Weekly Challenge #1: No TV for a week (how’d you do?)

Last Thursday, I wrote about doing weekly fall challenges (think: write a handwritten letter, go see a movie alone) and was psyched that you guys were up for it. So, the first challenge was to NOT watch TV for one week. How did you do? Here’s our recap…

First of all, it was a tough week for that particular challenge—with the presidential debates were on, big sports games, and all the new fall shows. But still! We stayed the course!

Our usual weeknight routine is to put Toby to bed, catch up on work, have dinner ourselves and watch TV. Not to say I don’t love TV. It’s definitely an art form—Mad Men, Seinfeld, 30 Rock, Girls—and totally relaxing at the end of a long day, but recently I found myself plopped on the sofa watching random things on TiVo. I was watching shows every night without even thinking; it had become a habit.

But now that we weren’t watching TV, our nights were different and felt longer (in a good way). During dinner, instead of flipping on a show, we’d have great conversations about life, love, parenting; Alex told me stories about his childhood that I had never heard before. It was awesome to create space to just TALK.

We subscribe to a bunch of magazines—Martha Stewart Living, Elle, New York Magazine, Bon Appetit, Budget Travel, the list goes on—and I never seem to have time to read them. But this week, I read them cover to cover!

We played board games, like Mastermind.

Alex taught me to play After Hours by the Velvet Underground on the guitar. My daydreamy plan is to sing it around a campfire next summer (forgetting for a moment that I hate camping).

Every night we would read in bed. One of life’s greatest pleasures is climbing under the covers with a big pile of books to flip through, don’t you think?

We also laughed at how different our books are. Can you guess whose is whose? :)

What about you?! Did you manage to make it without watching TV? What did you do instead? I’d love to hear…And if not, which show made you cave? The next challenge coming is right up!

P.S. Although this week was amazing, I have to admit, I can’t wait to catch up on The Mindy Project:)

  1. Yo kinda look like Coco Rocha

  2. We don’t even own a tv! So I guess for us would have to be a “no internet” evening or something :)

  3. I stopped watching TV last January and shortly afterwards relinquished my Foxtel subscription, then eventually gave my TV away, so we have been television-free for about eight months now! We read, chat and catch up on work, but I never really miss it. Sometimes we’ll watch documentaries on our laptop :)

  4. Joanna, I love seeing all of the books that you and Alex are reading/have read. Can you share more about your favorite novels? There is way too much Non fiction in my life and I’d love to hear more about an avid readers recommendations.

  5. I really wanted to do this, but I just couldn’t. I love TV too much. I’ll have to start with week two!

  6. I have done the TV fast before, and it is so rewarding! I fear I’ve become somewhat of a TVaholic these days, though. I love The Mindy Project, too. :)

  7. hah, alex and i should be book buddies: before i even noticed these were his ‘n hers photos i was all “ooo!” over the ones on the left. saving “our magnificent bastard tongue” to amazon wishlist now :)

  8. i like this new series! it’s almost like mini resolutions. i’m going to attempt my own version of this type of thing and see what happens. thank you!

  9. Uummm errrrr….I failed. I had to watch Projet Runway and for sure I am going to watch tonight. I think Chris is going to win, he is my favorite! And that is just not because his name is Chris and he is gay and my brother’s name is Chris and he is gay, and he lives 4 towns over from me…well you get the idea. But I did start a new book this week called “Finding Nouf” by Zoe Ferraris.

    Ali of aliandang

  10. I don’t think I really count, the only thing I watch is “New Girl” and I didn’t watch even that. But I have cut off tv for months now teehehe!

  11. Hi Joanna ! Nice challence !
    ps: where did you bought you dotted top on the first photo ? So adorable, I want the same !

  12. Joanna, this is such a great challenge! I live in an apartment with three other girls…needless to say, TV is almost always on! But I try to make time for my book and magazine reading! I might have to try this one soon, though!

  13. Zoinks! I just read “I Remember Nothing” this week, too! Pretty random, don’t you you think? There must be something in the water.

