1. I just read through all your hair tutorials and they are amazing! My vote for the next one is fishtail braids…love the way they look, can never get them right!

  2. Oh, I’m envious of all the ladies who have just gone with bangs — I look really bad with them, but every autumn I get the itch to do it. To appease myself, I’m playing with various easy updos. This one is my current favorite because it takes all of two minutes.

  3. I just cut off over a foot of hair, growing out my bangs, and changin my middle part to a side! But these pictures are making me slightly remorseful. Thanks a lot Joanna! Hehe

  4. I just got strawberry blonde highlights instead of my usual blonde highlights, it’s copper toned and I’m loving it!

  5. I’m growing out a pixie cut! It’s in an awfully awkward stage right now, but it’s getting just long enough that I can coax out the natural curl and fake a messy updo!

  6. love these! i kept my usual long straight hair but added bangs!

  7. I find that a lot of these hair tutorials work great for long thick hair. Any ideas for shorter (just passed shoulder length)thinner hair?

  8. I’m revving up for a major cut. I’m doing a bob! So sick of long hair, especially when it interferes with my winter layers. Hate that!

  9. I am such a fan of those messy fishtail braids but i can never actually do one on myself

  10. center parts and tiny braids all the way!

  11. I just cut 12 inches off my hair into a stylish bob. My hair has never been this short as an adult and I’m loving it. I love how it looks tucked into the high collar of my Fall jacket. I will be growing it back because I know eventually I’ll want to try lovely braids like the ones you posted.

  12. I just cut 12 inches off my hair into a stylish bob. My hair has never been this short as an adult and I’m loving it. I love how it looks tucked into the high collar of my Fall jacket. I will be growing it back because I know eventually I’ll want to try lovely braids like the ones you posted.

  13. The mini bread is cute. The others are not my favorites, to be honest. I like long braids, but not so messy. And middle parts are awfully tough to pull off, IMO, especially if you have a long face and straight hair. I have chin length curly hair,so there’s not really a ton of styling options that I’ve seen that work for my hair. I did just get rid of all my overly sunned blonde and went darker with caramel highlights. Seemed season appropriate and it will cut down on upkeep, since it matched my roots closely. But, honestly, I’m missing the blonde and probably won’t keep it dark when I’m due to go back around Christmas time.

  14. Keep the hairstyle posts coming! I have tried so many of the ideas you’ve posted here and have loved all of them! So easy to do and easy to wear. Thank you Joanna!

  15. I chopped my waist length hair to my shoulders and got a fringe over the summer, so I’m letting it all grow back this season so i can wear wispy plaits and big ballet buns.

  16. I’d like to dye my hair in pink or purple!!! But my boyfriend, that is also my hair stylist…. (yes I am so lucky!!) doesn’t agree with me…! So I am not sure I should cheat on him and get a random hairdresser to do my hair or wait and convince him!

  17. thanks for the post. good blog.

  18. As a matter of fact, I am cutting my hair tomorrow! Currently my hair comes down to about mid rib-cage (I know, long!) and tomorrow I’m getting it cut to above my shoulders and then I’m donating my hair to Locks of Love! I’m so excited! :)

  19. c. says...

    a rainy wednesday is the perfect day to try these fishtail on my dautgher!

  20. Left picture reminds me of a centipede :-

    • OMG, totally agree! Yuck.

  21. I wish my hair was long enough for a fish tail braid!

  22. love these. the braids are pretty.

  23. Just chopped off 11 inches :) Donated to locks of love also! Went from long “au naturel” hair to a short, sleek bob :)

  24. Hi! Can you post a tutorial for the fisthtail braid sometime? I’ve tried to find one online but can’t find a good one that makes it seem easy as they say it is. Thanks! Love the blog :)

  25. Hi! Can you post a tutorial for the fisthtail braid sometime? I’ve tried to find one online but can’t find a good one that makes it seem easy as they say it is. Thanks! Love the blog :)

  26. My hair is naturally super curly and I love having it both short and long. So for a happy medium, I’m going to keep it long on one side and go super short on the other. I’ve been wanting to do it for years and I finally got the courage to!

  27. My hair is so long that it is actually getting in my way! I love my long hair but me thinks it is time to chop off about 3 to 4 inches!

  28. I’ve had a pixie for ages, but now that it’s getting colder I’m growing my hair out to a chin-length bob. It looks great with winter hats!

  29. I actually donated 20 inches of my hair in late June. (There is a local business affiliated with the Canadian Cancer Society that gives a free wig to a child under 16 – I even got to write an anonymous letter :) I am currently rocking a pixie-cut, with Michelle Williams as my muse! I still peruse your hair tutorials for the time where my hair will be that length again! xo

  30. I’ve been dying to try a fishtail! I feel like I’ve been in such a hair rut lately. Thank you for the inspiration :)

  31. Those are epic fishtail braids! I need to up my ante.

  32. you should feature more short to mid-length styles! long hair seems so unrealistic most of the time! :)

  33. I’m growing out my pixie cut–it’s agonizing! (Admission: I’m partly growing it out so I can try all your cute hair tutorials)

  34. I’m joined the crew of commenters who got bangs! I couldn’t wait for the cooler weather and lack of stickiness to chop a fringe!

