Gift Guide Part #1: Your Beautiful Mom Who Adopts Your Slang and Still Writes Handwritten Letters.

Ticking Apron

Ticking apron for baking chocolate-chip cookies together, $27.


Finnish-style ornaments, $25. (This mobile, $67, is also beautiful.)


Monogrammed pajamas! Because how chic is that? $78.


Paper flowers to brighten up her desk all year long. $29 to $40.


A stack of your favorite 2012 cookbooks: Smitten Kitchen, What Katie Ate and Dinner: A Love Story. $20-ish each.


Freudian mug, because it all comes back to your mama, $16.


Gilded stationery, $20.


Wax seals for her most important notes, $16.

Raspberry bush that grows in a container. (Perfect for even the tiniest patio!) $31.95.

Rodin perfume, an intoxicating mix of jasmine and neroli. For women, not girls. $220.

Sapphire earrings to match her eyes, $168.

Cheesecake!!! These lemon-ricotta beauties are delivered in Manhattan and Brooklyn, $55. (You can also order a classic New York cheesecake here.)

French locket to keep her loved ones close to her heart, where they belong. $90.

P.S. More gifts for moms.

(Raspberry bush via Abbey)

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  4. I love this guide and have been meaning to buy the Smitten Kitchen cookbook, thanks for the reminder.

    I got my mom some candles from
    With names like Rest and Heal, every mom deserves to be surrounded with scents this lovely.
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  5. Those studs and that locket have me swooning! Thanks for sharing!

  6. That picture of Toby is the cutest thing ever.. can I get that calendar?!

  7. In love with that geometric mobile!! Beautiful!

  8. How nice! You are such an inspiration! Great idea! ;)

  9. Your descriptions of your loved ones each year for your gift guides are always the best!

  10. I love that you included Finnish ‘himmeli’!

  11. Joanna, HUGE fan of your blog. Just wanted to give one piece of constructive criticism: since your site redesign, a lot of your photos have been blurry.

  12. Love this gift guide!!! Especially the berries and the Smitten Kitchen cookbook!

  13. Always love your gift guides. But I agree with Sisterino, a budget edition would be nice!

  14. great list. thanks

  15. I would love to see a budget edition, maybe with gifts all under $30 or something. We are on a super, super tight budget this year and I can’t spend much at all!

  16. I look forward to these every year! This year I lost my job, and can’t afford too many Christmas gifts. But (I shouldn’t be surprised) I still find adorable things to give from your list even on my very small budget. Thank you thank you thank you.

  17. I must say, there are a lot of imitation gift guides out there, but yours are always the best!

  18. What a perfect list. I’m excited to see more!

  19. Joanna – Thank you so much for including Raspberry Shortcake from our BrazelBerries collection of small, ornamental berry plants! We’re honored.

    I love all your gift ideas. Lots of inspiration here!

    White Flower Farm has two options for ordering. One is just the plant and the other is the recipient receives a jar of luscious raspberry jam at holiday time with the plant shipping in the spring. The plant is easy to grow and is PERFECT in a large patio pot. No thorns or trellising required! Such a wonderful gift that keeps give fruit harvests year after year.

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    Thank you again! LOVE your blog!
    Amy, BrazelBerries Program Manager

  20. oh, how I LOVE these selections!! (As I go through some “stuff”/difficult times with my nearly 20 year old son, I’m hoping that some day he may get to the point where he might feel this way about his mom.)

  21. Great Ideas. I am looking forward to your ideas for brothers. Based on your past gift guides for brothers our have a lot in common!

  22. Wow, love those paper flowers! So different and beautiful. Thanks for showcasing this Etsy find–have a few people in my life that would love these!


  23. Thank you kindly for the sweet mention of the Gilded Note Set! I love your gift guide, thank you for putting it together!

  24. Has anyone tried those robes? I’d love to ge some feedback!


  25. I have definitely been holding out on my Christmas shopping until you posted your gift guides. Amazing as usual. You are the best!
    xoxo Haley

  26. This is lovely! So many wonderful ideas.

  27. i love your gift guides, esp the descriptive titles. so cute!

  28. All these suggestions are lovely but I think my favourite is the French locket. The pale blue one would be perfect for my French Canadian maman.

  29. Joanna, I always always love your gift guides – I just wish you did them a couple weeks earlier! I am already done shopping by Cyber Monday and have to ship out to friends/family soon thereafter :(

  30. That gilded stationary is to die for!

  31. The raspberry bush is sweet, what a nice idea. And the Freudian mug made me giggle.

  32. That mobile has been on my wishlist for several months now. Great pick!

  33. What a lovely collection of ideas. I’ll definitely be checking back for your other editions!

  34. *Love* the paper flower – simply gorgeous
    mom a la mode

  35. Nice range of gifts! The lemon ricotta cake looks delicious.

    My grandparents are Lithuanian and as a child I used to make those ornaments out of white straws (the ones labeled “Finnish-style” above) with my grandmother! I had no idea they were made in Finland too. Traditionally, Lithuanian farmers have decorated their homes with wheat and rye straw ornaments for events ranging from the holidays to weddings. A few years ago my grandmother (who is getting up there in years) gave me all the straw ornaments she ever made. It was one of the best Christmas presents I’ve ever received.

    You can make some really complex designs too:


  36. Yay! I love the gift guides! Holy crap I want that Apron

  37. When I have kids I definitely want to do a calendar! I think the Smitten Kitchen book and that Mignon Kitchen Co apron is perfect for my mom!! Thanks for the tips! =)

    Ergo – Blog