    I don’t think it’s an understatement to say one of the greatest tragedies in my life is that I never met Nora Ephron.

  14. I did it and haven’t slept more, felt more relaxed and been so tired at the same time in so long. It’s like I was staying up late watching things instead of getting rest and now that I’ve started to catch up (went to sleep at 9pm last night), my body wants more! Over all, it was a great week. Lots of podcast – This American Life is my favorite. Two books – Wild by Cheryl Strayed and The false friend, both awesome reads. Any who, good challenge, and I will once again follow in your footsteps and have a poem memorized by next thursday.

  15. I LOVED “The Female Brain” by Brizendine and have had the male brain on my list for quite some time. Can’t wait to hear your thoughts.

  16. When I first saw your challenge, I thought WOW, NO WAY. But I kind of accomplished it by accident. I had a midterm yesterday, two today and still one more tomorrow… oh, and one next week. Yep, it’s that time of year for us students. I haven’t watched a single TV show this week, but they are sitting unchecked on my SideReel account taunting me, waiting to be watched! Ugh. So, I spent my week studying. Though it is amazing how much studying I can get accomplished when I’m not distracted with TV. :)

  17. we started on friday so i’m technically not through a full week but it’s been so great. i feel like i’ve accomplished so much more this week. we even cleaned out our junk drawer one night! also i just wanted to add that we listened to the debate on the radio and it was a new perspective. loved it! thanks for being a great instigator!

  18. MG says...

    Totally off topic but where is your red-and-white striped shirt from? I have been looking for one like that for ages.

  19. so just in case you missed it: that was an episode of “up all night” ;) kudos, don’t think I could do it!

  20. I should have stayed away from TV this week, as every show I watched cut out my poor little heart and stomped on it until it was a flat, sad thing.

    I’ve been trying to cut down on my pointless watching–that is, if I don’t have something specific I want to watch, don’t bother. I’ll still put movies on in the background since I tend to like that instead of music, and my mom and I sometimes have little dates where we hunker down with our tea and pick a new movie or documentary or something from netflix, but yeah.

    I get in a lot of my magazine and book reading time during breakfast, actually. Ever since I was a kid I always loved to read at breakfast! Since my family is all on different schedules it’s not really a chatting time, and I get through so much that way.

  21. I completed the challenge, but I had it easy — we were in Hawaii :) Although there was one moment where we were tired and going to lay down in bed and zombiefy in front of the tube, but instead we went outside and laid out under the stars. It was sublime.

  22. I love your polka dot sweater too! Please do tell where you purchased it.

  23. I haven’t owned a TV for twenty years. I don’t know how I’d fit in TV watching …..I don’t have enough time too do all the things I want to now. But the best part of no TV is the talking……… have time to talk to your partner and to your kids

  24. This sounds like a great challenge, unfortunately I was unaware of this! I’ve grown up watching TV all the time-at the dinner table my family and I always kept the TV on and nearby. I started college two months ago, and I haven’t really watched TV since then other than spending a Sunday night on AMC (Breaking Bad, etc). I’ve been able to do more things like actually read every page of The NYTimes or spend more time outside. It’s been very relaxing, sometimes I forget that I have a TV. I plan on doing this more often!

  25. I watched the Presidential debates, which is weird because I’m Canadian. I watched a great show on Inida because I want to go there. I watched Downton and Boardwalk Empire on my computer (does that count?) and I watched an information show on who would be the better President for Canada. Not bad – no reality tv at least.

  26. Would love reviews on all those books!!

  27. This fall I took up the challenge of memorizing a poem a week and I’ve been really enjoying the process and the pleasure of truly knowing and feeling the words. It’s so rare that any of us our challenged to use our brains in this capacity — smart phones, computers, etc. And I’m secretly hoping for a blackout or something where I can recite poetry much to the delight (or snore!) of those around!

  28. I was ill last week, so I missed your post about incorporating challenges. I suppose this is for the best, because when I have the flu, tv/movies is pretty much the only thing my muddled brain can handle! I can’t wait to join in on the next challenge!