  35. I want to buzz my hair off so bad! I’m trying to resist, but its oh so tempting.

  36. I absolutely love chic braids and fishtails for fall! I loved keeping up with your blog! love, Jamie Herzlinger

  37. I just colored my hair using henna for hair. It’s a lovely shade of auburn and I LOVE it! Perfect for fall.

  38. I usually like to dye my hair every fall… I have brown hair and the summer fades it out (and it gets kinda mousy) so every fall since high school basically I go in and ask them to dye it “the darkest shade of brown without it being black….and usually a hint of red” it’s such a rich colour for the colder months!

  39. I went for the pixie cut. Easiest hair in the world.

  40. I was a fall bride with long, long hair– and I chopped it all off. My fall look: a complete pixie!! Channeling Emma Watson and Mia Farrow.

  41. i’m cutting it all off! my bridezilla friend forbid me from cutting it the second she got engaged and it was a heinously hot summer for a nappy hair blanket, it’s currently past my bra’s backstrap, so long. the wedding was sunday and my pixie will be next tuesday! SO EXCITED! i can’t wait to be able to fit a hat on my head!

  42. I was getting super bored with my plain long hair so I just cut bangs!! Perfect for this brisk fall weather [minus the few sticky rainy days last week…] and I’ve been getting tons of compliments. At work, it took people a few days to realize the change — “is your hair darker?” Last night, I even tried out the heidi braids [from your tutorial] with the bangs! Perfect for a “I washed my bangs but not my whole head” day… not that I ever do that…

  43. I love the last picture with the tiny braid. Have you done a hair tutorial on that look? While I am sure it is very easy, I would love to see a quick step by step break down!

  44. Yes to the braids!

  45. LA says...

    I would love some hair tutorials for girls with shorter hair! I love the ones you’ve posted, but only one or two are applicable to shorter lengths as well!

    • Agreed! Sometimes the hair tutorials just make me sad because they’re so cute but not possible with shorter hair.

  46. I wish I could be all “blah, I won’t change my hair for the season” but I totally want to do something drastic. I cut most of my length off last spring and have had a cute bob, but I’m thinking I’m going to go really short. Like pixie short. But, I’m worried about my ears freezing in our Minnesota winters. So I don’t know. Oh and I just dyed my naturally black hair a pretty chocolate brown so that’s fall-ish :)

  47. Fishtail braid for sure! I love it and once you get the hang of it it’s easy to do. I so want bangs but my curly hair won’t cooperate. It’ll just stay long and curly for now to keep me warm!

  48. I’m going to experiment with ombré-very subtle dirty blonde to blonde (I’m already golden blonde). I hope it’s still in style!

  49. I’m in the mood for bangs! but I’m resisting until all things wedding are outta the way. better safe than sorry :)

  50. I have an appt. on Thursday to get bangs. I’m still not sure if I’m going to back out or not, haha

  51. I chopped my hair to my chin and got a perm to amp up my curl, and I am loving it. Might have to start incorporating braids somehow though. I do miss them. Mini braids might be a good way to go.

  52. I have long hair and I’m pregnant with two toddlers. :) Ponytails and naturally curly work well for me. Also topknots/buns are a go to on dirty hair days. If I had more time and energy I think I’d wear it down and braided more often. I Esp. like the tiny braids you pictured.

  53. Braids are definitely a must! I love fall braids and there’s something about having your hair tied back and done when it’s dreary outside. I just recently got side bangs which is perfect with a simple side braid. xo

  54. I had looong blonde hair for 10 years, then cut it all off on a whim. Now desperately tying to grow it again so I can have fun hairstyles once more, though it’s shoulder length now so hopefuly mini braids would look good!

  55. I have a blunt bob, my favorite hairstyle, but I have been braiding the front of my hair to keep it out of my face without resorting to putting my hair behind my ears, which just feels like a cop out. But I will never, ever wear a center part. They look horrible on me (and most people, in my opinion). When I want to make my husband laug hysterically, I part my hair down the middle. It’s so hilariously bad. But I’m sure you can pull it off!

  56. Middle part & waves.
    I’m *just* now figuring out how to get my hair to look summer sexy, ha!
    Summer hair in the Fall for me, apparently!
    Eat Cake

  57. Love the braids. I am going to add them to my current boring rotation.

  58. I want to do *something*, just not sure yet! My hair is currently my natural brunette color – thinking about going a little more auburn.
    (Hey, that’s Susan!) <3

  59. I actually kept a middle part for wayyy too long. I only stopped doing the middle part a few years ago and I’ve never looked back. It just looks very harsh most of the time I think. When I look back at pictures I hate it. When it’s at least slightly off center it’s a much softer look.

  60. Fall-wind-tossed hair all the way! Makes for a difficult/painful time combing, but I can’t resist the wind in my hair. (And maybe a few hitchhiking leaves :)

  61. I really want to keep my hair down this fall. I’ve been putting it back in a braid every day during the summer. Now it’s time to let my hair be free. :)

  62. On Thursday I’m donating my hair to Locks of Love. I have long straight hair and I’ll be going to a chin-length bob. I can’t wait!

    • I just did that last night! Cut off 10 inches, going to Locks of Love as well. My hair doesn’t even touch my shoulders yet! Guess we’ll be rocking the short hair together :)

    • Me too!!! Cut off 12 inches for Locks of Love!! I’m glad I’m not the only one who won’t be rocking long braids this fall!!

  63. I got bangs yesterday! I thought it was nice for fall. Summer is too hot to have hair sticking to your face.