What are you up to this weekend? A pipe burst in our apartment last Saturday night (drag), so we’ve been staying with friends all week. Right now, we’re staying at my friend Leigh’s house in New Jersey, and I have to say, Toby has become a big fan of the suburbs, with grassy backyards, basement playrooms and minivans you can climb around in. Our apartment is going to seem teeny when we go back! Hope you have a great one, and here are a few fun links from around the web…

If you are around NYC this weekend, Stone Barns is having its annual Harvest Fest.

Everyone’s favorite scent.

Lena Dunham is writing a book!

What an inspiring take on beauty.

Little artist costumes.

Easy apple breakfast.

A tattoo for overenthusiasts (like myself).

I want to eat this cookbook cover.

A mountaintop wedding.

Shades of autumn.

Eight birthday traditions to try.

Rad Obama stamp.

Dog ears.

Who wants to ride in this hot-tub boat?!

A few readers asked for more loafer suggestions, so here are:
* Gold loafers.
* Oxblood loafers.
* Less expensive loafers.

Plus, three fall posts you may have missed:
* Hot air balloon ride.
* Pumpkin cupcakes.
* Being outside.

Finally, thank you for all your heartfelt comments on the sleep post. It’s amazing to witness how much everyone loves their children and wants what’s best for them, and the beauty of that is how we can all figure out what that means for our sweet families. xoxo

(Photos by Stephanie Congdon Barnes for 3191)