    I actually find I watch less tv with a DVR. I know I won’t miss the shows that are important to me, but I also feel less pressure to watch tv often to catch them. I’ll have a big night of tv every now and then when I catch up on what I’ve recorded and, in the process, refrain from nights of random channel surfing.

  29. Good for you. This is great, wish I had caught the earlier post about skipping tv. Can’t wait for your next challenge.

    Happily following at

  30. We didn’t have cable for 2 years when we first moved into the house, and it completely got us out of the habit of watching TV. Now we only really watch when there’s something we want to watch (like the Presidential Debate, or the Daily Show’s Coverage of the Presidential Debate (though husband does engage in some mindless TV watching more than I do.)

  31. Since I moved out of my parents house 9 years ago I haven’t owned a TV! I have to say I do watch some shows online every once in a while but it adds up to probably 3 hours max a week. I haven’t watched anything this week :) I spend my time reading books, reading blogs, and going out dancing!
    Even when I visit someone that has a TV I find it somewhat boring to veg out in front of the TV…maybe when I get older ;)

  32. Funny – my other half is reading I Claudius at the moment too. x

  33. good for you! it’s amazing what you discover (or re-discover) when you turn off electronics. sometimes i have to scold myself for proclaiming rather unearned diatribes like, “i don’t have time to read.” well sure, some weeks get quite busy, but did i spend any time on pinterest? then yep, i had time to read!

    i’d love to hear what you thought about some of those books. i almost picked up the happiness project & bird by bird the other day. if you regularly shared what you’re reading, or what books you’ve particularly enjoyed lately, i’d be into that! : )

  34. We don’t have tv, but watch netflix and movies from the library instead. Last week was really great, though! We went for walks and ate dinner at the actual dinner table (wow), which were actually really sweet, date-y types of activities. We read in bed, but we do that anyways. We’re currently listening to George R.R. Martin’s “A Dance with Dragons” as part of our “sleep hygene” time. Fun challenge! What’s next?

  35. How many books did you read in one week??? Haha. I’m the type who can’t possibly read more than one book at a time. I’m currently working on Seabiscuit. Such a great story!

  36. My husband and I don’t have cable for exactly this reason. It’s amazing how much more there is to talk about when you’re reading different books than when you’re both watching the same TV show.

  37. That’s a great challenge! We actually don’t have cable, we just use the good old rabbit ears. It gives us enough to keep us entertained and to keep up with the local news but doesn’t force us to have the vast selection cable offers.

    And you’re right about a good book at night! I love reading until i fall asleep ;)

  38. Okay, I totes missed this challenge (catching up on reader now…) because, well, life with a baby and a two year old is really busy but I LOVE this idea!

    My hubby and I only have cable during the football season (for him…I’m not big into sports!)but I find that when we don’t watch shows or movies we definitely spend a lot of time on the internet and our phones. Of course, we do a lot of talking, playing games and such as well as spending lots of time with our kids and listening to music but I think for this challenge to really make a change I’d have to go off the grid. I kind of like that idea.

  39. We gave up booze during the week. Thank God it’s Thursday. Ready for a glass of wine this weekend! Fun challenge!

  40. I went as far as telling my hubster that we should get rid of the tv! He didn’t go for it…and truth be told, I wouldn’t either. We did better this week though. This post was the nudge I’d be wanting to reduce our tv consumption. Thanks!

  41. This was a hard one for me. I did not go the whole week without TV, but I was more aware of the amount I watched and what I chose to watch. I started reading When we were Romans and so far I am enjoying it. Looking forward to this week’s challenge!

