on/using Nars lipstick?

    • I don’t think that’s really fair. Cup of Jo reads like an awesome magazine, but it’s free. All the work she puts into it benefits us, her readers, without any personal cost on our end—I think that’s pretty great. Consider sponsored posts your payment to a really rad magazine if they bother you. Personally, I think Joanna partners with companies that she legitimately wants to support so I don’t find these at all disingenuous. Besides, she is clear at the start that it is a sponsored post, so you can skip them easily if you want.

    • The sponsored part I am not as annoyed about, but I agree that some of these posts come off as condescending. Natural is NOT always the best (and no I don’t work for a company that sells non-natural products either). Just because a ‘natural’ label is slapped on something doesn’t mean that a) it isn’t toxic or b) it’s even fully natural. Many natural ingredients contain a lot of allergens. To boot, natural products without preservatives grow some really icky stuff. I do realize I don’t have to read this blog if I don’t want to, but I am becoming increasingly aggravated with all this natural is better stuff. I’ve made this same comment on many posts and I am thinking what I say just falls on deaf ears.

    • Exactly what Tara said. We know Joanna has to find ways to support her family and A Cup of Jo, and the way to do that is through advertising. At least with these sponsored posts she finds ways to make them fun for us to read, and invites reader participation. There’s no requirement to pay to read her blog, so on occasion, you will read sponsored posts. As for the products, I bet, just like most of us, Joanna likes and uses a variety of products both natural and not.

    • i agree these sponsored posts are boring. They are lacking that Joanna spark.

  69. Awesome post! I would love to see more like these. I love your red lipstick too!

  70. KT says...

    I love this post but have one question about lipstick. A few posts ago you recommended a Nars lipstick (and I notice you’ve recommended Nars products in other posts, too). Are they nontoxic?

  71. I love your white sweater! Where did you get that? It looks so pretty!