1. Great post! How do you think of so many things to write about without getting burned out or having to think super hard for ideas? RoRos World

  2. Very pretty! Sadly, I’m allergic to wool and trying to find similarly textured/cozy throws made out of different materials — it’s surprisingly hard!

  3. Great creation content, I Really enjoyed to read your post.Thanks a lot

  4. Horray for a Portland shout out!! I’m from Oregon, and I miss it dearly. :)

  5. I grew up in the New York but lived on the west coast in Seattle. Sometimes I miss it!

  6. I love Portland and throws!!! Ohhh!

  7. Really cute! I live in Portland and might have to go check this out!

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  9. Y says...

    I love me a good wool throw :)
    this print would also make a cute cardigan for the fall :)

  10. i love that shop! it’s “alder,” though, not “adler” ;)

  11. It looks cozy and comfy; plus it has turned chilly here!

    Art by Karena

  12. 1. i love portland and all the colors in this throw.

    2. totally unrelated, but i was in NYC a couple weeks ago and saw you (joanna) biking down the street and i whipped out my phone to grab a blurry pic. i’m often there and i actually spot celebrities like a magnet spots all things metal (or something, haha). but my two favorites of all time were you and bill cunningham :) been reading your blog since you started it. still tops the list … such a fan. <3

  13. LOvely and the online shop is great

  14. i’ve been saving up to shop there when i’m in town for wordstock next week. canoe is across the street and it’s right next to an amazing restaurant, gruner. i’ve only had one meal there, but it was crazy delicious.

  15. I live 2 blocks from Alder & Co… this store is such a tease to an unemployed new college graduate. But such a good tease!

  16. Pretty! It makes me smile to see you feature a Portland-based shop :) My beautiful hometown. XO

  17. Why am i such a sucker for throws!

  18. Gorgeous! And love the eshop too!

    xoxo Mrs. Châtelaine in Paris

  19. i love how simple it is. and gosh it looks cozy — i think my dogs would agree & probably take it over. that tends to happen when we bring a new blanket home. we all get our five minutes with it, and then either the frenchie or the beagle claims it forever.

  20. All summer, the idea of a throw or socks or tights is unthinkable, but come October — bam! — I’m thinking about one of those several times a day!

  21. Love the throw! Just caught up and am in love with the loafers!
    Have a great weekend!
    Jamie Herzlinger

  22. Agree with Meadow, the first thing I thought of was the Hudson Bay blankets. Those are my favourites!

  23. Reminds me of the Hudson Bay blankets we have in Canada. I have a fleece version since wool irritates my skin. I can’t even do 5% wool sweaters… no joke! :(

    • MC says...

      Definitely Hudson Bay-esque!

  24. oooh, this looks wonderful! I love throw blankets (I have them all over our apartment and am always getting more)

    Mal @ The Chic Geek

  25. I think this will make a great bday present for my bf. I actually like the ‘Soho Throw’ model…XOXO