  42. We don’t have a TV and don’t do any of the other things (Netflix, Hulu, etc) so this was not really a challenge. I actually have no idea when people watch TV, I feel like my day is so full as it is (and I don’t even have a kid yet). Typically we both work a bit on the later side of things and come home around 7:30pm. I cook dinner while we catch up on our days and then we eat together and talk more. We both love talking to each other – maybe that is what takes up all the time? After dinner we clean up together and then it is getting kind of late. I usually get back online to do some work as does the hubby, for just a little bit to do some email, and then I head into bed to read magazines, books, whatever. He is usually on his ipad reading the news (he is a news fanatic). Throughout all this we continue to chit chat…and all of sudden it’s really late and we need to go to sleep. If we don’t go running in the morning we will go after work, which only pushes the time later by an hour.

  43. Easy as pie :) I haven’t actually owned a TV in 3 years and never miss it. I’ll watch the occasional movie, but usually I’m busy spending time with people or getting errands done or being out among the community…or reading! Any down time is dedicated to a) running or b) reading. I often wish I could sleep less so I could stay up later reading. (and the male brain is a great book, FYI — just finished it!)

  44. i love this little challenges, i’m working on a few points of my resolutions for this year.
    About not watching tv and tv shows, i watch old episodes of gossip girl during lunch with my mom and for dinner we watch old episodes of criminal minds, those are our fav shows, we also watch grimm, once upon a time and revenge, and that’s it, i’m not a tv person like i used to be, i prefer spend my time reading or listening music, and sometimes drawing :)

  45. UM, I love Anne Lamott, good choice
    I did NOT make it, because I have this obsession with parenthood right now.
    I’ll try for the next one!

  46. Joanna, you are so beautiful! Sorry – inappropriate, but true!

    This week I read the novel ‘Freedom’ by Jonathan Franzen, and it was incredible.

  47. I wish I had known about this! I am unfortunately one of those people that work hard during the day and come home to watch the tv without really watching it. I’m going to try! And mastermind??? Played it all the time as a kid and now my husband and I make it a tradition every week! We absolutely LOVE trying to outsmart eachother…. makes it so fun.


  48. I think that’s such a brilliant idea. One i’m going to have to adapt myself! I definitely succomb to the television most nights.

    Side note, I noticed the book “was she pretty” in one of your pictures. That’s my cousins book!! It tickles me to no end that you have it. Isn’t she talented?!

  49. bird by bird is the best book joanna

  50. We made this commitment too! We’ve been going strong for 1 year! We do have Netflix, but commit to only watch when we want to watch a new episode of a show we love, or to watch a documentary. but our dinners are better!

  51. I love this! I missed last week’s challenge so of course I watched my fill of TV shows, but I will definitely have to try this soon.

    Also — I assume your books are to the right? That’s so funny, I always sleep on the left of the bed so I immediately started looking at that side for which books would be interesting. :)

  52. I didn’t grow up with a TV, and I didn’t get a TV as an adult until I was 24. It was a huge adjustment to getting one; now I think it’d be a huge adjustment to go without!

  53. angela, haha, your comment is awesome.

    “Once you have kids you are kindof stuck at home in brainmelt after they are in bed for the night. We played more games, read more books, our relationship was stronger, got lots of home projects done. But when our friends would ask what we did all the time we would say “have sex.” = haha, i love it.

  54. johanna, “luddite” nights is a brilliant idea.

  55. barbara, that is so nice of you to say, really. your comment made my day:)

  56. I love your fall challenge idea! I played along, but only half-heartedly. I tried to keep TV alternatives at the forefront of my mind, and every night I made myself get out of the house or work on a new project at home. I went to the gym, worked on knitting a scarf, took numerous dog walks, and started reading a spooky thriller. I caved for the debate, a night at the drive-in (does that count?), and finally spent a lazy weekend morning catching up on Hulu. Reagrdless, being aware of my TV habits made the week so much more fun and productive.

    P.S. My husband and I often have “luddite nights” when we turn off our phones, don’t watch TV, or look at the computer. These are awesome when you feel in a rut, or just overwhelmed with life in general.

  57. I love it! Good for you. I might be inspired to try this out. Now if only my hubby will get on board. Isn’t it nice to just enjoy your partner without the tv yammering in the background?

  58. I didn’t do it, but I love the idea! I am never watching TV, but I love hearing how the lack of TV impacts people.

    Very interesting.

