Trusty Rain Boots

For the past few days, everyone in Manhattan has been walking around in rain boots. My trusty pair, above, are these Loeffler Randall booties. The great thing about Loeffler Randall boots is that they look like cool shoes, not clunky rainboots, so you can wear them to work or dinner. And they’re small enough to take on trips. I’d highly recommend them. xoxo
P.S. These tall boots are also super cute.

  1. I bought a pair and they are too small! size uk5 if anyone wants a bargain :) EasyWayFinder

  2. Hello! I absolutely adore these rain boots! (especially the navy blue ones!) I did some research and the website says that they are lined with jersey fabric. I’m curious as to how do you keep the inside clean and if it gets wet, how do you keep it from mildewing. Thank you!

  3. I have two pairs of boots and such were found in my life! :) They were very cheap and are very cute in any outfit I wear, so I usually put them up when not rains :)

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  5. this post has really left me questioning the person behind the blog. disappointed, i am, for the lack of genuine realness in this post. there was a hurricane that struck the tri-state, devastating millions of lives, including myself and many of my family members…so i ask myself where is the sense of concern or heart in this person, does she not see what is happening??? Yes, it is a “lifestyle and fashion” blog, but it is also a ‘real’ person writing for this blog, a real person deciding what should be written and published and real person living day to day life in nyc during and after hurricane sandy…

    joanna, i have been a long time follower and have truly appreciated some of your very helpful and personal posts, ones that i was able to relate to because i was going through the same thing! so when i finally regained electricity, i clicked through pictures on nymag / nytimes and read a couple of blogs to finally see visual evidence of what had happened here the last few days….i was extremely shocked to see THIS very post and the pervious ones? i was hoping for something more heart-felt…more real. i don’t understand your decision to do what you did. but i do understand that it left an uncomfortable sadness. i felt extremely disconnected from this blog that was once very comforting and enjoyable to read.

    im sorry to say that i now find this blog appalling, disgusting and unreal.

  6. This is great – the fact that people actually are commenting on your lack of mentioning the devastation that the media has saturated the public with is pathetic. Anyone with a soul knows that everyone feels just as guilty as the next person about the devastation and shock that has sadly been brought on by Sandy, but life goes on and everyone recovers in different ways, shame on you people for attacking someone who is simply doing what she loves and writing about something that, no offense, ALL of us do LOVE to hear because who the hell doesn’t want criteria boots? Back off and practice what you preach – if you have nothing nice to say then back off and go focus on the things you claim to be so worried about,-how dare you shame someone for posting something as innocent as a post about rain boots. Get a life.

    • Amen!!

  7. Very Cute! I love that they’re short!

  8. Joanna, you rock. New Yorkers are all trying to get back to work and back to life as usual despite the awful aftermath of Sandy. That’s all you’re doing… back to work. I hope your family is well and your power comes back shortly so little Toby can sleep in his warm bed. (:

  9. cute . The only problem I have with them are the sides of the boots rub against my leg. The pain and blood was so bad that I had to walk barefoot in the rain. any suggestions?

  10. cute . The only problem I have with them are the sides of the boots rub against my leg. The pain and blood was so bad that I had to walk barefoot in the rain. any suggestions?

  11. these are really cute! do your feet get chilly in them? could you wear the short ones with a skirt?

  12. Smith And Ratliff is just pissed because her post only got 2 comments to Joanna’s 70…

  13. Wow – some vicious people out there. I am not sure what you came to this blog for.

  14. Isn’t it possible that Joanna has some posts pre-written and is just posting stuff written before the storm while she deals with having a two year old and no power? Should she just strap her baby on her back and march all over New York to get you guys the story? Come on. I for one read this blog everyday because it is a nice peaceful place to go to get away from my day to day stress and depressing news. If I want to know how people are dealing with the devastation of the storm I will watch the news and you guys should too.

    • I agree!

  15. L says...

    Well said, Helena. I really hope Janna responds to the comments made here rather glossing over them and pretending she didn’t know what she was doing like when she blatantly plagiarised her old glamour articles.

  16. Cheers, Helena! Or better yet: post about the rainboots, put in an affiliate link, and say, “Hey, let’s help those affected by the hurricane! I make $XX off of every pair of rainboots you buy and I’m going to give every dime to the Red Cross.” At least that gives an insensitive post some perspective.

  17. Big thumbs UP for Helena’s post. Promoting $200 rain boots at a time like this is extremely disappointing!

  18. Big thumbs down for this post. Really cold.

  19. Too soon, Jo, too soon…

    As a longtime reader and New Yorker, I was also struck by insensitivity of this post. I have never commented on your previous brushes with unprofessionalism and blatant commercialism because I, quite honestly, don’t care that much, but this post really disappointed me for I have witnessed firsthand not only the devastation caused by this storm but also the amazing acts of heroism in response to it; to see you so quickly capitalizing from it really makes me question my readership.

