Bake sale photos

Thank you so much to everyone who helped support our Hurricane Sandy bake sale. Here are a few photos…

From top: Two of the great kids working at the bake sale; Anna, Samantha and me; a sweet girl; a rad Babar backpack; The Cutest Baby in Baby History; a little pup, and the hungry crowd.

And the bake-sale kids taking a well-deserved pizza break.

We had a great afternoon, surrounded by Nutella fudge, salted chocolate chip cookies and marshmallow brownies still warm from the oven. In the end, the bake sale raised $2400, which was generously matched by DwellStudio, for a grand total of $4800 to go toward hurricane relief efforts. Hurray! Thanks again for all your help. xoxo

(Top photo of two cute Cup of Jo readers—Caroline and Clare—who stopped by for treats. Thanks again!)

  1. That is so amazing! Great job :-)

  2. J-Are those jeans Mother Denim? I love them.

  3. Um, I’m a spaz- that above comment was from me- Melissa Davis! :)

  4. Awesome!! I do love a bake sale…I would have been by your side selling (and eating) if I still lived in NYC! xx

  5. Which hurricane relief efforts?

  6. Way to go Joanna!

    ps i love your jeans they fit so well!

  7. It was so great to stop by! I have been a reader for about a year now and just happened to be in town this past weekend. Thanks for such a fun fundraiser. And my boyfriend and I enjoyed our chocolate chip cookies on the train ride back to DC that night!

  8. girlfriend…did you ever have a baby!? Your stomach is f-l-a-t! Looks great. I’m not sure mine will ever go back:)

  9. What a success! I agree… that is the cutest baby I have ever seen!

  10. Great job! Thanks to everyone who participated! :)

  11. $2400 in 3 hours! Thats amazing, great job everyone!

  12. i love you jeans joanna, wear are they from?

  13. Wow! I had the same Babar backpack when I was in first grade, it brought back so many memories.

  14. Wow, congratulations on the success, Jo! What a nice birthday treat for my friend Caroline to be on Cup of Jo! :)

  15. ,,,what a wonderful success story! cheers to all the sweet people of NY!,,,

  16. Looks like great fun! Cute puppy! ;)

  17. Looks great and that woman tooootaly looks like Garance Dore. Crazy doppelganger!

  18. Congrats on the funds, the kids are such cuties and so sweet!

  19. Super well done!!!

    It’s a shame really that I live on the other end of the world, because I a) love such initiatives, b) love baking and c) love this blog and the lovely lady behind it so it would have been the ideal chance to contribute…

    Maybe another time if I master teleportation ;)

  20. Those goodies look so yummy! Congratulations!!!!

  21. that is a huge amount of money for a bake sale! Way to go!

  22. Oh wow what a great effort – looks like a brilliant day and those still-warm-from-the-oven marshmallow brownies sound amazing! :)

  23. Good on you, and the kids, for doing this. I’m from New Jersey and we were very lucky after the storm but many friends weren’t. It’s been amazing to see the community come together to help each other out.

  24. Wow! That is a great fundraiser! It looks like you had so much fun doing it. What a wonderful idea.

  25. I inhaled the chocolate fudge before I was even a block away!
    Was going to stop and say “hi”, but you were chatting with some others so I flashed a “seeing teacher outside of school” type smile instead. :)

  26. So glad your bake sale went well! Looks like a good time and kudos on raising so much money. Thanks for sharing all the fun pictures!

  27. A Babar backpack??? WOW!! Good for you doing the Bake Sale!! Glad everything worked out great!!

    Ergo – Blog

  28. So very lovely to see such support for the Hurricane Sandy Bake Sale. Everyone looks so happy and into what they’re there for! Good job. x

  29. I hope you guys liked the savory pogacsas as well

  30. it was so fun to take part and super hard not to eat everything.

  31. Sounds like a great time for a great cause!

  32. Yes, she looks like Garance, good call! Different (totally chic) woman, though :)

  33. WOW! Great work and great job to the kids and everyone who helped out and came by!

  34. Great Photos! Wish I could have been there.

  35. i could be off, but the lady in the striped sweater + tan trench, is that Garance Doré?