  59. it was so easy! i dont watch tv that much anyway if i do its via the internet so i just didnt do that and staid online did homework and worked that was pretty much my week. I need a harder challenge! lol this is fun. its making my week less stressful

  60. That is too sweet! I love this idea. I feel like sometimes life gets in the way and I don’t get to watch TV, whether I want to or not. Since I haven’t been watching it much I find myself wanting to watch it less and less. Oddly, I would rather read! (When a couple years ago I hated reading!)

    -Sarah {}

  61. My husband grew up in a super conservative fam without a TV. He wanted to try it when we got married (11 years ago). I come from a family of TV addicts…I thought he was crazy. It took me, seriously, 6 months to a year plus to completely go through withdrawal, but it was the best thing we’ve ever done. That was in the dial up internet (no streaming netflix, or watching your favorite shows on the internet). So it was literally. no. tv. We just got a real TV 6 months ago, but no cable and I have to say no TV with kids is harder than without. We could go out, exercise, etc. Once you have kids you are kindof stuck at home in brainmelt after they are in bed for the night. We played more games, read more books, our relationship was stronger, got lots of home projects done. But when our friends would ask what we did all the time we would say “have sex.” :)

  62. This is such a great idea. And I love these photos of you two. Years ago, I challenged my husband to a game of Mastermind (this was actually back when we were dating); he figured out how to BEAT THE GAME every time. I guess he’s the ultimate mastermind. Now, we’re big into Jenga. :)

  63. Operating Instructions made me laugh out loud!

  64. we got rid of our television about 6 years ago right when we graduated college and moved in together. We had decided that we needed to just talk and read and not waste time in front of a tv. So far we love it! And now that we have our son we’re even happier that we don’t have tv. We do watch some movies from time to time, usually on our ipads or laptop…its kind of a treat

  65. I prefer the internet to tv. At nights me and my man cuddle up in the sofa with our laptop and spend a few good hours in Stumble Upon (which is totally like TV zapping only way more interesting and personalized!) or play silly online games. The internet is much more interactive so we have that communication with each other that doesn’t seem to exist when we turn on the tv. (also, I keep the remote far far away from the couch so it makes it a real pain to grab it and turn it on!)

  66. I watched a leeetle bit of TV while my boyfriend watched sports, but mostly I crocheted my little heart out. I definitely want to do this successfully together with my boyfriend in the near future.

  67. I didn’t really do this challenge–I don’t have a TV, but I DO have Netflix! It gets me in trouble, as I just finished Once Upon A Time (I KNOW it’s campy but i loves it), I’m all caught up on my Parks and Rec, and 30 Rock just put season 6 up!! BUT if my boyfriend doesn’t come over that evening I refuse to turn on the computer (I sit in front of one for 8 hours a day!). I’ve got a huge stack of books to read–right now I’m on a Malcolm Gladwell kick. A few of the ones you showed are downright intriguing! I’m excited for the next challenge though–I’ve been making more of an effort to send out Just Because cards/handwritten letters to my friends. It’s such a beautiful little gift :)

  68. I did this a few of weeks ago, no tv for 2 weeks (went camping with family).

    My husband and I basically reconnected. We talked nightly, reminisced, discussed about practically everything (politics, our kids, etc). We slept earlier than usual too. It was a really good experience.

  69. I went for a year without TV when I first moved in to my apartment. It was a little rough for the first week or two, but then it became enjoyable. Instead of flipping on the tv without thinking about it, I would buy episodes of my favorite shows and watch them on DVD–but only when I purposefully chose to. There’s a difference. Another great benefit was the absence of NOISE. I feel that as a society were are WAY over stimulated. It’s nice to be comfortable in the silence.

    I have since gotten married and moved into a house. We decided to get digital rabbit ears so we could watch the news and the weather (and maybe a show or two on non-cable channels.) We still make a point of turning on the TV only when we know there is something important to watch.