    This isn’t simply “haters gonna hate,” as you have mentioned in your responses to critical comments in the past. This is just disappointment at the sheer lack of tact associated with profiting from a tragedy. Quite frankly, I see no issue with your affiliate links on the whole—why shouldn’t you receive a bit of a finder’s fee for all products to which your blog refers many an aspiring fashionistas? This, though, was a bit too much, and like I said, too soon. (And, sure they are cute boots—but, _really_ two days after the storm?)

    And even if you weren’t making money off this, as a “lifestyle” blog, why not instead write about the many good things, or least interesting occurrences, that have come out of this situation—profile the NYU doctors and nurses who carried premature babies down multiple flights of stairs in the dark; discuss the many impromptu sleepovers held by residents with shelter, power, and water for their friends without them; feature before and after pictures of some of your favorite downtown parks and playgrounds?

    You will write what you choose to, of course, and people all over the world will continue to read your content and buy the products and services you shill. Please though, going forward, try to remain aware of the suffering going on around you when you do so and how your words might impact the loyal readers on whom your blog depends.

    • Very well said. In a time like this, people are hardly thinking about stylish rainboots, let alone ones like these which cost so much.

      Joanna, I always look forward to reading your blog, but Wednesday’s post was a true disappointment. I live in New Jersey and to see how much people have lost is heartbreaking. I was hoping you might feature the amazing stories of support or a glimpse into the effect on New York. Even a simple link to donate to the Red Cross. Not a silly fashion purchase.

    • i’m disgusted! i’ll stop reading this blog « A Cup of Jo » aka “hipster marketplace» . it’s really sad to see that, because before this blog was with a good spirit – not any more. no surprise, it’s like that when you sold your soul for A CoUPle of pennies. Au revoir!

  20. You wear $150 rain boots?! Yikes.

  21. I’ve always wanted a pair of rain boots, maybe i’d purchase some if i didnt live in southern california, its supposed to be in the 80s this weekend :(

  22. I do live in Manhattan (just two blocks from Joanna, actually) and found this post to be horribly insensitive. Joanna, you, like us, are living without power right now and all you can post about is your cute rain boots? You know I love and support your blog and it takes a lot of guts for me to sign my name to this comment, but sorry, this really hurt and offended me that you’d put an affiliate link in a post like this…

    It’s great to see how we’re all making the best of the storm, but I do hope you use some of the money you made off this post to help those who really need it right now. -LR

    • I think we all need to get a bit of perspective and stop throwing around phrases like “horribly insensitive” on a posting on what is essentially LIFE-STYLE blog–albeit one that is often thought-provoking and moving.

      If you aren’t interested in lighter moments then read the NYTimes or other sources where one traditionally finds news. Perhaps lifestyle and fashion blogs are not the place to find the gravitas that you are seeking.

      And while I am on the subject of perspective and sensitivity – I read your blog post about your Sandy experience (found here: I wonder how someone who was assaulted in the SuperDome after Katrina or one of the over one million people who were redistributed from the central Gulf coast elsewhere across the United States post-Katrina, would feel about the “sensitivity” expressed in your post on what is basically and candle-lit wine-fueled game night with your family replete with an ipad charged at a luxury hotel. Should stones really be thrown here?

    • I checked out the blog post, and you make a great point! Then I regretted even reading it, because I get the feeling the motive behind this criticism was to generate more blog traffic. :( I looked through pages and pages of posts, and this one had the most comments of any of their posts, at 14.

    • OH — and I meant LEENA made a great point. :) That is all.

  23. L says...

    Why can’t we comment on the lack of sensitivity in her post? I’m sure if Joanna hasn’t stopped accepting anonymous comments then there’d be a lot more discussion about this post. This post was made to get clicks and money from people going to the website Joanna linked to. That is insensitive!

  24. My son lives in NYC. His block never lost power, never had flooding. He had to walk 90 minutes to work but the buses are running now. Being a huge city with millions of people, there will be stories that run the gamut of horrible to everything is alright.
    The news is full of mostly horrible stories, heartbreak and tragedy.
    Do we really feel a need to read this in blogs also ?
    I don’t.
    This is a single persons blog, she can write whatever she feels like writing. Because she has not posted her personal experience or tragedy is neither our business nor does it give anyone the right to criticise her for the omission.

  25. They remind me of my grandfathers overshoes. I think I’ll pass. Real rain boots are much cuter IMHO.

  26. Those are both so cute! My rainboots are completely falling apart. I think it’s time for a new pair.

    <3 Melissa

  27. but how do you prevent your pants getting wet in puddles with ankle boots?

  28. These are my favorite rain boots too – they’ve gotten me through a few rainy San Francisco winters so far and are going strong.

  29. I actually like the chunky rainboot look (I’ve been wanting a pair of Hunter for a very long time!) but you’re absolutely right, you can’t really skip into a nice dinner or work wearing them. For that reason I like these :) thanks for sharing

  30. I’ve been looking for a good pair of rain boats just because I don’t own any. IT’S BAD. Especially in DC when it gets all rainy when I walk to class! Those are so cool though! I’ve never seen short rain boots, def. a different style :) Love em!

    Minestrone Soup For the Soul

  31. Tee-hee look at my cute boots, I’ve been wearing them because of Sandy that just caused an immeasurable amount of destruction to the east coast! Insensitive, much?

