Foldable Hunter boots

Hunter boots are tomboyishly cool and make your legs look miles long, and royalty swears by them. The only catch? They’re hard to pack! Well, Hunter just released their first foldable rain boot, which roll right up into a tiny package, so you can take them on vacations, store them in a drawer or even pop them into your bag on a rainy day. So far, they come in red and black, but green, navy and yellow are coming soon. Cool, right?
P.S. Five great shoes for traveling, and a sweet photo of Princess Diana.

  1. I got Hunter Boots for my birthday this year. They were the present of my best friends, and since then I’m waiting for rain. Could somebody push the sun away please?

  2. I bought Hunter Boots last year & I couldn’t be happier!
    It seems nobody in Mumbai has seen QUALITY rain boots (we get short + cheap plastic ones here) so it was a huge plus that I got SO MANY complements. Like the most I’ve ever got. Random guys stopped me on the road to say they liked my boots, that never happens here!
    But I’ve always lamented about how impractical it would be to carry mine on a trip to London. I’ve even joked that I should wear it in the plane to minimize luggage. Foldable boots make so much sense. Thanks for sharing!

  3. What a beautiful idea! I’d also stash a pair in the trunk of my car.

  4. I got my pair of Hunters 16 years ago (in the classic green) and they are still in great shape! A good friend of mine bought some new ones last year and we were comparing them and we noticed that mine had the “made in Scotland” line on the tag. Now, I never want to get a new pair since it wouldn’t say that! Fortunately, they were so well made that I won’t have too.

    • Totally agree…from the wikipedia page…

      “The Hunter green welly, now manufactured in China”

      not the same product as they used to be

  5. Is this real? I am so happy!

  6. Very cool. Thanks for the heads up!

  7. oh man! I love a good welly. I have a pair of Dav’s that are all colors and have heels, but alas are hard to pack. I am gonna need a pair of these I think! good thing I love red yeah? Instant gratification. Thanks for posting this!

  8. it’s a great idea!
    the thing is, I don’t like spending that much money on just a couple of wellies…

  9. Awww, lady di! <3

  10. I clicked through to your Five Great Shoes link and saw a favourite photo of mine – the sheep climbing up the hill from Dún Chaoin pier in Kerry. My holiday destination every summer of my childhood and my home away from home. If you haven’t been there go. The Slea Head drive where this is has the most breathtaking scenery and numerous hidden coves and beaches. The perfect spot for wandering across fields and hills in your Hunters.

    Personally, I felt the Hunter boots were being over-worn in Dublin, so I went for the DKNY Feed boots. I can’t yet comment on their longevity as I only have them a month and surprisingly (in Ireland!) have not yet had much opportunity to use them. The good cause was worth the buy though. Check them out:

  11. ps. do you not call them wellingtons in America?

  12. Hunters used to be brilliant. I had a pair throughout my teens that I wore day in day out at the stables, mucking out, turning out and never wore through them through.

    Unfortunately the dog got hold of one and destroyed it. I bought a replacement pair and they fell apart within the year. Thought they may have been a duff pair so I went and forked out £70 for another…nope…same thing.

    I won’t buy another. Okay if you only wear your wellies annually I suppose.

    My dad has a pair of the old sort that have been going twenty plus years.

  13. Verey useful!! Old times the first pohoto…like it!

  14. I have a pair of green hunter boots and i adore them. Now i am looking for a small pair for my 18 months’ baby!.
    The pic you have put is really adorable. Have a nice day Joanna!

  15. Am I really the only person in the world who thinks high rain boots are just ridiculous looking?! I just can’t wrap my head around them… though everyone I know just adores them! I’m missing the rain boot gene or something! lol!

  16. Where do you find all this great stuff? And great photo of Diana! Thanks for sharing because we always want to take rain boots when traveling but they take up too much suitcase real estate! Now we can!!
    xox Liz and Lo {}

  17. Y says...

    Greatest Idea ever!!! I will wait for a green foldable one to join my black ones :)

  18. i’m just so angry that these didn’t exist for so many of my past trips! but i’m just so happy for all the suitcases and overnight bags that these can fit in for future trips!