    I would recommend going without a tv for a month. It’s amazing how much better you feel, how much more you accomplish and how much more creative you can be when you do so.

  70. I’m 35 weeks preg so opting out of tv + sitting on the couch was tough!! I made it until late last night when I binged for 3 hours on “call the midwife” an awesome and addicting PBS show that has posted full episodes online. Other than that I spent my time in my future little boy Walter’s room organizing and planning and thinking of him being here. I tried to write some thank you notes from my showers, and my husband and I chatted in bed which was simply lovely. He didn’t do the tv fast so I had some good old fashioned me time, which was awesome, relaxing and very needed! Oh and I treated every bath and shower like a spa expierrece, used my best soaps and lotions which made every day feel so much more luxurious :)

  71. How fabulous! I’m going to order “The happiness project” from my local library..heard so much about it. Also, I’m a crocheter and I LOVE that white and blue crochet blanket seen above. I wonder if you might consider telling showing us a full shot of it and where it came from? Love your blog!

  72. I tried my very best to limit TV however I did peek at some of the Giants game while it was on! I felt the biggest challenge was when my roommates (who were not participating in the challenge) were watching TV and I wanted to spend time with them, but not have to ask to turn the TV off.

    I’m going to call it a success because I didn’t watch a full episode of any show, which is a huge plus!

  73. Is your polka dot sweater from J-Crew? I love it x

  74. I was actually coming down with a cold when you posted about the challenge, and didn’t see it until I had re-watched ALL of season one of Downton Abbey, and half of season two (in one day)! But I think there are times when a Masterpiece Theater marathon is good for your (sniffly) soul :)

    I’m usually not a big television watcher, but this month I’m doing a “30 in 30” challenge at my bike/barre studio and have done 27 classes in October so far! By the time I get home, I’m much more likely to veg out watching Daily Show/Colbert Report on the DVR than read.

  75. so… we have cable, but nothing fancy. no dvr, no “extra packages”…

    but while i was going to florida last weekend to my dad’s house, i read an article on the plane about “girls” on HBO, perused his HBO on demand channel, watched an episode, and i was HOOKED! my boyfriend and i ended up downloading the whole first season and watched it in 2 nights. talk about WATCHING A LOT OF TELEVISION!

    epic fail.

    (but the show is SO good! and SO real. life of a 20-something in new york city really IS like that… hannah’s apartment looks SO similar to my first apartment. old appliances, mismatched EVERYTHING, looks sort of grown up but still college-dorm-ish… i just love everything about the show)

  76. “Was She Pretty” – I’ve been wanting to read that!
    I’d be up for this challenge but I think my boyfriend might crack under the pressure of no television, lol.

  77. I haven’t had a television in my house for 5+ years now. Frankly, my life is totally full and I don’t know how people have time for it. You’re right – it makes you pay more attention to people or to actually just relaxing.

  78. WOW–I totally forgot about mastermind. It was a childhood favorite of mine! I have to get one again. Thank you for the reminder!

  79. Failed! My husband was out of town so it was my chance to watch what I wanted. Old episodes of Project Runway, The Mindy Kaling Show, and the Iconoclasts were waiting for me. I had to take advantage. I’ll be up for the next challenge, though! I promise!

  80. hahaha!! i love the side by side shots of your book choices vs. alex’s book choices. totally reminds me of hubby and me; if we were to do that, our pics would pretty much look like that too!

  81. Hi Joanna! I just have to tell you this: you are beautiful! You are inspiring, you have a wonderful energy. Thank you for sharing the precious moments of your life with us!

    Much love and all the appreciation of the universe!

  82. Ha! Out of the pairs of yours and Alex’s books, I’ve recently read the first two of your choices and the second two of Alex’s…OK, I’ve only read the first chapter of “Thinking Fast and Slow,” but I’m planning to read more… :)

  83. So I didn’t really do the challenge BUT last night I was going to a writing workshop at 7pm so I decided rather than going home and vegging out for the few hours before that, I would go home, turn on some music and work on a project I’d been putting off. I got so much done! And when I got home from the workshop, again I resisted the urge to turn on the tube and again knocked out some blogging and read for a bit before turning out the light. It is shocking how much of a time and motivation(and knowledge/creativity) suck TV really is. I’m commiting to turning it off more often now!