  32. I notice that none of the negative comments here are from people in New York. Surely there are enough outlets, official and non-official, for you to be able to get an idea of how people are coping in New York (or other Sandy-affected areas).

    I’m sure that if and when Joanna wants to write about the storm and her experiences with it, she will. Stop being so judgemental!

  33. i’ve wanted the leopard print ones, but they don’t come in my size! often times, i feel left out because my feet are too small :

  34. Ooh I love them! A bit pricey for me though :-/ But thanks for the tip! x

  35. I have been looking at all of my favourite NYC-based blogs to get a sense of how Sandy has impacted people living in the region. Granted that a lighter touch in difficult times is important, I do nevertheless feel that some of these recent posts have been uncharacteristically tone-deaf. I am all for hair tutorials and lovely rainboots but It would also be great to see a “A Cup of Jo” reflect a bit more on the aftermath of the storm. Surely, it’s not all business as usual in NYC?

  36. Sorry to see that someone posted such a negative and thoughtless comment.
    These boots look great. Thanks for the tip:)

  37. Love these boots. Very cute. I hope you are all doing okay over there!

  38. love these! and so true, in nyc every year I feel like I live in my rain boots during the winter and early spring!

  39. Those are so cute , beautiful and leather free! yay!

  40. Those are so great! I love the shorter shaft– I am not that tall and when I wear my tall rain boots they pretty much take over my entire body.

  41. I love Hunter boots. I feel like they’re so classic and remind me of chic girls in London. XO Jill

  42. I also have a pair of rainboots! Much needed down here in Florida! Mine are Hunters :)

  43. I am sorry to see such judgemental people posting here . What you choose to blog about is your business , in my opinion, and it is certainly enjoyed by many.

  44. I have been wanting a pair of Wellingtons but now I am leaning towards Hunters.
    We are moving back to the US ( eventually) and while I can use the boots here , I really want them when we move back to NY.

  45. I have been reading your blog for a long time and while I appreciate your focus on lighter material during tough times, I have to say that I’m surprised you’re talking about how versatile and stylish your footwear is when your own city has been devastated. Surely there are more inspiring stories to lift people’s spirits than your rain boots.

    So much of your blog, and so much of what I like about it, is your focus on your life in New York. And you’ve certainly never strayed from difficult topics, something I’ve also admired and part of what keeps me coming back. Please share your story about the storm and not what you wore while New York was crippled.

    I will no longer be reading your blog.

    • i just shared the same feeling. i am so glad to see that there are others out there that have a heart. thumbs up!

  46. I’ve always loved the Loeffler Randall wedge boots, so when I came across these rain boots a couple of years ago, I was psyched. Fashion+Function=winning combination. But somehow, my socks still manage get wet when I wear these! I can’t figure out where the water is getting in since I don’t see any obvious holes or tears. Does anyone else who owns these have the same problem?

  47. The word “trusty” is such a good word. I’d almost forgotten about it until now!

  48. I got the lace ups in black and they fell apart within a few months! The toe of the shoe cracked open… I did love them but was disappointed in the quality…

  49. These are adorable but I don’t think I could ever understand how people spend 3 digit numbers on molded pieces of plastic that you only wear in the rain!

  50. those are cute! so convenient you can just pack then up for trips! & glad you’re safe!

  51. they look great! good to hear you’re safe and well in new york!

  52. Short rain boots are such an interesting concept. I don’t know what I think of it really. They look adorable on you, of course.

  53. I have a friend who has those in black, and I’ve always wondered where she got such stylish-looking rain boots.

  54. @tinajo, haha, i know what you mean! i have whopping size 10 feet, so it’s impossible to feel graceful while clomping around in regular rainboots. :)

  55. you can get the lace-up ones on the Loeffler Randall site, but it’s down right now because of the storm. i’ll link to it as soon as it’s back up and running (or you can check here:

  56. I must admit I sort of like ‘clunky rainboots’

  57. i love the green lace-ups!

  58. I love the lace-up ones! Where can I get those? They weren’t in the Zappos Loeffler Randall collection.

  59. that green i like:) but maybe more design is that blue one:)

  60. Chelsea-style rubber boots would be ideal, especially here in Seattle where the ground is always cold and wet in the winter months. I’m so glad you posted about these. Definitely looking into getting a pair!

    Fleur d’Elise

  61. I just bought the gray lace up pair! I live in Portland, OR, so it’s crucial to have a good pair of rain boots. They are so comfy and look great with any outfit. Totally recommend them! :)

  62. I bought a pair and they are too small! size uk5 if anyone wants a bargain :)

  63. LOVE Loeffler Randall boots, rain or shine!

  64. I love these! definitely not the normal rain boot! they’re so nice! thanks for sharing

  65. Love both! I think I NEED one of them!

  66. I just got a pair of insulated Bean Boots from LLBean, perfect timing with the storm. Though these are pretty slick, too.

  67. Nice indeed, I could totally wear them and still feel dressed (instead of Big Feet like I feel in ordinary rubber boots)! :-)

  68. Wow, I love the green lace up ones!