  19. cm says...

    These are so great, I love my hunters…the only thing that gets me though a rainy day!!

  20. Most amazing news! Can’t wait til they come in yellow!

  21. Last year I ended up buying a pair of Barbour gumboots after finding out production of Hunter boots had gone to China. The Barbours are fantastic, especially in pink.

  22. I was just debating today whether or not I should pack up my Hunters on my trip to Seattle, if only I had a pair of these bad boys!

  23. I love my Hunter boots. Thanks for the head’s up on these new travel ones!

  24. What a great idea! Maybe these will be my next pair of rain boots, although the cheapo pair I bought from Target still seem to be holding up alright.


    Kristina does the Internets

  25. Well I must have these…any idea what the price will be? I can’t seem to find them anywhere online.

  26. Omg I NEED these… my old Hunters are covered in stirrup leather marks and I need a cute pair I can actually cart around with me!

  27. how awesome is this??!

  28. I love the idea of these, but I don’t love the sock thing at the top. :/

  29. Have you had a chance to see them in person Jo? Is the quality comprised by the fold-a-bility? I love that Hunters are so thick and sturdy…I imagine that would have to change if they can roll. But like people have said above, definitely a great reason to own two pairs!! :)

  30. Love these! This is somewhat related (in that it has to do for dressing for the weather…
    I was just in the city last week for the crazy nor’easter and was snug as a bug in my long black down coat…along with about 3 billion other women. I was wondering if you have/would consider doing a round up of down coats given their prevalence. For what it’s worth, I got my Patagonia version a couple of years ago largely based on the fact the the stitching runs on the bias so that it still gave me a little bit of a figure under all that downiness. I thought that it was genius until I saw my friend’s adorable belted version and that got me thinking…we need a down jacket round up! And I cannot even tell you how badly I wished for Hunters while I was schlepping around in that slushy weather last week, if only I had known about the foldable ones then!

  31. Totally genius! Finally packable rain boots!

  32. maravillosas!

  33. Absolutely love this! I always feel like somewhat of an idiot when I walk out in the morning sunshine with my Hunters on knowing that later in the day calls for down pours in the city. I fell like the only one with rainboots and somehow my weatherman was lost in translation and I didn’t get the memo. (Later in the day, I feel like a god, though.) Regardless, have roll up boots would boost my morning confidence times a million. Thanks for the share!


  34. My boyfriend’s family lives in Oregon and every time we visit I want to take my Hunters with me. This is genius! Plus now I can justify buying a red pair despite already having two other pairs.

  35. Sweet. And boy does THAT photo bring back memories!!


  36. These. Are. Awesome.

  37. Christmas listed. The red would look so good on me.

  38. This is so exciting!
    I am going to look into these!
    I’ve been needing new wellies, and foldable ones will help immensely.


  39. Ooh, nice! I love my Hunter wellies.

    I was chatting with a gentleman at my old flatmate’s wedding in Scotland. After talking for a while, I asked him what he did. He was one of the founders of Thomas Pink, and he is an owner of Hunter Boots. Little did I know the bride was so well-connected. :)

  40. FINALLY! What a great idea! I just got my Hunters last year, so may have to wait a bit to get my hands on these but I love how portable they are!

  41. genius! i just got mine (after oogling over them for 2 years.. TWO YEARS!! helps that lord and taylor had a sale :P) and i love them. they worked WONDERFULLY in that last crazy blizzard-snow-storm-that-melted-in-one-day thing we had!

  42. That’s pretty sweet! However, I just purchased the green wellies like a month ago! BUMMER!!!

  43. i was literally just thinking about how i need my hunters for my trip to england this weekend…but they’re going to take up half my suitcase! i need these foldable ones stat!

  44. I was just getting ready to pack mine! The only way I justify bringing them is by stuffing socks/underwear and clothes inside the boots!

  45. How do they stay flat? I imagine I’d take them out of the bag and they’d pop out at me!

  46. This is everything I have been dreaming of! I am studying abroad at Oxford now and I have been dying to get a pair of these, but my luggage space is quite restrictive! This is just perfect (and dangerous for my wallet…) Thanks, Joanna!