  84. Maybe the next challenge could be something with food – like eat a salad each day for a week, or make all your own meals.

  85. I find not having cable really helps with not watching T.V (it’s so expensive now anyway). I catch up on shows online sometimes, but find I read/cook/walk/listen and play music a lot more when I can’t just switch on a T.V

  86. I failed terribly. First, I said I’d cut out TV shows, but could still watch movies. Then I got swept up by Dawson’s Creek, Girls, Downton Abbey, and Take Home Chef. I’m actually going to try this again, maybe just not cold turkey.

  87. Just finished “I remember nothing” – made me giggle a lot!

  88. I flunked big time. I’m really looking forward to the next challenge and am going to give it 100%.

    On a side note when scrolling through your pics of books you read I was waiting to see you both holding copies of 50 Shades of Grey = that would have been hilarious.

    Bring on the next challenge – I’m ready!

  89. I loved this challenge. I did cave once, I watched the Today Show for about ten minutes so I could watch the debate re-cap (by the way … I should always so that, much more efficient). I opened my doors and the windows and relaxed. Although I’ve been watching Friday Night Lights on netflix and I’m excited to start that up again.

  90. I agree with you on the fact that going to bed to a good book is one of life’s greatest pleasures. XOXO

  91. aubs and ems, that’s great!! we slept more, too. i found myself getting sleepier earlier, since reading in bed will do that to you:)

  92. ethany, it’s great. i love the whole concept.

  93. We painted a part of our apartment that was in need of improvement, read a ton, and slept more. It was great! But we can’t wait to dive into the second season of Downton Abbey tonight!

  94. Your week sounds awesome! I feel the same way, often, about my magazines, and it’s so silly because I love to read (books and magazines) and I rarely make time. This sounds like a great challenge!

    Also I think I JUST ordered the glasses you’re wearing in the top pictures (they look gorgeous on you, BTW, thanks for reaffirming my choice if they are the same), Owen by Warby Parker?

  95. So, I watched TV this week– and Up All Night actually had a bit where their TV broke, and they had to have… CONVERSATION… over dinner. She had to come up with talking points! It sounds just like what you and Alex did, only for them, it was not intentional! So funny!

  96. Unfortunately, there was no new Mindy Project due to the debates! So you really didn’t miss out on many shows :)

  97. Good news! Because of the debate Tuesday night, there wasn’t a new Mindy Project. You picked a good week for your project:)

  98. I cancelled my cable television subscription months ago. I find I read more ( a lot of blogs and some books ), spend more time outdoors in the garden, rid my bicycle, and more time with the wife just sitting outdoors. Good riddance!


  99. unfortunately, my week has been full of TV. we were in NYC for a week (we live in Denmark now) so we had to catch up on a few things we have been missing on TV :) I actually think watching TV together is a good thing for us, we seem to bond beautifully while cuddling in the sofa & watching TV before going to bed.

  100. I didn’t keep your challenge, because I had just started my own — TV only on the weekends (when I don’t want to watch it anyway!) It’s been great. Amazing how adding a limitation can feel so freeing, eh?

  101. I almost forgot, I need to catch up on The Mindy Project too. :)

  102. joanna! how did you like ‘was she pretty?’ i really want to read it but haven’t picked it up yet!

    • I love Was She Pretty. Leanne Shapton’s loose drawings coupled with her dry sentences about love and jealousy are delightful. I keep going back to it again and again. I think you get more mileage out of picture books, but then again I’m a little biased :)

      Oh, and Joanna, After Hours is one of the BEST Velvets song! It’s going to play inside my head for the rest of the day.

  103. tell me how you like “the male brain”

  104. Oh, games and music and books! Definitely the best part about being married is cozying up in bed together with books.

    My week was far less ambitious, a little knitting –