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Have a great weekend.

Do you have any fun plans for the weekend? We’re going to our friends’ house for dinner, and I’m psyched to see the hilarious Louis C.K. on Saturday Night Live. Hope you have a good one, and here’s a short list of fun posts from around the web…


Put an egg on it.

Before-and-after bedroom.

What a stunning wedding dress.

Marvelous cookies.

Fascinating post on toddler discipline.

Cool business card stamp.

Meet the candidates.

City Hall wedding style.

My brother took this photo last night from the Empire State Building. Wow!

Here are some great ways to help people affected by the hurricane.

Plus, three posts you may have missed:
* Hot toddies.
* Missing phone.
* Tiny dancer.

This is a shorter list than usual this week, so find more on Pinterest, if you’d like! Also, I just found out that J.Crew is giving 25% off and free shipping until Thursday, if you’re doing any winter shopping. Have a good one, everyone. xoxo

(Photo from Moonrise Kingdom)

  1. what Sylvia answered I’m shocked that anybody can make $6088 in 4 weeks on the computer. did you see this site link

  2. I LOVE the city hall weddings slideshow. So classy! The bride in the polka-dot dress was my favorite.

  3. Your weekend posts are my favorite. I still need to check some of those links. xo
    ~ Mehul
    stone range hood

  4. loved your brother’s pic! i love the romance of the city hall weddings – i really want to elope but i have no idea how to tell my parents. we’re a really close family, but the thought of being the centre of attention scares me.

  5. Louis CK on SNL was great. The last scene, in the bar, had be in hysterics. So unbelievably awkward.

  6. Those City Hall weddings are great! And your brother’s picture of NYC is a real eye-opener. Hope all the power is restored soon. x

  7. So nice photos!!!

    Lovely blog!

  8. that article on toddler discipline is truly awesome…it reminds me of handinhandparenting and Genevieve simperingham’s work in the peaceful parent institute here in New Zealand. Besides it working ….just think of all that money we’ll save on therapy when the kids are older!

  9. Wow, I’m a Montessorian and I hadn’t really heard of the RIE approach before- they seem pretty similar. Thanks for sharing that.

  10. eggs are like cheese or garlic – they make everything way yummier. :) have a great weekend!

  11. H says...

    Gosh that article on toddler discipline was so interesting! I bookmarked it – one day when I have kids I swear I’m going to be on your site 24/7 because you post the greatest things pertaining to motherhood/children!

  12. That picture your brother took is craaazy. I’ve seen some pictures of the skyline looking east from NJ, it’s really just surreal. I can’t imagine what it would be like to see it in person.

  13. The smart, modern and compassionate lady of America votes for Obama, and that graph shows that so well. Thank you.

  14. What a great set of links, thanks!

  15. Joanna, I’m so glad to be introduced to your blog and can’t thank you enough for recommending my toddler discipline post!
    Cheers and love,

  16. New to your blog…I’ll definitely be returning…on a regular basis. Thanks for posting!

  17. love the business card stamp. and the photo of nyc, crazy!

  18. I love the egg on pizza post. It makes me nostalgic for Paris, even though I haven’t tried it at hom. Maybe I will this month! xo

  19. Loved Moonrise Kingdom, we just watched it again this week staying with our family away from the storm!

  20. Love the photo your bro took, it’s almost surreal!

  21. lol- I love the “meet the candidates” post- I vaguely remember seeing something very similar when I was in first grade during the ’84 elections….. !

  22. Have a great weekend and glad you’re ok from Sandy! xo Caroline

  23. The J.Crew link isn’t working…can you share again?

    Thank you!

  24. Moonrise Kingdom has been one of my favorite movies this year. That picture is classic.

  25. Hey! I’m giving a concert in another city of my country, we part tomorrow morning.
    Thanks a lot for the links I always enjoy discovering your suggestions.
    Have a great weekend!

  26. i always love seeing the city hall wedding styles!

  27. thanks so much for that toddler discipline without shame article. my girl is only 7 months, but toddlerhood is coming fast! i love “respond in the moment, calmly, like a CEO.” ( : i need to adopt that in the rest of my life too…

  28. WOW, pizza and eggs – what a perfect combination! Have a great weekend, Joanna. Kisses

  29. joanna, what is that picture from?

  30. … keep us updated on your power .. you are an inspiration.

  31. Louis CK is awesome live! Have fun!

  32. lovely links!

    I actually have a board on pinterest called “Put an egg on it!” So I did a double take when I saw your link!

    Have a great weekend and let us know when your power returns!?

    aka @GrayDayShop

  33. I love all the City Hall wedding styles!! Just beautiful!
    xo TJ

  34. I always love your weekend posts! I’ll have to go through more of the links, but I can already say that those “magical marvelous” cookies look delicious. I’m also an SNL fan so hopefully I’ll catch this weekend’s episode.

    Have a good one!